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The age-old problems of achieving hypothetical technologies, which produce those phenomena that mimic or duplicate phenomena corresponding to the imaginary, discourage achievements because they suggest impossibilities that yield more toward conjecture as experiments occur from the quantum and dissipate at larger scales. However, when different disciplines of automation come into play conventional views may be thrown to the wind.

Postulation (A)[edit]

Energy is the transfer of energy resultant from an applied force whose origin is the establishment of manual energy.

Postulation (b)[edit]

Force is an application of energy transfer from a source of energy.


                               F = E

Postulation (c)[edit]

Potential energy and kinetic energy are not merely interchangeable components one of another, but are in fact one and the same.

Postulation (D)[edit]

Rapid rotation of mass-less energy in 360 degrees constantly changes direction. Constant change-in direction is conservation of energy by definition, this definition means that the potential energy is excessive, where the energy is postponed by the constant change-in direction, thereby conserved.

Postulation (E)[edit]

Input originating from manually induced external energy (force) to produce THE speed or velocity to the output of a body is the repetitive action of input to maintain the output; the input as well as the output is in resistance between the output of energy in debt to gravitational attraction through potential energy; the changes-in () input from manually induced energy (force) to produce changes-in to the output of a body is a also a repetitive action, the only difference being that more power is necessary to maintain changing speed or velocity.

Postulation (F)[edit]

Any energy, which is manually induced, is in-debt to gravity through potential energy.

Concept 1).[edit]

Energy is the product of output conduit by the input of any external force induced by manual establishment. Therefore force is energy that transfers it’s output through manual input, and cannot overcome the thing through which it is enabling.

Concept 2).[edit]

Energy input repeats with respect to one outcome out of an equidistant set of all potential outcomes. The repetitious input is necessary balancing speed/velocity and change-in velocity from succumbing to to the force of gravity.

Concept 2a).[edit]

Since energy input is repetitious, constant change-in direction would serve to conserve energy. As an example, constant change-in direction transpires in the rapid rotation of a Tipler Cylinder and a causality light ring, thereby arcing. Energy is conserved (postponed) through constant change-in direction; renewal is the entire result of rapid rotation, and the result of renewal is identical to repetitious input in a line-segment.

Concept 2b).[edit]

Change-in (delta)d is the re-turn of energy to potential energy, whereas gravity acts primarily through potential energy from established energy. It stands to reason that by definition that if the presence of constant change-in direction in straight-line motion occurs, (oscillatory) that energy will positionally be conserved as it is with the constant the Change-in (delta)d of the rapid rotation of a laser light ring.

Concept 2c).[edit]

Assuming constant Change-in (delta)d in repetitious input, we obtain the result of equal and opposite Change-in (delta)d, and therewith possess conservation of energy in straight-line displacement absent of displacement outside of the line segment. With equal and opposite Change-in (delta)d the presence of Change-in (delta)D (distance)is absent, and therefore there is no Change-in (delta)t.


                     delta d ≠ delta D = t

Concept 2d).[edit]

Excess conservation of energy approaching absolute zero is the product of change-in (delta)t. This ingredient requires the complete distance of the line-segment, more precisely those distances between any two positions for every change-in direction.

The reason for this is due to the resulting change-in vt or st by D as would be in the circumferential change-in distance that could occur when altered, thereby changing the RPS, simply stated unequal changes to the distance changes the values of velocity time.

Were u indicates unequal changes-in direction, we have:

     delta du = delta D = delta t  or delta vt

Also, when there is an absence of change-in D, there is no change-in time, the only change-in is direction, and therefore we have:

                      delta d ≠ delta D = t
                      delta d = -delta D = t

With reference back to a 360º rapidly reciprocating light ring we have change-in t, and without that we only have constant change-in direction, which is only travel through THE time, from the present, through THE past, to THE future of THE now, and then again via leaving and arrival.

               delta du = delta D = delta RPS


                        delta d ≠ delta D = RPS

Therefore, constant change-in distance change-in D unequal to the second or first change-in D in repetitious input, gives the full means through which time travel is applicable. Without this, there is merely passage through time; is the same as going nowhere in a circle.

Concept 3).[edit]

Because energy input can never overcome energy output, there remains only one way through which to cause this changes-in distance to change time. To do this we would have to avoid repeats?

The remaining problem would then be how to avoid arriving in THE past or THE future in a space different from leaving, or merging with a past or future position.

Repetitious energy input is evident in the incrimination-(s) of energy from uniform motion to a new input.


                        delta v2 -v1 = a

Concept 3)(a).[edit]

A mass composed of energy is bound to repetition within an equidistant set of degrees of freedom after completing all outcomes equidistantly combination-(ally) and per-mutative-(ly); respect by it’s outcomes in manual displacement.


The completion of a single, equidistant repeat of a body out of a set of all it’s repeats within these equidistant degrees of freedom corresponding to an equidistant change-in direction at any position throughout the re-peat's revolution.


The completion of all equidistant degrees of freedom are all the outcomes that the body can assume, they can not be assumed together in opposing directions because of change-in direction. When all df are assumed, (completed) these same outcomes repeat equidistantly, combination-(ally) and per-mutative-(ly) where simultaneity is absent. Dd is therefore responsible for degrees of freedom.

Equidistantly, probabilistic repeats of a body possessed of energy, using all possible outcomes by manually induced energy run into relativistic into relativistic inhibitions.

As with the constant delta d (change-in distance) of a 360 degree reciprocating ring (or cylinder) of laser light formed via magnetic proximities (+ -), is conservation of energy, where potential energy is excessive depending on the circumference of the circle.

However, if a pull simultaneously coinciding with a push is induced, weight approaches negligible levels. (Weight not mass). Because the path differentials between THE outcome and an outcome, such inducement can result in an outcome and not THE outcome provides that leaving and arriving are not on the same path.

Concept 4).[edit]

Space (time) is automated. Establishment and uniform maintenance of energy by energy is manual, repetitive input to output in automated space (time). To require intervention, to be self-sustaining, space (time) must possess a perfect feedback, which has no external path to loop.

Concept 5).[edit]

It stands to reason that from the general knowledge associated to concept 4), that energy, certain quanta and matter which are accommodated in automated space (time), are not fully automated to the way whereby space (time) is automated, energies are manual; affected by the full automation of space (time) with respect to the subject concerned, and thereby do eventually succumb to cessation. (Non-existence, death, or a going back to a potential state).

While our own biological clock gives us the impression of time, the categorical list of energies and substances temporarily existent under the full automation of space (time) are as follows:


Accommodated energies subject to;

1.0)All forces that produce output via input visa via; energy transfer; are manually induced to be-come energetic or to be ongoing. (Inanimate bodies, intelligent designs: quanta, virtual particles, and hypothetical particles).

2.0) Automation-(s) under the classification(s) of temporal automation-(s). (Biological multicellular organisms, viruses, etc.

3.0) Partial automation-(s): are automation-(s) exemplified in everyday life; possessing partiality, being automated (Programmed, life-span) and ending in cessation due in the main to any inherent ability to be automated enough whereby the concerned avoids being affected by automated space (time). Such as that in enhancing an organism with nanotechnological abilities whereby it can be immortal and be ongoing. For various life-forms and/or intelligent particles/designs , cessation translates into terms where the condition is death. Regeneration therefore, is the ability to overcome this seeming flaw where the lack of nanotechnological enhancement would substitute for this absent feature.

4.0) Semi-automation: To cease or be remain on the verge of cessation, to dry up, and then again be replenished. Virtual particles and a few microorganisms possess this ability.

5.0) Cessation: The absence of full, partial, and semi-automated capabilities. Cessation and it’s anti-term, indicates a process whereby energy sustains it – for a pre-prepared time, until it can no loner be sustained either by age or by loss of energy, it then recedes back to a potent state.

Concept 6).[edit]

A limited set of equidistant degrees of freedom applies to every body and energy universally.

Because manual and partial energies repeat through equidistant outcomes with respect to d, all equidistant outcomes that the energy or body can, potentially assume, are all the possibilities that it can possess and therefore like a program, it, like a panel constituting 55 numbers corresponding to 5 morphological determinants are all eventually constrained to repeat permutatively and combinationally.

The distinction comes as a differentiation between THE time and A time, or THE outcome and AN outcome. THE outcome is the product of an event that occurs in THE now; whereas an outcome is a precursor to one outcome out of all possible outcomes that are possible, with respect to it being the result in THE now, which differs each time or is a repeat when prediction of the event is attempted. Thus, for the body or the energy concerned, equidistantly, all outcomes are repeats and have repeat times due to it, equidistantly, being limited to a set of degrees of freedom.

The extrapolation comes from a 360 degree laser light ring, where leaving and arrival are measured off as repeats indicated by an imaginary reference point or dot on the outer circumference. The repetitions, tallied as Revolutions Per Second (RPS) depend on the distance about the entire ring but are a function of time vs. space. Because the reference is imaginary, arrival vs. leaving never really occurs. Traversement constantly changes direction, leaving from THE present, winding through space, moves back through time, moves from the past returning back to the future of THE now. According to Global Causality Violation (GCV) (Frank J. Tipler – Physical Review D-1974), the massless energy travels back through time.

However no arrival back in time has occurred nor has it arrived to A future- the entire ring altogether remains in THE present. Thus because it never actually arrives back through time, the energy never actually arrives to the present from the future. (weird). Initially it means that it’s path never changes except for divergence –it remains on THE same path and therefore it travels to and from each time on THE same path it went from. The path never changes it is THE path that leads to and from THE now.

Because massless energy is naturally limited to the speed of light by the absence of conserved energy none of these alternate time-lines are accessible, due to the path of each repetitive outcome arriving back to the now.

That is even with the incorporation of all df, equidistantly, (factoring in a push-pull system to reduce weight to nearing zero) those outcomes would utilize GCV, repetitively leaving from an equidistant imaginary reference point from the now, go back, come back to THE now.

Thus even at the speed of light these potential outcomes, equidistantly are all the possibilities that the energy can assume. Displacement to new areas of space, equidistantly the same becomes evident. All other possibilities are time travitic.

Concept 7).[edit]

Generally, space (time) is interdependent by virtue of THE/A past present and future.

…is feedback, is automated. Dualism suggests manual inducements – the more a thing emulates or becomes automated, the less that thing is affected by space (time)`s contingencies of automation away from cessation.

The less automated, the more that thing is affected by the automation going toward cessation, because it, itself is less and less automated.

What this suggests that given the space race as well as cure-alls, nothing short of automations can securely provide the answers to long sought after solutions to age-old problems that appear seeming insurmountable…is accomplishable better with automated techniques substituted for manually based solutions and inquiries.

Unlocking extra possibilities not accessible using conventional equidistant df would be beneficial to begin the real goals toward the evolving of man to the level of civilization III.

Concept 8).[edit]

Postulation 1). Zero is an inhibitor. Postulation 2). Space (time) is infinitely finite.


By way of analogy assume any normal gambling table. All have their advantage over a player by percentages. Percentages correspond to fractionations in the sense that they are based in rules. Rules, physically are boundaries whereby a player is restricted or constrained to a particular set of conformities that regulate the differentials between winning and losing. Breaks in rules are deemed as cheating and therefore chance is avoided. Zero is a subject of interest to many. But does zero exist apart from it’s definition based in values. Let us consider zero as being imaginary as it is similarly with an imaginary reference point to indicate RPS. Defined solely through mathematical reference, let us consider the opposite sides of a number set with assignments of positive and the other negative, values mediated by zero.

Weather one half is positive and the other negative or reversed by sides zero remains fixed in it’s position. Two of these assignments are evident. The first supposedly depicts our positive/neutral spatio-temporal universe.

The other depicts a deficit corresponding to the negative (less than zero) – depending on which side the negative assignment is placed on either side of a number and where it begins. Where negative energies are concerned, debt is established – incontrovertible, as is energy to Pe when it is manually established.

Both examples include zero, but with respect to the negative, the reference here will be to one.

In order to comprehend this we will need to review the High-Low as it corresponds to space (time).