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The following is an annotated bibliography inspired by correspondence with some people who had been tendentiously attacked, and who, it became apparent, were merely recent researchers in a field where members have historically been tendentiously attacked. This is an attempt to put relevant sources "in one place" to make research on obfuscated material easier. I attempt to counter the attacks on the work, as I have found that they typically stem from bigotry - this places me as biased, but I attempt to actually acknowledge and engage the skeptical literature, so my overall approach can be viewed as objective. I would like to note that I am as of this writing not a scientist, just an interested writer, but that I hope that I have put sufficient energy into this project that it can be of use to scientists.

As far as I know, I am the only person on the Internet who is doing this, because the SPR encyclopedia, disappointingly, seems to be written with the intent to provide a general overview and avoid controversies.

Some of the material in this sources page may arouse criticism because it goes beyond defending experimental parapsychology to defending psychics and mediums. It should be noted that these defenses note that conditions of control superseded criticisms, and that the following article argues that eyewitness testimony on the paranormal can be trusted:

I have balanced this out by including a subsection with skeptical sources on spiritualism and parapsychology, but with this resource, with proponent material included, people have access to both sides of the story.Ben Steigmann (discusscontribs) 19:44, 14 April 2018 (UTC)

Pre-Existing Bibliographies[edit]

General Overviews & Critiques[edit]

(above is introductory, see also the below subsections)

Ancient and Medieval Paranormal Claims[edit]

Higher Mesmeric Phenomena[edit]


(less evidential, with the goal of challenging claims of fraud)


Telepathy and Clairvoyance[edit]

Articles related to telepathy (mind-to-mind communication) and clairvoyance (perception of events beyond the normal physical senses)

Distant Healing and Prayer[edit]

Physiological influences at a distance, including distant EEG correlations[edit]

Survival After Death and Mediumship[edit]

Precognition and Presentiment[edit]

Retrocognition, or perception of past events[edit]

Mind-Matter Interaction[edit]

(see subpages)

Theoretical Models[edit]

Potential Applications[edit]