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In the path of growth,
sometimes things do go wrong.

On the road forward,
if without wind and rain,
why will there be flowers blossoming?

Without mistakes and hardship,
why will there be your courage and self-esteem?

In fact,
mistakes is the wealth of life.

Having experienced a series of mistakes,
you will understand,
growth needs to depend on
initiation from both hands of oneself!


zaih cherngzhaang d daohluh shahng,
yooushir huih jinglih yixie cuohzher.

dahn zaih qiarnjihn d daohluh shahng,
meiryoou fengfengyuuyuu,
naa yoou xianhua zhahnfahng?

meiryoou cuohzher her mornahn,
naa yoou nii d yoongqih her zihxihn?

cuohzher yeeshih rernsheng d cairfuh.

jinglih le yicihcih d cuohzher,
nii cairhuih mirngbair,
cherngzhaang shih yaoh kaoh
zihjii d shuangshoou lair kaichuahng d!