Quantum Nanotechnology/Re-Review

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1) Space is the ability to accommodate energy. Real space where the home of the real vacuum exists, possesses limitations created by energy. Prohibition is to a finite propagation velocity and finite impedance. Space (time) as it is perceived through our five senses is four dimensional.

Consisting of three dimensions of space and one for time. The laws governing forces and the materials bound in obedience to them are known as physics. Matter and conventional energies exist within the physical in actual space. Energies and all forms of resulting matter are limited to influence or be influenced only within degrees of freedom. Degrees of freedom are the result of energy established in a spatio-temporal environment that is expressed as positions.

These positions with respect to G with respect to energy in debt to it- is manifest because the energy is not avoiding any loss in energy by renewal of energy (circular) in a simultaneous manner of which is G and Pe ends in position.

2) In light of avoidance in loss in E by renewal of E, any exotic form of non-energy that may be implemented to leave and arrive to any destination in outer space can be prohibited by degrees of freedom with respect to position- established only through the application of non-renewing energy. Hence with respect to ordinary energy manifestations positions, with respect to space-time are an illusion.

3) Gravitons are false assumptions- they cannot exist outside of simulated Gravity. Gravity is inherent to particles in the form of energy in debt to Gravitational potential energy.

3a) Particles may be composed of one or more gyrating photons that constitute electric and magnetic fields which in turn create Gravitation (energy in debt to G) as a cross product of the two being potentiality.


But Rather:


Initially we are not concerned with the composition of particles with respect to Quantum engineering or FTL and it’s by-products – all that is needed to know are the dynamics of the particle’s spin properties in relationship to space-time, FTL, and the such like.

4) The speed of light for a photon propagates through space-time from A to B in 1 second over a distance of 186,282.4 miles. Over twice this distance, 372,564.8, the propagation is approximately 2 seconds. Over a distance of 93,141.2 miles propagation occurs in ⅟2 second.

At 1 mile –1 the propagation is equal to 0. At 1 inch-1 the propagation occurs in less than 0 seconds. All of the above is for ω of c about a distance in 1 direction. And applies to straight-lines too. Inversely where Quantum Tunneling is applicable, ν is unequal to D. While reversed, D is variable to a fixed ν=c.

However when mass-less energy remains constant and distance is vast an increase in ν must be executed for every expanse that is unequal to ν, to compensate for the propagation time it takes to cross from A to B as would be in subspace situations where leaving and arriving transpire in less than 0 seconds at 1 inch-1 and below 1 mile-1. This is the reason why Quantum effects break down on larger scales.

5) The RPS of a particle’s spin is dependent upon the distance through which the angular velocity of light reciprocates about. νc=ω. The angular velocity, ω, conserves energy and is entirely momentum and always constant.

6) Weather or not the spin is generated from electric or magnetic forces are not considered, but only the GCV.

6a) The RPS is measured by a point on the radius on the outer circumference, where spin is inductive. The point or dot indicating the RPS is entirely imaginary because the reciprocation in reality possesses no actual position(s).

6b) No matter what the circumferential distance is – below 1 mile-1 or 1 inch-1 the leavings and arrivals of the angular velocity of light about the distance always leaves from the now and arrives back to the now. Arrival never transpires before leaving while leaving never arrives before arrival. Because the GCV of the particle’s spin always leaves and arrives in the now, one can see why all energy and substance surrounding us remains affixed in the present. Equivalent.

6c) Therefore equivalent, the leaving to THE past transpires because arrival to the present has no actual position to arrive at in the now – because the energy as it is measured by an imaginary reference point to indicate the RPS is avoiding loss in energy by renewal of energy. With no position to arrive at in the now it cannot come to a complete halt – having nowhere to come but back through past nows.

6d) Likewise, such a finite particle, with no position for the energy to arrive at in a past now to THE past – the energy must re-turn to the now via the future (which by the way is probable) to THE present where everything transpires again and again at all reference points indicated throughout the circumference.

7) In no case can energy be used to cause FTL, time travel or the such-like, because energy when incorporated into the problem of surmounting these obstacles is bound to df and therefore positions by energy being in debt to Pe. Only when Pe is avoided in a closed time – like line can such even be considered as possible.

8) Oscillatory processes fail also to cause FTL even when started from the Quantum level, because for every increase in the energy consumes more space vs. time so it must compensate for it because it is un-equivalent. Also a finite timitic differential in the oscillation exists at the same space coming from opposing direction ending any possibility for GCV or unition (simultaneity) renewal of E and avoidance of position.

9) The solution to i in the equation:



10) Time travel for a spinning particle is applicable from the now where the RPS is subdivided to create position in THE past when the spin is systematically slowed.

11) The systematic slowing in the now as energy travels back to previous nows results in an available position for energy to arrive in THE past.

12) Angular acceleration (α) then may enable a means whereby travel back from the past may be seen or disengagement of slowing.

12a) Means through which done.

13) Quantum Nanotechnology is accomplished via the systematic slow-down to provide for arrival in THE past via Aleodeology.

14) Aleodeology is the means of avoiding position in propagation by continually sending a particle back in time before it left ( t1 ) but in a different outcome P2, P3, P4 … So as a result the particle can travel along at t1 in a line in P2, P3 etc, etc…

A quick-zip effect to the intended destination without trouble.

14b) Pre-selected destinations enable rearrangement of particles constituting atoms of molecules.

(Literally the power of shape shifting) we refer to this as Quantum manufacturing.

15) Other benefits of Aleodelogical processes involving time travitics is the unique ability to take an atom or group of atoms and cause them to exist in different outcomes at t1 * or the particles and with them the atoms.

With this knowledge, entire star ships can be designed to support crews for interplanetary exploration. And not that much dissimilar from those star-craft extrapolated from popular sci-fi classics.

16) Simulated Gravity may be accomplished on board a craft by revolving 2 or more atoms about each other in different outcomes of the floor surface – a bit more complex but worth the effort.

17) Elimination for the need to land a craft to explore a planet, moon or asteroid is done Aleodelogically to and from the ship and can come in handy. It will also be used to safeguard occupants and objects inside the craft that are not a part of the ship and be tossed about or crushed by FTL travel modes.

18) Emergence into alternate time-lines (AKA Parallel Universes) is seen as arriving in an outcome that is differentiated from THE past or THE future to A past or A future.

* The particles can exist Aleodelogically to form the atom without having to actually cause Aleodeology to the atom itself. As it would be to manifest a star craft.