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ETH Oberon / PC Native Build Tool

Package: [ System | Gadgets | Apps | Documentation | Build | Lab | Eamon | Tutorials | Pr3Fonts | Pr6Fonts ]
Index: [ Generate | Build | Upload | Compiler | Backup | Web | Link kernel ]

-- Generate Release.Tool --
COMPILER "Compiler.Compile \s.Obj" OBJ "Obj" PRIVATEARC "SourceP.zip" PREFIX "~" TOOL "Release.Tool" 
# Basic Oberon System 3.  Editing/Compiling Oberon code and texts.  Fits on installation diskette.
PACKAGE System ARCHIVE "System.zip" SOURCE "Source1.zip"
	Kernel.Mod Disks.Mod OFS.Mod OFSDiskVolumes.Mod OFSN2KFiles.Mod 	# Inner core
	OFSCacheVolumes.Mod Files.Mod Modules.Mod OFSBoot.Mod 
	Unicode.Mod OFSFATVolumes.Mod OFSFATFiles.Mod 	# FAT support (be)
	OFSFileBasedDevices.Mod OFSVBoot.Mod 
	OFSAosFiles.Mod # OFSAosBoot.Mod OFSN2KBoot.Mod OFSLabBoot.Mod 	# Aos file system
	OFSRAMVolumes.Mod 	# RAM disks
	PCI.Mod 	# Low-level drivers
	NCRScript.Mod- ASPI.Mod- NCR810Disks.Mod- 	# NCR 810 disk driver
	ATADisks.Mod-	# ATA disk driver (cp/pjm)
	SCSI.Mod- Adaptec7Script.Mod- Adaptec7.Mod- 	# Adaptec 7xxx disk driver (prk)

	Usb.Mod UsbUhci.Mod UsbStorage.Mod UsbBoot.Mod 	# Usb base & disks
	Objects.Mod Empty.Display.Mod V24.Mod Input.Mod Viewers.Mod Fonts.Mod	# Outer core
	Reals.Mod Texts.Mod Oberon.Mod MenuViewers.Mod TextFrames.Mod System.Mod 
	UsbMouse.Mod UsbKeyboard.Mod 	# Usb Input
	FPA.Mod-\xp	# FPU emulator
	In.Mod Out.Mod Dates.Mod Strings.Mod BIT.Mod Centronics.Mod Math.Mod 	# Utility modules
	MathL.Mod MathH.Mod Bitmaps.Mod Pictures.Mod Printer.Mod RandomNumbers.Mod 
	Compiler.Tool OPM.Mod- OPS.Mod- OPT.Mod- OPB.Mod- OPA.Mod- OPP.Mod- 	# Compiler
	OPO.Mod- OPL.Mod- OPC.Mod- OPV.Mod- Compiler.Mod OPAData.Mod- OPA.Data 

	Edit.Tool Edit.Mod- 	# Edit
	Script.Tool Styles.Mod ScriptFrames.Mod Script.Mod 	# Script
	Diskettes.Mod 	# Diskette driver
	Backup.Tool Diskette.Mod Backup.Mod 	# Backup
	Partitions.Tool OBL.Bin Partitions.Mod 	# Partition
	Miscellaneous.Tool Miscellaneous.Mod 	# Miscellaneous
	Browser.Mod 	# Browser (Compiler.Tool)
#	DOS.Tool FATFiles.Mod DOS.Mod 	# DOS
	FileDir.Mod 	# emulation modules
	CompressTools.Mod- 	# CompressTools (install)
	Hello.Mod* 	# Demo program (UserGuide.Text)
	OGLDisplay.Mod 	# For display drivers supporting OGL
	S3C805.Display.Mod\X S3C924.Display.Mod\X 	# Display drivers
	VGA.Display.Mod\X W32.Display.Mod\X GD54xx.Display.Mod\X 
	Empty.Display.Mod\X SVGA.Display.Mod\X S3Trio.Display.Mod\X 
	Displays.Mod Displays.Display.Mod\X Displays.Pal 	# New display drivers
	V86.Mod- CLUTs.Mod DisplayLinear.Mod DisplayPermedia2.Mod 
	PSPrinter.Mod PSHeader.Text HPLaserPrinter.Mod HPPCL.Mod 	# Printer drivers
	Oberon8.Scn.Fnt Oberon8b.Scn.Fnt Oberon8i.Scn.Fnt 	# Fonts
	Oberon10.Scn.Fnt Oberon10b.Scn.Fnt Oberon10i.Scn.Fnt 
	Oberon12.Scn.Fnt Oberon12b.Scn.Fnt Oberon12i.Scn.Fnt 
	Oberon14.Scn.Fnt Oberon14b.Scn.Fnt Oberon14i.Scn.Fnt 
	Oberon16.Scn.Fnt Oberon16b.Scn.Fnt Oberon16i.Scn.Fnt 
	Oberon20.Scn.Fnt Oberon20b.Scn.Fnt Oberon20i.Scn.Fnt 
	Oberon24.Scn.Fnt Oberon24b.Scn.Fnt Oberon24i.Scn.Fnt 
	Courier8.Scn.Fnt Courier10.Scn.Fnt Courier12.Scn.Fnt 
	KeyUK.Bin KeyCA.Bin KeyCH.Bin KeyD.Bin KeyN.Bin KeyTR.Bin KeyPL.Bin KeyDV.Bin 	# Keyboard tables
	KeyFR.Bin KeyBE.Bin KeySF.Bin 
	Default.Pal Light.Pal Dark.Pal White.Pal Black.Pal 	# Palettes

	System.Text UserGuide.Text Feedback.Text Rel.Oberon.Text 	# Texts
	System.Tool LoadGadgets.Text Rel.Network.Tool 	# Tools

	Configuration.Tool Configuration.Mod 	# Configuration
	ConfigInput.Mod- ConfigV24.Mod- 	# Config Input and V24
# Basic Tools.  NetSystem, Telnet, TextMail, ET, developer's tools, OpenType.
	NetSystem.Tool NetBase.Mod\z NetIP.Mod-\z NetPorts.Mod-\z NetUDP.Mod-\z 	# NetSystem TCP/IP
	NetTCP.Mod-\z NetDNS.Mod-\z NetSystem.Mod\z 
	Net3Com509.Mod-\z Net3Com90x.Mod-\z # EmptyNet.Mod 	# 3Com EtherLink III driver
	NetNe2000.Mod-\z 	# NE2000 driver
	SLIP.Mod-\z Dialer.Mod- 	# SLIP driver
	PPP.Tool PPPDebug.Mod PPPTools.Mod PPPHDLC.Mod PPPFSM.Mod PPPIPCP.Mod 	# PPP driver

	Terminals.Mod TerminalFrames.Mod Telnet.Mod 	# Telnet
	TextMail.Mod- 	# TextMail
	FTP.Mod 	# FTP
	IFS.Tool XYplane.Mod IFS.Mod- 	# IFS
	Greek.Tool Math.Tool 	# Greek & Math fonts
	Math10.Scn.Fnt Math12.Scn.Fnt Math14.Scn.Fnt 
	Math16.Scn.Fnt Math20.Scn.Fnt Math24.Scn.Fnt
	Greek10.Scn.Fnt Greek12.Scn.Fnt Greek14.Scn.Fnt 
	Greek16.Scn.Fnt Greek20.Scn.Fnt Greek24.Scn.Fnt
		# Developer tools
	ET.Tool ET.Mod- Menu.Mod- ET.Popup.Menu 	# ET and Menu
	BootLinker.Tool BootLinker.Mod- 	# BootLinker
	Decoder.Mod 	# Decode .Obj & .Sym files
	V24Log.Mod-	# V24 log
	Keyboard.Mod*	# Keyboard table tool
	TestTransferBlock.Mod* 	# Display test
	Coroutines.Mod 	# Coroutines (partial)
	FileDisks.Mod- 	# Virtual disks
	OFSISO9660Volumes.Mod OFSISO9660Files.Mod 	# ISO9660 file system (ryser)
	OFSFileVolumes.Mod 	# File disks
#	OFSDosBasedVolumes.Mod 	# Old Dos-based FS (jsedlacek)
	FileSystem.Tool FileSystem.Mod FAT.Tool OFSFATTools.Mod  	# OFS tool modules
	OFSFileBasedDeviceTools.Mod Rel.DOS.Tool 
#	Inflate.Mod-\"2" GZReaders.Mod-\"2" 	# zlib
	Zlib.Mod ZlibBuffers.Mod ZlibDeflate.Mod ZlibWriters.Mod ZlibInflate.Mod 
	ZlibReaders.Mod Zip.Mod Zip.Tool ZipTool.Mod 
	GZip.Tool GZWriters.Mod GZReaders.Mod GZip.Mod 

	TGZ.Mod 	# .tgz unpacker
	Types.Mod- 	# Types module
	PCITools.Mod- pci.ids 	# PCI scanner
	Usb.Tool UsbSystem.Mod 	# Usb support (cplattne@sioux.ch)
	Config.Mod- 	# Config
	Oberon0Files.Text OberonDrivers.Text Install.Tool InstallFiles.Tool Configure.Tool 
	Introduction.Text Native.Bat Noboot.Exe 
	license.txt 	# EditTools.OpenUnix license.txt
# Basic Gadgets.  Gadgets programming and basic tools.
PACKAGE Gadgets ARCHIVE "Gadgets.zip" SOURCE "Source2.zip"
	Display3.Mod Printer3.Mod Effects.Mod Attributes.Mod Links.Mod Gadgets.Mod 	# Gadget core
	BasicGadgets.Mod TextFields.Mod ListRiders.Mod ListModels.Mod ListDags.Mod 	# Gadget catalog in Gadgets.Panel
	ListGadgets.Mod Lists.Mod Panels.Mod TextGadgets0.Mod TextGadgets.Mod 
	BasicFigures.Mod Scrollbars.Mod Directories.Mod Clocks.Mod Organizers.Mod* 
	Complex.Mod* SetGadgets.Mod TimeStamps.Mod Gages.Mod AudioGadgets.Mod- 
	ProgressMeters.Mod- Sisiphus.Mod Sisyphus.Data 
	Documents.Mod Views.Mod Desktops.Mod TextDocs.Mod TextDocs.Lib PanelDocs.Mod 	# Document catalog
	Icons.Mod ColorTools.Mod NamePlates.Mod Navigators.Mod NoteBooks.Mod 
	Finder.Mod GadgetsIn.Mod GadgetsOut.Mod 
	Libraries.Panel ScrollViews.Mod RefGadgets.Mod Columbus.Mod Columbus.Lib 	# Columbus in Popups.Tool
	ObjExplorer.Panel ObjExplorer.Mod 	# ObjExplorer in Popups.Tool
	Compress.Tool Compress.Mod CompressCrypt.Mod 	# Compress in Popups.Tool
	AsciiCoder.Tool AsciiCoder.Mod 	# AsciiCoder in Popups.Tool
	Decoders.Tool Base64.Mod UUDecoder.Mod BinHex.Mod Rot13.Mod 	# Decoders in Popups.Tool
	Tar.Mod QuotedPrintable.Mod 
	Builder.Tool Builder.Mod 	# Builder in Popups.Tool
	Watson.Panel Definitions.Tool Watson0.Mod Watson.Mod Watson.Lib 	# Watson in Popups.Tool
	EditTools.Tool EditTools.Mod 	# EditTools in Popups.Tool
	Outlines.Tool Outlines.Mod 	# Outlines in Popups.Tool
	Rembrandt.Panel Rembrandt0.Mod Rembrandt.Mod RembrandtDocs.Mod 	# Rembrandt in Popups.Tool
	RembrandtTools.Mod Rembrandt.Lib Clown.Pict Grapes.Pict 
	Gadgets.Pict Default.Pict 	# Default.Pict used in Scramble
	JPEG.Mod GIF.Mod XBM.Mod BMP.Mod ICO.Mod PCX.Mod TGA.Mod IFF.Mod 	# Picture converters
	ColorModels.Mod XPM.Mod PPM.Mod PSD.Mod 
	Colors.Tool Displays.Colors.Mod 	# Color models
	Images.Tool Images.Mod ImageGadgets.Mod ImageDocs.Mod 	# Images
	PictImages.Mod BMPImages.Mod JPEGImages.Mod GIFImages.Mod PSDImages.Mod 
	Colors.Panel ColorGadgets.Mod 	# Color views
	ColorWells.Mod 	# Leonardo legacy	

	System3.Tool Applications.Tool Documentation.Tool Popups.Tool 	# Hypertools in Popups.Tool
	Desktops.Tool Gadgets.Tool 	# in Popups.Tool

	Gadgets.Panel Documents.Panel TextDocs.Panel 	# Panels in Popups.Tool
	Oberon.Desk  	# in Popups.Tool
	Backdrop.Pict 	# in Popups.Tool
	TextDocs.Tool 	# in Popups.Tool
	Icons.Lib Symbols.Lib 	# Symbols.Lib used in DirectoryView

# Gadgets Networking
	Network.Tool NetDocs.Lib 

	Streams.Mod TextStreams.Mod BTrees.Mod MIME.Mod HyperDocs.Mod 	# Utility modules
	NetTools.Mod PasswordFields.Mod- 
	HyperDocs.Tool HyperDocs.Panel HyperLinks.Panel HyperDocTools.Mod 	# HyperDocs
	Mail.Tool Mail.Panel MD5.Mod Mail.Mod 	# Mail
	FTP.Tool FTPDocs.Mod 	# FTP
	Finger.Tool Finger.Mod 	# Finger
	News.Tool News.Mod 	# News
	Gopher.Tool Gopher.Mod 	# Gopher
	Telnet.Panel TerminalGadgets.Mod TelnetGadgets.Mod 	# Telnet
	HTTP.Tool HTTPDocs0.Mod HTMLDocs.Mod HTTPDocs.Mod Authorization.html 	# HTTP/HTML
	HTMLForms.Mod HTMLImages.Mod HTMLTables.Mod 

	ZipDocs.Mod 	# .zip reader
	Native.Packages.Mod PlugIns.Mod HTMLPlugIns.Mod 	# Packages
# Additional/contributed Gadgets applications.
PACKAGE Apps1 ARCHIVE "Apps1.zip" SOURCE "Source3.zip"	# Gadgets Applications
	OTInt.Mod- OTScan.Mod- OType.Mod- OTFonts.Mod- OType.Text 	# OpenType
	OTSim.Mod- OTSim.Panel 	# OType in Applications.Tool

# Builder.Preprocess GfxFonts0.Mod => Native.GfxFonts0.Mod GfxPKFonts.Mod => Native.GfxPKFonts.Mod ~
	Gfx.Tool GfxMatrix.Mod GfxImages.Mod GfxPaths.Mod GfxRegions.Mod 	# Gfx library
	Native.GfxFonts0.Mod GfxFonts.Mod Gfx.Mod GfxRaster.Mod GfxPrinter.Mod 	
	GfxBuffer.Mod GfxDisplay.Mod GfxPS.Mod GfxOType.Mod Native.GfxPKFonts.Mod GfxProlog.ps 
	GfxHowto.html GfxOverview.html GfxTest.Mod* GfxDemo.Mod* 	# Gfx documentation

	Leonardo.Panel Leonardo.Lib LeoConfig.Text Leonardo.Fig 	# Leonardo in Popups.Tool
	Leonardo.Mod LeoFrames.Mod LeoTools.Mod LeoDocs.Mod
	LeoPanels.Mod LeoLists.Mod LeoPens.Mod LeoOutliners.Mod
	LeoPenEditors.Mod LeoPaths.Mod LeoPathEditors.Mod
	LeoSplines.Mod LeoSplineEditors.Mod LeoCaptions.Mod 
	LeoCaptionEditors.Mod LeoBasic.Mod LeoBasicEditors.Mod
	LeoImages.Mod LeoImageEditors.Mod LeoDraw.Mod
	Leonardo.Text 	# Leonardo documentation
	Scheme.Mod SchemeOps.Mod Vinci.Mod VinciGadgets.Mod 	# Vinci 
	VinciDocs.Mod VinciShapes.Mod VinciPens.Mod VinciEditors.Mod 
	Scheme.Init Vinci.Init 
	Clip.Vinci Labels.Vinci Smiley.Vinci Stars.Vinci Test.Vinci Test1.Vinci Test2.Vinci 
	Rect2.Shape NGon.Shape Distance.Shape CoordSys.Shape YinYang.Shape
	Vinci.Text 	# Vinci documentation

	VNC.Tool VNCTask.Mod VNCViewers.Mod DES.Mod VNC.Mod VNCViewerDocs.Mod 	# VNC in Applications.Tool
	TextPopups.Tool TextPopups.Mod- TextPopups.Text 	# TextPopups in Applications.Tool
	V24.Panel V24Gadgets.Mod-	# V24Gadgets in Applications.Tool
	Hex.Tool Hex.Mod 	# Binary file editor in Applications.Tool
	HPCalc.Panel Conversions.Mod HPCalc.Mod 	# HPCalc in Applications.Tool
	Snapshot.Tool Snapshot.Mod-	# SnapShot in Applications.Tool
	EditKeys.Tool EditKeys.Mod- EditKeys.Text 	# EditKeys in Applications.Tool
	Find.Tool Find.Panel Find.Mod- 	# Find in Applications.Tool
#	FindFile.Panel FindFile.Mod- 	# FindFile in Applications.Tool
	TeXTools.Mod 	# TeXTools in TextPopups.Text
	SaveScreen.Tool SaveScreen.Mod- SaveTiles.Mod- SaveParticles.Mod- 	# SaveScreen in Applications.Tool
	SaveDecay.Mod- SaveSisyphus.Mod- SaveSwarm.Mod- SaveScreen.Text 
	SavePoints.Text SavePoints.Mod- SavePoints.Data MakePoints.Mod- 
	SaveLife.html SaveLife.gif SaveLife.Mod 
	LPRPrinter.Tool LPRPrinter.Mod 	# LPRPrinter
	DayTime.Mod 	# DayTime client
# Additional/contributed Gadgets applications.
PACKAGE Apps2 ARCHIVE "Apps2.zip" SOURCE "Source3.zip"	# Gadgets Applications
	Sound.Tool Empty.CD.Mod- DMA.Mod DSP.Mod Sound.Mod 	# CD & Audio in Applications.Tool
	CDAudio.Panel CDAudioPlayer.Mod- 
	Wave.Panel Au.Panel Wave.Mod Au.Mod 
	MixerSB.Panel MixerSB16.Panel MixerSBPro.Panel MixerPanel.Mod 
	MixerSB.Lib MixerSB16.Lib MixerSBPro.Lib Sound.Lib 
	Empty.CD.Mod\X # Mitsumi.CD.Mod\X Atapi.CD.Mod\X NCR810.CD.Mod\X
	Backdrops.Panel Backdrops.Mod Backdrops.Book Bows.Pict Bricks.Pict Cells.Pict 	# Backdrops in Applications.Tool
	Clouds.Pict Coins.Pict Fractal.Pict Molecules.Pict Plasma.Pict Spirals.Pict Surface.Pict 	# (used by Tetris)
	Textils.Pict Threads.Pict Trees.Pict Marble.Pict Crochet.Pict Flock.Pict Pebbles.Pict

	Layout.Tool LayoutEdit.Panel LayoutPanels0.Mod LayoutPanels.Mod 	# LayoutEditor in Applications.Tool

	LayLa.Tool Layouts.Mod LayLaS.Mod LayLa.Mod LayLa2S.Mod LayLa2.Mod 	# LayLa in Applications.Tool
	LayLaDemo.Mod LayLa.QuickGuide.Text LayLa.Guide.Eng.Text # LayLa.Guide.De.Text 
	LayLa.Demo.Config LayLa.Include.Config LayLa2.Demo.Config LayLa2.Include.Config 
	Dim3.Panel Dim3Base.Mod Dim3Paint.Mod Dim3Engine.Mod Dim3Read.Mod 	# Dim3 in Applications.Tool
	Dim3Frames.Mod City.poly Cube.poly Example.poly Gadgets.poly Room.poly 
	Sphere.poly Tetra.poly Tree.poly XMas.poly Tree1.Pict X29Plane.poly Dim3Guide.Text 
	BooksDev.Panel BooksUser.Panel Tutorials.Book	# Book tutorials (not linked)
	Books0.Mod- Books.Mod- BooksHelp.Mod- BookDocs.Mod- BookCompiler.Mod- 
	Coco.Tool Sets.Mod- CRS.Mod- CRT.Mod- CRA.Mod- CRX.Mod- CRP.Mod- 	# Coco in Applications.Tool
	Coco.Mod- CR.ATG Scanner.FRM Parser.FRM Coco.Report.ps 
	FontEditor.Panel FontEditor.Mod 	# FontEditor in Applications.Tool
	ASCIITab.Tool ASCIITab.Mod- 	# ASCIITab in Applications.Tool
	Magnifier.Mod 	# Magnifier in Applications.Tool
	Games.Tool Icons2.Lib Icons3.Lib 
	CardGames.Panel Cards.Mod Solitaire.Mod Spider.Mod Freecell.Mod Cards.Pict 	# CardGames in Games.Tool
	MineSweeper.Mod- MineSweeperBD.Pict 	# MineSweeper in Games.Tool
	Sokoban.Mod- Sokoban.Data	# Sokoban in Games.Tool
	Scramble.Mod- 	# Scramble (uses Default.Pict) in Games.Tool
	Shanghai.Mod- Shanghai.Scn.Fnt 	# Shanghai in Games.Tool
	Tetris.Panel Tetris.Mod- 	# Tetris (uses Backdrops) in Games.Tool
	Asteroids.Mod-\"2" 	# Asteroids in Games.Tool
	HTML.Tool HTML.Mod- TestHTML.Text	# HTML in Applications.Tool
	WTS.Tool WTS.Mod- WTSFold.Mod- WTSPict.Mod- WTSStamp.Mod- WTSDraw.Mod- 	# WTS in Applications.Tool
	CUSeeMe.Panel CUSM.Mod- 	# CuSeeMe in Applications.Tool
	Diff.Tool DiffGadgets.Mod- Diff.Mod 	# Diff in Applications.Tool
	Sort.Tool Sort.Mod 	# Sort in Applications.Tool
	RX.Tool RXA.Mod- RX.Mod- 	# RX in Applications.Tool
	PictConverters.Tool PictConverters.Mod- PS.Mod- PS.HeaderR.Text 	# PictConverters in Applications.Tool
	Histogram.Panel Histogram.Mod- 	# Histogram in Applications.Tool
	MultiMail.Panel MultiMail.Mod 	# MultiMail in Applications.Tool
	Calc.Tool Calc.Mod-	# Calc in Applications.Tool
	Calculator.Panel Calculator.Mod- CalculatorGadgets.Mod- Calculator.LayLa	# Calculator in Applications.Tool
	DBF.Mod- DBFDump.Mod- 	# DBFDump in Applications.Tool
	Swarm.Panel Swarm.Mod Swarm.Book Swarm.Lib 	# Swarm in Applications.Tool
# Gadgets examples & documentation.  All internal links valid.
PACKAGE Documentation ARCHIVE "Docu.zip"
	ColorSystem.Panel ColorSystem.Mod* 	# ColorSystem in Documentation.Tool
	PhonePad.Panel PhonePad.Mod* 	# PhonePad
	Plotter.Panel Plotter.Mod* Plot.Mod* 	# Plotter
	Lissajous.Panel Lissajous.Mod* Graphs.Mod* 	# Lissajous
	Simulator.Panel Diagrams.Mod* Simulator.Mod* 	# Simulator
	Popups.Mod* 	# Popups
	BartSimpson.Mod* Bart.Pict	# BartSimpson
	Cups.Mod* 	# Cups
	Examples.Mod* Examples1.Mod* OpenDemo.Mod* OpenDemo2.Mod* 	# Examples
	Suitcases.Mod* 	# Suitcases
	Skeleton.Mod* ViewSkeleton.Mod* ColorDriver.Mod* DocumentSkeleton.Mod*	# Skeletons
	Portraits.Mod* 	# Portraits
	Reminders.Mod*	# in SamplePrograms.Tool
	ComplexMath.Mod* TestComplex.Mod* MatrixMath.Mod* TestMatrix.Mod* 	# ComplexMath
	TestOrganizer.Panel	# in SamplePrograms.Tool
	TaskExample.Mod*	# in SamplePrograms.Tool
	Definitions.Arc 	# in Definitions.Tool
	UDPExample.Mod* TCPExample.Mod* 	# NetSystem examples
	System3F1.Graphic System3F2.Graphic System3F3.Graphic System3F4.Graphic	# Some example Gadgets diagrams
	System3F5.Graphic System3F6.Graphic System3F7.Graphic

	IntroToGadgets.Text OberonReport.html References.Text GadgetsChanges.Text 	# Introductory documentation

	Book.Tool Chapter0.Text Chapter1.Text Chapter2.Text Chapter3.Text Chapter4.Text 	# The Oberon Companion
	Chapter5.Text Chapter6.Text Chapter7.Text AppendA.Text AppendB.Text 
	AppendC.Text Biblio.Text
	# WebInfo.html Release.html Tech.html HeapBlks.gif 	# Selected web pages
	Images.Text 	# Images documentation
	ScriptGuide.Text ETGuide.Text 	# Script and ET documentation
	Turtle.Mod* Composer.Mod* 	# Turtle graphics 
	GameSummary.Text AfiAllLights.Mod* Afi521.Mod* Afi521Big.Mod* ButtonField.Mod* 	# Example games
	Connect4.Lib l038102.jpg Marble.Mod* MasterMind.Mod* MasterMindG.Mod* 
	PuzzleLayLaP.Mod* PuzzleLayLaP.Desc PuzzleXY.Mod* Slide5.Mod* 
	PowerDoc.Tool PowerDoc.Mod* PowerDoc.Text PowerDoc1.Text PowerDoc2.Text 	# PowerDoc
	PowerDoc.Lib Index.Text Pop0.Pict Pop1.Pict Pop2.Pict Pop3.Pict Pop4.Pict Pop5.Pict
	Pop6.Pict Egypt2.Pict Egypt3.Pict Egypt5.Pict Egypt6.Pict Egypt7.Pict Egypt9.Pict 
	Egypt10.Pict Egypt11.Pict Egypt12.Pict Egypt13.Pict Egypt14.Pict Egypt15.Pict 
	Egypt16.Pict Egypt.Pict IbnTulun.Pict 
	Kornkreise.Tool Kornkreise.Title Kornkreise.Text Kornkreise.Lib 	# PowerDoc demo
# FigureGadgets no longer exist, but referenced by Leonardo objects in Kornkreise.Lib

# Build tools and miscellaneous.
PACKAGE Build ARCHIVE "Build.zip" SOURCE "SourceB.zip"
	Native.Tool SourceLicense.Text 	# Build tool
	Release.Mod- 	# Build release tool
	ReleaseDocs.Mod-	# Build release documents
	Text2Txt.Mod-	# Text to txt converter
	Copyright.Mod- Copyright.Text 	# Add/remove copyright
	OBL.Asm	# Boot loader
	PrinterInfo.Panel PrinterInfo.Mod-	# PrinterInfo
	DisplayTool.Mod- SVGAL.Display.Mod-\X 	# Experimental VESA 3.0 driver
	S3TrioC.Display.Mod-\X TestV86.Mod- 	# Experimental Display driver
#	GZip.Mod- 	# Experimental GZip
	Hyphen.Mod- Publisher.Mod- Publisher.Tool HyphenES.Text HyphenDS.Text	# Publisher
	Backup.Panel 	# Backup panel
	TestHalt.Mod-	# TestHalt
	Strip.Mod-	# Strip .Sym/.Obj
	Binkley.Mod- ProgTools.Mod-	# General tools
#	UnZip.Mod- 	# unreliable
	NativeIntro.Mod- 	# Sierpinski carpet
	NetBackup.Mod- FTPBackup.Mod- 	# Backup tools
	TestTGZ.Mod- 	# Tgz tester
	IFWC31.Display.Mod-\X 	# special lab display driver
	SysLog.Mod 	# Unix-like syslog
	Displays.Display.Text 	# Documentation
	CvsClient.Mod 	# Cvs client
	Draw.Tool Graphics.Mod- GraphicFrames.Mod- Rectangles.Mod- Curves.Mod- 	# Draw tool
	Splines.Mod- Draw.Mod- Elektra.Graph Elektra.Pr3.Fnt Elektra.Scn.Fnt TTL0.Graph 
	TTL0.Lib TTL1.Graph TTL1.Lib DrawGuide.Text 
	Log.Mod-	# Log module
	Info.Mod- 	# Low-level system information
	HSV.Mod- 	# Palette editor
	Trace.Display.Mod\X SVGAH.Display.Mod\X 	# Additional display drivers

	OFSBoot0.Mod- 	# boot module
#	SourceCoder.Mod SourceDecoder.Mod 	# Source coder
	SCSI1.Mod- Adaptec71.Mod- 	# Adaptec 7xxx disk driver old (prk)
	DisplayVGA4.Mod- DisplayMach64.Mod- 	# Experimental display drivers
	Native.ReadMe.Text Dummy.ReadMe.Text 	# Readme files
# ETH Lab config
PACKAGE Lab ARCHIVE "Lab.zip" SOURCE "SourceB.zip"
	Lab.System.Tool Lab.System.Text Lab.System3.Tool Lab.Oberon.Text Lab.Mail.Panel 
	DisplayBackdrop.Mod- bulb.gif 	# Display backdrop

## ETH Eamon & NCFS services
#PACKAGE Eamon ARCHIVE "Eamon.zip" SOURCE "SourceE.zip"	# Eamon services
#	Client.Tool Services.Mod- Net.Mod- FileServer.Mod- 	# Basic services
#	Teletext.Panel Teletext.Mod- TeleGadget.Mod- Teletext10.Scn.Fnt Teletext20.Scn.Fnt 	# Teletext
#	TeleNews.Panel Gateways.Mod- ActiveLinks.Mod- TeleNews.Mod- 	# TeleNews
#	StyleGadgets.Mod- ScriptGadgets.Mod- TVDates.Mod- TV.Mod- 	# TV
#	Dictionary.Panel InformationG.Mod- 	# Dictionary
#	EamonPrinter.Mod- 	# Printer
#	NCFS.Tool NCFSVolumes.Mod NCFSRamVolumes.Mod CRC32.Mod 	# NCFS
#	NCFSNetVolumes.Mod NCFSFileDir.Mod NCFSFiles.Mod NCFSRemoteFileDir.Mod 
#	NCFSRemoteFiles.Mod NCFS.Mod 
## Gadgets tutorials.  All internal links valid.
#PACKAGE Tutorials ARCHIVE "Tutorial.zip"
#	Tutorials.Tool
#	Big.Index.html	# Master index
#	Applic.Index.html Applic.Contents.html Applic.html 	# Oberon System 3 applications
#	Columbus.Index.html Columbus.Contents.html Columbus.html ColumbusObjs.Lib 	# Columbus User's Guide
#	Compiler.Index.html Compiler.Contents.html Compiler.html CompilerObjs.Lib 	# Compiler, Builder and Analyzer User Guide
#	Compress.Index.html Compress.Contents.html Compress.html CompressObjs.Lib 	# Compression and Archiving Tools
#	DataConverter.Index.html DataConverter.Contents.html DataConverter.html 	# Data conversion tools
#	FontEditor.Index.html FontEditor.Contents.html FontEditor.html FontEditorObjs.Lib 	# Font Editor User's Guide
#	GadgetsIntro.Index.html GadgetsIntro.Contents.html GadgetsIntro.html 	# Introduction to Gadgets
#	GadgetsIntroObjs.Lib 
#	GadgetsOberon.Index.html GadgetsOberon.Contents.html GadgetsOberon.html 	# Using Gadgets from within Oberon
#	GadgetsOberonObjs.Lib 
#	GadgetsProg.Index.html GadgetsProg.Contents.html GadgetsProg.html 	# Oberon - Programming new gadgets
#	GadgetsProgObjs.Lib 
#	GadgetsUse.Index.html GadgetsUse.Contents.html GadgetsUse.html 	# Using Gadgets
#	GadgetsUseObjs.Lib BasicGadgets.Panel 
#	Games.Index.html Games.Contents.html Games.html GamesObjs.Lib 	# Oberon System 3 Games
#	Internet.Index.html Internet.Contents.html Internet.html InternetObjs.Lib 	# Guide to Internet
#	Main.Contents.html Main.html MainObjs.Lib 	# Oberon System 3 - Main Tutorial
#	#Mouse.Index.html Mouse.Contents.html Mouse.html MouseObjs.Lib 	# Using the mouse and the keyboard
#	Oberon3TUI.Index.html Oberon3TUI.Contents.html Oberon3TUI.html 	# Using the textual interface of Oberon
#	Oberon3TUIObjs.Lib 
#	Profiler.Index.html Profiler.Contents.html Profiler.html 	# Profiler User's Guide
#	Rembrandt.Index.html Rembrandt.Contents.html Rembrandt.html 	# Rembrandt User's Guide
#	Tutorials.Index.html Tutorials.Contents.html Tutorials.html 	# HTML tutorial developer guide
#	Watson.Index.html Watson.Contents.html Watson.html WatsonObjs.Lib 	# Browser and Watson User's Guide
##300-dpi Printer Fonts
#PACKAGE Pr3Fonts ARCHIVE "Pr3Fonts.zip"	# 300 dpi printer fonts
#	Oberon8.Pr3.Fnt Oberon8b.Pr3.Fnt Oberon8i.Pr3.Fnt 
#	Oberon10.Pr3.Fnt Oberon10b.Pr3.Fnt Oberon10i.Pr3.Fnt 
#	Oberon12.Pr3.Fnt Oberon12b.Pr3.Fnt Oberon12i.Pr3.Fnt 
#	Oberon14.Pr3.Fnt Oberon14b.Pr3.Fnt Oberon14i.Pr3.Fnt 
#	Oberon16.Pr3.Fnt Oberon16b.Pr3.Fnt Oberon16i.Pr3.Fnt 
#	Oberon20.Pr3.Fnt Oberon20b.Pr3.Fnt Oberon20i.Pr3.Fnt 
#	Oberon24.Pr3.Fnt Oberon24b.Pr3.Fnt Oberon24i.Pr3.Fnt 
#	Courier8.Pr3.Fnt Courier10.Pr3.Fnt Courier12.Pr3.Fnt
#	Math10.Pr3.Fnt Math12.Pr3.Fnt Math14.Pr3.Fnt 
#	Math16.Pr3.Fnt Math20.Pr3.Fnt Math24.Pr3.Fnt
#	Greek10.Pr3.Fnt Greek12.Pr3.Fnt Greek14.Pr3.Fnt 
#	Greek16.Pr3.Fnt Greek20.Pr3.Fnt Greek24.Pr3.Fnt
##600-dpi Printer Fonts
#PACKAGE Pr6Fonts ARCHIVE "Pr6Fonts.zip"	# 600 dpi printer fonts
#	Oberon8.Pr6.Fnt Oberon8b.Pr6.Fnt Oberon8i.Pr6.Fnt 
#	Oberon10.Pr6.Fnt Oberon10b.Pr6.Fnt Oberon10i.Pr6.Fnt 
#	Oberon12.Pr6.Fnt Oberon12b.Pr6.Fnt Oberon12i.Pr6.Fnt 
#	Oberon14.Pr6.Fnt Oberon14b.Pr6.Fnt Oberon14i.Pr6.Fnt 
#	Oberon16.Pr6.Fnt Oberon16b.Pr6.Fnt Oberon16i.Pr6.Fnt 
#	Oberon20.Pr6.Fnt Oberon20b.Pr6.Fnt Oberon20i.Pr6.Fnt 
#	Oberon24.Pr6.Fnt Oberon24b.Pr6.Fnt Oberon24i.Pr6.Fnt 
#	Courier8.Pr6.Fnt Courier10.Pr6.Fnt Courier12.Pr6.Fnt
#	Math10.Pr6.Fnt Math12.Pr6.Fnt Math14.Pr6.Fnt 
#	Math16.Pr6.Fnt Math20.Pr6.Fnt Math24.Pr6.Fnt
#	# Greek10.Pr6.Fnt Greek12.Pr6.Fnt Greek14.Pr6.Fnt 	# Greek fonts missing
#	# Greek16.Pr6.Fnt Greek20.Pr6.Fnt Greek24.Pr6.Fnt
## Additional applications
#PACKAGE Apps3 ARCHIVE "Apps3.zip" SOURCE "Source5.zip"	# Additional Applications
#	TDD.Panel TDDUserGuide.Text  TDDTypes.Mod- TDDLinalg.Mod- TDDGraphics.Mod- 	# TDD in Applications.Tool
#	TDDSelect.Mod- TDDDoc.Mod- TDDComplex.Mod- TDDRealPolyEquations.Mod- 
#	TDDIntersect.Mod- TDDTarga.Mod- TDDTextures.Mod- TDDRender.Mod- TDD.Mod- 
#	TDDView.Mod- TDDTrianglemesh.Mod- TDDBlock.Mod- TDDListview.Mod- 
#	TDDSphere.Mod-  TDDSmoothBlock.Mod- TDDNewPrimitive.Mod- 
#	TDDCoordinateSystem.Mod- TDDCamera.Mod- TDDHermite.Mod- TDDSpline.Mod- 
#	TDDShapedoc.Mod- TDDLofter.Mod- TDDLight.Mod- TDDCylinder.Mod- 
#	TDDRevolute.Mod- TDDShapeview.Mod- TDDBezier.Mod-
#	TeX.Tool TeXOut.Mod- TeXGlobals.Mod- TeXError.Mod- TeXIO.Mod- TeXRest.Mod- 	# TeX
#	TeXMCU.Mod- TeXMC.Mod- TeX.Mod- tex.pool plain.fmt lplain.fmt report.tex 
#	TeXViewAdmin.Mod- TeXViewPK.Mod- TeXView.Mod- 	# DVI viewer
#	DVIFiles.Mod- DVIViewers.Mod- DVIDocs.Mod- DVI.Lib 	# DVI viewer
#	OGL.Tool OGLLinAlg.Mod- Permedia2.OGL.Mod- OGLDisplayLists.Mod- 	# OGL
#	OGLDemo.Mod- OGLTest.Mod-

# Source code not released.
	IFWC31.Display.Mod DisplayPermedia2.Mod 	# NDA 3Dlabs
# files copied from Oberon-0, see Oberon0Files.Text and Oberon0.zip
	MOVE ^ Oberon0Files.Text System Build

# unreleased .Obj files
	MOVE OPAData.Obj System Build
	MOVE Keyboard.Obj System Build
	MOVE TestTransferBlock.Obj System Build
	MOVE Hello.Obj System Build

# Object file in Gadgets, source in Documentation
	MOVE Organizers.Mod Gadgets Documentation	# source in documentation
	MOVE Complex.Mod Gadgets Documentation	# see SamplePrograms.Tool

-- Build everything --

Load required modules first, as they may change

Release.Tool - execute Configuration.DoCommands at # Compile all modules

-- Update local kernel  --

From Install.Tool - execute correct Config.Disk command to link Native.Bin bootfile
Config.Disk Standard ATA/EIDE
Config.Disk Adaptec AIC7xxx SCSI
Config.Disk NCR 810 SCSI
Config.Disk Standard USB

Update boot file in boot partition (if used)
FileSystem.Watch	# Show boot partition
Partitions.UpdateBootFile ^	# Update boot file (select partition)
Partitions.GetConfig ^	# Edit config (optional)

Update boot file for noboot (if used)
Partitions.Show	# Show partitions
FileSystem.Mount FAT FatFS ^	# Select FAT boot partition (optional)
System.CopyFiles FAT:/oberon/oberon.bin => FAT:/oberon/oberon.bk Native.Bin => FAT:/oberon/oberon.bin ~
FileSystem.Unmount FAT

-- Generate tool texts  --

"Basic System"
	Files Modules Objects Empty.Display V24 Input Viewers Fonts Reals Texts Oberon MenuViewers TextFrames System In Out
	Dates Strings BIT Math MathL Pictures Printer RandomNumbers Compiler Edit Styles ScriptFrames Script Backup 
	Miscellaneous Browser Configuration
"Basic Tools"
	Graphics GraphicFrames Rectangles Curves Splines Draw NetSystem Terminals TerminalFrames Telnet TextMail 
	UDPExample TCPExample XYplane IFS ET  Menu Log HSV V24Log Zlib ZlibBuffers ZlibDeflate ZlibWriters ZlibInflate
	ZlibReaders Zip ZipTool GZWriters GZReaders GZip 
	Display3 Printer3 Effects Attributes Links Gadgets BasicGadgets TextFields ListRiders ListModels ListDags List/GGadgets 
	Lists Panels TextGadgets0 TextGadgets BasicFigures Scrollbars Directories Clocks Organizers Complex SetGadgets 
	TimeStamps Gages AudioGadgets ProgressMeters Sisiphus Documents Views Desktops TextDocs PanelDocs Icons 
	ColorTools NamePlates Navigators NoteBooks Finder GadgetsIn GadgetsOut ScrollViews RefGadgets 
"Gadgets Tools"
	Columbus Compress AsciiCoder Base64 UUDecoder BinHex Rot13 Tar Builder Watson0 Watson EditTools 
	Outlines Rembrandt0 Rembrandt RembrandtDocs RembrandtTools Displays.Colors Images ImageGadgets ImageDocs 
"Network Tools"
	Streams TextStreams BTrees MIME HyperDocs NetTools PasswordFields JPEG GIF XBM BMP ICO PCX TGA IFF 
	ColorModels XPM PPM HyperDocTools MD5 Mail FTPDocs FTP Finger News Gopher TerminalGadgets TelnetGadgets
	HTTPDocs0 HTMLDocs HTTPDocs HTMLForms HTMLImages HTMLTables
	Cards Solitaire Spider Freecell CDAudioPlayer LayoutPanels0 LayoutPanels Layouts LayLaS LayLa LayLa2S LayLa2 
	LayLaDemo Dim3Base Dim3Paint Dim3Engine Dim3Read Dim3Frames Books0 Books BooksHelp BookDocs 
	BookCompiler Sets CRS CRT CRA CRX CRP Coco TextPopups FontEditor ASCIITab Magnifier MineSweeper Sokoban 
	Scramble Shanghai Tetris Asteroids Hex LPRPrinter HTML WTS WTSFold WTSPict WTSStamp WTSDraw V24Gadgets 
	CUSM Conversions HPCalc DiffGadgets Diff Sort RXA RX PictConverters PS Snapshot Histogram EditKeys Find MultiMail 
	Calc Calculator CalculatorGadgets 

!ReleaseDocs.GenLinkReport	# optional
!ReleaseDocs.GenNameReport	# optional

NetSystem.SetUser ftp:wwwobero@ice ~
FTP.Open "wwwobero@ice"
FTP.ChangeDir /home/wwwobero/www/htdocs/ethoberon/defs/
FTP.PutFiles Rel.Definitions.html=>index.html ~
System.Directory *.Def.html ~ 
~ FTP.PutFiles 
~ System.DeleteFiles 
~ FTP.Close

-- Installation docs --
Script.Open ^ System.Text UserGuide.Text 	# final editing
Edit.Open Install.Tool

-- Generate Oberon0.zip --	Oberon0Files.Text
System.DeleteFiles SYS:Oberon0.zip ~
ZipTool.Add \9 SYS:Oberon0.zip 
	ASPI.Obj ATADisks.Obj Adaptec7.Obj Adaptec7Script.Obj Backup.Obj Bitmaps.Obj BootLinker.Obj CLUTs.Obj 
	Centronics.Obj Config.Obj ConfigInput.Obj Configuration.Obj Configure.Tool Courier10.Scn.Fnt Default.Pal 
	Diskette.Obj Diskettes.Obj Disks.Obj VGA.Display.Obj=>Display.Obj DisplayLinear.Obj Displays.Display.Obj 
	Displays.Obj Displays.Pal ET.Obj Edit.Obj Empty.Display.Obj FPA.Obj FileDir.Obj FileSystem.Obj Files.Obj Fonts.Obj 
	GZReaders.Obj GZWriters.Obj GZip.Obj In.Obj Input.Obj Install.Tool InstallFiles.Tool Introduction.Text Kernel.Obj 
	MathL.Obj MenuViewers.Obj Modules.Obj NCR810Disks.Obj NCRScript.Obj Native.Bat Noboot.Exe OBL.Bin 
	OFS.Obj OFSAosFiles.Obj OFSBoot.Obj OFSCacheVolumes.Obj OFSDiskVolumes.Obj OFSFATFiles.Obj 
	OFSFATTools.Obj OFSFATVolumes.Obj OFSFileBasedDeviceTools.Obj OFSFileVolumes.Obj OFSISO9660Files.Obj 
	OFSISO9660Volumes.Obj OFSRAMVolumes.Obj Oberon.Obj Oberon0Files.Text Oberon10.Scn.Fnt Oberon10b.Scn.Fnt 
	Oberon10i.Scn.Fnt OberonDrivers.Text Objects.Obj Out.Obj PCI.Obj PCITools.Obj Partitions.Obj Pictures.Obj 
	Printer.Obj Reals.Obj SCSI.Obj System.Obj TGZ.Obj TextFrames.Obj Texts.Obj Unicode.Obj Usb.Obj UsbBoot.Obj 
	UsbKeyboard.Obj UsbMouse.Obj UsbStorage.Obj UsbSystem.Obj UsbUhci.Obj V24.Obj V86.Obj Viewers.Obj 
	Zip.Obj ZipTool.Obj Zlib.Obj ZlibBuffers.Obj ZlibDeflate.Obj ZlibInflate.Obj ZlibReaders.Obj ZlibWriters.Obj pci.ids 

	Install.Oberon.Text=>Oberon.Text Partitions.Tool 
	~ MBR.Bin 

-- Generate other zip files --

Note: Make sure all "public" tools and texts do not contain personal edits!

Release.Tool - execute Configuration.DoCommands at # Package System

-- Installation diskette --
BootLinker.Link ram.bin \refs \integrate 1000H Kernel FPA Disks Diskettes OFS Files Modules 
	OFSDiskVolumes OFSRAMVolumes OFSN2KFiles Zlib ZlibBuffers ZlibInflate ZlibReaders 
	ZlibDeflate ZlibWriters Zip OFSCacheVolumes OFSBoot0 ~
FileDisks.Open SYS:Oberon0.Dsk 2880 80 2 18 ~  FileDisks.Open SYS:Oberon0.Dsk ~
Partitions.Format SYS:Oberon0.Dsk#0 NatFS -1 ram.bin ~
FileSystem.Mount A NatFS SYS:Oberon0.Dsk ~
System.CopyFiles Oberon0.zip => A:Oberon0.zip System.zip => A:System.zip ~
	System.CopyFiles Lab.zip => A:Lab.zip ~
FileSystem.Unmount A
Partitions.SetConfig SYS:Oberon0.Dsk#0
	A00="%0DWelcome to the Native Oberon installer%0A"
	A01="%0DTo continue booting, enter 'c'.  The screen will go blank, and after about"
	A02="%0Da minute, the mouse configuration program will appear."
	A03="%0DSee install.txt for more information.%0A"
	A04="%0DCurrent settings:"
	Init="b81200cd10bb003fb80110cd10" ~
FileDisks.Close SYS:Oberon0.Dsk ~
Partitions.FileToPartition Diskette0#0 SYS:Oberon0.Dsk ~

-- Upload distribution --
NetSystem.SetUser ftp:muller@ice.ethz.ch ~  System.Directory *.zip\fd  System.Directory *.Dsk\fd
System.Time start
Text2Txt.Convert Native.ReadMe.Text Temp.readme.txt 64 ~
FTP.Open muller@ice.ethz.ch ~
FTP.ChangeDir "~muller/ftp.inf/pub/ETHOberon/Native/Update/Alpha/"
FTP.PutFiles Oberon0.Dsk Gadgets.zip Docu.zip Apps1.zip Apps2.zip ~ Eamon.zip ~
FTP.PutFiles Temp.readme.txt => readme.txt Source1.zip Source2.zip Source3.zip ~
FTP.ChangeDir "Build"
FTP.PutFiles Build.zip System.zip SourceB.zip ~
System.Time lap
	FTP.PutFiles SourceE.zip SourceP.zip Eamon.zip ~
	FTP.PutFiles Pr3Fonts.zip Pr6Fonts.zip ~
mkdir Alpha Alpha/Build
cd Alpha
ln -s ../../StdAlone/rawrite.exe rawrite.exe
ln -s ../Pr3Fonts.zip Pr3Fonts.zip
ln -s ../Pr6Fonts.zip Pr6Fonts.zip
Text2Txt.Convert Native.Description.Text install.txt 67 ~
Text2Txt.Convert Native.Install.Text install.txt 67 ~
Text2Txt.Convert Native.Index.Text Temp.index.txt 75 ~
Text2Txt.Convert Native.StdReadMe.Text Temp.stdreadme.txt 75 ~
Text2Txt.Convert Native.DosReadMe.Text Temp.dosreadme.txt 75 ~ Temp.dosreadme.txt=>readme.txt ~
Text2Txt.Convert Native.DOSInstall.Text Temp.dosinstall.txt 75 ~
Text2Txt.Convert Native.LinuxReadMe.Text Temp.linuxreadme.txt 75 ~ Temp.linuxreadme.txt=>readme.txt ~
Text2Txt.Convert Native.Beta.Text Temp.betareadme.txt 75 ~ Temp.betareadme.txt=>readme.txt ~
Desktops.PrintDoc install.ps Native.Install.Text ~

-- Installation image for bootable CD --
System.Time start
BootLinker.Link SYS:TempCD.Bin \refs \integrate 1000H Kernel Disks PCI 
	ATADisks SCSI Adaptec7Script Adaptec7 NCRScript ASPI NCR810Disks Usb UsbStorage UsbUhci 
	OFS Files Modules OFSDiskVolumes OFSRAMVolumes OFSAosFiles OFSCacheVolumes OFSBoot ~
System.DeleteFiles SYS:OberonCD.Dsk ~
FileDisks.Open SYS:OberonCD.Dsk 100352 80 2 18 ~  FileDisks.Open SYS:OberonCD.Dsk ~ (image size in 512B blocks)
Partitions.Format SYS:OberonCD.Dsk#0 AosFS 700 SYS:TempCD.Bin ~ (boot file reserve size must be multiple of 4)
FileSystem.Mount A AosFS SYS:OberonCD.Dsk ~
ZipTool.ExtractAll \p A: \o Build.zip Oberon0.zip System.zip Gadgets.zip Apps1.zip Apps2.zip Docu.zip 
	Pr3Fonts.zip Pr6Fonts.zip Source1.zip Source2.zip Source3.zip SourceB.zip ~ Eamon.zip ~
System.CopyFiles VGA.Display.Obj=>A:VGA.Display.Obj VGA.Display.Obj=>A:Display.Obj 
	SYS:Rel.Oberon.Text => A:Oberon.Text ~
FileSystem.CopyTo A: SYS: Oberon0.Dsk Gadgets.zip Apps1.zip Apps2.zip Docu.zip Pr3Fonts.zip Pr6Fonts.zip 
	Source1.zip Source2.zip Source3.zip Build.zip Oberon0.zip System.zip SourceB.zip Lab.zip ~ Eamon.zip ~
FileSystem.Unmount A
Partitions.SetConfig SYS:OberonCD.Dsk#0
	A00="%0DWelcome to the Native Oberon installer%0A"
	A01="%0DTo continue booting, enter 'c'.  The screen will go blank, and after about"
	A02="%0Da minute, the mouse configuration program will appear."
	A03="%0DSee install.txt for more information.%0A"
	A04="%0DCurrent settings:"
	BootVol="RAM RamFS -50 4096"
	BootVol1="SYS 500 1000 AosFS #0,R"
	AosFS="OFSDiskVolumes.New OFSAosFiles.NewFS"
	RamFS="OFSRAMVolumes.New OFSAosFiles.NewFS"
FileDisks.Close SYS:OberonCD.Dsk ~
System.Time lap

-- Upload for bootable CD --
NetSystem.SetUser ftp:muller@ice.ethz.ch ~
System.Time start
FTP.Open muller@ice.ethz.ch ~
FTP.ChangeDir "~muller/ftp.inf/pub/ETHOberon/Native/Update/CD/"
FTP.PutFiles SYS:OberonCD.Dsk => OberonCD.Dsk ~
System.Time lap
Now burn OberonCD.Dsk on bootable CD using Nero (emulate 1.44MB diskette)

-- Installation image for Dummies CD --
System.Time start
	FileSystem.Mount FAT FatFS IDE0#1 ~
	System.DeleteFiles FAT:/Oberon.Dsk ~
	OFSFATTools.CreateFile FAT:/Oberon.Dsk 25
	OFSFileBasedDeviceTools.Open VIRT FAT /Oberon.Dsk ~ 	# mount the file as a virual device
System.DeleteFiles SYS:Oberon.Dsk ~
	OFSFATTools.CreateFile SYS:Oberon.Dsk 25
OFSFATTools.ExtendFile SYS:Oberon.Dsk 25 new
OFSFileBasedDeviceTools.Open VIRT SYS Oberon.Dsk ~
	Partitions.Show detail	# you can now see the device "VIRT"		
Partitions.Format VIRT#01 AosFS ~	# format partition 1 with AosFS
FileSystem.Mount A AosFS VIRT#01 ~	# mount it as 'A'
ZipTool.ExtractAll \p A: \o Build.zip System.zip Gadgets.zip Apps1.zip Apps2.zip Docu.zip ~	# extract the files of the new release to 'A'
	ZipTool.ExtractAll \p A: \o Source1.zip Source2.zip Source3.zip  SourceB.zip SourceP.zip ~	# optional
FileSystem.CopyTo A: SYS: Source1.zip Source2.zip Source3.zip SourceB.zip SourceP.zip ~ 
System.CopyFiles SYS:Rel.Oberon.Text => A:Oberon.Text ~	# configuration file
FileSystem.Unmount A ~	# unmount 'A'
OFSFileBasedDeviceTools.Close VIRT ~ 	# and unregister the device.
	FileSystem.Unmount FAT ~
System.Time lap

-- Boot diskette images for Dummies CD --
System.Time start
BootLinker.Link TempDummy.Bin \refs \integrate 1000H Kernel Disks PCI ATADisks 
	SCSI Adaptec7Script Adaptec7 
	OFS Files Modules OFSDiskVolumes OFSN2KFiles OFSAosFiles OFSCacheVolumes 
	Unicode OFSFATVolumes OFSFATFiles OFSFileBasedDevices OFSVBoot ~
FileDisks.Open SYS:BootVGA.Dsk 2880 80 2 18 ~
Partitions.Format SYS:BootVGA.Dsk#0 AosFS -1 TempDummy.Bin ~
Partitions.SetConfig SYS:BootVGA.Dsk#0
	VirtualDevice="VIRT Oberon.Dsk FAT FatFS PROBE"
	BootVol="SYS 200 1000 AosFS VIRT#1"
	AosFS="OFSDiskVolumes.New OFSAosFiles.NewFS"
	FatFS="OFSFATVolumes.New OFSFATFiles.NewFS"
FileDisks.Close SYS:BootVGA.Dsk ~

FileDisks.Open SYS:BootVBE2.Dsk 2880 80 2 18 ~
Partitions.Format SYS:BootVBE2.Dsk#0 AosFS -1 TempDummy.Bin ~
Partitions.SetConfig SYS:BootVBE2.Dsk#0
	VirtualDevice="VIRT Oberon.Dsk FAT FatFS PROBE"
	BootVol="SYS 200 1000 AosFS VIRT#1"
	AosFS="OFSDiskVolumes.New OFSAosFiles.NewFS"
	FatFS="OFSFATVolumes.New OFSFATFiles.NewFS"
FileDisks.Close SYS:BootVBE2.Dsk ~

FileDisks.Open SYS:BootVBE3.Dsk 2880 80 2 18 ~
Partitions.Format SYS:BootVBE3.Dsk#0 AosFS -1 TempDummy.Bin ~
Partitions.SetConfig SYS:BootVBE3.Dsk#0
	VirtualDevice="VIRT Oberon.Dsk FAT FatFS PROBE"
	BootVol="SYS 200 1000 AosFS VIRT#1"
	AosFS="OFSDiskVolumes.New OFSAosFiles.NewFS"
	FatFS="OFSFATVolumes.New OFSFATFiles.NewFS"
FileDisks.Close SYS:BootVBE3.Dsk ~
System.Time lap
Partitions.FileToPartition Diskette0#0 SYS:BootVGA.Dsk ~
System.Directory *.Dsk\d

-- Upload for Dummies CD --
NetSystem.SetUser ftp:muller@ice.ethz.ch ~
System.Time start
Text2Txt.Convert Dummy.ReadMe.Text Temp.dummy.txt 64 ~
FTP.Open muller@ice.ethz.ch ~
FTP.ChangeDir "~muller/ftp.inf/pub/ETHOberon/Native/Update/Dummies/"
FTP.PutFiles SYS:BootVGA.Dsk => BootVGA.Dsk SYS:BootVBE2.Dsk => BootVBE2.Dsk 
	SYS:BootVBE3.Dsk => BootVBE3.Dsk SYS:Oberon.Dsk => Oberon.Dsk 
	Temp.dummy.txt => readme.txt ~
System.Time lap

-- Compiler -- (update compiler)
Compiler.Compile \s OPM.Mod OPS.Mod OPT.Mod OPB.Mod OPA.Mod OPP.Mod OPO.Mod OPL.Mod OPC.Mod OPV.Mod 
	Compiler.Mod Browser.Mod OPAData.Mod ~ BootLinker.Mod ~
System.Free Release TextPopups Watson Watson0 Builder Browser Compiler OPV OPC OPL OPO OPP OPA OPB OPT OPS OPM ~ 
compiler interface changed: Compiler.Compile Builder.Mod Watson0.Mod TextPopups.Mod Release.Mod ~ Analyzer.Mod 
assembler data changed: OPAData.FillTable 898 741 OPAData.ExportTables

ET.Para  ET.Call System.CopyFiles "*.Obj=>New.*.Obj *.Sym=>New.*.Sym" ~
	OPM OPS OPT OPB OPA OPP OPO OPL OPC OPV Compiler Browser Builder Analyzer Watson0 TextPopups

FileSystem.Mount RAM RamFS 2000 4096 ~
FTP.Open muller@lillian
FTP.ChangeDir /export/project/oberon/system3/compiler/native/
FTP.GetFiles OP2.zip => Temp.FTP.zip ~
ZipTool.ExtractAll \p RAM: \o Temp.FTP.zip ~
TextDocs.SearchDiff \w RAM:OPM.Mod OPM.Mod
TextDocs.SearchDiff \w RAM:OPS.Mod OPS.Mod
TextDocs.SearchDiff \w RAM:OPT.Mod OPT.Mod
TextDocs.SearchDiff \w RAM:OPB.Mod OPB.Mod
TextDocs.SearchDiff \w RAM:OPA.Mod OPA.Mod
TextDocs.SearchDiff \w RAM:OPP.Mod OPP.Mod
TextDocs.SearchDiff \w RAM:OPO.Mod OPO.Mod
TextDocs.SearchDiff \w RAM:OPL.Mod OPL.Mod
TextDocs.SearchDiff \w RAM:OPC.Mod OPC.Mod
TextDocs.SearchDiff \w RAM:OPV.Mod OPV.Mod
TextDocs.SearchDiff \w RAM:Compiler.Mod Compiler.Mod
TextDocs.SearchDiff \w RAM:OPAData.Mod OPAData.Mod

-- EXPERIMENTAL --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Special lab notes:
o IFWC31.Display.Mod - 8-bit mode for no snow
o Remember to delete MailMessages* on SYS: volume!

-- USB Oberon0 diskette --
BootLinker.Link usb.bin \refs \integrate 1000H Kernel Disks OFS Files OFSDiskVolumes OFSRAMVolumes 
	OFSN2KFiles Inflate GZReaders PCI Usb UsbStorage UsbUhci UsbBoot OFSBoot0 Modules ~ USBUFI0
FileDisks.Open SYS:usb.dsk 2880 80 2 18 ~  FileDisks.Open SYS:usb.dsk ~
Partitions.Format SYS:usb.dsk#0 NatFS -1 usb.bin ~
FileSystem.Mount A NatFS SYS:usb.dsk ~
System.CopyFiles Oberon0.tgz => A:Oberon0.tgz ~
FileSystem.Unmount A
Partitions.SetConfig SYS:usb.dsk#0
	A00="%0DWelcome to the Native Oberon installer%0A"
	A01="%0DTo continue booting, enter 'c'.  The screen will go blank, and after about"
	A02="%0Da minute, the mouse configuration program will appear."
	A03="%0DSee install.txt for more information.%0A"
	A04="%0DCurrent settings:"
FileDisks.Close SYS:usb.dsk ~
Partitions.FileToPartition Diskette0#0 SYS:usb.dsk ~

-- Utility diskette --
cd ~/tmp/oberon0; ls -al
FTP.Open muller@ice.ethz.ch ~
FTP.ChangeDir "tmp/oberon0"	# Black.Pal=>
System.CopyFiles VGA.Display.Obj=>Display.Obj ~	# for compare only
	ASPI.Obj ATADisks.Obj Adaptec7.Obj Adaptec7Script.Obj Backup.Obj Bitmaps.Obj BootLinker.Obj CLUTs.Obj 
	Centronics.Obj CompressTools.Obj ConfigInput.Obj Configuration.Obj Courier10.Scn.Fnt DOS.Obj Black.Pal=>Default.Pal 
	Diskette.Obj Diskettes.Obj 
	Disks.Obj VGA.Display.Obj=>Display.Obj DisplayLinear.Obj Displays.Display.Obj Displays.Obj ET.Obj Edit.Obj 
	Empty.Display.Obj FATFiles.Obj FPA.Obj FileDir.Obj FileSystem.Obj Files.Obj Fonts.Obj GZReaders.Obj GZWriters.Obj GZip.Obj In.Obj
	Input.Obj Kernel.Obj MathL.Obj MenuViewers.Obj Modules.Obj NCR810Disks.Obj NCRScript.Obj OBL.Bin OFS.Obj 
	OFSAosFiles.Obj OFSBoot.Obj OFSCacheVolumes.Obj OFSDiskVolumes.Obj 
	OFSISO9660Files.Obj OFSISO9660Volumes.Obj OFSN2KFiles.Obj OFSRAMVolumes.Obj Oberon.Obj 
	Oberon10.Scn.Fnt Oberon10b.Scn.Fnt Oberon10i.Scn.Fnt Objects.Obj Out.Obj PCI.Obj pci.ids PCITools.Obj 
	Partitions.Obj Pictures.Obj Printer.Obj Reals.Obj SCSI.Obj System.Obj TGZ.Obj TextFrames.Obj Texts.Obj 
	Usb.Obj UsbBoot.Obj UsbKeyboard.Obj UsbMouse.Obj UsbStorage.Obj UsbSystem.Obj UsbUhci.Obj
	V24.Obj V86.Obj Viewers.Obj Zip.Obj ZipTool.Obj Zlib.Obj ZlibBuffers.Obj ZlibDeflate.Obj ZlibInflate.Obj
	ZlibReaders.Obj ZlibWriters.Obj
	Utility.Tool Util.Oberon.Text=>Oberon.Text 
cd ~/tmp/oberon0; gtar --remove-files -c -z -f Util.tgz *; ls -al
FTP.GetFiles Util.tgz ~
FTP.DeleteFiles Util.tgz ~
TestTGZ.Test Util.tgz Temp.	# Note: Oberon.Text, Default.Pal compare fails
BootLinker.Link util.bin \refs \integrate 1000H Kernel Disks Diskettes OFS Files OFSDiskVolumes OFSRAMVolumes 
	OFSN2KFiles Inflate GZReaders OFSBoot0 Modules ~
FileDisks.Open SYS:util.dsk 2880 80 2 18 ~  FileDisks.Open SYS:util.dsk ~
Partitions.Format SYS:util.dsk#0 NatFS -1 util.bin ~
FileSystem.Mount A NatFS SYS:util.dsk ~
System.CopyFiles Util.tgz => A:Util.tgz ~
FileSystem.Unmount A
Partitions.SetConfig SYS:util.dsk#0
	A00="%0DWelcome to the Native Oberon utility disk%0A"
	A01="%0DTo continue booting, enter 'c'.  The screen will go blank, and after about"
	A02="%0Da minute, the mouse configuration program will appear."
	A04="%0DCurrent settings:"
	Display="Displays." DDriver="DisplayLinear"
	DWidth="1024" DHeight="768" DDepth="32" DMem="4096"
	DWidth="320" DHeight="200" DDepth="8" DMem="64"
	Display="Displays." DDriver="DisplayLinear"
	DWidth="1024" DHeight="768" DDepth="32" DMem="4096"
FileDisks.Close SYS:util.dsk ~
Partitions.FileToPartition Diskette0#0 SYS:util.dsk ~

-- LNO --
BootLinker.Link oberon.lno \refs \integrate 8050000H Linux0 Kernel Disks LinuxDisks OFS Files OFSDiskVolumes 
	OFSAosFiles OFSLinuxFiles OFSN2KFiles OFSLNOBoot  Diskettes Centronics CD Sound Input V24 Modules ~

BootLinker.Link install \refs \integrate 8050000H Linux0 Kernel Disks LinuxDisks OFS Files OFSDiskVolumes 
	OFSRAMVolumes OFSN2KFiles OFSLinuxFiles Inflate GZReaders OFSLNOBoot0 Input Diskettes Centronics 
	V24 Modules ~

-- Gadget list --
Alias Generator Package
Boolean BasicGadgets.NewBoolean Gadgets
Button BasicGadgets.NewButton Gadgets
Calendar Clocks.NewCalendar Gadgets
Caption TextFields.NewCaption Gadgets
CDTracks AudioGadgets.NewTrack Gadgets
CheckBox BasicGadgets.NewCheckBox Gadgets
Circle BasicFigures.NewCircle Gadgets
Clock Clocks.NewClock Gadgets
ColorPicker ColorTools.NewColorPicker Gadgets
Columbus Columbus.NewDoc Gadgets
Complex Complex.New Gadgets
CurrentDirectory Directories.NewDrv Gadgets
CurrentLoad Gages.NewLoad Gadgets
Dag ListDags.New Gadgets
DigitalClock Clocks.NewDigiClock Gadgets
Directory Directories.New Gadgets
DirectoryView Directories.NewDirList Gadgets
EventTimer Gages.NewLap Gadgets
Finder Finder.NewFrame Gadgets
Histogram Histogram.NewFrame Apps
Icon Icons.NewIcon Gadgets
Iconizer Icons.NewIconizer Gadgets
Integer BasicGadgets.NewInteger Gadgets
LCD AudioGadgets.NewLCD Gadgets
Line BasicFigures.NewLine Gadgets
List Lists.NewList Gadgets
ListGadget ListGadgets.NewFrame Gadgets
ListModel ListModels.NewList Gadgets
LogDoc TextDocs.NewLog Gadgets
MemoryUsed Gages.NewMem Gadgets
NamePlate NamePlates.NewNamePlate Gadgets
Navigator Navigators.NewNavigator Gadgets
NoteBook NoteBooks.New Gadgets
Organizer Organizers.NewPanel Gadgets
Outline Outlines.New Gadgets
Panel Panels.NewPanel Gadgets
PanelDoc PanelDocs.NewDoc Gadgets
Picture Pictures.NewPicture System
ProgressMeter ProgressMeters.NewFrame Gadgets
Real BasicGadgets.NewReal Gadgets
Rectangle BasicFigures.NewRect Gadgets
Rectangle3D BasicFigures.NewRect3D Gadgets
Reference RefGadgets.NewReference Gadgets
RefFrame RefGadgets.NewFrame Gadgets
RembrandtDoc RembrandtDocs.NewDoc Gadgets
RembrandtFrame Rembrandt.New Gadgets
Scope Gages.NewFrame Gadgets
Scrollbar Scrollbars.New Gadgets
ScrollView ScrollViews.NewView Gadgets
Set SetGadgets.NewSet Gadgets
SetFrame SetGadgets.NewFrame Gadgets
Sisiphus Sisiphus.New Gadgets
Slider BasicGadgets.NewSlider Gadgets
Spline BasicFigures.NewSpline Gadgets
String BasicGadgets.NewString Gadgets
Text Texts.New System
TextDoc TextDocs.NewDoc Gadgets
TextField TextFields.NewTextField Gadgets
TextGadget TextGadgets.New Gadgets
TextHyperlink TextGadgets.NewControl Gadgets
TextNote TextGadgets.NewNote Gadgets
TextStyle TextGadgets.NewStyleProc Gadgets
TimeStamp TimeStamps.New Gadgets
Tree ListModels.NewTree Gadgets
View Views.NewView Gadgets
ASCIITab.NewFrame Apps *
Asteroids.NewDoc Apps *
Asteroids.NewField Apps *
Asteroids.NewStarfield Apps *
AudioGadgets.NewSeekButton Gadgets *
Builder.NewErrorGadget Gadgets *
BartSimpson.NewMouse Docu *
BartSimpson.NewBart Docu *
Books0.NewBar Apps *
Books0.NewContElem Apps *
Books0.NewLoc Apps *
Books.NewPanel Apps *
Books.NewText Apps *
BookDocs.NewDoc Apps *
BooksHelp.NewIcon Apps *
BMP.NewPicture Web *
Cards.NewStack Apps *
Catalog.NewPanel Meta *
ColorSystem.NewObj Gadgets *
ColorSystem.NewFrame Gadgets *
ColorWells.NewColorWell Gadgets *
Columbus.NewPanel Gadgets *
Compress.NewDoc Gadgets *
Cups.NewCup Docu *
CUSM.NewConfID Apps *
CUSM.NewConnLog Apps *
CUSM.NewHostName Apps *
CUSM.NewReflAdrStr Apps *
CUSM.NewVideosLog Apps *
Diagrams.NewFrame Docu *
DiffGadgets.New Apps *
DiffGadgets.NewDoc Apps *
DiffGadgets.NewSlider Apps *
Dim3Engine.NewWorld Apps *
Dim3Frames.NewFrame Apps *
DocumentSkeleton.NewDoc Docu *
Finger.NewLinkScheme Web *
FontEditor.NewDoc Apps *
FontEditor.NewFonttable Apps *
FontEditor.NewPreview Apps *
Freecell.NewColumn Apps *
Freecell.NewDepot Apps *
Freecell.NewDoc Apps *
Freecell.NewPanel Apps *
Freecell.NewTemp Apps *
FTP.NewLinkScheme Web *
GIF.NewPicture Web *
Gopher.NewLinkScheme Web *
Graphs.NewGraph Docu *
Hex.NewDoc Apps *
Hex.NewFrame Apps *
HPCalc.NewLockedTF Apps *
HPCalc.NewModel Apps *
HTMLDocs.NewForm Web *
HTMLImages.NewMap Web *
HTMLImages.NewIcon Web *
HTTPDocs.NewLinkScheme Web *
HyperDocs.NewLinkControl Web *
HyperDocs.NewLinkScheme Web *
ICO.NewPicture Web *
Icons.NewView Gadgets *
IFF.NewPicture Web *
JPEG.NewPicture Web *
LayoutPanels0.NewElement Gadgets *
LayoutPanels0.NewContainer Gadgets *
LayoutPanels0.NewTable Gadgets *
LayoutPanels.NewDoc Gadgets *
LCPanels.NewArea Meta *
LCPanels.NewLayout Meta *
LCPanels.NewPanel Meta *
Leonardo.NewDoc Gadgets *
Mail.NewMailToLinkScheme Web *
Mail.NewMailServerLinkScheme Web *
MineSweeper.NewDoc Apps *
MineSweeper.NewField Apps *
MineSweeper.NewPanel Apps *
MineSweeper.NewView Apps *
News.NewNewsLinkScheme Web *
News.NewNNTPLinkScheme Web *
OpenDemo2.NewDoc Docu *
Outlines.NewOutline Gadgets *
PasswordFields.New Web *
PCX.NewPicture Web *
Plotter.NewPlotter Docu *
Portraits.New Docu *
Rembrandt0.NewColorObj Gadgets *
Rembrandt0.NewColFrame Gadgets *
Reminders.New Docu *
Scramble.NewDoc Apps *
Scramble.NewFrame Apps *
Shanghai.NewDoc Apps *
Shanghai.NewFrame Apps *
ScriptFrames.New System *
ScriptGadgets.NewFrame Eamon *
Shapes.NewGroup Gadgets *
Skeleton.New Docu *
Sokoban.NewFrame Apps *
Solitaire.NewColumn Apps *
Solitaire.NewDepot Apps *
Solitaire.NewDoc Apps *
Solitaire.NewTalon Apps *
Spider.NewColumn Apps *
Spider.NewDepot Apps *
Spider.NewDoc Apps *
Spider.NewTalon Apps *
Styles.New System *
Suitcases.NewFileObj Docu *
Suitcases.NewSuitcase Docu *
Tar.NewDoc Gadgets *
TeleNews.NewButton Eamon *
TerminalGadgets.NewFrame Web *
Tetris.NewDoc Apps *
Tetris.NewField Apps *
Tetris.NewPauseButton Apps *
Tetris.NewPreview Apps *
Tetris.NewPreviewButton Apps *
Tetris.NewScoreField Apps *
Tetris.NewView Apps *
TelnetGadgets.NewFrame Web *
TelnetGadgets.NewLinkScheme Web *
TelnetGadgets.NewDoc Web *
TGA.NewPicture Web *
TimeStamps.NewRev Gadgets *
UnZip.NewDoc Gadgets *
V24Gadgets.NewFrame Apps *
ViewSkeleton.NewFrame Docu *
XBM.NewPicture Web *
XPM.NewPicture Web *
-- BACKUP --

Copy sources and tools from DOS
OFSFATTools.ChangeDir "FAT:/gneiss/asm/"
System.CopyFiles FAT:OBL.Bin => OBL.Bin ~
Miscellaneous.MakeOberonText FAT:OBL.Asm => OBL.Asm FAT:OBL.Lst => OBL.Lst ~
OFSFATTools.ChangeDir "FAT:/gneiss/noboot/"
System.CopyFiles FAT:noboot.exe => Noboot.Exe FAT:noboot.pr => noboot.pr FAT:const.mod => const.mod 
	FAT:bootasm.asm => bootasm.asm FAT:boot.def => boot.def FAT:boot.mod => boot.mod 
	FAT:noboot.mod => noboot.mod FAT:noconfig.pr => noconfig.pr FAT:noconfig.mod => noconfig.mod
	FAT:install.dat => install.dat FAT:rawrite.pr => rawrite.pr FAT:rawrite.mod => rawrite.mod
	FAT:rawrite.exe => rawrite.exe FAT:vesainfo.pr => vesainfo.pr FAT:vesainfo.mod => vesainfo.mod
	FAT:vesainfo.exe => vesainfo.exe FAT:noimage.pr => noimage.pr FAT:noimage.mod => noimage.mod
OFSFATTools.ChangeDir "FAT:/"

Clean up files and backup
System.Directory Temp* ~  System.DeleteFiles t ~  FTPBackup.SendOff  FTPBackup.SendOn
System.Time start
FTPBackup.SetServer muller lillian fbackup ~
FTPBackup.Suppress Bak DB Obj Sym Obc Arc ARC arc dsk bin ~
System.RenameFiles Incremental.Old => Incremental ~
System.Time lap
!System.DeleteFiles Incremental.Log ~	# for full backup
cd ~/backup/meadow;nohup ~/c/bsrv >../backup.log &	# on lillian
NetBackup.Incremental lillian Incremental.Log ~	# store the log text if ok!
!NetBackup.LogSnapshot Incremental.Log ~

--- WEB ---
Old pages with links to new pages
HTML.Compile Native.Text Release.Text History.Text Tech.Text Screen.Text ~ Registry.Text Installation.Text 
HTML.Compile WebInfo.Text Lab.Text ~
FTP.Open "wwwobero@ice"
FTP.ChangeDir "/home/wwwobero/www/htdocs/native/"
FTP.PutFiles Native.html Release.html History.html Tech.html Screen.html ~
FTP.ChangeDir "/home/wwwobero/www/htdocs/internal/"
FTP.PutFiles Lab.html ~
System.DeleteFiles Native.html History.html Screen.html Lab.html ~
HTML.Compile NativeIndex.Text ~

Native site
HTML.Compile WebNative.Text WebDisplays.Text WebDisks.Text WebTraps.Text WebTrace.Text 
	WebBoot.Text WebConfig.Text WebHeap.Text WebReferences.Text WebAlpha.Text WebBeta.Text 
	WebRelease.Text WebScreen.Text WebProject.Text WebVNC.Text WebOldnews.Text 
	WebCheck.Text Registry.Text ~
FTP.Open "wwwobero@ice.ethz.ch"
FTP.ChangeDir "/home/wwwobero/www/htdocs/native/"
FTP.PutFiles WebNative.html WebDisplays.html WebDisks.html WebTraps.html WebTrace.html
	WebBoot.html WebConfig.html WebHeap.html WebReferences.html WebAlpha.html WebBeta.html
	WebRelease.html WebScreen.html WebProject.html WebVNC.html WebOldnews.html
	WebCheck.html Registry.html 
	WebNative.Text WebDisplays.Text WebDisks.Text WebTraps.Text WebTrace.Text 
	WebBoot.Text WebConfig.Text WebHeap.Text WebReferences.Text WebAlpha.Text WebBeta.Text 
	WebRelease.Text WebScreen.Text WebProject.Text WebVNC.Text WebOldnews.Text 
	WebCheck.Text Registry.Text ~
System.DeleteFiles WebNative.html WebDisplays.html WebDisks.html WebTraps.html WebTrace.html
	WebBoot.html WebConfig.html WebHeap.html WebReferences.html WebAlpha.html WebBeta.html
	WebRelease.html WebScreen.html WebProject.html WebVNC.html WebOldnews.html
	WebCheck.html Registry.html ~
http://www.oberon.ethz.ch/native/ http://www.oberon.ethz.ch/native/WebCheck.html

Pieter Muller personal site
FTP.Open "muller@ice.ethz.ch"
FTP.ChangeDir "~/public_html"
FTP.PutTexts WebMuller.Text=>index.html ~
native.gif new.gif ETH.de.gif anybrow3.gif vh20.gif HeapBlks.gif HeapBlks.ps.gz

Alpha version change log only
NetSystem.SetUser ftp:wwwobero@ice.ethz.ch ~
HTML.Compile WebAlpha.Text ~
FTP.Open "wwwobero@ice.ethz.ch"
FTP.ChangeDir "/home/wwwobero/www/htdocs/native/"
FTP.PutFiles WebAlpha.html ~

Module registry only
HTML.Compile Registry.Text ~
FTP.Open "wwwobero@ice.ethz.ch"
FTP.ChangeDir "/home/wwwobero/www/htdocs/native/"
FTP.PutFiles Registry.html ~

!HyperDocTools.Fetch http://www.oberon.ethz.ch/native/WebAlpha.Text => WebAlpha.Text ~