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The "Thank you" section

Major contributors[edit]

If you created more than one of the pages here, your name should be here.

  • Rick Brewster- Creating the program and writing some of the articles!
  • usedHONDA- Started the Wikibook and created some of the key pages.
  • cjmcguinness- Created the Tutorials page and some of the tutorials listed there.

Other contributors[edit]

Happens to have a tutorial linked here, created a page, or edited a couple of grammatical errors/typos.

  • Hellfire010- Tutorial on how to make an animated GIF in Paint.NET.
  • six- Created the page "A list of keyboard shortcuts".
  • Tom Jackson- Creator of great tutorials and another programmer of Paint.NET.
  • david.atwell- Created the visual example for layers, found here, as well as the three associated images.