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China National Offshore Oil Corporation, or CNOOC Group, is a major national oil company in China. It is the third-largest national oil company in the People's Republic of China, after CNPC (parent of PetroChina) and China Petrochemical Corporation (parent of Sinopec). The CNOOC Group focuses on the exploitation, exploration and development of crude oil and natural gas in offshore China.

ZG Haaiyarng Shiryour Zoonggongsi, huoh CNOOC Jirtuarn, shih ZG d zhuuyaoh shiryour gongsi, shih CNPC (PetroChina d muugongsi) her ZG Shirhuah Gongsi (Sinopec d muugongsi) zhihouh, Zhonghuar Rernmirn Gohngherguor dih-3 dah shiryour gongsi. CNOOC Jirtuarn zhuuyaoh kaicaai, kantahn her kaifa ZG jihnhaai yuarnyour her tianrarnqih.