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This chapter is dedicated to audio and video files editing.


[edit | edit source]
Mencoder is a video decoding, encoding and filtering tool.
It has been made for video files opening by MPlayer, it needs "libavcodec" package to work.
It's powerful application but it works in text console (Terminal) only.
If you want to use it I suggest to read Mencoder manual:
or find out more typing in Terminal:
man mencoder
To make any encoding I prefer to use any GUI application you can see below.


[edit | edit source]
Avidemux is a video editor with it's own GUI.
It can convert video files to almost every known video type, cut it, join a few files
and extract and save any video frame picture as a "jpeg" or "bmp" file.
apt-get install avidemux avidemux-common avidemux-plugins
Run it: Menu-> Multimedia-> Avidemux (GTK+).
1. "Open" icon will open a file from local disc.
a. Next choose video output codec from left side-> Video.
b. Configure-> Encoding mode-> Change video file size or quality: Single or Two Pass.
c. Audio-> choose output audio codec.
d. Configure-> choose stereo/mono channel or bitrate.
e. Format-> choose a new output video file type and it's name.
f. "File" tab-> Save-> Save video to start converting.

More about Avidemux possibilities on Wiki page:
Home page:
Avidemux on Wikipedia:


[edit | edit source]
An application to convert DVD movies to smaller "avi" files is OGMRip.
1. Install it:
apt-get install ogmrip
2. Run it: Menu-> Multimedia-> DVD Encoder OGMRip
3. Load a movie from optical drive or a local disc: Load.
4. In "Title" field type output video name.
5. Video stream: the application should choose the longest file.
6. Audio tracks: choose language track if is more than one.
7. Subtitles: choose if any available.
8. If you want to make any settings changes go to Edit tab-> Preferences.
9. Choose output video quality and start encoding-> Extract.

and wait for finishing it.

OGMRip home page:


[edit | edit source]
Using DeVeDe you can create video DVD, VCD, sVCD, CVD and DivX.
You can choose some options such as: a language track, audio track stereo 2.0 or 5.1, add subtitles,
choose quality or size output video file.
1. Installation:
apt-get install devede
2. Run it from: Menu-> Multimedia-> DeVeDe.
3. Choose a type of output video file as first.
4. Create an output video file name in left window going to "Properties".
5. Add a video file in right window to be converted.
6. You may add a subtitle file, change it's encoding and language-> OK.
7. In "Adjust disc usage" option you can make output video size.
8. In "Menu option" you can add your picture file as a starting video picture.
9. Next-> Forward and choose output video folder
so the application will make "iso" image of new DVD's video file-> OK.
10. To burn an "iso" file use one of burning applications: Sidux/Burnig CD and DVD

DeVeDe home page:


[edit | edit source]
Sound-juicer is a small application designed to playing, extracting and encoding audio files from audio CD's.
It supports mp3, WAV, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC files.
1. Installation:
apt-get install sound-juicer
2. Run it: Menu-> Multimedia-> Audio CD Extractor.
3. "Edit" tab-> Preferences: choose a drive, output folder, output audio type and quality.
4. Then click on "Extract".

Sound-juicer home page:
And on Wikipedia:


[edit | edit source]
Soundconverter in easy way can convert audio files from: Ogg Vorbis, AAC, MP3, FLAC, WAV, AVI, MPEG,
MOV, M4A, AC3, DTS, ALAC, MPC, Shorten, APE, SID to: WAV, FLAC, MP3 i Ogg Vorbis files.
1. Install it:
apt-get install soundconverter
2. Run it from: Menu-> Multimedia-> Sound Converter.
3. You can add just a file or whole folder to a new project.
4. In "Edit" tab-> Preferences-> choose output audio type and quality-> Close.
5. Click on "Convert" to start it.

Home page:


[edit | edit source]
If you watch movies with subtitles and you'd like to edit subtitle file just use Gaupol.
apt-get install gaupol
2. Run it: Menu-> Multimedia-> Gaupol Subtitle Editor.
3. If you use different language than english, change encoding: Edit-> Preferences-> Add-> choose any from the list.
4. Add a subtitle file now.
The editor can move separate lines in time, change fps (frame per second) ratio, check spelling
and make a preview of a movie with changed subtitles using MPlayer.

Gaupol home page:


[edit | edit source]
Konverter - mencoder GUI for KDE:
Soundkonverter - audio file editor for KDE:
Subtitle Editor - movie subtitle editor:
Gnome Subtitles - movie subtitle editor for GNOME:
DVD95 - converts DVD's from 9,5GB to 4,7GB:
GnomeCD Master - creates and burns audio CD's:
Grip - audio converter:
Acidrip - video DVD converter:
Kino - video files editor:
Sound Recorder - sound recorder - a part of "gnome-media" package
Audacity - sound recorder and editor:
MPxConverter - converts video files to "amv" type: