Quantum Nanotechnology

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Because many people do not comprehend mathematical terms related to physics this online book attempts to describe equations and relations in layman terms, no single contribution and update goes without such, and as a general rule all such contributions should be understood in terms which any reader can empathize with - so that each person may understand them without having to resort to library books or manuscripts detailing what mathematical terms indicate.

In general the original author, placates testing, which is the ultimate scrutiny for any hypothetical date related to this book. The book does not support zero point physics and crank inventors. All information should be coherent and interesting to readers.

The purpose of the contents is to advance the goal of FTL, teleportation, time travel and related potentialities within the framework of the book, multiverses, treknology; it may or may not support Einstein Relativistic relations, quantum dynamics, many world hypothesis, EPR thought experiments, Klausa-Klein dimensions, etc.


Understanding Quantum Nanotechnology[edit]

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