Pinyin/I Want

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I want

I want,
a pair of wings on the back,
bring me to fly towards a sky of blue,
to play with the little birds,
to be lazy above the white clouds.

I want,
to become a tree that reaches the sky,
to have roots deep into earth,
to block wind and sand for the people,
to let little birds treat as own home.

woo xiaang

woo xiaang,
beihhouh yoou 1-shuang chihbaang,
daih woo feixiahng zhahnlarn d tiankong,
yuu xiaao niaao xixih,
zaih bairyurn shahng laanyarngyarng.

woo xiaang,
biahncherng 1-ke cantian dah shuh,
shenshen dy zhagen zaih dahdih shahng,
weih rern'men diidaang fengsha,
beih xiaao niaao dahngzuoh zihjii d jia.