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  • CpE/EE 300: Introduction to Robotics class at the Missouri University of Science and Technology - Updates/Reworks to various pages
  • T.R. Darr - responsible for the (almost) complete reformat. If I knew anything about robotics, then I'd have contributed to the content as well.
  • J.D. Cox - Attempting to fill in certain areas with basic information.
  • Omegatron - I've built a handful of short-lived little robots, and since then I went and got myself an electronics degree. I'll probably just add to and clarify things that other people have contributed. I tend to only contribute to things that are already active, so be active!
  • Patrik - As time permits I'm adding more info I've found to be missing in many other sources. I've got a degree in electronics and I've designed and build several robots.
  • E. Sumner - Active member of the Dallas Personal Robotics Group; Trying to flesh things out a bit here.
  • Mr Dom - just added my two cents worth
  • DavidCary - degree in electrical engineering. So in theory I ought to know :-).
  • Magnus Persson - studying for Master of Science in Automation Engineering, added sections on PLCs and wireless communications.
  • Piyoosh Mukhija - Degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering. Working on Autonomous Robotics Research at L&T Infotech. Attempting to fill in some missing things I believe I know about.
  • S.J Manderson - Physics Student in New Zealand. Added sections on Electromagnetic Actuators and Pneumatics thus far.