Quantum Nanotechnology/Concepts of QN

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Concepts of QN[edit]

Imagine the implications of a new science depicting the real nature of the Quantum. As opposed to those current efforts still underway that now appear to retard advancement.

Although Einstein held a peculiar distaste towards the Quantum revolution developing around him (something which he started with the photoelectric effect) and something by which he attempted to debunk in the now famous paper on spooky action at a distance (The EPR thought experiment – 1939 - which led to the Quantum Teleportation at IBM), however Einstein still stuck to his 4 - dimensional relativistic-(s), rather than being inclusive of more dimensions, as the Klausa-Klein theory clearly demonstrates when it finally reached his office. Additionally Einstein also tried to unify near his death, where it remains incomplete.

(Initially, Einstein contradicted himself on the matter several times).

Einstein held that physical matter was nothing more than a concentrated field of force or forces. Force as we know is in fact manually operated energy. In other words what we know to be physical, being possessed by the properties of substance is an intangible concentration of waveforms. What these waveforms consisted of exactly was not clear but further evidence is known by the celebrated equation:




Energy and matter are equivalent; one can produce the other. We might assume that Quantum Nanotechnology starts with the rearrangement of particles, but as we probe deeper into the insights of this QN you will comprehend it’s real meanings. If in reading this manuscript you do not comprehend these concepts, re-read them again and they should become clear to you.

With particle rearrangement it would be practical to cause Quantum manufacturing, except that no Quantabots or simile mechanizations would be necessary to shift particles that constitute the atoms of molecules.

In other respects particle creation would enable the solutions to Quatraneons, GUT theories and similar spin-offs. All of which lead to ultimate control spaces for scientific endeavors but please don’t blow up the universe by destroying all forms of energy.

FTL would also result as a by-product, through the creation and elimination of them.

Gravitons are false assumptions for the simple reason that whenever energy is or becomes established in space-time degrees of freedom automatically produce positions.

Using a transportation method, which does not incorporate energy results in the manifestation of no positions. In other words positions are the direct result of the establishments of energy in debt to G and traversal in it’s absence corresponds to their disappearance.


                                dΕ = √ Ρ

Hence we treat the photon as a conveyor of the Gravity field perhaps as a cross-product of the interaction of electric and magnetic fields where Ε being present in the electric and magnetic fields or electromagnetic field is in debt to G-being that position of the entire particle as opposed to the conserved energy of the particle’s spin.

Electric and magnetic fields obey the laws of induction. From rest, in an unexcited state, Δν in any direction would result in an increase in the inducing fields across the particle as a whole. The increase in speed would cause these fields to increase inducing greater Gravitational force, improving it’s stability and hold the particle together with greater force. These fields collapse to smaller size as accelerated:

-a priori therefore

Stationary or accelerated (The establishments of Ε along with the Ε in the fields) manifests as mass:

Cross product would then be applicable to GUT theories but not fully developed;


                                    Ε x Β
                                    _____  = G

Where T is the spin of the particle’s Electromagnetic or Electric and Magnetic fields.

Where G equates:

There is no telling how the spin of such photon waves translate into 360° rapid rotation but there lie a percent of the answer. Depictions 2-dimensionally are difficult to grasp and any spheroid shape may omit spin.