Pinyin/The Sun Goes To Work Seriously

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Pinyin#Pinyin tone marking

The sun goes to work seriously

In the morning,
the sun comes to work.
It first lifts its head,
and then the whole body appear gradually.

When the noon arrive,
it slowly goes to the middle.

In the evening,
the sun goes home.
It had been busy the whole day,
it is off work.

the sun takes its work really seriously!

taihyarng shahngban zhen rehnzhen

taihyarng lair shahngban le.
ta xian tahnchu tour lair,
rarnhouh mahnmahn luhchu quarnshen.

daoh le zhongwuu,
ta mahnmahn dy zooudaoh le zhongjian.

taihyarng jiuh huirquh le.
ta marng le yitian,
xiahban le.

taihyarng shahngban zhen rehnzhen!