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Space-time Inversion[edit]

That the holy grail of all potentiality exists in 3 states from a line-segment and more with multi-directionality, suggesting as it were alternate time-lines taken at face value. Thus the key originated from the imaginary. We will now proceed to correct these observations.

Understand that inversion of the High-Low corresponds to a possible space-time inversion and not that it can in all fairness be accomplished. If it were then we might assume that in a specified area where the inversion is administered that there would, as a result, be many weird and strange effects in association with such a manifestation. Many of which could even transport things and people halfway across the universe or even cause them to be transposed to a parallel world in another time. But this is pure speculation as of now.

Space-time Inversion

The first thing you should notice is that positive values cannot exist in negative realms. In the main, the positive 0 within the negative half of the space-time inversion represented.

We have intentionally omitted compression densities that would normally result in negative energy densities because they are of no use here. A space-time inversion related to the High-Low space-time inversion may yield an energy inversion, which in turn would enable FTL, and other spin-off transportation goals.

An energy inversion indicates turning something upside-down or inside out. Now is we start such a process with Ε, it is very likely that positional relations will result because whenever Ε becomes manually established, space-time enables it with a limited possibility by it’s indebtedness to gravity especially where repetition is concerned with itself or quantitatively. How then does one create an equation that has nothing to do with energy? The answer is considerably simple in the first sense; it would start by increases in potentiality/gravity.

That is one would begin from zero itself, but not necessarily zero pint energy and their assumed perpetual motions, as they are, at present undetermined equationally and experimentally any augment or cultivate it, is unfounded. That would begin from gravity without the aid of Ε. Such increase in potentiality might be from a space-time inversion.

In the second aspect this is a very difficult problem to solve, because again one cannot start with energy unless energy might be inverted first? Third in this second respect the question arises as to how exactly to cause a line-segment to invert, to cause an energy inversion. Is there a sourceless source? Of course once inverted, how would one find a way to scavenge such negative energies back to the positive sections of space-time? The reasoning as to why such an inversion-into positive space is a rather interesting story. For one cancellation would wipe out all existing energies - destroying the positive.

Finally, with space-time inversion are there 3 or more potentialities related to gravity as the above image indicates, and what the does this logically reveal, seeing that something here is amiss?

  • universes as we comprehend them.

Next, relativistically, a thing that has less positive space to pass through possess fewer possibilities to go through. Not timitically, but relativistically. As we know the distance between two points (not positions) shrinks timitically with acceleration depending on the distance involved to a specific velocity involving heightened energy-which of course results in positional prohibitions. At c for h2 of mass-less energy, ν is fixed by 4-velocity motion. And can go no faster except where Quantum Tunneling may be introduced; induced (high density compression invoking negative energies to emerge temporarily) or destroyed and recreated elsewhere with the aid of Quantum communication (Quantum Teleportation).

  • According to string theory time is the same in all Parallel Universes.

When D is adjusted to be unequal to νc, Dt increases as it would be with RPS of a light ring of 360° . All we are doing is changing our viewpoint from straight to linear. Less space, less time. More space ν would have to be increased to compensate for the adjustment in more distance.

So when Ε or mass-less Ε is incorporated into accumulation, prohibitions occur to limit any further progressions by positional relations corresponding to energy in debt to gravity. Understand that whenever we attempt to define positions by energy relations we shortchange ourselves on how to overcome FTL, because these positions are the consequence of energy in debt to gravity. But NOT for anything else that has nothing to do with energy as it is when it is in debt to gravity. Thus positions are the consequence of the manifestation of any form of energy which is naturally in debt to gravity and it's subsequent shadow, potentiality - energy’s opposition through gravitation or in free fall a friend to the end.

Space-time therefore has no positions apart from energy, and does not consist of energy itself as interpreted from the fact that all measurement of energy with respect to displacement, with respect to space-time, originates from value -based measurements. Therefore space-time positions are illusionary, because positions result for energy whenever energy formulates-but these positions do not give the possibility for Ε, it is Ε that manifests them. Space-time although does give the possibility for energy to be-come. Generally this means that positions are established whenever ever energy is established.



Accordingly if something is less than zero in positive space-time it can go beyond c. However according to the inversion of the corrected version of the High-Low this may suggest that a space-time inversion is impossible.


The point before Space-time Inversion

Again scavenging negative mass back into the positive, suggests a reversal in Quantum inequalities.

For something to do this according to the High-Low it would have to be there and not there. A cancellation and then a space-time inversion by (0 - (-1) = -1) which finally indicates that we do indeed have to start initially with mass-less energy.

The only other means through which this this problem might be solved to the actual accomplishment of FTL would be to close the gap on the Δν that equals a. because like our light ring example loss in Ε is avoided by renewal of Ε within specified distances.

With this it seems to indicate the secret to FTL.

And because a=Δν, the “Δ” for ν is a repetitive act where ν2-ν1=ν3. When the value for Δν is increased,the time of renewal occurs faster and then arriving and occurring would be before leaving.