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Git repository of Wikimedia has this file: can be used to protect and unprotect pages en masse. To do this, you need an admin account on that wiki.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import wikipedia

def protect(pageName, reason):
    site = wikipedia.getSite()
    page = wikipedia.Page(site, pageName)
    page.protect(reason, False)

if __name__ == "__main__":
        protect('Test', "Bot: Test")

See for more details of the protect function.

Docs in code:

Syntax: python OPTION...

Command line options:

-page:       Protect specified page
-cat:        Protect all pages in the given category.
-nosubcats:  Don't protect pages in the subcategories.
-links:      Protect all pages linked from a given page.
-file:       Protect all pages listed in a text file.
-ref:        Protect all pages referring from a given page.
-images:     Protect all images used on a given page.
-always:     Don't prompt to protect pages, just do it.
-summary:    Supply a custom edit summary.
-unprotect:   Actually unprotect pages instead of protecting
-edit:PROTECTION_LEVEL Set edit protection level to PROTECTION_LEVEL
-move:PROTECTION_LEVEL Set move protection level to PROTECTION_LEVEL

## Without support ##
## -create:PROTECTION_LEVEL Set move protection level to PROTECTION_LEVEL ##

Values for PROTECTION_LEVEL are: sysop, autoconfirmed, none.
If an operation parameter (edit, move or create) is not specified, default
protection level is 'sysop' (or 'none' if -unprotect).