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Long time ago , Newton proposed that all matter consist of particles . Then John Dalton experiment points out that all matter made up from smallest particles of matter that still has matter's property when undergo a chemical reaction called Atom . Later on , J J Thomson experiment point out that Atom can be decomposed into smaller Electric Charged Carrying Particles called Charged Particles .

Electric Charged Particles

Charged particles are sub atomic particles . There are three kind of Charged Particles namely Electron , Proton and Neutron. Electron has a negative charge . Proton has a positive charge and Neutron has no charge or neutral in charge . These charged particles cannot be divided further . The characteristic of these three charged particles are shown below

  • Electron
Carries Negative Charge
Mass, Me
Symbol, e-
  • Proton
Carries Positive Charge
Mass, Mp
Symbol, p+
  • neutron
Carries Zero Charge
Mass, Mn
Symbol, n0


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