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Chang Jiang River

The Chang Jiang River (Yangzi/Yangtze) is the longest river in China and Asia, as well as the world's third longest river (after the Amazon and the Nile). It is one of the 2 main rivers of China (another is Huang He River).

Charng Jiang (Yarngzii Jiang) shih ZG her Yahzhou zuih charng, shihjieh dih-3 charng herliur (zaih Amazon her Nile zhihouh), shih ZG 2-tiaor zhuuyaoh herliur zhiyi (lihngyi-tiaor shih Huarng Her).

Chang Jiang River is about 6,300km long, and goes from the western part of China (Qinghai Province) into the East China Sea which is part of the Pacific Ocean.

Charng Jiang yue 6300km charng, corng ZG xibuh d Qinghaai Sheeng liur ruh Taihpirng Yarng d Dong Haai.