Pinyin/Give me a pair of wings

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Pinyin#Pinyin tone marking

Give me a pair of wings

Give me a pair of spiritual wings,
let me understand the grief of others.

Give me a pair of wings for dreams,
let me find my dreams.

Give me a pair of wings for travel,
to fly far away to see the world.

what I want the most,
is a pair of wings of childhood,
back to the time of childhood.

geei woo 1-shuang chihbaang

geei woo 1-shuang xinlirng d chihbaang,
nerng rahng woo tiihuih bierrern d youshang.

geei woo 1-shuang mehngxiaang d chihbaang,
daih woo xurnzhaao mehngxiaang.

geei woo 1-shuang aohyour d chihbaang,
feixiahng yuaanfang kahn shihjieh.

woo zuih xiaang yaoh
1-shuang torngniarn d chihbaang,
nerng huirdaoh torngniarn d shirguang.