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Why is this not here? Does whoever that made this book not care about Python that much? I have not a clue, either. Yet I do not feel the need to diss such a programming language. Is there something wrong, do you think? Are there underground wars over which programming language is the best? Certainly, each have their perks! No one could be better suited for every job! I am a pacifist at heart, I do not believe in violence. The feeling of violence, anger, and frustration washes over me, as I make this entire paragraph a rant about someone forgetting about a page. Moving on....

We want this page to be here! Even if learning about python is just a couple more clicks away, we want it now! We need to rally together, and bring all of the programming languages together, to make peace. So every programming language is equal, let there be no discrimination!! I say we band together! I say we walk as one! To every programming language there has every been, and FREAKING TALK TO THEM SOME PEACEFULLY, WE GUILT-TRIP THEM INTO AGREEING WITH US (i'm a pacifist, remember?)!!!!!

- 7/10. Some re-read value.

- Fellow Reader

- 6/10 but still a good read