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In this lesson we'll speak about declensions. We'll look at nouns, adjectives and pronounces to see how they are changed by the cases. First we should speak about what the cases are like.


Cases is practicallu one of the most difficult topics in Novoslovnica for English speakes. That's because of English historic case loss.

In Novoslovnica we have 9 cases: Nominative, Genitive, Partitive, Accusative, Dative, Instrumental, Prepositional, Locative and Vocative.




Let's build a table that will gather our knowledge about pronoun declension.

case 1p Sg 2p Sg 3p Sg masc 3p Sg fem 3p Sg neu 1p Du 2p Du 3p Du masc 3p Du fem 3p Du neu 1p Pl 2p Pl 3p Pl masc 3p Pl fem 3p Pl fem
Nominative Ja (Az) Ty On Ona Ono Ma Va Ona One Oná My Vy Oni Oně Onï
Genitive Menę Tebę Ĝo Ĝo
Accusative Menä Tebä I Ju I
Dative Meně/Mi Tebě/Ti Mu Mu
Instrumental Mnom/Mnoju Tobom/Toboju
Prepositional O mně O tobě
Locative Vo mnï V tobï

Prepositional alternative system[edit]

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