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This vocabulary is a simple list of the English glosses in the Naʼvi–English dictionary.

Multiple senses of words, which are often ambiguous in English but not in Naʼvi, may be distinguished as (n) noun, (v) verb, (adj) adjective, (adv) adverb, (trans) transitive, (intrans) intransitive. A few Terran animals are given approximate Pandoran equivalents. Exclamations which cannot be easily translated are listed at the end. Stressed syllables are bold.

Contents: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y ZDiscourse particles

abandon: txìng
able: tsusun. be able: tsun
about: concerning: teri, -ìri. about to: ‹ìy›.
above: io. from above: taʼem.
across: ka
action: kem
add: sung
afar: alìm
afraid: be afraid: txopu si
after (time) maw. afterwards: mawkrr. right after: pximaw.
afternoon: haʼngir, (late) kaym
again: mun
against, counter to: wä+
aged: koak
ago: just a moment ago: pxiswawam. Thursday two weeks ago: mesrrmrrvam.
agree: mllte
agreement: come to an agreement: molte
aim: (v) kan. (n) kan.
air: ya
alala!: ìley!
alien: (n) ketuwong. (adj) kewong.
alike: teng
alive: rusey. be alive: rey.
all: all of (it, you, them): wotx. all the time / at all times: frakrr. not at all: ke ... kawʼit.
allow: tung
almost: stum
alone (of a person) ʼawtu
along: ì+, ìlä+
also: kop, nìteng
although: hufwa
always: frakrr
am: lu
amazing (be amazing) wou (slang)
among: kip
amount: hìmtxan. (small) ʼit.
ancestor: pizayu
and: (between phrases) . (between clauses) ulte. and you?: nga tut?
anger: (v) steyki. (n) sti.
angry: be angry: sti. angrily: sti.
animal: ioang
another one: lapo
answer: (v) ʼeyng, ting tìʼeyngit. (n) ʼeyng. in answer: ʼeyng.
apart, divided: keʼaw
apologize: tsapʼalute si
apology: tsapʼalute
apparently: tatlam
appear: lam
appearance (look) lam
appetizing: pxasul
approach: lok
are: lu. aren't they?: kefya srak? kefyak?
arm: pxun. (pair of) arms: mepun.
around (spatial) pxaw
arrival: hem
arrive: hem, pate
arrow: swizaw
art: tseo. (visual) reltseo.
? artifact: ngop
artist (visual) reltseotu
as (like) na, pxel, nì-. (the same way as) tengfya. (as for) -ìri.
aside: step/move aside: (give way) tìng tseng. (move) rikx.
ask: pawm
ass (rear end) txìm
assist: srung si
assistance: srung
at: ro+
attack (v) ʼeko
attempt (v) fmi
attention: pay attention: eltu si
auspicious: etrìp
avatar: uniltìrantokx
await: pey
awake: txen
aware: be aware, be in tune: kame
away: (direction) neto. (position) so.
baby: prrnen
back: (of body) txal. (rear part) pxì. (direction) neʼìm. (in response) ʼeyng. come back, go back, return: txaw. move back, step aside: rikx. to back down: tìng tseng
bad (adj) kawng
badge: tsì
balance of life: reyʼeng
ball: rum
banshee (flying mount) ikran
barricade, barrier: ekxan
bat (animal, approx.) riti
bathe (wash oneself) pur
battle group: wempongu
brave: tstew
be (am, is, are): lu. be at, occupy a space: tok.
beat (n) ʼekong
beautiful: (of people) sevin. (of things; pleasant to the senses) lor
beauty (of things) lor
because: (for that reason) taluna (talun), alunta. (due to that cause) taweyka (taweyk), aweykta. because of that: tafral.
become: slu
before: (time) sre+. (beforehand) srekrr. (in front of) eo. just before, right before (time) pxisre+.
begin: (intrans.) sngäʼi. (begin something) sngeyʼi.
beginning: sngäʼikrr
behind: uo. leave behind: txìng.
believe: spaw
beloved (adj.) yawne. (loved one) yawnetu, yawntu
below: äo
best: (adj) swey. (adv) swey.
betray: kavuk si
betrayal: kavuk
between: kam
big (in size or stature) tsawl. get big (grow): tsawl slu.
bind: yìm
bird: yayo
bit: a bit: (n) ʼit. (adv) ʼit.
bite: frìp
bitter: syäʼä
black: layon
bless: be blessed: Nawma Saʼnok lrrtok si [with dative]
blind: kakrel
blood: reypay
bloom, blossom (v) ʼong
blow, strike (n) takuk
blue, green: ean. in blue: ean.
body: tokx
bond: (neural connection) tsaheylu. (establish a neural connection) tsaheyl si.
book: puk
boom! (sound of thunder) kxangangang
border: pxawpa
bottom: kllpa
bow (weapon) tsko. bow and arrow: tsko swizaw.
brain: eltu
brainworm (hallucinogenic) eltungawng
branch (of a tree) vul
brave: tstew. brave person, hero: txantstew.
bread (approx.) tsyosyu
brief (adj) yol
bring: (take to a place) munge. (bring here) zamunge.
broken: fwel
brother: (sibling) tsmuk, tsmuktu. (male) tsmukan.
bud (n) prrnesyul
bug: ʼang
build (v) txula
building (a thing built): txula
bulk (the major part) txampxì
bull (approx.) talioang
burn (v) nekx
but: (basic sense) slä. (however) ngian. (except) mungwrr, -mungwrr.
butt (rear end) txìm
by, along: ì+, ìlä+
call (v) syaw
calm: mawey. calmly: nìmwey.
camp: (n) ʼawm. (v) ʼawm si.
camping: ʼawm
can, be able: tsun
captive: speʼetu
capture: speʼe
careful: be careful: nari si
carry, bring: munge
case: in that case: ha
catch (v) stäʼ
cattle (approx.) talioang
cause: (reason, source) oeyk. (produce) sleyku.
ceaselessly: nìlkeftang
celebration: ftxo
center (n) kxamtseng
ceremonious: ʼeoio. ceremoniously: ʼeoio.
certain: law
challenge (ceremonial) fpeio
chance, opportunity: skxom
change (intransitive) latem. (change something) leykatem.
charge: (running attack) kxll. (to attack) kxll si. be in charge, be responsible: kllfroʼ.
chase (v) fewi
chat: (v) pängkxo. (n) tìpängkxo
check (v) steftxaw
child: ʼeveng. (kid) ʼevi.
chin: tsuksìm
choice: ftxey
choose: ftxey
circumference: pxawpa
clan: oloʼ
clan leader: oloʼeyktan
clean: laro
clear, certain: law
clearly: law, nìfyaʼo alaw
clever: (person) kanu. (idea, plan) sìlronsem.
cliff: ʼawkx
close (v) tstu si
close (adj): (be close to) lok. (close by) asim.
closed: tstu
club (weapon) txewk
cold: wew. I feel cold: oe ʼefu wew.
colleague: lertu
color: ʼopin
come: zaʼu. come back, go back: txaw.
common: (ordinary) letrrtrr.
commune: tireapängkxo
comparatively: to
complete: ʼänsyem
completely: wotx
comprehension tslam
computer: eltu lefngap
concerning: teri, -ìri
conclude (end) ʼiʼa
conclusion (end) ʼiʼa
congratulations!: aylrrtok ngaru
connect with (establish a neural connection) tsaheyl si
connection (neural) tsaheylu
constantly: nìlkeftang, tut
construct (v) txula
construction: txula (activity or object)
consume: nekx
continually: tut, nìlkeftang
continuation: tut
conversation: tìpängkxo
converse: pängkxo
convey, take: munge
cook (v) ʼem
cord (chord? musical?) telem
correct (adj) eyawr
correctness: yawr
counter to, against: wä+
cover, lid: lew. to cover: lew si.
cow (approx.) talioang
crazy, insane: lekyeʼung
create: ngop
creation: ngop
creator: ngopyu
creature: swi
crossbow: tskalep
cry (weep) tsngawvìk
cup (n) tsngal
cut (v) munʼi
daddy: sempu
daily: (adv) fratrr. (adj) letrr.
dance (v) srew
danger: hrrap
dangerous: lehrrap
dark: vawm
darkness: vawm
daughter: ʼite
dawn (nautical twilight, enough light to navigate) trrʼong. (just before dawn, astronomical twilight, stars disappearing) sresrrʼong. (just after dawn, civil twilight, bright enough to work) trrʼongmaw.
day: trr. Good day!: trr lefpom.
dead (adj) kerusey
death: (Death, abstract) terkup. (of an individual) kxitx.
decide: peʼun
decision: peʼun
deed (n) kem
defeat: be defeated (fall) zup
deer (approx.) yerik
defend: zong
delicious: lor
demon: vrrtep
depart: hum
descend: kll
destroy: skaʼa
destruction: tìskaʼa
die: terkup
difference: keteng
different: keteng
dig up: kllkulat
dim-witted: snumìna
dinner: wutso
dip into liquid: (n) yemfpay. (v) yemfpay si.
direhorse: paʼli
dirty: tsewtx
discover: run
discuss: pängkxo
discussion: tìpängkxo
distant: (be distant) lìm. (at a distance) alìm.
dive (v) tawng
divided: keʼaw
do: si. (suffice) tam. 'that will do': tam tam.
doctor (title) toktor
dog (approx.) nantang
done: hasey
don't!: ʼä
dozen: vosìng. two dozen (octal: 30) pxevol
down: downward: nekll. 'Get down!': ne kllte!. 'You're going down!': ngekxetse lu oeru!
dragon (approx.) toruk
draw: (illustrate) weyn. (pull) zaʼärìp.
dream (n) unil
Dream Hunt: Uniltaron
dreamwalker: uniltìranyu
drink (v) näk
drive out: kurakx
drop: (v.trans) tungzup. (fall) zup.
drum (made of skin) au
dry: ukxo
dull (of a blade) tete
dunk: (n) yemfpay. (v) yemfpay si.
during: krr a, a krr, etc.
dusk (nautical twilight, enough light to navigate) txonʼong. (just before dusk, civil twilight, still enough light to work) sretonʼong. (just after dusk, astronomical twilight, stars appearing) txonʼongmaw.
dwell: kelku si
ear: mikyun. (pair of) ears: memikyun.
Earth: ʼRrta. Earth Day: Trr ʼRrtayä.
easily: ftue
easy: ftue
eat: yom
edge (perimeter) pxawpa
eh?: ko
eight (octal: 10) vol. (human digit '8') ʼeyt.
eighteen (octal: 22) mevomun
eighteenth (number eighteen) mevomuve
eighth (number eight) volve
eighty (exact; octal: 120) zam mevol.
either: either A or B: A, B, ke tsranten.
elbow: pxuntil
eleven (octal: 13) vopey
eleventh (number eleven) vopeyve
else: or else: txokefyaw. someone else, something else: lapo.
encounter (v) ultxarun
end: (v) ʼiʼa. (n) ʼiʼa.
ending: ʼiʼa
enemy: kxutu
English: ʼÌnglìsì. in English:ʼÌnglìsì.
enjoyable: mowan. (of an activity) prrteʼ.
enough: (adj) letam. (after an adjective) tam. (be enough) tam.
enter: fpxäkìm
equal: teng
erect: pxim. (sit) erectly: pxim.
error: (mistake) kxeyey. (incorrectness) kxey.
especially: pxi
even: (level) ʼengeng. (adv) keng. not even once: ke keng ʼawlo. [stress?] even so: tsalsungay.
evening: (dusk) txonʼong. (late afternoon) kaym.
every: fra-. every day: fratrr. every night: fratxon. everyone: frapo. everything: fraʼu. everywhere: fratseng. every time: fralo.
everyday, ordinary: letrrtrr
evil (adj) kawng. (n) kawng.
examine, check: steftxaw
example (n) kenong. be an example: kenong.
excellent: txantsan
except: mungwrr
excess (overabundance) hawng
excessive: lehawng. excessively: hawng.
exercise, practice (n) tskxekeng
explain, explain why: oeyktìng
explanation: tìoeyktìng
explode: pxor
expression (phrase) lìʼfyavi
eye: nari. eyes (2, of person) menari, (4, of horse, banshee) aynari.
face: key
fair: muiä
fall (v) zup
false: tsleng
family: soaia
far: (be far) lìm. (far away) alìm.
fascinating (be fascinating) wou (slang)
fast: (quick) win. (quickly) win.
fasten: yän
fate: syay
father: sempul
favorable: etrìp
fear: (n) txopu. (v) txopu si.
feed: yomtìng
feel: ʼefu
feeling: ʼefu
female (person) tute
few: hol
field (open terrain) txayo
fifteen (octal: 17) vohin
fifteenth (number fifteen) vohive
fifth (number five) mrrve
fifty (exact; octal: 62) puvolmune, (approx.) puvol
fight (n) wem
fill (v) teya si
final: syen
find (v) run
finger: zek
finished: hasey
fire: txep
first: ʼawve, nìʼawve
fish (n) payoang
five: mrr. five hundred (approx.) vozam. five thousand (approx.) zazam. [stress?]
flesh: vey
floating mountains: iknimaya
flour: tsyo
flower: syulang. (blue sp.) seze.
fly (v) tswayon
foe: kxutu
follow: (proceed after) nong. (track) sutx. (travel along) kä/zaʼu ìlä.
food: syuve. (vegetable) fkxen. (animal) vey. (meat) tsngan. (from flour) tsyosyu.
foot: venu. (pair of) feet: mevenu.
for (for the sake of) fpi+
forbidden: kxa
forest: naʼrìng
forever: (until the end of time) ʼiʼavay krrä. (incessantly) nìlkeftang.
forget: tswaʼ
forgive: forgive me: ngaytxoa
forgiveness: txoa
formal: skepek
former: spuwin
fortunate: be fortunate: Nawma Saʼnok lrrtok si [with dative]
fortune: aylrrtok (from Eywa)
forty (exact; octal: 50) mrrvol
foul (taste or smell) väʼ. (do wrong) kxey si
four: tsìng. four hundred (approx.) puzam. four thousand (approx.) zazam.
fourteen (octal: 16) vofu
fourteenth (number fourteen) vofuve
fourth (number four) tsìve
freckle (bioluminescent) tan
fresh (appealing as food) pxasul
Friday (Earth calendar) trrpuve
friend: ʼeylan
friendship: ʼeylan
from: ta. (direction) ftu. from above: taʼem. from among: takip. from up among: tafkip.
front (part or section) zapxì. in front of: eo.
full: teya
fungus: spxam
funny (odd) hiyìk
future: zusawkrr
game: uvan
garbage: sngel. garbage dump: sngeltseng.
get: (receive) tel. (understand) tslam. Got it!: tslolam.
give: tìng. give way: tìng tseng.
glad: be glad teya si [with dative]
go: (move) . (go on, proceed) salew. go after, follow: nong. go down: kll. go in: fpxäkìm. go near: lok.
goal (target) kan
God (Gaea): Eywa, Nawma Saʼnok
good: sìltsan. (appealing as food) pxasul.
goodbye: (farewell) Eywa ngahu. (see you soon) kìyevame
good night (sleep well) hivahaw nìmwey.
Got it!: tslolam
grab: niä
grant (v) teswotìng
grassroots movement: ngrrpongu
great (noble) nawm. (in quantity) txan. great person: nawmtu.
Great Leonopteryx (animal like a large banshee) toruk
greed: txanew
greedy: txanew
green, blue: ean. in green: ean
grok: kame
ground: kllte
group: (of people) pongu. (battle group) wempongu.
grow: tsawl slu
guest: frrtu
guidance: tìfyawìntxu
guide: fyawìntxu
guideline, rule: koren
gunship: kunsìp
hair: nikre (aynikre ?)
Hallelujah Mountains: iknimaya
halt (v) txey
Hammerhead Titanothere (animal like a rhino) ʼangtsìk
hand: tsyokx. (pair of) hands: mesyokx.
happen: len
happiness, peace: fpom; aylrrtok (from Eywa)
happy (of occasions) lefpom. (of people) nitram. be happy: ʼefu nitram. happy (celebration) aylrrtok [with dative]
hard: txaʼ
harm (n) kxu
harmless: kxuke
harmonious: meʼem
harmony: meʼem. (with nature) meoauniaea.
hateful: fkay
have: lu [with dative]
he: po, poan
head: reʼo
health (physical) fpomtokx
healthy: lefpomtokx
hear: stawm
heart: txeʼlan. with all one's heart: ftxavang.
heavy (weight) kuʼup
heed: lek
Hellfire Wasp: zizeʼ
hello: kaltxì
help: (n) srung. (v) srung si.
her: (gen) pe. (acc) pot, poti. (dat) por, poru. (after prep.) po.
here: tsenge, fìtseng [syll?]
hero: txantstew
Hexapede (animal like a deer) yerik
hey! (anger, annoyance) oìsss! (threat) saa! (warning, frustration) tsa-hey!, wiya!
high: kxayl
him: (acc) pot, poti. (dat) por, poru. (after prep.) po.
hinge: til
his: pe
hit, strike (v) takuk
hold off (suspend action) fpak
home: kelku
Hometree: Kelutral [stress?]
honor (n) meuia
hookah gourd: txllʼu [stress?]
hope (v) sìlpey
horse (approx.) paʼli
hot: som. (to feel that one is hot) ʼefu som.
house: kelku
how?: pefya?, fyape?
how many?: polpxay?, holpxaype?
how much?: pìmtxan? hìmtxampe?
however: ngian
howl (n) nguway
human (n) tawtute
hundred: (exact, octal: 144) zam tsìvosìng. (approx.) zam fu mezam. two hundred (approx.) : pxezam. five hundred (approx.) vozam
hunger: tìohakx
hungry: ohakx. be hungry: ʼefu ohakx
hunt: (v) taron. (n) taron.
hunter: taronyu
hurry (be in a hurry) winpi
hurt: (be painful) sraw si. (hurt someone or something) sraw seyki.
I: oe (we- when inflected). (deferential and ceremonial form) ohe.
idea: fpìl
idiot: skxawng
if: txo. if not: txokefyaw.
illness: (disease) spxin. (state of being ill) spxin.
image (n) rel
immediately: (right now) pxiset. (very soon) pxiyeʼrìn
immerse: yemfpay si
immersion: yemfpay
important: letsranten. be important: tsranten.
impossible: keltsun
in: mì+
incessantly: nìlkeftang
incorrect: keyawr
incorrectness: kxey
individual (n) ʼawpo
individuality (negative connotation) ʼawpo
infant: prrnen
inharmonious, divided: keʼaw
insane: lekyeʼung
insanity: keyeʼung
insect (approx.) ʼang
inside: fa, fa
instance: alo
instead of: tup
instruct: nume si
instruction: nume
insult (n) zoplo
intelligence: kanu. (understanding) tslam.
intelligent: kanu. intelligently: kanu.
interesting (be interesting) eltur tìtxen si
interpret: ralpeng
into (direction) nemfa
intriguing (be intriguing) eltur tìtxen si
invention: ngop
is: lu. isn't it? isn't that so?: kefya srak? kefyak?
it: (animate) po. (inanimate) tsaʼu ~ tsaw.
itch (v) fkxake
its: (animate) pe. (inanimate) tse.
jellyfish (aerial, approx) fpxafaw
join two things together: ʼawstengyem
joint (n) til
journey: sop
joyous (of occassions) lefpom
jump (v) spä
just: (fair, justified) muiä. (only) ʼaw. just before: pxisre. just after: pximaw. just now, just a moment ago: ‹ìm›, pxiswawam. in just a moment: ‹ìy›, pxiswaway.
keep up with someone: latsi
kid (n) ʼevi
kill: (v) tspang. (n) tspang
kind: (n) fnel. what kind? fnepe, pefnel
kiss (v) pom
knee: kinamtil
knife: tstal
know: omum; law lu [with dative]. as is known, as you know: nìawnomum.
lake: ʼora
land (n) atxkxe
language: lìʼfya
large: apxa
larva, larvae (sp. beetle larva used for food) teylu
last: (final) syen. (previous) ham. last time: alo aham. last night: txonam. last Thursday (Thursday of last week) trrmrrvam.
laugh (n) hangham
lead (v) eyk
leader: eyktan. leader of clan: oloʼeyktan
leaf: rìk
leafy: lerìk
lean (v) tuvon
learn: nume
leave: (go away) hum. (abandon) txìng.
left (side, direction) ftär
leg: kinam
Leonopteryx (animal like a large banshee) toruk
lesson: numvi
lest: fteke
let go: lonu
Let's ...!: ... ko
level, even: ʼengeng
lid: lew
life (abstract) rey. (living) tìrusey. balance of life: reyʼeng.
light (n) atan
light (adj), lightweight: syo
like (as) na, pxel, nì-. (the same way as) tengfya. like this: fya. like that: tsafya.
likewise: teng
lip: seyri
liquid: pay
listen: tìng mikyun (pron. "tìm mikyun")
little (adj) ʼi. a little: ʼit, nìʼit.
live (be alive) rey. (dwell) kelku si.
living: (alive) rusey. (being alive) tìrusey. living thing: rusey.
location: klltseng
lock up: sutx
long: (length) ngim. (time) txan.
look (v) tìng nari (pron. "tìn nari"). look at: nìn. look for: fwew. look like: lam. (n) lam
lose: lose track of: tatep. lose oneself (spiritual sense) ʼia.
loud: wok
love: (n) yawn. (v) lu yawne [with dative]. I love you: nga yawne lu oer.
loved (adj) yawne. loved one: yawnetu, yawntu
low: tìm
lung: tso. (pair of) lungs: meso.
majority: txampxì
make: (do) si. (create) ngop. (build) txula.
male (person) tutan
manner: fyaʼo. in a (certain) manner: fyaʼo.
mantis (approx.) fwä
many: pxay
marriage: tìmuntxa
marry: muntxa si
mate (v) muntxa si
mated: muntxa
mating (n) tìmuntxa
matriarch: tsahìk
matter: (subject) txele. (be important) tsranten.
may, be possible: tsunslu
maybe: kxawm
me: (acc) oeti (weti). (dat) oeru, oer (weru, wer). (after prep.) oe.
meadow: txayo
meal (served) wutso
meaning: ral
meantime: in the meantime: tsakrrvay
meanwhile (until then) tsakrrvay
meat: tsngan
medusa (approx. a large aerial jellyfish) fpxafaw
meet: (by chance) ultxarun. have a meeting: ultxa si.
meeting: ultxa. have a meeting: ultxa si.
memory, remembrance: ʼok
mess up: kxey si
message: ʼupxare
metal: fngap
metallic: lefngap
midday: kxamtrr. (See 'noon'.)
middle, midpoint: kxam
midnight: kxamtxon
mighty: fkew
military squad: wempongu
mind (n) ronsem
mistake: kxeyey. make a mistake: kxeyey si.
model (n) kenong
moment: swaw. (very short time) krr. just a moment ago: pxiswawam. in just a moment: pxiswaway.
mommy: saʼnu
Monday (Earth calendar) trrmuve
more: ʼul. (for comparison, use: to.)
morning: (daylight before noon) rewon. (dawn) trrʼong. (For early morning, see 'dawn'.)
moron: skxawng
moss: prrwll
most: (adv: use frato). (n) txampxì.
mother: saʼnok
mountain: floating mountains: iknimaya
mouth: kxa
move: (shift position) rikx. (move something) ʼärìp.
movement (grassroots) ngrrpongu
much: (great quantity) txan. (great extent) txan. so much: txan.
mushroom (approx.) spxam
music: pamtseo
musical instrument (stringed) en
musician: pamtseotu
must: zene. must not: zenke (zengke). don't need to: ke zene.
my: oe (we)
My! (encouragement) nang
myriad: zazam [stress?]
Naʼvi: (n) tute. (adj) leNaʼvi. in Naʼvi: Naʼvi.
name (n) tstxo. my name is: oeru syaw .... what is your name?: fyape syaw ngar?
near: (be near) sim. (nearby) asim.
neck: pewn
need: (v) kin. (n) kin. do not need to: ke zene
necessary: lekin
neural connection: tsaheylu
never: ke ... kawkrr
nevertheless: tsalsungay
new: mip
news: fmawn
next: hay, -ay. next time: alo ahay. next Thursday (Thursday of next week) trrmrrvay
night: txon. tonight: txon. last night: txonam. tomorrow night: txonay. Good night!: txon lefpom, (sleep well) hivahaw nìmwey.
nine: (octal: 11) volaw. (human digit '9') nayn.
nineteen (octal: 23) mevopey
nineteenth (number nineteen) mevopeyve
ninety (approx.) zam pxevol
ninth (number nine) volawve
no: No!: kehe. (with a noun: no X) kea, ake. No?: kefya srak, kefyak. No way! (vulgar) pxasìk. No, it can't be! (consternation) au!
noble: nawm
none: ke ... keʼu, ke ... kawʼit
nonetheless: tsalsungay
noon: kxamtrr. pre-noon (sun just before zenith) srekamtrr. post-noon (sun just after zenith) kxamtrrmaw.
no-one: ke ... kawtu
nose: ontu
not: ke. not at all, not a bit (adv) ke ... kawʼit.
nothing: (pn) ke ... keʼu. nothing at all (adv) ke ... keʼu.
noun: tstxolìʼu
now: (sentence opener) tse. (at this time) set. until now: vay set. right now: pxiset. Thursday two weeks from now: mesrrmrrvay.
number (n) holpxay
O! (address) ma
oath: nu?
obey: lek
obstruction: ekxan
occasion (happy) ftxo
occupy (a space) tok
occur: len
ocean: txampay
odd, strange: hiyìk
of: -yä, -ä. (a clan; used in full names) te. (See also 'from'.)
offense: zoplo
often: pxìm
oh! (consternation) au! (poor thing!) keftxo! (exertion) sau!
old: (not new) spuwin. (not young) koak.
okay: tam, tam tam. ...okay?: ... ko
on: mì+. on, onto (?) sìn.
once: (in the past) ʼawlie. (not twice) ʼawlo.
one: ʼaw. one individual: ʼawpo. one time (once) ʼawlie, ʼawlo. one hundred (approx.) zam fu mezam. one thousand (approx.) mevozam. [stress?]
one (pronoun: 'you', 'they') fko
only: ʼaw
oomph!: sau!
open: (be open) piak. (open something) piak si.
opinion: in my opinion: ʼefumì oe
opportunity: skxom
opposed to:
optimal: swey. optimally: swey.
or: fu. or else: txokefyaw. or not: fuke.
order: in order to: fte [with subjunctive]
ordinary, everyday: letrrtrr
other: lahe. other one (person or thing) lapo. to the others: aylaru.
otherwise: txokefyaw
our (including your) awngeyä, (ay)oengeyä [stress?]
our (but not your) (ay)oe (weyä, aywe)
out there: satseng
outside: wrrpa
overabundance: hawng
pain: sraw
painful: sraw. be painful: sraw si
Pandora: Eywaʼeveng
panther (approx.) palulukan
part (n) hapxì
party (group of people) pongu
pass (a test) emzaʼu. (pass by something) ftem.
passionate: ftxavang
passionately: ftxavang
past: the past: ftawnemkrr
pasta (approx.) tsyosyu
path: fyaʼo
patience: tìmweypey
patient (adj) lemweypey. be patient: maweypey. patiently: nìmweypey. a patient person: maweypeyyu.
pattern (n) renu
pay attention: eltu si
peace: fpom
peaceful: lefpom. peacefully: nìmwey.
peel (v) fkarut
people: (persons) sute. (the People) Naʼvi.
perceive: ʼefu
perhaps: kxawm
perimeter: pxawpa
person: tute
phrase: lìʼfyavi
picture (n) rel
place (n) tsenge, tseng. [syll?] (v) yem.
plain, field: txayo
plan: (v) hawl. (n) hawl.
plant (n) ʼewll
play: (play a game) uvan si
pleasant: (to the senses) lor. (of an activity) prrteʼ. (enjoyable, of a person or thing) mowan
please!: rutxe!
pleasing: mowan
pleasurable (of an activity) prrteʼ
pleasure: prrteʼ
practice, training tskxekeng
pointedly: pxi
poison (n) txum
poor thing!: keftxo!
position: klltseng
possible: letsunslu. be possible: tsunslu.
power: txur
powerful: fkew, txantur
prefer: nulnew
preparations: hawl
prepare, plan: hawl
present (time) sekrr
pretty: sevin
previous: ham. previous instance: alo aham.
prey (n) tspang
proceed: salew
probable; probably: skxakep
produce (v) sleyku
proliferate: vi
promise: (n) nu. (v) nutìng.
propel: spule
proper: muiä
prophesize: sreseʼa
prophesy: sreseʼa
protect: hawnu, tìhawnu si
protection: hawnu
pterosaur (approx.) ikran
pull (v) zaʼärìp
purpose (goal) kan
push (v) ʼärìp
put: yem
question (n) pawm
(question marker) srak(e). (with fuke) ftxey.
quiet: (n) fnu. be quiet: fnu.
quote ... unquote: san ... sìk
quotidian: letrrtrr
rain (n) tompa
rather: (would rather) nulnew. rather than: tup.
ready: alaksi. get ready: hawl.
rear: (part or section) pxì. (of person) txìm.
reason (n) lun
receive: tel
recent: sok
recline: tuvon
refuge: zongtseng
refuse (v) sto
release: lonu
remain: ʼìʼawn
remember: zerok
remembrance: ʼok
represent: kenong
request: (n) ätxäle. (v) ätxäle si.
respond: ʼeyng
response: ʼeyng. in response: ʼeyng.
responsibility: have responsibility (for): kllfroʼ
responsible: be responsible (for): kllfroʼ
rest (v) tsurokx
restore: speng
return, go back: txaw
rhino (approx.) ʼangtsìk
rhythm: kato
ride (v) makto. ride out: makto.
right: (side, direction) skien. (proper) muiä. (correct) eyawr. you're right: ngaru tìyawr. Right?: kefya srak? kefyak? right now: pxiset. right before: pxisre. right after: pximaw.
river: kilvan. (sacred) Swotulu.
rock, stone: tskxe
root: ngrr
rule (n) koren
run (n) tul
rush: (v, hurry) winpi. (rush something) win si.
sacred: swok. sacred place: swotu. Sacred River: Swotulu.
sad: keftxo. sadly: nìkeftxo. How sad! keftxo!
safe: kxuke. safe place: zongtseng.
safely: nìzawnong
sake: for the sake of: fpi+
same: teng
Saturday (Earth calendar) trrkive
save: zong
say: plltxe
saying ...: san ... sìk
school: numtseng
science: tìftia kifkeyä
scream (v) zawng
Screw that! (vulgar) pxasìk
screw up: kxey si
sea: txampay
second (number two) muve. (short time) krr. (look also under 'moment')
see: (physical sense) tseʼa. See (spiritual sense) kame. see you soon: kìyevame.
seed: rinaʼ. (of Hometree) atokirinaʼ.
seek: fwew
seem: lam
selfishness: ʼawpo
send: fpeʼ
sense (v) ʼefu
serve: kìteʼe si
service: kìteʼe
seven: ki
seventeen (octal: 21) mevolaw
seventeenth (number seventeen) mevolawve
seventh (number seven) kive
seventy (approx.) zam vol
shaman: tsahìk
sharp: pxi
she: po, poe
shelter (v) hawnu
shoot: (intrans.) tem. (trans.) toltem.
short (of time) yol
show (v) wìntxu
shut: (adj) tstu. (v) tstu si.
sibling: tsmuk, tsmuktu
sick: spxin
sickness: (disease) spxin. (state of being sick) spxin.
side: paʼo
sign, omen: aungia
silence: fnu
simple: ftue
sing: rol. singing (instance of): tìrusol. (art) tseo tìruso.
sister: tsmuke, tsmuk
sit: heyn
six: pukap
sixteen (octal: 20) mevol
sixteenth (number sixteen) mevolve
sixth (number six) puve
sixty (approx.) zam
size: tsawlhìʼ
skin (n) taʼleng
sky: taw
sleep (v) hahaw. sleep well! hivahaw nìmwey.
slow: ʼong
slowly: nìkʼong
small: (little in size) ʼi. (small in quantity) hìm. (a small amount) ʼit.
smart: (person) kanu. (idea, plan) sìlronsem.
smell (n) fahew
smile: (n) lrrtok. (v) lrrtok si.
smoke (n) kxener
so: (in that case) ha. even so tsalsungay. so much: txan. so that: fte. so that not: fteke.
soft: (of an object) hewne. (of a sound) ʼango.
some: -o. someone: tuteo. something: ʼuo. somewhere: tsengo.
son: ʼitan
song: rol, way
songchord: waytelem
soon: yeʼrìn. See you soon: kìyevame.
sorry! ngaytxoa
soul: vitra
sound (n) pam
source: tsim
spaceship: tawsìp
spark (n) txepvi
speak: plltxe
spear (n) tukru
spin (v) kìm
spiral (n) ʼìheyu
spirit: tirea
spirit animal: tireaioang
spirit path: tireafyaʼo
spread, proliferate: vi
squad: wempongu
squirt (v) tsäʼ
Stairway to Heaven: iknimaya
stand (v) kllkxem
star: tan
start: (intrans.) sngäʼi. (start something) sngeyʼi.
stay: ʼìʼawn
still: (yet) vay set. (as before) mi.
sting (v) sngap
stingbat (flying animal): riti
stomach (n) ngäng
stone (n) tskxe
stop: (v) ftang. (suspend action) fpak.
stopping: ftang. without stopping: nìlkeftang.
story, tale: vur
straight: (not crooked) yey. (upright) pxim.
strange: (unfamiliar) stxong. (odd) hiyìk.
stream: payfya
strength: txur
strike, blow (n) takuk
strike, hit (v) takuk
stringed instrument: en
strong: txur
student: numeyu
study: (v) ftia. (n) tìftia.
stupid: snumìna
sturmbeast (animal like cattle) talioang
subject (n) txele
succeed: flä
such: (adj) nafìʼu; tsafnel, fìfnel + genitive; tsafne-, fìfne- (pl. tsayfne-, fayfne-). such as: pxel.
suffice: tam
sufficient: letam
summary: vurvi
sun: tsawke. sunrise: (see dawn). sunset: (see dusk).
Sunday (Earth calendar) trrʼawve
supplies: mekre
sustain: fmal
sweet: kalin
swoop (v) tawng
synopsis: vurvi

tail: kxetse
take: munge. take time: krrnekx.
tale: vur
tall: tsawl
target (n) kan
teach: kar
teacher: karyu
teaching: nume
tell: peng
ten (octal: 12) vomun
tenth (number ten) vomuve
territory: kllpxìltu
test: (v) fmetok. (n) fmetok.
than: to. than all: frato.
Thanator (animal like a panther): palulukan
thank: irayo si. Thank you!: irayo!
that: tsa-. (that thing) tsaʼu, tsaw. (that action) tsakem, tsakem. that one (that person) tsatu. that way: tsafya. that kind of: tsafnel + genitive, tsafne-.
that (conjunction) tsnì. (as for that) furia. (as object) futa. (as subject) fwa. (which, with a noun) a + N, N + a.
their: (animate) fe. (inanimate) se.
them (animate): (acc) fot, foti. (dat) for, foru. (after prep.) fo.
them (inanimate): (acc) sat, sati. (dat) sar, saru.
then: tsakrr
there: tsatseng, tsatseng. out there: satseng. There there!: tam tam.
therefore: tafral
these: fay+. these kinds of: fayfnel + genitive, fayfne-.
they (animate): ayfo, ayfo, fo. (those two) mefo. (those three) pxefo.
they (inanimate): (ay)saʼu, (ay)saw. (those two) mesaʼu, mesaw. (those three) pxesaʼu, pxesaw. [stress?]
"they" (unspecified agent, 'one', 'you') fko.
thing: (object, fact, abstraction) ʼu. (action) kem.
think: fpìl
thinking (way of thinking) fpìlfya
third (number three) pxeyve
thirteen (octal: 15) vomrr
thirteenth (number thirteen) vomrrve
thirty (approx.) tsìvol
this: (with a noun) fì-. (action)
kem. (thing) 

ʼu. (one) po. this way: fya. this kind of: fìfnel + genitive, fìfne-. this morning: rewon. this afternoon: fìhaʼngir. this evening: kaym.

those: tsay+. (those things) saʼu. those kinds of: tsayfnel + genitive, tsayfne-. (See also 'that', 'they'.)
thought: fpìl. thought pattern: fpìlfya.
thousand: (approx.) mevozam. four thousand (approx.) zazam
thread (n) kìng
three: pxey. three hundred (approx.) mrrzam. three thousand (approx.) puvozam. (of other nouns) pxe+.
through: kxam
throat: flew
throw: tsreʼi
thunder (sound of) kxangangang!
Thursday (Earth calendar) trrmrrve
thus: fya, tsafya
tie: tie down, fasten: yän. tie up, bind: yìm.
time (n) krr. take time: krrnekx. all the time: frakrr.
time (adv) alo, -lo. 5 times: alo amrr. 1 time (once): ʼawlo. 2 times (twice) melo. each/every time: fralo. at all times: frakrr. next time: alo ahay. last time: alo aham.
tired: ngeyn
to: (direction) ne. (recipient) -ur, -ru. (infinitive) fte [with subjunctive].
today: trr
tonight: txon
toe: venzek
together: ʼawsiteng
tomorrow: trray. tomorrow night: txonay. tomorrow morning: rewonay. tomorrow afternoon: haʼngiray. tomorrow evening: kaymay.
tongue: ftxì
too: (as well) teng. (excessively) hawng.
tooth: sreʼ
top (n) pa
torn apart, divided: keʼaw
totality: wotx
touch (v) ʼampi
track, follow: sutx
training: tskxekeng
trap (v) syep
travel: sop
treachery: kavuk
tree: utral. Tree of Souls: Vitrautral. Tree of Voices: Utral Aymokriyä. Hometree: Kelutral. [stress?]
trip (journey) sop
true: ngay
truly: ngay
trunk (of a tree) tangek
truth: ngay
try (v) fmi
Tuesday (Earth calendar) trrpxeyve
tune: be in tune, be aware: kame
turn (v) mìn
turn (n) alo. my turn: alo oeyä.
twelfth (number twelve) vove
twelve (octal: 14) vosìng
twentieth (number twenty) mevove
twenty: (exact, octal: 24) mevosìng. (approx.) mevol fu pxevol
twice: melo
twilight: See 'dusk', 'dawn'.
two: mune. two hundred (approx.) pxezam. two thousand (approx.) tsìvozam. the two of us: moe, oeng ["weng"]. the two of you: menga. [stress?] the two of them: mefo, mesa. (of other nouns) me+.
type, kind: fnel. what type? fnepe, pefnel
ugly (sight or sound) väʼ
unambiguously: pxi
understand: (a fact) tslam. (a person) kame.
understanding: (comprehension) tslam. (wise) txantslusam.
Understood!: tslolam
unequal: keteng
unfamiliar: stxong
unfold: ʼong
unfortunately: nìkeftxo
unhappy: keftxo
unhealthy: kelfpomtokx
unknown: stxong
unpleasant to the senses: väʼ
unquote: sìk
until: vaykrr. until now: vay set. until then: tsakrrvay
up: upward: ne. up among: fkip. up to (place, time, or number): vay.
upright: pxim, nìpxim
upset (sad) keftxo
us (excluding you): (acc) ayoeti (ayweti). (dat) ayoeru, ayoer (ayweru, aywer). (after prep.) ayoe.
us (including you): multiple forms, including (acc) awngati. (dat) awngaru, awngar. (after prep.) awnga, ayoeng (ayweng).
use (v) sar
useful: lesar
using: fa
valid: kangay
vegetable (food) fkxen
verb: kemlìʼu
vertical: pxim. vertically: pxim.
very: txan
via: ì+, ìlä+
village: tsray
violet (flower, approx.) seze
viperwolf: nantang
vision (spiritual) äie
visit (v) frrfen
visitor: frrtu
voice (n) mokri
wait, wait for: pey
walk (v) ran
want: new
war: tsam. war party: tsampongu.
warrior: tsamsiyu
was: lamu, lolu. wasn't it? kefya srak? kefyak?.
wash: yur. (oneself) pur.
wasp (approx) zizeʼ
watch: (look at) nìn. watch out: nari si. watch it! oìsss!, tsa-hey!, wiya!, saa!
water: pay
way: fyaʼo. No way! (vulgar) pxasìk. give way: tìng tseng. way of thinking: fpìlfya.
we (but not you): ayoe. we two moe. we three pxoe.
we two (you and I): oeng [weng]. (formal) ohe ngenga. we, all of us (including you) awnga, ayoeng
weak: meyp
weave: ftxu
weaver: ftxuyu
Wednesday (Earth calendar) trrtsìve
weep: tsngawvìk
well: (adv) nìltsan. as well: teng. (See also 'healthy'.)
well: (n) ramunong. Well of Souls: Ayvitrayä Ramunong. [stress?]
well (sentence opener) tse
well-being: fpom
were: lamu, lolu. weren't they? kefya srak? kefyak?.
what?: (action) pehem?, kempe?. (thing) peu?, ʼupe?. (word, utterance) peʼu?, lìʼupe?. (what kind?) fnepe, pefnel. (with other nouns) pe-, -pe?. what? you call that a ...? (disparagement) pak.
what a ...! (praise) nang.
when: (not a question) a krr, krr a. (if) txo.
when?: pehrr?, krrpe?
where?: peseng?, tsengpe?
whether: san srake, ftxey
which?: pe+, -pe. which kind? fnepe, pefnel. which day (of the week, month)? trrpeve
which (not a question) a + N
while: tengkrr [with the imperfective for the -ing verb]
white: teyr
who?: pesu?, tupe?
whole: (n) wotx. (adj) ʼänsyem.
why?: pelun?, lumpe?
wind (n) hufwe
wing: tsyal
wise: txantslusam
wish (v) rangal. I wish ...: rangal.
with: (accompaniment) hu. (by means of) fa.
without: luke
wolf (approx.) nantang
word: ʼu
work: (n) kangkem. (v) work: kangkem si.
world (physical) kifkey
worm: ngawng. (hallucinogenic) eltungawng.
worst: ʼeʼal
worthy: pxan
wow!: tewti!
write: pamrel si
writing: pamrel
wrong: (incorrect) keyawr. (an error) kxey. do wrong: kxey si. you're wrong: ngaru tìkxey
yeah: sran
year: sìt
yellow: rim. in yellow: rim.
yes: srane
yesterday: trram. yesterday night: txonam. yesterday morning: rewonam. yesterday afternoon: haʼngiram. yesterday evening: kaymam.
yet: (still) mi. not yet: vay set (with negative verb).
you (sg.) nga. (honorific form) ngenga. you two: menga. you three: pxenga. you all: aynga. you (unspecified; 'one', 'they') fko. [stress?]
young: ʼewan
your: nge. (formal) ngenge. [stress?]
yucky: väʼ
zero: kew

Discourse particles

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The following exclamations have no easy translation into English. They stand as a clause of their own:

of consternation (it can't be!): au
war cry (alala!) ìley
of pity (poor thing!): keftxo
of anger or annoyance (aargh!) oìsss
vulgar (screw that!) pxasìk
alarm cry; call to defense: rawke
as a threat: saa
upon exertion (oomph!) sau
soothing (there there!) tam tam
of surprise and pleasure (wow!) tewti
of warning or frustration (oy!) tsa-hey, wiya

(See also 'yes', 'no', 'yeah', 'please', 'thank you', 'sorry!', 'forgive me!', 'right?', 'okay', 'understood', 'don't!', 'down!', 'well', 'hello', 'goodbye'.)

The following emotive particles occur at the end of a clause:

soliciting agreement (Let's X; X, eh?) ko
surprise, exclamation, encouragement (Oh my! What an X!) nang
disparagement (Pshaw! You call that an X?) pak

Others help the grammatical flow of discourse:

direct address (O!) ma
continuation (And you?) tut

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