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23:25, 13 June 2007 Scratch Project Screen.png (file) 53 KB Screen shot of the w:Scratch website, showing details of successfully uploading a new project that can be shared with other users.
17:30, 28 March 2006 (file) 4 KB Note that I'm trying to help out with the DarkBASIC Programming Wikibook, and I'm uploading this in behalf of another contributor. The license is based on the presumed license for the rest of this wikibook.
15:05, 7 February 2006 Kid Reading Wikijunior Solar System.png (file) 375 KB  
02:12, 7 August 2005 Rapid Prototyping Model.gif (file) 4 KB {{GFDL}} Source is: A newbie experiment, but still interesting.
01:20, 8 July 2004 DB-9 Female PinOut.png (file) 1,014 bytes DB9 Female Pinout Diagram