Quantum Nanotechnology/The Impossible Nature of an Exact Science

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The Impossible Nature of an Exact Science[edit]

Assume a line-segment with six positions of unequal and opposite directions represented by the High-Low:

High -Low

If we were able to incorporate this into some gambling system, it would necessitate the ability to predict outcomes with 100% accuracy, resulting in what might be termed as auto-values. However this is just the same as assuming that all outcomes repeat, which one is to repeat next is the problem.

To accomplish some task or end by the production of work through applied force are not auto-values and in no way are induced through sheer brute force. Manual intervention is equal to input. Would an exact science then consist of value based measurements or information itself? If it were information, and that at the Quantum level, it could be considered as predicting future intervals, instants and/or event.


Because according to Claude E. Shannon information is that which reduces uncertainty. Shannon’s hypothesis is that information is a message out of a set of all possible messages. What is interesting about this are the outcomes of events in space-time corresponding to Shannon’s statement has similarities to how gravity is to degrees of freedom that repeat almost identically. Measured as a physical quantity that accomplishes work in the form of a bit. If this is true then what are signals comprised of?

Shannon’s theory relies heavily on probability and is exhaustive. Yet in comparison to the win/loss outcomes involved in the probabilities of the combinations and permutations of gambling, there are so many possibilities that when they have all run their course-or any where in between must repeat according to the set’s parameters,which are again the degrees of freedom and again are due to gravity.

Unless infinite, there are just so many combinations and permutations within the set, that it appears that the set itself constitutes the limits of the parameters, and thereby repetitiveness. It would seem strange to assume that everything including ourselves as organisms, exist in such a universe? Signals comprise messages and messages are the carriers of information.

Not information in the sense that Shannon’s theory describes it to us, but true information that regulates and comprises all matter and energy forms.

This shows that these parameters according to the High-Low are the total probabilities of the system. That is to mean that all fractionations constituting them determine outcomes unequally; the whole by the percent. In more direct terms prediction with 100% accuracy is not applicable because it is splintered into many variable outcomes. It would be ridiculous to assume that all of space-time would have to be taken on just to predict the future as opposed to “A” future.

If we were to attempt to do so the sets would amount to being unpredictable. If we were to try and continue with it from the High-Low there would be approximately 217,165 (estimated) outcomes with a 12 number set. Just for this line segment alone if not more. Now imagine how many more are up, down, left, right and diagonally, with segments consisting of 12 positions.

There would be approximately 1,085,780 (estimated) different outcomes! ΔD=Δt would not even begin until distance-directions change in size to alter vt Timitically. Imagine how many alternate time-lines are possible via time travel with all directions accounted for and all with only twelve positions!

If we incorporate the random df greater distance to lesser distance E is established in ΔD the time for it’s establishment in one distance will be greater or lesser than another thus one will “miss” the other-lest time travitic.

Hence for Ε any ΔD=Δt:

Ecclectic Graph

If all degrees of freedom were usable, then each manually established energy form in all ΔD would have a completely different “time” than all the others. Establishing the correct time would be like having diverse times on different watches at grand central station. It would be very difficult to establish the proper time. While a warping effect will transpire whenever Δd=ΔD, Δt will occur, but only dependent upon Δd.