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Force is a term used to describe a quantity that acts on an object to change object's state or to perform a task on the object. Example Force used to push or pull a cart or force used to break a stick

Force's Characteristics[edit]

Force's Pressure[edit]

Force exerts on a cross sectional area of a surface of an object is called Pressure

Work Done[edit]

The ability of a Force to carry out a task on an object is defined Work done on the object . Work done by a force on an object to move object over a distance s is defined as the product of Force and Distance move


The ability of a Force to carry out a task on an object over a period of Time .

Types of Force[edit]

Motion Force[edit]

Motion Force is a force used to set an object in motion . Force to make an object move is calculated by

For any motion of speed v(t) caused by a force

Gravitational Force[edit]

Attraction's Force of the Earth to attract any object toward the Earth

ElectroMotive Force[edit]

ElectroMotive Force is the electric force that set stationary charge to move in a straight horizontal line

ElectroMagnetoMotive Force[edit]

ElectroMagnetoMotive Force is the magnetic force that set the moving charge to move in perpendicular to the horizontal direction

ElectroMagnetic Force[edit]

ElectroMagnetic Force is the sum of the Electric Field Force and the Electric force


Force is used to to describe a quantity that acts on matter to perform a task

  1. To cause an object to move or to set an object in motion . Example to push or pull a door
  2. To cause matter to change its state . Example change Solid to Liquid to Gas
Force Definition Formula
Motion Force Force causes an object's motion F = m a = =
Gravitation Force Earth's Force to pull an object toward the earth Fg = m g =
Friction Force Force one surface exerts on another surface
Elastic Force Elastic Force of a Spring F = - k x
Electrostatic Force Force of attraction of two stationary Unlike Charge
ElectroMotive Force Force causing a stationary charge to move in straigh line
ElectroMagnetoMotive Force Magnetic Force that cause moving charge to move up or down perpendicular to initial direction of travel
ElectroMagnetic Force The sum of Electrostatic Force and ElectroMagneto Force


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