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At first you may have thought this news story was true, none of it is real, I made it up.

But it brings up a good point, what would happen if it were true? What would happen to our world after all the news reports and debating ended and we began to move into the the new era of Nanotechnology? If you don't know what it, is you're in for a shock, because it is a two-sided superpower.

With the advent of such a discovery, what worldwide consequences would such technology bring upon mankind? Would it help, or would mankind incorporate it into yet another commercially viable product, ready for packaging to sell instead of freeing men from the ills of debt? Can you imagine all the commercials and products available as though a charlatan was going around promoting a new cure-all elixir?

Or perhaps, the government conspiracy theories were right after all, and all those enthusiasts on the Internet and radio were right,and they planned all this out a long time ago to control mankind for the bidding of some sick, perverse agenda, worse still what might transpire if such techniques fell into the wrong hands and everything went completely haywire?

People would then know how to compose it, passing on “the formula” like in the movie minority report, enabling themselves to use it for purely evil intents or greed. Many examples of this include simply brushing by someone, who in turn could be afflicted with some morbid transformation into a Hulk, werewolf, or unimaginably, a grotesque insect mutant-like creature, animal or combination thereof, with no trace from the perpetrator-(s), nearly impossible to destroy, and sadly no cure.

Since Nanotechnology is literally the power of shape-shifting, the mere fact of Nanotechnology`s realization would have physically immortal implications, and this would fan a repugnant fuel to the fire, in the wrong hands.

That being said, would in turn give rise to more super powerful beings, supervillians, superheros, immortals who cannot be stopped, and a host of other superior benefits with pathetic consequences.

In biblical terms, this would translate into the equivalent of a nanowar, the very product of which would be the hay-day for demon possession in every vile and disgusting form-- here on Earth, ending in Apocalypse with the return if Jesus. However, who is to say that this is the way it will all go down?

On the other hand, the benefits would far out weigh any possible mis-usage ending disease, automating whole societies, freedom from impoverishment, and a complete utopia of cities, governments, advanced concepts and a “new age” for all based on automation and spiritual growth.

To the uninitiated, the realization of Nanotechnology`s success and it’s implications, would, bring flyaway consequences upon the world - literally. It is no joke because it is right on the horizon, will you be a dupe? Benefits, or major problems hang in the balance.

Ordinary people out and about, when asked, about the ideas behind Nanotechnology, do not comprehend it's initial meaning, what it is, and how it will work. Literally, most people do not have the slightest clue concerning Nanotechnology`s premise, or the growing scientific revolution, much of it funded by governments.

When we think of Nanotechnology, we usually consider scientists, people like Richard P. Feynman (Deceased) who first noticed that molecules could be made into some sort of machines-that that they should do something. But it was Eric K. Drexler in his book, (Engines of Creation) who introduced to the world the concepts of molecular manufacturing.

Researchers know exactly what is meant concerning the manufacturing of molecules to create “chemical machines”. Let’s break this down a bit so the medicine won’t taste so sharp and be easier to swallow.

Molecules are the basic building blocks of life, when certain molecules are “fashioned” in specific ways they can, given the proper combination, give way to emulating moving parts, machines, tubes, and mandibles purposely designed with the intent to move, assemble and disassemble. Ultimately capable of rearranging adjacent or nearby molecules that compile one form of matter, literally transmuting it into another, chemically diverse form of matter than it was previously, and in perfect order.

So accomplished, the concept behind molecular manufacturing is to take the chemistry of one thing - such as H2o, rearrange it – (add, subtract and divide) precisely - into another such as methane or a cedar block.

Having the acquired ability to do so imposes other examples of how to do so better and more efficiently. That is where the speculation of Nanobots has come about, self-replicating systems. Instead of the usual incorporating of a mere few to do the actual handiwork of these little buggers, innovative people have come up with ideas that are already out on the drawing table when Nanotechnology is actually realized as a verifiable application; visa-vie “swarms” of Nanobots accelerate the process in mere seconds.

The available uses range from merely altering the color of paint on the interior walls of the home, cleaning up trash on streets, eliminating pests or constructing entire civilizations all within a quick and easy time frame.

This particular feature puts the word fear back into scary, because of the potential uses that could transpire if used for evil, just as much if not more than any other superpower in recorded history. The fact alone as well as others, combined with physical immortality and super humans, would make for a poisonous combination, one that would definitely make such an individual impervious to nearly any assault not to mention vast armies.

However, considering the fact of it's benefits, Nanotechnology can enhance mankind just as well, therefore as with any superpower, the use of it for the wrong intentions is not the purpose of Nanotechnology, as are many innovations, such as cars, electricity, and weapons.

I mean why would you want to ram your car headlong into a large tree at ninety miles an hour? Better yet, quit your job, leave your family and become homeless. Here's what you should do – strip naked and run down the street screaming at the top of your lungs with your arms in the air for no reason whatsoever, never mind that cop - he won't shoot you when you don't comply. See where this is heading? (By the way don't do any of the above – it's just a pun).

The main benefit would be that of total automation, (we will discuss this concept further) from molecular transporters (like on star trek), food assemblers, and an end to natural resource consumption, a virtual utopia could come about from Nanotechnology provided that together we work for a utopia where everyone is accommodated.

Truly then, Nanotechnology has the capability to save life or harm it, extreme caution is advised. Presently, Nanotechnicians are still under intense research to find a revolutionary way to upgrade our world with it. However, Nanotechnicians strive as much today to unearth such an answer comparable to the medieval alchemist's fruitless hunt to crank out the secret to turning lead into gold…almost.

But suppose that we go even deeper, into the quantum realm and do the same thing that Nanotechnicians are attempting to do, only that we do the rearranging with the basic building blocks of atoms, could you imagine the tax write-offs? There is no coin to this idea, because it doesn't sound right.

But what have we at such a thought? What does one assume it would give rise to in light of molecular manufacturing harnessing the powers of transmogrifications; it is not much different now, is it?

These two words Quantum and Nanotechnology, together are indicative of the assemblies of particles and/or atoms at a Quantum level, using some form of magnetics or complex fields - far in advance of anything presently understood. Before introducing you to this hair-raising field, this author makes one thing perfectly clear - it is not what you believe it to be, and it may surpass the dreamiest speculations.

For now the astounding “other” benefits that were forged out of the handiwork of these concepts. You may be interested to learn, that we may soon be able emerge into this new field faster than you realize.

Remember: There are always dangers involved with any superpower, for evil and good the point being is that the original purpose is not designed for destruction and this author does not promote it nor condone it.