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This page contains the paradigms of the nouns that do not have a separate stem-form or are related to such nouns, i.e.

  • nouns on -a
  • nouns on the consonants -l, -n, -r, -s, -t

The others can be found on the pages about:

nouns on -a[edit]

We use ampa "hook":

singular plural dual part. plural
nominative ampa ampar ampat ampali
genitive ampo amparon ampato ampalion
possessive ampava ampaiva ampatwa ampalíva
dative ampan ampain ampant ampalin
ablative ampallo ampallon(r) ampalto ampalillo(n)(r)
allative ampanna ampannar ampanta ampalinna(r)
locative ampassë ampassen ampatsë ampalisse(n)
instrumental ampanen ampainen ampanten ampalínen
respective ampas ampais ampates ampalis

The u-duals in this group are declined as follows (we use alda "tree"):

Nom. aldu, Gen. alduo, Poss. alduva, Dat. aldun,
Abl. aldullo, All. aldunna, Loc. aldussë, Instr. aldunen, Resp. aldus.

Note: nouns on -oa probably have a genitive singular in -avo:

coa "house" → cavo

and always have a t-dual.

nouns on -l[edit]

We use macil "sword":

singular plural dual part. plural
nominative macil macili macilet macilli
genitive macilo macilion macilto macillion
possessive macilwa maciliva maciletwa macilliva
dative macilen macilin macilent macillin
ablative macillo macillon(r) macilelto macillillo(n)(r)
allative macilda macilinnar macilenta macillinna(r)
locative macildë macilissen maciletsë macillisse(n)
instrumental macilden macilinen macilenten macillinen
respective maciles macilis maciletes macillis

The u-duals in this group are declined as follows (we use sutil "slime"):

Nom. sutilu, Gen. sutiluo, Poss. sutiluva, Dat. sutilun,
Abl. sutilullo, All. sutilunna, Loc. sutilussë, Instr. sutilunen, Resp. sutilus.

nouns on -n[edit]

We use aran "king":

singular plural dual part. plural
nominative aran arani aranet aralli
genitive arano aranion aranto arallion
possessive aranwa araniva aranetwa aralliva
dative aranen aranin aranent arallin
ablative arallo aranillon(r) aranelto arallillo(n)(r)
allative aranna arannar aranenta arallinna(r)
locative arandë aranissen aranetsë arallisse(n)
instrumental aralden araninen aranenten arallinen
respective aranes aranis aranetes arallis

The u-duals in this group are declined as follows (we use atan "human, man"):

Nom. atanu, Gen. atanuo, Poss. atanuva, Dat. atanun,
Abl. atanullo, All. atanunna, Loc. atanussë, Instr. atanunen, Resp. atanus.

nouns on -r[edit]

We use luxor "swamp, bog":

singular plural dual part. plural
nominative luxor luxori luxoret luxolli
genitive luxoro luxorion luxorto luxollion
possessive luxorwa luxoriva luxoretwa luxolliva
dative luxoren luxorin luxorent luxollin
ablative luxollo luxorillon(r) luxorelto luxollillo(n)(r)
allative luxorenna luxorinnar luxorenta luxollinna(r)
locative luxoressë luxorissen luxoretsë luxollisse(n)
instrumental luxornen luxorinen luxorenten luxollinen
respective luxores luxoris luxoretes luxollis

The u-duals in this group are declined as follows (we use tasar "willow"):

Nom. tasaru, Gen. tasaruo, Poss. tasaruva, Dat. tasarun,
Abl. tasarullo, All. tasarunna, Loc. tasarussë, Instr. tasarunen, Resp. tasarus.

nouns on -s[edit]

We use cos "quarrel, dispute":

singular plural dual part. plural
nominative cos cosi coset colli
genitive coso cosion costo collion
possessive coswa cosiva cosetwa colliva
dative cosen cosin cosent collin
ablative collo cosillon(r) coselto collillo(n)(r)
allative cosenna cosinnar cosenta collinna(r)
locative cossë cossen cosetsë collisse(n)
instrumental cosenen cosinen cosenten collinen
respective coses cosis cosetes collis

The u-duals in this group are declined as follows (we use tavas "woodland"):

Nom. tavasu, Gen. tavasuo, Poss. tavasuva, Dat. tavasun,
Abl. tavasullo, All. tavasunna, Loc. tavasussë, Instr. tavasunen, Resp. tavasus.

nouns on -t[edit]

We use sarat "sign" (this group only contains u-duals):

singular plural dual part. plural
nominative sarat sarati saratu sarateli
genitive sarato saration saratuo saratelion
possessive saratwa sarativa saratuva saratelíva
dative saraten saratin saratun saratelin
ablative saratello saratillon(r) saratullo saratelillo(n)(r)
allative saratenna saratinnar saratunna saratelinna(r)
locative saratsë saratissen saratussë saratelisse(n)
instrumental saranten saratinen saratunen saratelínen
respective sarates saratis saratus saratelis

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