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All of the official documentation for Postgres is available at: The source for the documentation is generated from SGML and anyone is permitted and encouraged to send in SGML patches.

Problems with navigation[edit]

Postgres documentation is notoriously hard to navigate. At the very core of the problem is the fact that all of the documentation is held on the same exposed server, for every major point release more documentation is added in a non-interlinked fashion such that no search engine effectively indexes it. The easiest way to search the docs is to add the following to Firefox's quick search. This uses Google's url-string filtering to kill off bad matches. This works for the current stable release of Postgres.[1]

Name: Postgres's Current Documentation Search
Location: inurl:8\.2 inurl:docs inurl:interactive -inurl:release
Keyword: pg

After your quick search is properly configured you can search the documentation by typing a simple: pg followed by what your looking for in Firefox's location bar.


  1. ^ It will not work if 8\.2 is replaced with "current" because Google fails to index the symlink effectively. You can however replace 8.2 with 8.3 or any other release if you so choose.