Quantum Nanotechnology/Key to Symbols Used

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Key to Symbols Used[edit]

  • a = Acceleration
  • ν = Velocity
  • -ν = Deceleration
  • -a = Increased deceleration above an initial velocity by one whole percent. Also beyond.
  • ac = centripetal acceleration
  • B = magnetic field, bulk modulus
  • Ε = Energy
  • Ε X B = Cross product of electric and magnetic fields or electromagnetic field(s) (right hand rule)
  • c = (lower case) Speed of light in vacuum (300 x 108 m/s) or 186,282.4 mi/sec per sec
  • D = Distance
  • d = Direction
  • 1d = Travel in one direction, dimension.
  • F = Force, where Ε = F
  • h = Planck’s constant (6.63 x 10-34 js)
  • I = Moment of inertia
  • i = imaginary number
  • L = angular momentum, length
  • P = Position or momentum
  • m = mass
  • m = momentum
  • T = absolute time
  • t = time
  • ω = Angular velocity
  • α = Angular acceleration
  • RPS = (revolutions per second) about a fixed circumferential distance as measured by an imaginary

reference point ot dot.

  • Δ = Change-in
  • ∇ = Nambla
  • Ke = Kinetic energy
  • Pe = Potential energy
  • s = speed (magnitude of velocity)
  • νc = velocity of speed of light
  • G = Gravitational constant (push by force, pull by free fall) (6.67 x 10-11 Nm2/kg2)
  • W = work
  • eν =energy, electron volt (1.6022 x 10-19
  • J = Joule
  • df = Degree of freedom corresponding or with respect to positions
  • -i = is not imaginary or equal to 0.

  • -0 = A regulatory zero assumed to exist before –1. i.e.; (-1 -0 0 +1). Usually, -0 can only exist in negative numerals such as that in a High-Low inversion. And appears to be-come manifest only when 2 negative positions become established. i.e.; 2 positions possess the seed for a single possibility (while a solitary position cannot) Thus 2 negative positions are the seed for a single potential…

  • μ = Dimension of time in 3 dimensional space. x,y,z, or masses.
  • √ = square root
  • _____ = Line segment, separator

-P = A dimensionless constant almost always present in closed time-like lines at specific distances.

i.e.; position does not exist for the spin of a particle whose ν=c. The position that indicates the RPS about a fixed distance is an imaginary reference point (a dot) and possesses no actual substance or reality indicating actual position in such a closed time-like line where uniform reciprocation at c about D conserves energy avoiding loss in thereof.

  • ∫ = Integral operator. The sum of all the little bits of…

(Ε ÷ (Ε−)) = A constant showing that whenever Ε is established by a manual, external force (a push absent of a pull or a pull (free fall) absent of a push)) Ε is indebt to Pe and in relativistics.

Where: (Εt ÷ (−Εt)) = -1. In effect the indebtedness of Ε by Pe/G in it’s establishment is a negative value undetectable in E as it would seem to cause Pe/G to be assumed as “disappearing”, when in actuality Ke and Pe/G are not isolatable from each other.

By way of various examples throughout this book and from examples involved in rapid reciprocation at c about specific distances it be comes apparent that energy in debt to G is in fact the source of Gravitation. Although the term itself is a misinterpretation to locate Gravity in relationship to mass in space-time there is none in space-time itself but only results in establishments of Ε when it is in debt to G. When Ε is not in-debt to G, position is eliminated and therefore the pull upon mass when force becomes or is applied in opposition to a pull or visa-verse.

In light of Ε in-debt to G whenever Ε becomes established, accumulated, uniform, increased, position(s) and therefore degrees of freedom (the absence of time travel) are interpreted as apparent as being illusionary with respect to Ε in-debt to G in normal relativistic establishments in real space (time).