Pinyin/Human is naturally endowed with sincerity

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Man is naturally endowed with sincerity; and born with innate goodness. With sincerity, one can get into the heart of others, whoever they are. And goodness will always serve things right, whatever they are. Beautiful appearance may perhaps impress people, yet only sincerity can move their heart. An overbearing tone may perhaps succeed to bring people into agreement; yet only act of kindness can win their heartfelt support. Being genuine is not hypocritical, wishy-washy or worldly wise; whilst goodness makes him tolerant, respectful and compromising. Only when he does not throw away his roots, give up his original intent, does he walk with composure and stand firmly.

rén de tiānxìng shì zhēnchéng shànliáng d. Zhēnchéng hé shànliáng huì dǎdòng biérén de xīn. Měimào yěxǔ xīyǐn rén, dàn zhēnchéng cáinéng gǎndòng biérén. Qiángshì de yǔyán yěxǔ lìng rén kǒufú, dàn shànliáng cáinéng yíngdé biérén de xīn. Zhēnchéng jiùshì bù xūwěi, bù fūyǎn, bù shìgù. Shànliáng de rén dǒngdé bāoróng, zūnzhòng hé tuǒxié. Jiānchí zhēnchéng hé shànliáng de běnxìng, cáinéng chǔzhītàirán.