Quantum Nanotechnology/Units of Measurement

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Units of Measurement[edit]


“Absolute” system of units

  • Quantity Defining Relation mks (SI CGS) British m • ft
  • Mass (m) fundamental (kg cm lb
  • Time (t) fundamental (s g s
  • Velocity (ν) ν=L/t (m/s s ft/s
  • Acceleration (a) a=ν/t OR Δν=a (m/s2cm/s ft/s2
  • Force (F) F=ma OR *E=F, E=ma (1N-1kg • m/s2= cm/s2 1Pd=1lb•ft/s2
  • Work (W) W=FL (1dyne =1g•cm/s2
  • Power (ρ) ρ=W/t (1erg=1dtne•cm lb•ft/s
  • Momentum (p) p=mν (1W=1J/s erg/s
  • Length (L) fundamental

  • In this respect some equations may be “substituted” with various symbols, which possess the same meaning or be more meaningful.

1. Such is that with force. Force is assumed as an external energy created by the manual input of energy. I.e.; The displacement of a coffee cup across the table with one’s finger.

With no energy to produce the force there can be no displacement of the coffee cup, hence F is interchangeable with energy because it originates from Pe. Hence Ε=ma where Ε=F, F≠Ε, lest causality violation.

2. Acceleration, a, is nothing more than the consequence of increased inputs of force behind a body of mass (pushing) (the input of more energy to produce work or to impart power) in a repetitive manner to result in a “change-in” ( Δ ) velocity to a top velocity, new velocity, or constantly changing velocity. The repetitiousness involves the repeat in positive changes-in force by positive increases in the manual amount of input of energy.

The output is the incrementation of the energy’s power to cause the force to do more work in pushing the body of mass in 1 direction in the absence of a pull – and not in resistance to Gravitation but in resistance to it’s own potential energy…timitically.


                            Δν=a, ΕΡ=mc2

The result is, then one of repetitiousness energy enhancements bound to position timitically, forthwith because in 1 direction the energy does not renew itself to avoid loss in itself.

Although suggestive of Quantum time travel in pushing in a straight-line the increase in speed results in the source becoming disabled from it itself moving outside of the now.

Hence a manually established limit for both. Automatically perhaps via communication provided some program of attributes of unknown origin. Oscillatory maintaining futility also due to arrival at the same space possessing finite timitic differences coming from opposing directions.

We have therefore an equation that suggests that in the establishment(s) of energy, position results to prohibit FTL not alone due to PE, but also in the fact of an absence of pull in externally induced push through the manual inputs of repetitive energy with respect to force.

While this particular equation may be incomplete what it essentially means is that the energy propagating a mass (m), relativistically over time in Δν, forces a push absent of pull to be indebted to potential energy at a Quantum level, thereby producing positions by the establishments of energy indebted to Pe.

If Ε were not in-debt to Pe/G (that is to insinuate a pull with a push or a complete avoidance of Pe via renewal of Ε - timitically, then the assumption of Gravitation being in fact indebtedness to Pe/G would cease and positions related to it would automatically or otherwise disappear. Since positions is a constraint set upon the degrees of freedom upon a mass it follows that without the indebtedness of Ε to Pe/G that in it’s presence energy establishments correspond to the manifestation of positions directly related to df.

And that in its absence the manifestation of positions directly related to df cannot constrain a body of mass to slower than light velocities revealing that in light of mass energy in-debt to Pe/G manifesting positions, positional relations prohibiting FTL via relativistic energy establishments are nothing more than an illusion.

Free Fall[edit]

Free fall is different. An object released from a considerable height is reversed to that OF A FORCE. Where a push is a pull. If both a pull and an equal push, m would equal 0.

Outer Space[edit]

In the example of free-space a body of mass is weightless. However free to wonder upon the application of an external force projects it into various stages of tumblings.

Once the action is introduced it may do so add infinitum provided it does not re-enter the atmosphere of a larger mass. Or it may be accelerated as it passes by certain spheres. Pulsed, it can ascertain rapid velocities with minimal energy input. However with nothing to grapple with in free space an ending position does not present itself as an opportunity for it to end Pe in position. Or come to rest. But Pe is still present only that now deceleration is required to bring it to a stop once the mass’s energy has become initialized – neither to deceleration or acceleration. It remains constant in v provided no other external forces are applied to it. Δd is present or it could not tumble in various outcomes.

So an oscillation about a circumference would still experience Δd indicating position and hence Pe/G and thereby df. So the same physics apply only that it is maintained without the intervention of either –Ε or +Ε. warping space would then be easier in pulses – from the now where ΔD = Δt is concerned.