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Muggles' Guide to Harry Potter - Character
Gender Male
Hair color Red, chestnut
Eye color Unknown
Related Family Unknown
Loyalty Centaur race


Ronan is a Centaur living in the Forbidden Forest. He has a slow, doleful voice.

Role in the Books[edit]

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Philosopher's Stone[edit]

When Harry is serving his detention in the Forbidden Forest, he, Hermione, and Hagrid hear something moving. Challenged, the something moving turns out to be Ronan, a Centaur, who discusses astronomy ("Mars is very bright tonight").

Later, when Harry has encountered the being that is killing Unicorns, Firenze, another Centaur, rescues him, and offers to carry him back to Hagrid. As he is doing so, Ronan (along with Bane, another centaur), confront Firenze. Bane is infuriated that Firenze is acting as a beast of burden, while Ronan says dolefully that he is sure Firenze is doing what he thinks best.

Order of the Phoenix[edit]

Ronan is one of the centaurs who confront Dolores Umbridge in the Forbidden Forest when Hermione is leading her (and Harry) to the supposed weapon they claim to have been working on. After Umbridge is spirited away, and the others are trying to decide what to do with Harry and Hermione, Ronan reminds the others that they do not attack foals.



Relationships with Other Characters[edit]



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Greater Picture[edit]

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