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Aleodeology (aleo-de-ology)[edit]

Do effects that might appear as indistinguishable from magic look as if they are constrained to the laws of physics?

The general field for causing certain criteria to be defied, which Relativistically are prohibitive by their degrees of freedom (df), then liberating those constraints is here coined as Aleodeology. (Aleo-de-ology) having the origin in the Greek or Latin.

Aleodeology has to do with travel (If one can call it that) between positions by going back to the exact time in which one left, but in a new position or outcome. i.e.; in t1 (The instant or static instant in time for energy to manifest) for df1 *(Degree of freedom 1), df2, etc. Let us imagine a stationary photon, and that we fill up all (df) (all outcomes backward and forward equidistantly) with the same photon at Ρ1 (Position or place 1) at the same time, (or before) we unify them all in all possible outcomes at t1 within the available df for the photon.

The idea here is that once all outcomes occupy all possible df at t1 at Ρ1, they could all then be gyrated in multiple df. Initially this is comparable to simultaneity where causality is violated.

Assuming this were possible, (which it is not due to the inability for simultaneity to transpire for all outcomes in the opposite directions) (NOTE: if a body were spun in all possible (df) equidistantly, we get the impression of a sphere, even if the body is spinning, and then spun in new directions!

The body can do this because it is the same body, but can only be done in 1 direction).Displacement from df1 to another (df) now becomes easy because with this new found freedom via **time travel, (**that is to mean, time travel at the same time - leaving and arriving in the same space) the intervening distance between the two is eliminated, and if I were in it, I could go into any one of them dimensionally.

For the reader this may be difficult to envision but just imagine it as taking multiple exposures of an object in all possible degrees of freedom 3 dimensionally (all angles equidistantly). That said, a body would then take-up all possible outcomes at space 1 by continually arriving to t1 in that space. In other words we are only arriving at the same time we left.

These are all one space, cross-sectioned at the precise center of the first face (That is a relative view from the front as opposed to moving off to another view to the side) in a Cartesian coordinate system. Now what of 2 two or more beams of equal measurement an equal distance apart?


                       df1 and df2?

*A Degree of Freedom May be defined as an outcome that occurs in an instant of time


Are they both united?

Indeed they are, in the same time (t1). Once again intervening distance is eliminated because the time is identical, only the outcomes are different.

Thus travel between the two is equal to t1. However we have not considered the same photon beam. If each time photon beam A is sent back to df1 and df2 and an elapsed time t2 is allowed to occur and is sent back to df3, df4, df5...to t1, travel would be instant by t1 no matter how far the distance.

Diverse photons can exist simultaneously in multiple df via time travel; sent back to a different df photon A exists in df1 at t1, while photon B sent back to t1, is in df2. Both exist in t1 in df1 and df2 (not "or"). The df between the two does not therefore exist, the two become one only that the outcomes are different in t1. As an analogy, this is similar to dice becoming merged for a single result where 5 OR 9 become 5 AND 9.


This is the general concept of Aleodeology.

That is, to purpose travel by time travel without having to go very far back through time, and arrive at the destination in the past -where light originates - as it takes millions of years for light to travel to reach our atmosphere depending on the distance.