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Attention: This list may contain false positives. That usually means there is additional text with links below the first #REDIRECT.
Each row contains links to the first and second redirect, as well as the first line of the second redirect text, usually giving the "real" target page, which the first redirect should point to.

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  1. Pinyin/Understanding is the Decoding Flower of Soul (edit) →‎ Pinyin/All that the Soul Asks of a Confidante is Understanding →‎ Pinyin/All That The Soul Asks Of A Confidante Is Understanding
  2. Pinyin/Accompany Children More if You Have Time (edit) →‎ Pinyin/Be There with Your Children if You Have Time →‎ Pinyin/Be There With Your Children If You Have Time
  3. Pinyin/Bloom and Wither (edit) →‎ Pinyin/Flowers Bloom and Wither →‎ Pinyin/Flowers Bloom And Wither
  4. Pinyin/Life is Contradition (edit) →‎ Pinyin/Life and Contradiction →‎ Pinyin/Life And Contradiction
  5. Pinyin/Man is naturally endowed with sincerity (edit) →‎ Pinyin/Man is Naturally Endowed with Sincerity →‎ Pinyin/Man Is Naturally Endowed With Sincerity
  6. Pinyin/Observations on Life (edit) →‎ Pinyin/Observations On Life →‎ Pinyin/Observation On Life
  7. Pinyin/The Problems of Hanzi Application in IT (edit) →‎ Pinyin/Problems of Hanzi Application in IT →‎ Pinyin/Problem Of Hanzi Application In IT
  8. Pinyin/Those who Really Think of You Would Leave You Messages (edit) →‎ Pinyin/Those who Really Think of You would Leave You Messages →‎ Pinyin/Those Who Really Think Of You Would Leave You Message
  9. Pinyin/The Winner is the King (edit) →‎ Pinyin/Winner is the King →‎ Pinyin/Winner Is The King

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