Pinyin/Leaves (2)

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The leaves are smiling,
playing swing on the tree,
swimming on the lake,
at the sky following the wind to parachute.

Leaves are like a playful little troublemaker,
always jump on to the ground,
to make friend with flowers,
to be partner with ants,
always forget to go home.


shuhyeh, weixiaoh,
zaih shuh shahng dahng qiuqian,
zaih hurshuii shahng youryoong,
zaih bahnkong zhong cherng'zhe feng'r warn tiaohsaan.

shuhyeh xiahng 1'g tanwarn d xiaao daaodahn,
charngcharng tiaoh daoh dihshahng,
yuu hua'r weir-yoou,
yuu maayii zuohbahn,
charngcharng wahng le huirjia.