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This section list sites that carry papers on various subjects relevant to robotics.

  • Co-Evolving Team Capture Strategies for Dissimilar Robots
  • Fitness Biasing to Produce Adaptive Gaits for Hexapod Robots
  • Competing Sample Sizes for the Co-Evolution of Heterogeneous Agents
  • Partial Recombination for the Co-Evolution of Model Parameters
  • Varying Sample Sizes for the Co-Evolution of Heterogeneous Agents
  • Punctuated Anytime Learning for Evolving Multi-Agent Capture Strategies
  • Cyclic Genetic Algorithms for Evolving Multi-Loop Control Programs
  • Continuous Power Supply for a Robot Colony
  • Comparison of Sampling Sizes for the Co-Evolution of Cooperative Agents
  • Evolving Towers in a 3-Dimensional Simulated Environment
  • Evolving Neural Networks for Hexapod Leg Controllers
  • Learning Adaptive Leg Cycles Using Fitness Biasing
  • Cyclic Genetic Algorithms for Stiquito Locomotion
  • Evolving Gaits for the Lynxmotion Hexapod II Robot
  • Sampling the Nature of a Population: Punctuated Anytime Learning for Co-Evolving a Team
  • Punctuated Anytime Learning for Hexapod Gait Generation
  • Learning Area Coverage Using the Co-Evolution of Model Parameters
  • Evolving Neural Network Controllers to Produce Leg Cycles for Gait Generation
  • Punctuated Anytime Learning for Evolving a Team
  • Evolving Cyclic Control for a Hexapod Robot Performing Area Coverage
  • The Incremental Evolution of Gaits for Hexapod Robots
  • Gait Evolution for a Hexapod Robot
  • Learning Control Cycles for Area Coverage with Cyclic Genetic Algorithms
  • Co-Evolving Model Parameters for Anytime Learning in Evolutionary Robotics
  • Evolving Leg Cycles to Produce Hexapod Gaits
  • Punctuated Anytime Learning for Evolutionary Robotics
  • The Co-Evolution of Model Parameters and Control Programs in Evolutionary Robotics
  • Adaptive Hexapod Gait Control Using Anytime Learning with Fitness Biasing
  • Generating Arachnid Robot Gaits with Cyclic Genetic Algorithms
  • Locomotion Control Cycles Adapted for Disabilities in Hexapod Robots
  • Metachronal Wave Gait Generation for Hexapod Robots
  • Evolving Hexapod Gaits Using a Cyclic Genetic Algorithm
  • Learning Gaits for the Stiquito
  • Using Cyclic Genetic Algorithms to Reconfigure Hardware Controllers for Robots
  • Cyclic Genetic Algorithms for the Locomotion of Hexapod Robots
  • Genetic Algorithms for the Development of Real-Time Multi-Heuristic Search Strategies