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Puzzles | How do you...? | Crossing the Bridge

Crossing the Bridge

A man that weighs 98 pounds exactly is carrying 3 weights each weighing 1 pound exactly. He must cross a bridge that has a weight limit of exactly 100 pounds

How does he cross the bridge with the weights?


1. Carry one weight at a time?
2. Throw the weights over.
3. Get some one lighter to carry them over.
4. Try to cross and hope the bridge does not collapse.
5. Find a different route across?
6. Go on a diet?
7. Juggle?
8. Roll the weights across
9. wear away some of the weights by rubbing them against a rock, or break them or something
10. FedEx them to the other side :P
11. Pray
12. Build a new bridge
13. Build a small boat and placing the weights on it, drag it across the river with a rope (if there's no river, use helium balloons :P)
14. Tie the weights to a long rope, cross the bridge and drag the weights from the other side
15. Not possible to cross even without the weight. Try walking on a scale and see how much force you apply to move yourself.