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Mirad-English Dictionary A-M[edit | edit source]

-a - a-[edit | edit source]

-a suffix denoting adjective, past tense verb inflection -p- dynamic/intransitive/motional verb formant
-ab suffix denoting top of an organization -s- stative/inchoative/intransitive verb formant
-ag big -s noun suffix for things
-al gas, air -san shape
-am building -t noun suffix for persons
-an -ness, -hood, -ity, -tude -tin -ism
-ar instrument, tool -tina -istic
-b- active/transitive/gestural verb formant -tit -ist
-bok -pathy -tun science of, -ology, study of, suffix for science
-byixwa -genic -tuna scientific, -ological, scholarly, scholastic
-dab -cracy -tut scientist, -ologist, scholar, doctor
-dren -graph, -graphy, -script -u- object-directed verb formant
-e present tense verb inflection -u hypothetical verb aspect inflection
-ea present participle inflection, -ing -uf hatred of, -phobia, miso-
-el food -ufa -phobic, miso-
-em open space, place, open-air space, space, -atory, -torium, -ary -uka -less, -free
-en verbal noun inflection, gerund suffix -ul substance
-er verb infinitive inflection -um booth, stall, cell, compartment, closet
-es smaller inanimate version of something -un suffix for thing or result of an action
-et smaller animate counterpart of -ur engine, motor
-i- subject-directed verb formant -ut one who Xes, -er, -or, -ist, agent noun suffix
-if love of, philo-, -philia -w- verb passive voice infix, monosyllabic cardinal number infix, male gender infix, y-intensifier substitute
-ifa -loving, -philic, -phile -x- active/transitive/factive verb formant
-ika -ful, full of, filled with, -ous, -y -yafa able to X
-il liquid, fluid, drink, water -yafwa possible to be Xed
-im room -yan aggregate, collection, grouping
-in -ism, doctrine, suffix for doctrine -yea adjective suffix similar to -ive, -ious
-ina -istic -yeb container
-inut -ist -yeg hole, aperture, short for zyeg
-ir machine, contraption -yel oil, gel, goo
-iv fun, festival -yem enclosed space
-n abstract nominal suffix, noun suffix for abstractions -yen manner, kind, way, style
-nazea -worthy -yena like, -ish, -ly
-o future tense verb inflection -yofa unable to X
-og little -yofwa impossible to be Xed
-om place -yuf -phobia, fear of
-on suffix for abstact things -yufa -phobic
-ot child of, product of something -yufut -phobe
-ov against -z something prized
-ovarea -proof, -resistant a- mono-, uni-, north

a - aagnad[edit | edit source]

a one, the number one, the letter a aafina goblun bi taol prime cut of meat
aa- arch-, proto- aafina hobyen prime condition
aa dyun first name, given name aafina kebiun prime choice
aa mira doprek first world war, World War I, WWI aafina first-rate, top-quality, prime
aa mos first floor aafut arch villain, principal bad guy
aa nab sim front row seat aafyox original sin
aa neg level one, first level aaga abdrenad main headline
aa pyex strike one, first strike aaga dezyem main stage
aa tetitud first cousin aaga drenes feature article
aa tetituyd first female cousin aaga mep main boulevard, main strip, main path
aa tetitwud first male cousin aaga tulyan main course
aa tisnog first grade aaga tyal main meal
aa tisnogat first-grader aaga main, principal, primary, key, arch, major
aa xun first cause aagan primacy
aa yabdeuzat first tenor aagas main thing, principle
aa yabdeuzayt first soprano aagat main person, key person
aa yiba tetitud cousin first removed aagay mainly, principally, primarily
aa yiba tetituyd cousin first removed aagbol mainstay
aa yiba tetitwud male cousin first removed aagdezut star, protagonist, main actor
aa yobdeuzat first bass aagdomep main street
aa yobdeuzayt first alto aagdovyab constitution
aa first, prime aagdovyaba constitutional
AAD UAE aagdovyaban constitutionality
aaden priming aagdovyabava pro-constitutional
aader prime aagdovyabay constitutionally
aadezekgon lead role, starring role aagdovyabin constitutionalism
aadezer star, star in a stage production aagdovyabina constitutionalistic
aadezut star, star of the stage, stage star, lead actor aagdovyabinut constitutionalist
aadonabwa first-ranked, top-ranked, top brass aagdovyabova anti-constitutional
aadonabwat top brass officer aagdovyabovan anti-constitutionality
aadonabwatyan top brass officer class aagekut star, main player, protagonist
aadoyen protocol aagfidezut hero, protagonist, leading good guy
aadreun protocol aagfit hero, champion, protagonist
aadub prime minister aagfudezut arch villain, leading bad guy, antagonist
aaduba prime ministerial aagfut arch villain, antagonist
aaduban prime ministership, prime ministry aagilp mainstream
aadwa primed aagilpa mainstream
aadyezer star, star in a film aagkyej main event
aadyezgon starring role in a film aagmep main road
aadyezut star, screen star, lead actor in a film, film star aagnad mainline

aagnyazat - aanapa yaxnad[edit | edit source]

aagnyazat person of great wealth aajuntun archeology
aagsaibyan mainframe aajuntuna archaeological
aagser become main aajuntunay archaeologically
aagtem main hall, lobby aajuntut archaeologist
aagteyen main idea, crux, principal notion aakaxen discovery, discovering, invention
aagtul main course dish aakaxer discover, invent
aagtuldras main course menu aakaxun discovery, invention
aagtulyan main course aakaxut discoverer, inventor
aagxen making main aakaxwa discovered, invented
aagxer make main aakaxwas discovery, invention
aagxwa made main aakaxyea inventive
aaj early days, ancient times, antiquity, olden days aakaxyean inventiveness
aaja ancient, early, olden, antique, primal, old aakebiwa taolgol choice cut of meat, prime choice cut
aajaba atistam first grade, first grade in school aakebiwa choice, prime, elite
aajaba atistamut first-grader, first-year grade school pupil aamola teud primal scream
aajaba first-year aamola primal, primitive
aajabat freshman, first-year student aamos sim orchestra seat, main floor seat
aajas antique, something old aamos main floor
aajasa antiquated, worn out aamul element
aajaser become old, get old, get out of date, grow old, wear out, grow stale aamula voz primary color
aajasnam antique stop aamula elementary, elemental, primary
aajasnamut antiquarian aan primacy, preeminence
aajat elderly person, aged person, elder, oldster, senior aana unique, one and only, original, first-of-its-kind, preeminent
aajatan seniority aanab first rank, first row
aajna ancient, antique, proto- aanaba first-ranking, top, foremost, first-row, premier
aajnat ancient person, person of antiquity aanaber rank first
aajoda first-time aanabwa first-ranked, top-ranked
aajodat first-timer aanan uniqueness, originality
aajouba primeval, primal aanap priority, primacy
aajsa stale, old, dull aanapa aomeryuznad prime meridian
aajsan staleness, dullness aanapa erdunjob primary tense
aajsasea growing stale, getting stale, getting tiresome aanapa kyid primary stress
aajsaser grow stale, get stale, get tiresome aanapa nyun primary product
aajsaun archetype aanapa sag prime number
aajsauna archetypal aanapa tes primary sense, primary meaning
aajtobtun paleo-anthropology aanapa tesagan prime importance
aajtobtuna paleo-anthropological aanapa tuxen primary education
aajtobtut paleo-anthropologist aanapa vyesag prime rate
aajun antique aanapa xun primary factor
aajunam antique shop aanapa yaxnad primary line of business

aanapa - aayeker[edit | edit source]

aanapa first-order, prime, primary aatajbwa first-born
aanapan primacy aatajbwat first-born
aanapat primate, chief aatat archangel
aanapay primarily aataxdrawa first-recorded
aanay in unison, uniquely, preeminently, originally, as a first aateatwa first-seen
aanega first-level aateetwa first-heard
aanyap principle, standard aateja primal
aanyapaya principled aates primary meaning, explicit meaning
aanyapoya unprincipled aatex principle
aaojduut prime lender aateyen ideal, principle, primary concept, original idea
aaovekut archrival aateyena ideal
aapen going first, precedence aateyenin idealism
aaper go first, precede aateyenina idealistic
aaput first-goer, person going first aateyeninut idealist
aas first one, first, first thing aati first people, first ones
aasan mold, proto-form, primitive form, precursor aatuen priming, notifying first
aasana primordial, primitive aatuer prime, notify first
aasanar mold, matrix, template aatuwa primed, notified first
aasanuklun mold, matrix aatuxen initiation
aasanxen molding, casting aatuxer initiate
aasanxer mold, cast aatuxwa initiated
aasanxwa molded, cast aatuxwat initiate
aasanxwas casting, molding aatwa first-known
aasaun pattern, model, prototype aavyan principle, precept, canon
aasauna model, prototypical aavyana principal, canonical, preceptive
aasaunser be a model, model oneself after aavyanay in principle, principally, canonically
aasauntob mannequin aavyanaya principled
aasauntoyb female mannequin aavyanoya unprincipled
aasauntwob male mannequin aavyanuka unprincipled
aasaunxen modeling, modeling after, prototyping aaxen initiation
aasaunxer model, model after, prototype aaxer initiate
aasaunxut model aaxut initiator
aasaunxuyt female model aaxwa initiated
aasaunxwa modeled, modeled after, prototyped aaxwat initiate, rookie
aasi first things aay firstly, foremost, primarily
aasowa first-hand aayek experiment
aasyana first class aayeka experimental
aat yuxwo first-come first-serve aayekar probe
aat first person, first one aayeken experimentation
aataja first-born aayeker experiment

aayekun - abdout[edit | edit source]

aayekun sample abaxegar tickler
aayekut experimenter abaxegen tickling
aayekwa experimented abaxeger tickle
aayodat arch enemy abaxen caressing, stroking, petting, patting
aayux first aid abaxer caress, pet, stroke, pat
aayuxnyef first aid kit abaxwa caressed, petted, stroked, patted
aayuxpur ambulance abay superiorly
aayuxut first aid responder abayafa dominant
aazyetejwa first-experienced abayafat superpower, lord, dominant person
ab- super-, sur-, on abayafon superior power, superpower, dominance
ab apet on horseback abayafser dominate, lord over
ab bu ha sem onto the table abdab dominion
ab bu onto abdabser be dominant
ab ha sem on the table, on top of the table abdabxea dominant
ab on, on top of, aboard, upon abdabxen domination
aba superior, upper, on board abdabxer dominate, lord over, domineer
ababar lid, cover, top abdabxuyt dominatrix
ababea umvab thatch abdabxwa dominated
ababen covering abdabxyea domineering, dominant
ababer cover abdabxyean dominance
ababof cover, blanket abdeb emperor, lord
ababun covering, cover abdeyb empress, lady
ababwa yepem porch, covered entryway, portico abdob empire
ababwa covered, blanketed abdoba imperial
abalar applicator abdobin imperialism
abalen application, pressure abdobina imperalist, imperalistic
abaler apply, press, apply pressure from above abdobinut imperialist
abalwa applied abdonab upper class
aban superiority abdonaba of superior rank, superior, senior
abarea trampling abdonabat superior, senior
abaren trampling, squashing, running over abdonaben ranking above, being superior in rank
abarer trample, squash, run over abdonaber rank above, be superior in rank
abarwa trampled, squashed, run over abdonabwa ranked above
abarwer get run over, get trampled, get squashed abdoneg top social stratum, top social class, upper class
abaun cover, covering abdonega upper-class
abavol crust abdonegat member of the upper class, sociocrat
abavolaya crusty abdotyan higher social class
abavolxer make into crust abdotyana high-class
abavolxwa crusted, encrusted abdotyanat person in the higher social class
abawa covered abdout aristocrat

abdouta - aber tef[edit | edit source]

abdouta aristocratic abduutyea domineering
abdoutyan aristocracy abdyun surname, first name, given name, title, caption
abdoutyana aristocratic abdyunser be entitled, be captioned
abdoutyanay aristocratically abdyunxer title, caption
abdovyabxim upper legislative chamber, senate abdyunxwa titled, captioned
abdovyabxima senatorial abeax survey
abdovyabxut senator abeaxen surveying, surveillance
abdovyabxutim senate chamber, upper chamber of congress abeaxer survey
abdovyabxutyan senate, upper house abeaxut surveyer
abdovyabxutyana senatorial abeaxwa surveyed
abdras superscript abefyaxeb archbishop, exarch, cardinal, major archbishop
abdrawa labeled, titled, superscribed abefyaxeba archiepiscopal
abdrefxen papering over abefyaxebyan cardinalate
abdrefxer paper over abefyaxem archdiocese
abdrefxwa papered over abefyaxob archiepiscopate, exarchate, college of cardinals
abdren labeling, label, titling abeksem surgical table
abdrenad headline, heading abektun bi taub neurosurgery
abdrenader headline abektun bi teab eye surgery
abdrenadut headliner abektun bi teib rhinoplasty
abdreniv supertext abektun bi tyoyab foot surgery
abdrer label, title abektun surgery
abdresiyn above-the-line diacritic abektuna gibar lancet
abdrun drev title page abektuna goblar surgical knife, scalpel
abdrun title, inscription, label abektuna surgical
abdungab affix abektunay surgically
abdungaben affixation abektut surgeon
abdungaber affix abem surface, top
abdunsiyn diacritic, accent, accent mark over a word abema superficial, surface
abdunsiynen accenting abeman superficiality
abdunsiyner accent abemen setting down, laying down, depositing, imposition, imposing
abdunsiynwa accented abemer set down, lay down, deposit, impose
abdut master abemper surface, rise to the surface
abduten mastery abemwa set down, laid down, deposited, imposed
abduter master abemwas deposition
abdutsen mastery, subduction aben application, donning, setting, laying, wearing, putting on, imposition
abdutser master, subdue abennod siyn umlaut, dieresis, trema, double dot sign above
abdutyena masterful aber nuxyef levy a tariff, impose a tariff, set a tariff
abdutyenan masterfulness aber sindrof put up a poster
abduut overlord, don aber somos put on a shelf
abduuten domination aber tef put on a hat

aber vixut aybil - abmefyan[edit | edit source]

aber vixut aybil apply beauty cream, apply makeup abilover foam, lather
aber yugxyal apply lotion, apply a salve abilovoben rinsing
aber put on, apply, set, lay, wear, set on, don, impose abilovober rinse
abex control, grip, hold abilovobwa rinsed
abexar gripper, grip, handle, controller abimbar baster
abexea holding on, controlling abimber baste, coat
abexen holding on, holding onto, controlling, gripping abimbwa basted, coated
abexer hold on, control, hold onto, grip abimxar baster
abexwa held on, controlled, gripped abixen pulling on
abfin advantage, favor, upper hand abixer pull on
abfina superb, superior abixwa pulled on
abfinan superiority abkumas ledge, cornice
abfinay superbly, superiorly abkun topside, top, upper side
abfinaya advantageous, favorable abkyober affix, stick on, post
abfinayay advantageously, favorably abkyobwa posted, affixed
abfinien taking advantage of abkyobwas poster, something affixed
abfinier take advantage of abkyotyan superior caste, upper caste
abfinuen favoring, giving the edge to, giving the advantage to ablax massage
abfinuer favor, give the edge to, give the advantage to ablaxam massage parlor
abfinuwa advantaged, favored ablaxen sem massage table
abgabun topping, coating ablaxen massage, massaging, rub-down
abgabuner top off, coat ablaxer massage, rub down, stroke
abgabunwa topped off, coated ablaxut masseur
abgoblar paring knife ablaxuyt masseuse
abgoblawa pared ableveylbwa glazed
abgoblen paring ableyavol pie
abgobler pare abmagelar grill
abgoypar file abmagelaren grilling
abgoyparer file abmagelarer grill
abgrun siyn hacek abmagelarwa bilyig ebavol grilled cheese sandwich
abiloben skimming abmagelarwa grilled
abilober skim abmas roof
abilobwa skimmed, skim abmeel topsoil
abilov foam, lather, mousse, froth, suds abmef goblar tile cutter
abilovaya foamy, frothy, sudsy abmef tile
abilovayan foaminess, frothiness, sudsiness abmefben tile-laying, tile laying
abilovben lathering, sudsing up abmefber lay tile, tile
abilovber lather, suds up abmefbut tile layer, tile-layer, roofer
abilovbwa lathered, sudsed up abmefbwa tiled
abilovea foaming, lathering, frothing abmefyan tile work, roofing, tile-work

abmeltim - abtammas[edit | edit source]

abmeltim terrace abrat supreme being
abmimof topsail abrax friction, rub
abmis fanlight abraxazon friction
abmos top floor, upper floor abraxazonika friction-filled, rough
abmoys upper layer abraxazonuka friction-free, smooth
abna superior abraxea yujteuzun fricative consonant
abnab superior rank, upper rank, top grade abraxea rubbing
abnaba superior in rank, higher-ranking, ranking, superior, superordinate, super-grade abraxen rubbing, friction
abnabat superior abraxer rub
abnabier get promoted, go up in rank, advance, graduate abraxika friction-filled
abnabuen promotion abraxuka friction-free, non-abrasive
abnabuer promote abraxwa rubbed
abnabuwa promoted abraxyea rough, fricative, abrasive
abnad upper limit, maximum abraxyean abrasiveness
abnada maximal abraxyeay abrasively
abnadsiyn macron abray supremely, preeminently, absolutely
abnaga superior in degree abruxen stomping
abnagat super grade abruxer stomp
abnagier graduate, get upgraded, step up abruxwa stomped
abnaguen graduation, upgrading, stepping up absayeb upper layer, crust
abnaguer graduate, upgrade, step up absiyn above-the-line mark, accent
abnaguwa graduated, upgraded, stepped up absuef bedspread, bed cover
abnan superiority absun layer, coat, stratum
abned surface, top, roof, upper plane, upper surface absunaya layered
abneda superficial, top absunxen layering, coating
abneg top level, superior level, superior echelon, upper level absunxer layer, coat
abnega top-level, high-echelon absunxwa layered, coated
abnig upper space absyeb cover, lid
abnod apex, peak, summit, top, tip, zenith, tiptop, vertex abtaaf overcoat
abnoda peak, top abtaayf cardigan
abnodser peak, top out abtaf coat
abnodsiyn dot above abtafsom coat hanger, portmanteau
abobwa bil skim milk abtajtyan noble class, aristocracy, nobility
abobwa bilgab buttermilk abtajtyana noble, highborn, patrician, wellborn, aristocratic
abof canopy, tarp abtajtyanat nobleman, gentleman, aristocrat
abra sat supreme being abtamas roof, rooftop
abra vyayb cardinal rule abtamasun roofing
abra supreme, cardinal, preeminent, top, utmost, peerless, absolute abtamasut roofer
abran supremacy, preeminence abtameb overlord
abrasea reigning supreme abtammas roof

abtamzyim - abyudepyat[edit | edit source]

abtamzyim terrace abuxwa imposed, pushed on
abtaves overalls, apron, smock abwa applied, set, laid, donned, worn, imposed
abtayaf overcoat abxeb superior, supervisor, foreman
abtayv work blouse abxob upper management, hierarchy
abteabayeb eyebrow abxub superior department, head office
abteabayeber frown, furl one's eyebrows abyafa dominant
abteaxen supervision abyafat superpower, lord, dominant person
abteaxena supervisory abyafon superior power, superpower, dominance
abteaxer supervise, overlook, oversee abyafser dominate, lord over
abteaxut supervisor, overseer abyafsyea domineering
abtem attic abyagon gap, interval
abteuba yujteuzun alveolar consonant abyedapat master sergeant with diamond
abteubob upper lip abyexen aggression
abteupimul enamel abyexer aggress
abteuz voice-over abyextos anger
abteyof scarf abyextosien getting angry
abtiab thorax, breastplate abyextosier get angry
abtim attic, upstairs room abyextosika angry, full of anger
abtityanat upperclassman abyextosuen angering
abtob superman, super human abyextosuer anger
abtoba superhuman abyextosuwa angered
abtof outerwear abyexut aggressor
abtommas roof abyexwa aggressed
abtoof overgarments, tracksuit abyexyea aggressive
abtyan upper class abyexyean aggressiveness
abtyana high-class, upper class abyexyeay aggressively
abtyanat high-class person, person of the upper class abyidapat senior master sergeant with diamond
abtyof overalls, trousers abyidepyat first sergeant
abtyoyaf boot abyolar suspender
abuen conferring abyolen suspension
abuer confer abyoler suspend
abun coating, topping, coat, cover, roof, cap abyolwa suspended
abunaber cover, cap, put a top on abyosea hanging on
abunen coverage abyoser hang on, hang onto
abuner coat, top abyox zeymep suspension bridge
abunober uncover, take the top of, remove a cap abyoxen suspending, suspension
abunwa covered, capped, topped, coated abyoxer suspend
abuper come onto abyoxwa suspended
abuwa conferred abyudapat chief master sergeant with diamond
abuxen imposition, pushing on abyudepyat sergeant major of the army

abyudipat - aey[edit | edit source]

abyudipat master chief petty officer of the navy adopar ijbar gun trigger
abyujar lid, cover, cap adopar prux gunshot, gunfire, shot, shooting
abzam surface adopar pruxun gun cartridge
abzama superficial adopar zetif gun belt
abzaman superficiality adopar zyunog bullet, gun cartridge
abzamas sim balcony seat adopar zyunogyan ammunition, gun ammunition, pistol ammo
abzamas balcony adopar gun, pistol
abzamay superficially adoparen vyayekem test-firing range
abzamper come to the surface, surface adoparen shooting, firing
abzateb forehead adoparenem firing range, shooting range
abzeymep overpass adoparer shoot, fire a gun, shoot with a gun, fire at
abzyim upper level adoparpyexen pistol whipping
abzyin platform adoparpyexer pistol whip
AD UN, United Nations adoparpyexwa pistol whipped
ADA U.S.A., USA, United States of America adopartujben gunning down, shooting dead, gun killing
ADAa American, U.S. adopartujber gun down, kill with gunfire, shoot dead
ADAat American, U.S. citizen adopartujbwa gunned down, shot dead, killed by gunfire
adapat airman basic adoparut shooter, gunman
adaplat second lieutenant adoparwa shot, fired at
adaprat brigadier general adopir zyun cannon ball
adeb emperor adopir cannon
adebam imperial palace adopiren cannon fire
adebmuv scepter adopirer fire a cannon
adepat private adopirwa shot with a cannon
adeplat warrant officer adopiryan cannonry
adeprat brigadier general, one-star general adopmimpur aircraft carrier
adeyb empress adun adjective
adiepat private aduna adjectival
adieplat warrant officer adunxea adjectivizing
adieprat lieutenant general adunxen adjectivization
adipat seaman recruit adunxer adjectivize
adiplat ensign adunxwa adjectivized
adiprat rear admiral lower half aduzar violin
adob empire aduzarut violinist, violin player
adoba imperial aet you and I, you and me, we, us
adobin imperialism aeta our
adobina imperialistic, imperial, imperialist aetas ours
adobinut imperialist aetasi ours
adonabwa number-one-ranking aetyal brunch
adopar belar gun holster aey and/or

aeyut - agalay[edit | edit source]

aeyut ourselves afwer be allowed, be permitted
aeyuta our own afxen allowance, permission
aeyutas our own afxer allow, permit, authorize
aeyutasi our own Afxu at tyuer et bu atut. Allow me to introduce you to myself.
af permission, authority, allowance Afxu at tyuer et bu x Allow me to introduce you to x
afa permitted, allowed, authorized afxwa allowed, permitted, authorized
afab apple tree afxwat committee member
afabes boxwood, boxwood tree afxwatyan committee, board, panel
afden authorization, allowance, permission, license afxyea permissive, lax
afder authorize, allow, permit, license afxyean permissiveness, laxness
afdras permit, license afyapattob seraph
afdrawa licensed, authorized in writing afyapattoba seraphic
afdrer license, authorize in writing afyapattobyan seraphim
afdrut licensor afyaxeb pope, patriarch, pontiff, primate, metropolitan
afdun permit, license afyaxeba papal, patriarchal
afdut authority, licenser afyaxeban papacy, patriarchy
afdutyan authorities afyaxeber serve as pope, serve as patriarch
afdwa authorized, licensed, permitted afyaxelam cathedral
afdyea authoritative afyaxob holy see, patriarchate
afdyeay authoritatively Afyaxob Vatican, Holy See
afeb ableyavol apple pie afyaya licentious, free-wheeling
afeb apple afyayt goddess
afel apple juice afzyiun license place, license plate
afen allowance, permission ag size
afer may, be allowed, be permitted, have permission to aga big, large
Afgana Afghani agabdras headline
Afganam Afghanistan agabdrawa headlined
Afganama Afghani agabdrer headline
Afganat Afghan agabdrut headliner
afil cider agajbekuluer re-vaccinate
Afrika African agak big win, major gain
Afrikam Africa agaker run away with, defeat roundly
Afrikat African agala major, important, principal, main
afser be allowed, be permitted, be authorized to agalan majority
Afu Tot ser ata teadut. Let God be my witness. agalat important personage, v.i.p., VIP
afu might, let, may agalattojben assassination
afuen authorization agalattojber assassinate
afuer authorize agalattojbut assassin
afuwa authorized agalattojbwa assassinated
afuwat authority, proxy, surrogate, stand-in agalay principally, mainly

agan - agsea[edit | edit source]

agan bigness, largeness, greatness, size, magnitude agfizikan gloriousness
aganut personage, v.i.p., bigwig agilyopea streaming, running, dripping
agara tobtojben capital homicide, capital murder agilyopen streaming, running, dripping
agara capital agilyoper stream, run, drip
agasea increasing in size, getting bigger agivdin dez comedy
agaser get big, grow in size, get larger agivdin dezut comedy player, comedic actor
agatunay arithmetically agivdin comedy
agaxar magnifier agivteub big smile, wide grin
agaxen magnification, enlargement agivteuben smiling bigly, grinning widely
agaxer magnify, enlarge agivteuber smile bigly, grin widely
agaxwa magnified, enlarged agivteud guffaw, cackle
agdin epic, saga, legend agivteudea guffawing, cackling
agdina epic, legendary, epical agivteuden guffawing, cackling
agdodin saga agivteuder guffaw, cackle
agdresiyn capital letter, majuscule, uppercase letter agla huge, enormous
agdresiynxen capitalization, upper-casing aglan hugeness, enormity
agdresiynxer capitalize, uppercase aglaser become huge, become enormous
agdresiynxwa capitalized, upper-cased aglaxar magnifier
agebavol hero aglaxea zyef magnifying glass
agebkyan business, concern, enterprise aglaxen magnification
agebkyana business-related aglaxer magnify
agebkyanut businessman, entrepreneur aglaxwa magnified
agebkyanxer do business aglay hugely, enormously
agef big need, great need agmep highway
agefwa in great need agnaga sizable
agfiz glory agnog to a large extent
agfizat hero agnyaz great wealth
agfizatan heroism agra- macro-, giga-
agfizatyen heroism agra magmeb super volcano
agfizatyena heroic agra tazun colossus
agfizaxea glorifying agra immense, tremendous, gigantic, colossal, jumbo
agfizaxen glorification agran immensity
agfizaxer glorify agras colossus, whopper, monstrosity
agfizaxwa glorified agrat giant, behemoth, mammoth, titan
agfizaya glorious agratyena gigantic
agfizayan gloriousness agray immensely, tremendously, colossally
agfizdin saga, epic, epic novel, myth agsa grown, adult
agfizdina mythical, epical agsat adult, grown-up
agfizdinyan mythology agsatan adulthood
agfizdinyana mythological agsea growing

agseas - ajbekuluwa[edit | edit source]

agseas crescendo agxen growing, raising, breeding
agseat adolescent agxer grow, raise, breed
agseatan adolescence agxuen nurturing
agsem banquet table agxuer nurture
agsen growth agxut grower, raiser, breeder
agser grow up, grow agxuut nurturer
agsim armchair agxuwa nurtured
agsum king-size bed agxuyea nurturing
agsyik dystrophy agxwa grown, raised, bred
Agta Mas bi Cinam Great Wall of China agyafa mighty, powerful, superstrong
agta top great spirit, great soul, mahatma agyafon might, great strength, great power
agta yagdidut grand inquisitor agyalevabil tapioca
agta great agyek prodigious effort, major challenge
agtam chateau, mansion agyena grandiose
agtan greatness agyenan grandiosity
agtat great one agyenay grandiosely
agtay greatly agyovok chastisement, castigation
agteyen grandiose idea, grande idee, grand ideal agyovokuen chastisement, castigation
agtopa magnanimous, bighearted, generous agyovokuer chastise, castigate
agtopan magnanimity, bigheartedness, generosity agyovokuwa chastised, castigated
agtopay magnanimously, big-heartedly, generously agyuxnasbuut big tipper
agtosa sensational agzonsim high-back chair
agtosaxen sensationalization aimer north-east
agtosaxer sensationalize aimera north-east, north-eastern
agtosaxwa sensationalized aiyut ourselves
agtosay sensationally aiyuta our own
agtyena grandiose aiyutas our own
agtyenan grandiosity aiyutasi our own
agtyenay grandiosely aj past
agtyslim banquet hall aja jobyen past tense
aguftos rage aja past
aguftosier become enraged ajaga one year old
aguftosuer enrage ajagat one-year-old, one-year-old baby
aguftosuwa enraged ajagati one-year-olds
aguv great sorrow, woe, chagrin ajay already, ago
aguvdez tragedy, tragic theater ajbekul vaccine
aguvdeza tragedian ajbekulier get vaccinated
aguvdezut tragedian actor ajbekuluen vaccination
aguvdin tragedy, tale of woe ajbekuluer vaccinate
aguvdina tragic ajbekuluwa vaccinated

ajber - ajput[edit | edit source]

ajber pass up, relegate to the past ajdreuzut balladeer
ajbesun legacy ajdreuzyan balladry
ajbukgexen vengeance, revenge, avenging ajdun adage
ajbukgexer avenge, exact revenge, get even for past injury ajdwa evoked, recounted, hearkened
ajbukgexut avenger ajdyea evocative
ajbukgexwa avenged ajer job spend time
ajbukgexyea vengeful ajer pass, spend
ajbun legacy, hand-me-down ajifsyena old-fashioned, quaint
ajbwa passed up ajifsyenan quaintness
ajdea evocative ajifsyenay quaintly
ajdean evocativeness ajin regressivism
ajdeay evocatively ajina regressivist
ajden proverb, saying, adage, recounting, evocation, hearkening ajinut regressivist
ajdena proverbial Ajna Fyatead Old Testament
ajdenay proverbially ajna juab last Monday, the past Monday
ajdenxen proverbialization ajna nyazayati old money
ajdenxer proverbialize ajna old, past, ancient, passe, former, ex-, last, ancestral, early
ajdenxwa proverbialized ajnat veteran, predecessor, former person, ex
ajder evoke, recount, hearken ajnun antique
ajdeuzun ballad ajnunam antique store
ajdeuzut balladeer ajnunut antiquarian
ajdiin lore ajnunyan antiquities
ajdin history, record ajob olden days, times past
ajdina historical ajoba antique, ancient, olden
ajdinaga historic ajoban antiquity
ajdinagat historic great, one of the greats of history ajobas antiquity, thing of the past
ajdinden recounting, narration ajobat ancient person
ajdinder recount, narrate ajobay in times past
ajdindren historiography ajoktos nostalgia
ajdindrena historiographical ajoktosea nostalgic
ajdindrer record history ajoktoseay nostalgically
ajdindrut historiographer ajoktosen feeling nostalgia, missing the past
ajdindut narrator ajoktoser feel nostalgia, miss the past
ajdintun historical scholarship ajpa by-gone, gone, passed on, past
ajdintut historical scholar ajpea passing
ajdinxea history-making, record-setting ajpeay en passant
ajdinxer make history, set a record ajpem passage, passageway
ajdinxut history-maker, record-setter ajper pass away, pass on, pass, pass by, go by
ajdinyan lore, folklore ajpun passage
ajdinyena historic ajput passerby

ajsa - akivtosea[edit | edit source]

ajsa old, worn, worn-out, decrepit, stale, flat ajtun wisdom of the ages
ajsan decrepitude, staleness ajtuut adviser
ajsasea aging, wearing out, decaying ajtwad ex-husband
ajsaser wear out, age, grow stale ajtwed male ancestor, forefather
ajsaxer wear out, age ajunkaxun archaeological find, antiquity
ajsaxwa worn-out, aged, decrepit, stale ajunkex archaeological search
ajtad ex-spouse ajunkexer search for antiquities
ajtax recollection, memory from the past, reminiscence ajunkexut archaeological searcher
ajtaxer recall, recollect, reminisce ajutbyen tradition
ajtayd ex-wife ajutbyena traditional
ajtea wise, sagacious ajutbyenay traditionally
ajtean wisdom, sagacity ajutbyendin folk tale, tale of tradition, lore
ajteat wise person, wise man, sage ajutbyendina traditional, folkloric
ajted ancestor ajutbyendinyan folklore
ajteda ancestral ajutnyandin folklore
ajtedan ancestry ajutnyandina folkloric
ajtedyan ancestry, forefathers ajutvyandun adage
ajtej past life ajuvtos regret, remorse
ajtexea reminiscent, reflecting ajuvtosden expressing regret, expression remorse, apologize
ajtexen reminiscence, reflection ajuvtosder express regret, express remorse, say I'm sorry
ajtexer reminisce, reflect ajuvtosdres apology note
ajtexwa reminisced, reflected ajuvtosdun expression of regret, expression of remorse, apology
ajteyd female ancestor ajuvtosdyea apologetic, regretful, remorseful
ajtezdin legend ajuvtosea regretful
ajtia wise, sage, learned ajuvtoseay regretfully
ajtier take advice, learn from the past, be wise ajuvtosen regretting
ajtiwa wise, sage, learned ajuvtoser regret
ajtiwan wisdom, sagacity, learnedness ajyen old style, old ways, old fashion
ajtiwat sage, wise person ajyena old-fashioned, ancient, outmoded, old-style, out-of-date
ajtod ancestry ajyenat old-fashioned person
ajtoda ancestral ajyenay in the old-fashioned way, in the ancient way
ajtodyan ancestry, ancestors ak gain, win
ajtodyen tradition akea winning, gaining
ajtodyena traditional aken winning, gaining, earning
ajtodyenay traditionally aker win, gain, earn
ajtodyenin traditionalism akien benefiting, gaining from, taking advantage
ajtodyenina traditionalist akier benefit, gain, take advantage of, gain from
ajtodyeninut traditionalist akiut beneficiary
ajtuen advice akivtos exultance, elation
ajtuena advisory akivtosea exultant, elated

akivtosen - alo-[edit | edit source]

akivtosen exultation, elation, revelling akutuyfuwa enviable
akivtoser exult, feel elated, revel akutuyfwa envied
aklawa defeated, vanquished, overcome, conquered akuut benefactor
aklea victorious akuwa advantaged
aklean victoriousness akwa won, gained, earned
akleay victoriously akyikwa hard-won, hard-earned
aklen defeating, vanquishing, conquering akyukwa easily won, easily earned
akler yukay run circles around, defeat easily ala eleven
akler defeat, vanquish, win over, overcome, conquer alaa eleventh
aklon victory aladeplat colonel
aklun conquest, defeat aladiepat sergeant major
aklut victor, conqueror alam sodium
aklyikwa difficult to defeat alamil soda water
aklyukwa easily-defeated, easily-vanquished alana eleven-fold
akon asset, benefit alanapa eleventh
akpas stratagem, winning move Albana Albanian
akpasyan strategy Albanad Albanian
akpasyana strategic Albanam Albania
akpasyanxen strategizing Albanama Albanian
akpasyanxer strategize Albanat Albanian
akpasyanxwa strategized ale twelve
akrawa triumphed aleavol brioche
akrea triumphant alediepat sergeant major of the marine corps
akren triumphing, defeating, trouncing alem magnesium
akrer triumph, heroically defeat, trounce alena twelvefold
akron triumph, glorious defeat aleon dozen
akrona deuzun paean aleoni dozens
akrona triumphal Algerya Algerian
akrun triumph, defeat, trounce Algeryam Algeria
akrut one who triumphs, triumphant one, hero Algeryama Algerian
akuen benefiting, giving the advantage to Algeryat Algerian
akuer benefit, give the advantage to ali thirteen
akun winnings, gain, earnings, benefit alien breathing in, inhalation, respiration
akut earner, winner aliena respiratory
akutuf jealousy alier breathe in, inhale, respire
akutufa jealous alim aluminum
akutufay jealously alimayeb aluminum foil
akutufer be jealous aliwa inhaled
akutuyf envy almagsil tonic, sulfur water
akutuyfa envious alo- deca-, ten-

alo asoyni - aluwa[edit | edit source]

alo asoyni ten percent aloyjaga teen-aged, in one's teens
alo dolar nasdrev ten dollar bill aloyjagan teens
alo yaki ten meters aloyjagat teenager, teen, teen-aged boy
alo ten aloyn- deci-, tenth-
aloa tenth aloyn tenth
aloat group of ten aloyna tenth, decimal
alodapat chief master sergeant of the air force aloyngolen decimation
alodeb chief, tribal chief aloyngoler decimate
alodeplat lieutenant colonel aloyngolwa decimated
alodiepat master gunnery sergeant aloynxen decimation
alodob tribe, clan aloynxer decimate
alodoba tribal, clan-related aloynxwa decimated
alodobat tribe member, clan member alp air wave
alodobin tribalism alpar radio
alodobina tribalist alpi airwaves
alodobinut tribalist alpibar radio receiver, radio
alofab mulberry tree alpkaxar jwadsiun radar beacon
alofayb blackberry bush, bramble bush alpkaxar pex radar trap
alofeb ableyavol blackberry pie alpkaxar radar
alofeb blackberry, mulberry alpkaxarut radarman
alofil yeb almagmegil gin and tonic alpkaxen martun radar astronomy
alofil gin alpkaxen teaxar radar scope
alojag teens, teen-hood alpkaxen yibteaxar radar telescope
alojaga teenage, teen-aged, ten years old alpkaxen radar-finding
alojagayt teen-aged girl alpuibar radio transmitter-receiver, radio
alok fart, burp, deflation alpuiben radio communication
aloken flatulence, eructation alu fourteen
aloker break wind, fart, burp, eructate, deflate, belch aluar aerator, blower, sprayer
alomsal manar neon lamp, neon light aluen aeration, blowing, exhalation, exhaling
alomsal siun neon sign aluer aerate, blow, exhale, spray
alomsal neon aluiea breathing
alon- deca-, ten- aluien breathing, respiration
alonapa tenth aluier breath, respire
aloon group of ten, decade alujaga fourteen years old
aloona tenfold alujagat fourteen-year-old
alosi group of ten things Alums Zyomeam Silicon Valley
alosuna nod decimal point alums silicon
alosuna decimal alumsgos drof circuit board
aloti group of ten people, ten persons alumsgos chip, silicon chip, microchip
alovob sorghum, sorgo aluwa aerated, blown, exhaled

alya - ambokser[edit | edit source]

alya sixteen alzyunogea vafil spumante, sparkling wine
alyajaga sixteen years old alzyunogea sparkling, fizzing
alyajagat sixteen-year-old alzyunoger fizz
alyams sulfur alzyunogika bubbly, fizzy, sparkling, carbonated, gassy, spumante
alyamsa sil sulfuric acid alzyunogtil dim soda fountain
alyamsa sulfuric alzyunogtil soda, soda pop, soft drink
alyamsil tonic, sulfur water alzyunogyea fizzy
alye seventeen alzyunogyean fizziness
alyejaga seventeen years old alzyunuka mil still water
alyejagat seventeen-year-old alzyunuka still, non-carbonated
alyemsal chlorine alzyunxer carbonate
alyemsalxen chlorination alzyunxwa carbonated
alyemsalxer chlorinate alzyunyea bubbly
alyemsalxwa chlorinated ama tuil hot sauce
alyi eighteen ama zyibolar hot plate
alyijaga eighteen years old ama hot
alyijagat eighteen-year-old amagyena ardent, fervent
alyimsal argon amagyenan ardency, fervency, ardor
alyo fifteen amagyenay ardently, fervently
alyojaga fifteen years old aman heat, hotness
alyojagat fifteen-year-old amanar thermometer
alyoms phosphorus amanaren taking temperature
alyu nineteen amanarer take temperature
alyujaga nineteen years old amansag temperature
alyujagat nineteen-year-old amar warmer, plate-warmer
alyum potassium amata feverish, febrile
alzyun bubble, air bubble amatan fever
alzyunamxar boiler amatay feverishly
alzyunamxen boiling amatsea coming down with a fever, feverish
alzyunamxer boil amatsen coming down with a fever
alzyunamxwa boiled amatser come down with a fever
alzyunar boiler amay hotly
alzyunaymxen poaching ambea ted founding father
alzyunaymxer poach amben founding
alzyunaymxwa poached amber found
alzyunea bubbling, boiling ambok inflammation
alzyuner bubble, boil amboka inflammatory
alzyunika bubbly amboker run a fever
alzyunikan bubbliness ambokobar de-inflammatory
alzyunog little air bubble, tiny bubble, fizz ambokser get inflamed

ambut - anabwa[edit | edit source]

ambut founder amilbukwa scalded
ambwa founded amlo one million, million
amer north amloa millionth
Amera Amerikam North America amloni millions
Amera Amerikama North American amloyn millionth
Amera Amerikat North American amnag temperature
Amera Koream North Korea amnagar thermometer
Amera Koreama North Korean amnog degree, degree of temperature
Amera Koreat North Korean amola primitive
Amera Mim North Sea amolan primitiveness
amera northern amolay primitively
amerat northerner amon calorie
ameray northward, northerly amonaya caloric
amerdar compass amonoya calorie-free, zero-cal
amerem north, northern region amos first floor, rez-de-chaussee
Amergona Nordic amro one billion, billion
Amergonat Nordic amroa billionth
Amerika American amrona billion-fold
Amerikam America amroni billions
Amerikama bilyig American cheese amroyn billionth
Amerikama American amsal hydrogen
Amerikat American amsalxer hydrogenate
Amerinda tamof wigwam, tepee amsalxwa yel hydrogenated oil
amernod north pole amsalxwa hydrogenated
Amernod North Pole amsen heating up
amez goblar diamond cutter amser heat up, get hot, become hot, get hotter
amez mumiblem diamond mine amson million-fold
amez mumiblen diamond mining amtiibila hot-blooded
amez mumiblut diamond miner amvyabxar thermostat
amez teebuz diamond earring amxar heater
amez teyobuz diamond necklace amxen heating, warming, browning
amez tuyobuz diamond bracelet amxer heat, heat up, warm, brown
amez tuyuz diamond ring amxur radiator
amez diamond amxwa heated
ameznam diamond shop an- mono-, uni-, one-, single-
ameznamut diamond-seller, diamond dealer, diamond-cutter an unity
amezsan diamond, diamond shape ana gedsiyn single quote, single quotation mark
amezsana diamond-shaped ana teed siyn single quotation mark, single quote
amezyiga hard as a diamond ana single, only, solitary, sole, unique
amilbuken scalding anabwa number-one-ranking

anabwer - anmeipa[edit | edit source]

anabwer be ranked first Andorat Andorran
anadab dictatorship andovyabima unicameral
anadaba dictatorial andresiyn monograph
anadabut dictator andresiyna uniliteral
anadeb dictator andungona monosyllabic
anadeber dictate anelyanad monorail
anadebwa dictated anelyanadpur monorail, monorail train
anadebyena dictatorial anes unit
anan singularity, unison, unity anesa unitary
ananay uniformly anfayeba unifoliate
anapa first, primary, foremost, prior anfuba uniramous, single-branch
anapan primacy, priority Anglyena tilam pub, English pub
anapben prioritization, ranking first Angola Angolan
anapber prioritize, rank first, put in first place Angolam Angola
anapbwa prioritized Angolama Angolan
anapxen prioritization Angolat Angolan
anapxer prioritize, make first angona singular, uni-partite
anapxwa prioritized angonan singularity, wholeness, unison, integrality
anasauna unique angonmasa uniseptate
anasaunan uniqueness angonxen singularization
anasaunay uniquely angonxer singularize
anauta alone, solitary, lone angonxwa singularized
anautan aloneness, solitariness aniznad one-way, single direction
anautdab autocracy, dictator aniznada one-way, uni-directional
anautdaba autocratic, dictatorial aniznaday uni-directionally
anautdeb autocrat, dictator anizona domep one-way street
anautdeber rule as an autocrat, rule as a dictator anizona one-way, uni-directional
anaxen unification anka isolate, lone, sole
anaxer unify ankan isolation
anaxwa unified ankat loner
anay only, solely, merely, uniquely ankser isolate oneself, go it alone
anayga one-dimensional ankuna single-sided, unilateral, one-sided
andab autocracy ankunada single-edged
andaba autocratic ankunan unilaterality
andabay autocratically ankunay unilaterally
andara monolingual ankxen isolation, isolating
andayena unilingual ankxer isolate
andeb autocrat ankxwa isolated
Andora Andorran anmeip single lane
Andoram Andorra anmeipa single-laned

anmepa pop - anteda[edit | edit source]

anmepa pop one-way trip ansauna special, especial
anmepa one-way ansaunas specialty
anmernoda unipolar ansaunay specially, especially
anmizyufa mimpar sloop ansaunden specification
anmizyufa single-masted ansaunder specify
anmosa single-story ansaundwa specified
anmostam rambler, ranch house ansaunser be special, stand out
anmoysa single-layer, single-layered ansaunxer specialize
annaad monorail ansaunxwa specialized
annaada monorail ansaxen singling out, making single, singularization
annada single-file, serial, unilinear ansaxer single out, make single, singularize
annadan unilinearity, seriality ansaxwa singled out, singularized
annaday in a single line, single-file, serially ansay sinngly
annadser line up, queue up anseuza monotone, dreary
annadxen serialization anseuzan monotony, dreariness
annadxer serialize ansuna singular
annadxwa serialized ansunan singularity
annaeda single-track, single-lane ansunay singularly
annayga uni-dimensional ansunxen singularization
anneda uniplanar ansunxer singularize
annega single-level ansunxwa singularized
annod absiyn dot above anta alone, solitary
annod siyn period antada monogamous
annoga primary, first-degree, first-rung antadan monogamy
annogay primarily antaday monogamously
annuxutyan monopoly antadin monogamy
annuxutyanxer monopolize antadina monogamist
annuxutyanxwa monopolized antadinut monogamist
anoga primary, first-degree antan aloneness, solitude
anpatuba single-wing, single-winged antas isolate
ansa singular antasen going it alone, isolation
ansan singularity antaser go it alone, isolate oneself, stay alone
ansana uniform antat loner, hermit
ansanan singularity, uniformity antaxen isolation
ansanay singularly, unitarily, uniformly antaxer isolate
ansantof uniform antaxwa isolated, hermetic
ansanxen making uniform, uniformization, singularization antayuba uniglandular
ansanxer make uniform, uniformize, singularize anteaba one-eyed, monocular
ansanxwa singularized, uniformized anteabar monocle
ansaser become single anteda uniparental

anteeba - anutyanifwaxwa[edit | edit source]

anteeba monaural anutglaleb gang leader
antepyena single-minded, obstinate anutglalsen ganging up
antepyenan single-mindedness, obstinacy anutglalser ov gang up against
anteuza monotone, unanimous anutglalser gang up
anteuzan monotony, unanimity anutglalut gangster
anteuzaya monotonous anutglalutan gangsterism
antexyen bias, single-mindedness anutglalyan gangland
antexyena single-minded, biased anutnig private space
antexyenan single-mindedness anutnyan populace, people
anteyuba one-horned anutnyana popular
anteyubat unicorn anutnyanin populism
anteyubpet unicorn anutnyanina populist, populistic
antima unicameral, one-roomed anutnyaninut populist
antin isolationism anutxen privatization
antina isolationist anutxer privatize
antinut recluse, isolationist anutxwa privatized
antoba mimpur skiff anutyan public
antooda racially pure, ethnically pure anutyana public
antoodan racial purity, racially homogeneous anutyanay publicly
antoosa unisex, unisexual anutyandab democracy
antosdrezun sonnet anutyandaba democratic
antotin monotheism anutyandabay democratically
antotina monotheist, monotheistic anutyandeb president, president of the republic
antotinut monotheist anutyandeba presidential
antuba one-armed anutyandebam presidential residence, residence of the president of the republic
antubat one-armed person anutyandeban presidency
antuma unicellular anutyandebea presiding
antuyaba single-handed anutyandeben presiding
antuyabay single-handedly anutyandeber preside
antyena solitary anutyandel publication, publicity, advertisement, ad
antyenan solitariness anutyandelen publication, advertising, publicity
antyoba one-legged anutyandeler publicize, advertise
antyobat one-legged person anutyandelwa publicized, advertised
anut individual, person, private person, private person anutyandob republic
anuta avdun personal pronoun anutyandoba republican
anuta dyun proper name, person's name anutyanifwa popular
anuta individual, personal, private, private anutyanifwan popularity
anutan personality, personhood, individuality, privacy anutyanifwaxen popularization, popularizing
anutay personally, individually, privately anutyanifwaxer popularize
anutglal gang anutyanifwaxwa popularized

anutyanser - aonada[edit | edit source]

anutyanser go public anyanxen serialization, chaining, sequencing, concatenation
anutyanxen making public, outing, publicizing anyanxer serialize, string together, chain together, sequence, concatenate
anutyanxer make public, out, publicize anyanxwa serialized, chained together, strung together, sequenced, concatenated
anutyanxwa made public, outed, publicized anyen- idio-
anvabmem ranch anyena peculiar, idiosyncratic, characteristic
anvosayeba unipetalous anyenan peculiarity, characteristic
anvoza monochromatic, monochrome, of one color, single-colored anyenas peculiarity, something peculiar, idiosyncrasy
anvozan monochromaticity anyenay peculiarly, characteristically
anvyevan postulate anyenboka idiopathic
anx union anyendal idioglossia
anxa joint anyendras idiograph, trademark, signature
anxen uniting, joining anyendyan idiom, idiomatic expression
anxer unite, join anyendyana idiomatic
anxun union anyendyanay idiomatically
Anxwa Araba Ditdob United Arab Republic anyensana idiomorphic
Anxwa Doebi bi Amerikam United States of America anyenvoza idiochromatic
Anxwa Doebi United States anzyisa single-layered
Anxwa Doobi United Nations anzyuk belar wheel barrow
Anxwa Edob United Kingdom anzyukpar unicycle, monocycle
anxwa united, joined anzyukparut unicyclist
anyaf tie, binding, ligature, bond, connection, liaison anzyukyinpir wheelbarrow
anyafat liaison officer ao- north-south, up-down, vertical, y-axis, vertically
anyafser connect, bind, ally, bond with, liaise with aob- on and off, on-and-off
anyafxen tying, binding, connection, alliance, liaison aobempa topsy-turvy, upside down, reversed, vice versa
anyafxer tie, bind, connect, ally aobemper turn upside down
anyafxwa tied, bound, connected, allied aog big or small
anyafxwat ally aom- hot-and-cold
anyafxwatan alliance aomera north-south
anyafxwatyan alliance aomeray in a north-south direction
anyan series, chain, set, sequence aomernad longitude
anyana doyovut serial criminal aomernada longitudinal
anyana tojbut serial killer aomernaday longitudinally
anyana serial, sequential aomeryuznad meridian
anyanes link, chain link, item in a series aomeryuznada meridian
anyanpur elyanad train rail aomsyeb thermos, thermos jug, thermos jar
anyanpur naad train track, train rail aonabxen columnarization
anyanpur nad train line aonabxer columnarize
anyanpur posam train station aonabxwa columnarized
anyanpur train aonad vertical line
anyanpures train car, train carriage aonada vertical

aonadan - apelpen[edit | edit source]

aonadan verticality apayder cluck
aonaday columnarly, vertically apayed screech
aonadser become vertical apayeden screeching
aonadxer make vertical apayeder screech
aonyan list, vertical stack apayet bat
aop- on and off, on-and-off apayetam bat cave
aopen getting on and off apayetob batman
aoper get on and off apayt hen, fowl
aopet gelding apaytog gyagoblun chicken steak
aopuys dompur hop-on hop-off bus apaytog patubi chicken wings
aopuyser hop in-and-out apaytog teil chicken soup
aoyeb- in-and-out apaytog chick, chicken
aoyebel import-export apebixpar horse-drawn carriage, stagecoach, coach, carriage, horse-and-buggy, buggy
aoyebelen importing and exporting apebixwa horse-drawn
aoyeben insertion and extraction, taking in-and-out aped horselaugh, neigh, whinny
aoyeber insert and extract, take in-and-out apeden neighing, whinny
aoyebwa inserted and extracted, taken in-and-out apeder neigh, whinny
aoyepea going in-and-out apeit whale
aoyepen going in-and-out apelaatyelbwa waxed
aoyeper go in-and-out apeladar buzzer
aozyuf column, vertical beam apeladen buzzing
ap on, onto, super-, sur- apelader buzz
apaden crowing apeladyea buzzy
apader crow, cock-a-doodle apelanifarer sting
apat cock, rooster apelat vulob stinger
apatam chicken coop, henhouse apelat vuloxun bee sting
apateusoz cackle apelat bee
apateusozen cackling apelatam beehive, hive
apateusozer cackle apelatbeexen beekeeping
apatoden cheeping apelatbeexut beekeeper
apatoder cheep apelatil tumyan honeycomb
apatog chick apelatil honey
apatud chick, chickadee apelatyan swarm of bees
apatyan poultry apelatyanea swarming
apavol white cabbage apelatyaner swarm
apaxar wiper apelatyel bee's wax, molasses, wax
apaxen wiping apelatyelben waxing
apaxer wipe apelatyelber wax
apaxwa wiped apelpea crawling up, spidering
apayd cluck apelpen crawling up, spidering

apelper - apetyoyab[edit | edit source]

apelper crawl up, spider apetavyul road apple, horseshit
apelt spider apetayeb horsehair
apeltnef spiderweb, spider web apetayebyag mane, horse mane
apeltob spiderman apetayob horsehide
apeltyena spidery, spider-like, arachnoid apetaz mustang
apem embarkation area, embarkation site, point of embarkation apeteb horse head
apen boarding, embarkation, mounting, getting on apetebnuf headstall
apenuf rein apetek horse play
apenufuj bit apeteken horsing around
apenufyan bridle apeteker horse around
apepea galloping, trotting apetekir carousel, merry-go-round
apepen trotting, galloping apetibuj horsetail
apeper gallop, trot apetif horsey
apepoper gallivant apetig steed, stud, racehorse
apepoput cavalryman, cavalier, gallivanter apetiga cursorial
apepuxen bucking apetigpekam hippodrome
apepuxer buck apetigper gallop, run like a horse
aper get on, alight, embark, board, mount, sit on apetikubil horseshit
apesim saddle apetim stall, horse stall
apet ebkyax horse trade apetmeup horse trail
apet ebkyaxut horse trader apetobok rabies
apet pyexegar horsewhip apetog pony, colt, horsey
apet horse, equus apetovab harness
apeta equine, horse-related apetoyt filly
apetag stallion apetpar horse and buggy, horse-driven carriage, coach, hackney, carriage, buggy
apetam stable, horse stable apetparut coachman
apetaob horseflesh apetsim saddle
apetap uzun stirrup apetsimaber saddle, saddle up
apetapa dep cavalry apetsimaper get onto the saddle, hop on
apetapa dopat mounted soldier, horse soldier, mounted trooper apetsimober unsaddle
apetapa valdibut mounted police, ranger, mounty apetsimoper get down from the saddle, dismount
apetapa mounted, on horseback, equestrian apetud foal
apetapek horse race, derby apetug nag
apetapekam hippodrome, racetrack apetuka par horseless carriage
apetapekmep racetrack apetyafon horsepower, horse-power
apetapekut horse racer, jockey apetyafonuwa horse-powered
apetapen horse riding, mounting, equitation apetyafonxwa horse-powered, horse-driven
apetaper mount a horse, get on a horse apetyem corral
apetaput mounty, ranger, hussar, cavalier, chevalier, equestrian apetyen horsemanship, equitation
apetaputa taz equestrian statue apetyoyab hoof

apetyoyaf - apuyxwa[edit | edit source]

apetyoyaf horse shoe, horseshoe aplexwa assaulted, assailed, hit, stricken, attacked
apetyoyafaber shoe a horse aploxofwa sponged, swabbed, wiped
apetyoyafam blacksmith shop apraxar scrubber
apetyoyafut blacksmith apraxaren scrubbing
apetyoyapen trotting apraxarer scrub
apetyoyaper gallop, trot, walk like a horse apraxarut scrubber
apetyoyfam blacksmith shop apraxarwa scrubbed
apeyef silk apraxen scrubbing
apeyefa silken apraxer scrub
apeyefun silken good apraxwa scrubbed
apeyefyena silken, silky, silk-like aprex slam, bang, smack, slap, whack
apeyefyugfa smooth as silk aprexar hammer
apeyefyugfan silky smoothness aprexaren hammering
apeyet silkworm aprexarer hammer
apeyt mare aprexarwa hammered
apiit lobster aprexaryukwa malleable, ductile
apit trout aprexaryukwan malleability, ductility
apiyet toad aprexegen pummeling
aplax sweep aprexeger pummel
aplaxar broom, sweeper aprexegwa pummeled
aplaxaren sweeping aprexen pounding, slamming, banging, smacking
aplaxarer sweep aprexer ha mes slam the door
aplaxarwa swept aprexer ha paduzar bang the drum
aplaxen sweeping, swabbing, swiping aprexer ha sem pound the table
aplaxer sweep, swab, swipe aprexer heta tebzan slap someone's face
aplaxof sponge, swabbing cloth, wiping cloth, wipe, swab aprexer pound, slam, bang, smack, slap, whack
aplaxofen sponging, swabbing, wiping aprexwa pounded, slammed, banged, smacked, slap
aplaxofer sponge, swab, wipe apus assault, pounce
aplaxofwa sponged, swabbed, wiped apusen jumping on, jumping onto, assaulting, pouncing, pouncing on, forced boarding, hijacking
aplaxwa swept, swabbed, swiped apuser jump on, jump onto, assault, assail, pounce, pounce on, forcibly board, hijack
aplet kangaroo apusut assailant, pouncer, hijacker
aplex dopar assault weapon aput boarder
aplex assault, strike, hit apuxen throwing on, forcing on board, abduction, abducting
aplexdun fighting word, insult apuxer throw on, force on board, abduct
aplexdunuea insulting apuxwa abducted, forced on board
aplexdunuer insult, use fighting words against apuysen hopping on
aplexdunuwa insulted apuyser hop on
aplexen assaulting, assailing, hitting on, striking, attacking apuyxen tossing on
aplexer assault, assail, hit, strike, attack apuyxer toss on, toss onto, toss upon
aplexut assailant, hitter, striker, attacker apuyxwa tossed on

apyad - asam[edit | edit source]

apyad squawk Arabam Arabia
apyaden squawking Arabama Arabian
apyader squawk Arabat Arab
apyas assault Arait Throne
apyaser jump on, assault, assail Argentina Argentine
apyasut assailant Argentinam Argentina
apyat eagle Argentinama Argentine
apyatam eagle nest Argentinat Argentinian
apyatud eaglet aro yuso yile 1983
apyeit yagteil oyster stew aro one thousand, thousand
apyeit oyster aroa thousandth
apyeituil oyster sauce aroat group of a thousand people
apyet lizard aroati thousands of people
apyex attack, offense aron- kilo-
apyexea attacking, offending aron group of a thousand
apyexen attacking, offending arona thousandfold
apyexer attack, offend aronapa thousandth
apyexut offender, attacker aronay thousandfold
apyexwa attacked, offended aroni thousands
apyexyea offensive aronkyik kilogram
apyod roar aronyak kilometer
apyodea roaring aroyn- milli-
apyoden roaring aroyn thousandth
apyoder roar aroynjweb millisecond
apyodeud roar aroynkyik milligram
apyot beexnyem lion's cage aroynyak millimeter
apyot taamxut lion-tamer asa one hundred one
apyot lion asagtun arithmetic
apyotam lion's den asagtuna arithmetic, arithmetical
apyotud lion cub, young wild boar asagtunay arithmetically
apyoyt lioness, wild sow asagtut number cruncher, arithmetician
Araba Arabian asalam roentgenium
Arabad Arabic, Arabic language asalem copernicium
Arabaden speaking Arabic asalim ununtrium
Arabader speak Arabic asalo one hundred ten
Arabadrawa written in Arabic asalom darmstadtium
Arabadren Arabic writing asalum flerovium
Arabadrer write in Arabic asalyam livermorium
Arabadut speaker of Arabic asalyom ununpentium
Arabadwa spoken in Arabic asam mendelevium

asaun - At fu truer et bu...[edit | edit source]

asaun example asonux interest
asauna exemplary asonuxea interest-bearing, interest-paying
asaunan exemplariness asonuxen paying interest
asaunay exemplarily asonuxer pay interest
asaunes sample asonyak hectometer
asaunesien sampling asoyn- centi-
asaunesier take a sample, sample asoyn hundredth, percentage
asaunesiwa sampled asoyni percentage, hundredths, percent
asaunesuen offering a sample, giving to sample asoynkyik centigram
asaunesuer offer a sample, give to sample asoynux interest
asaunesuwa offered as a sample, sampled asoynyak centimeter
asaunesyan collection of samples asoyon percent
asaunser exemplify asum rutherfordium
asaunxea exemplifying asuna special, particular, specific, singular, select
asaunxen exemplification asunan specialty, particularity, specificity, singularity
asaunxer exemplify asunay specially, especially, particularly, in particular, specifically, singularly
ase one hundred two asunden specification, singling out, selection
asea becoming asunder specify, single out, select
aselu one hundred twenty-four asundwa specified, singled out, selected
asem nobelium asyam seaborgium
asen becoming asyan series
aser become asyana serial, specific
Asiam Asia asyanan specificity
Asiama Asiatic asyanay specifically
Asiat Asian asyanden specification
asim lawrencium asyander specify
asnana singular, unitary, non-binary asyandwa specified
aso aronyaki hundred kilometers asyandwasi specifics, particulars
aso dolar nasdrev hundred dollar bill asyanxea specifying
aso jodi hundred times asyanxen serialization, specification
aso one hundred, hundred asyanxer serialize, specify
asom fermium asyanxwa serialized, specified
ason- hecto-, cent- asyem bohrium
ason group of a hundred, century, hundredfold asyim hassium
asoni hundreds asyom dubnium
asonjaba centennial asyum meitnerium
asonjabyan centennial at aut I myself, me myself
asonjabzyus centennial At ayse byoyk bi teb I have a headache
asonjaga a hundred years old, 100-year-old, centenarian At fizie ser him eyb eet. I am honored to be here among you.
asonjagat centenarian At fu truer et bu... I'd like to introduce you to...

At fu tyuer et bu ata tad. - aunyanan[edit | edit source]

At fu tyuer et bu ata tad. I'd like to introduce you to my husband. atistam grade school, primary school
At nunampa him jubyenay I used to shop here. atistamper attend grade school
At oktose et. I miss you. atistamput grade school attendee
At oktose ha ajyena jubi. I miss the olden days. atistamut grade-schooler, primary schooler
At otebike. I don't care. atiuv boxers
At su gajwa toja. I'd rather be dead. atobij germ, seed
At ukxwa bi bil. I have run out of milk. atobijen germination, sprouting, shooting
At yafe tester. I can understand. atobijena germinal
At yafu tester. I could understand. atobijer germinate, sprout, shoot
At yayfu tester. I could understand., I might understand. atobijtujul germicide
At yuve iper hij I must leave now., I am bound to leave now. atobijuka germ-free
At yuyve iper hij I ought to leave now., I should leave now. atobijyea germinative
at I, me atooyza pallid, wan
Ata bil ukxwa. I have run out of milk., My milk has run out. atooyzer wane
Ata fyon! Mea culpa! atooza pale
Ata teb byoyke I have a headache atoozaser grow pale
Ata vyon. Mea culpa, my fault atoozer pale, grow pale
ata my atoza albino
ataat seraph atozat albino, an albino
Ataat Seraph atulyan first course
Ataati Seraphim atutam faculty
ataatyan seraphim atutameb dean, faculty dean
ataet cherub atuyub thumb
Ataet Cherub atuyubek zyun marble
Ataeti Cherubim atuyufuv thumbtack
ataetyan cherubim atyal breakfast
atas mine, my thing atyalier have breakfast
atasi mine, my things atyaluer serve breakfast
atef cap, baseball cap atyoyaf patent leather shoe
atet pope atyoyub big toe
ateta papal aumer north-west
atetam papal see aumera north-western
atetan papacy aun unit, component, item
ateupib central incisor auna unitary
ateupixen gnawing aunxen itemization
ateupixer gnaw aunxer itemize
ateupixut rodent aunxwa itemized
ateypiber gnaw aunyan complex, set, series
atin egoism aunyana complex, serial
atina egoistic aunyanan complexity, seriality

aut - avdyunxen[edit | edit source]

aut myself av hyoa tesdud for no reason
auta my own av hyoa tesyob for no reason
autas my own, my own thing av hyoa vyates for no reason
autasi my own, my own things av hyoa vyatex for no reason
av- pro- av hyos for no reason, for no reason whatever
av asaun for example, e.g. av hyus for some other reason
av ayonden to sum up av job pro-tem
Av fizder... To be frank... av tesdud van because, for the reason that
av fyin bi for the sake of, in the interest of av yekun bi for the purpose of
av gla tesdudi for many reasons av for, in favor of, pro, on behalf of, in order to, per, so as to
av ha tesdud van for the reason that, because ava hevon favorable condition, opportunity
av ha tesyob van for the reason that, because ava kyeson favorable circumstance, opportunity
av ha vyates hu for the reason that ava favorable, in favor, pro
av has van why, because, for the reason that avan favor, advocacy, behalf, behest, advantage, opportunity
av hea job pro tempore avana favorable, advantageous, opportune
av hea tesdud for some reason avaxler act on behalf, represent, help, aid
av hea tesyob for some reason avay favorably, in favor
av hes for some reason avben helping
av hia tesyob for this reason, therefore avber help
av his for this reason, therefore, ergo, thus avbut helper
av hoa tesdud for what reason, why, why for what reason avbwa helped
av hoa tesyob for what reason, why, on what rationale avdal argument, defense, plea
av hoa vyates for what reason avdalen advocacy, defense, pleading
av hoa vyatex for what reason avdaler defend, advocate, speak on behalf of, campaign for, argue for, pitch, plead
av hoa yekun for what purpose avdalut advocate, defender
av hos why, for what reason avdalutan advocacy, defense
av hot for whom avdalutyan defense team
av hua tesdud for that reason avdea in favor of, opting for, deciding in favor of
av hua tesyob for that reason, therefore avden advocating, favoring, opting for, deciding in favor of
av hus for that reason, therefore, thus, ergo avder advocate, favor, opt for, decide in favor of
av hya tesdud for every reason avditdaba prodemocratic
av hya tesyob for every reason avditdoba pro-republican
av hyaj forever avdopek defense, struggle on behalf of
av hyas for every reason avdopeken defending, struggling on behalf of
av hyea tesdud for whatever reason avdopeker defend, struggle on behalf of
av hyea tesyob for any reason, for whatever reason avdut advocate, defender, pleader
av hyes van for any reason that avdwa favored, advocated, opted
av hyes for any reason avdyun pronoun
av hyis van for the same reason that avdyuna pronominal
av hyis for the same reason avdyunxen pronominalization

avdyunxer - avozaxen[edit | edit source]

avdyunxer pronominalize avolekben flouring
avdyunxwa pronominalized avolekber flour
aveb bean, green bean avolekbwa floured
avebteil bean soup avolekmeug dough
avejter represent, stand-in, substitute avoleser crumble
avek fight, campaign avolexen crumbling
aveken advocacy, advocation, advocating, fighting for, campaigning avolexer crumble
aveker advocate, fight for, campaign avolexwa crumbled
avekut fighter, campaigner, advocate, lobbyist avolgos crumb
avekwa advocated, fought for avolgosea crumbling
avembien substitution, standing in for, representation, taking the place of, lieutenancy avolgoser crumble
avembiena representational, representative avolgoxen crumbling
avembier substitute, stand in for, represent, take the place of avolgoxer crumble
avembiut substitute, stand-in, deputy, representative, lieutenant avolgoxwa crumbled
avembiutxen deputizing avolim pantry
avembiutxer deputize avolsam pantry
avembiutxwa deputized avoluz bread roll, roll
avembiutyan congress, parliament avolxar bread-maker
avembiutyanim chamber of deputies, house of representatives, the house avolxen making bread
avenbiutyana congressional, parliamentary avolxer make bread
avhos because avolxun bread crumb dressing
avhus therefore, for that reason, thus avolxut bread-maker
avhyitoosifa pro-gay avolyabul leaven
avhyitoosifan pro-gayness avolzyuf bread stick
avob wheat, corn avolzyuk gyro, bagel
avol uzglal loaf of bread avolzyuv bread stick
avol bread avon asset
avolab crust avooza bright white
avolabaya crusty avos lily
avolabayan crustiness avoyza light white, whitish
avolaben breading avoza aveb haricot bean
avolabxen encrusting avoza nad blank line
avolabxer encrust avoza nig blank space
avolabxwa encrusted avoza sivob white dead-nettle
avolam bakery avoza tep blank mind
avolamut baker avoza vafil white wine
avolben breading avoza white, blank
avolber bread avozan whiteness, blankness
avolbwa breaded avozaxar whitener
avolek flour avozaxen whitening, blanking out

avozaxer - axlafdref[edit | edit source]

avozaxer whiten, blank out avyexer abet
avozaxwa whitened, blanked out avyexut abettor
avozyena whitish avyexwa abetted
avpen pursuit avyoza pitch black
avper pursue awa ga jod once again, again, another time
avpyex defense awa gajod again, once again, one more time, another time
avpyexdub defense ministry, secretary of defense awa gas one more thing
avpyexdubam defense ministry, defense department awa gat one more person
avpyexen defending awa hyus another, encore, one more thing, one more
avpyexer defend awa jaga one year old
avpyexut defender awa jod hyajab once a year
avpyexwa defended awa jod once, one time, on one instance
avson cause, case, subject, sake awa one
avtexden assent, favorable decision awan oneness, unity, unison
avtexder assent, favor, decide in favor of awas jo awas one by one, in a series
avtos empathy awas jo gas one after another
avtosea empathetic awas one, one of them, one thing
avtoseay emphathetically awat deuzun solo
avtosen empathizing awat deuzut soloist
avtoser empathize awat one person, one, one of them, solo
avtosut advocate, empathizer away only
avufek defense, struggle Awstralya Australian
avufeken defending, striving for, struggling for, fighting for, advocating Awstralyam Australia
avufeker defend, fight for, strive, strive for, struggle for, advocate Awstralyat Australian
avufekut defender, advocate Awstriya Austrian, Austro-
avufekwa advocated, defended Awstriyam Austria
avufekyafwa defensible Awstriyama Austrian
avufekyea defensive Awstriyat Austrian
avufekyoftwa indefensible axawa acted, performed
avun favor axea magmeb active volcano
avunuer favor, show favor to axea active
avunuwa favored axeay actively, effectively
avutyan party axem sphere of activity
avutyana partisan axen action, activity, acting, performance
avutyanan partisanship axena action-related
avyasmun abstraction axer teazpas perform a stunt
avyautina pro-communist axer act, perform, operate
avyautinut pro-communist, communist sympathizer axim activity room
avyaza snow white axlaf mandate, permission to act, authority, command
Avyaza Snow White axlafdref written mandate, written order, authorization papers

axlafut - aybteasdiden[edit | edit source]

axlafut commander, authority ay ga hyuti et alia, et al., and others
axlafutyan command, authority ay/ey and/or
axlafxen authorization, mandating, ordering ay and
axlafxer authorize, mandate, order ayb- over-, above, super-, hyper-
axlafxwa authorized, mandated, ordered ayb hyas above all, especially
axlawa acted ayb above, over
axlen acting, action, proceeding aybaren running over
axlena vyab precept, procedural rule, rule of action aybarer run over
axlena procedural aybarwa run over
axler act, proceed aybay superiorly, overly
axlyen process, procedure, method aybazon pressure, weight, stress
axnen behavior, behaving, comportment aybazonuen pressuring, stressing
axnentun behavioral science aybazonuer pressure, apply pressure, weigh on, stress
axner behave aybazonuwa pressured, weighed down, stressed
axnyen conduct, behavior aybbix dompur trolley
axnyena behavioral Aybermernad Tropic of Capricorn
axrawa carried out, handled, committed, processed, executed, implemented aybey over the top of
axren carrying out, execution, commission, processing, handling, implementation aybgwomulyan supermolecule
axrena executive aybil ableyavol creme pie
axrer doyov commit a crime aybil cream
axrer doyovag commit a felony aybilpen washing over
axrer doyovog commit a misdemeanor aybilper wash over
axrer iztuun carry out an instruction, implement an instruction, process an instruction aybilteil bisque
axrer jatexdren carry out a plan, implement a plan aybilxwa creamed
axrer carry out, effect, handle, execute, commit, process, implement, follow through with aybilyena creamy, smooth
axrut executive, handler, commissioner aybixer pull over
axryofwa unimplementable, unfeasible aybkumas cornice '
axuar activator, on switch aybmas bolzyuf rafter
axuen activation aybmas zyuf overhead beam
axuer activate aybmas ceiling
axul agent aybmela above-ground
axun act, performance, action aybmep overpass, bridge
axut-mepxwa actor-oriented aybmepsaxen bridge-building
axut actor, agent, performer aybmepsaxut bridge-builder, pontifex
axuta agentive aybmiler float
axutan agency aybnyif dompur tram
axuwa activated, on aybnyif naadpur cable car
axwat-mepxwa patient-oriented aybteas overview, survey
axyan activity aybteasdid survey
axyea active aybteasdiden surveying

aybteasdider - ayna bil[edit | edit source]

aybteasdider survey, do a survey, conduct a survey ayfden consent
aybteasdidier take a survey ayfder consent
aybteasdidiut survey-taker ayfdwa consented
aybteasdiduen giving a survey ayfdyea consensual
aybteasdiduer give a survey ayfxen toleration
aybteasdiduut survey-giver, surveyor ayfxer tolerate
aybteasdidwa surveyed ayfxyea tolerant
aybteax overview, survey ayfxyean tolerance
aybteaxen supervision ayfxyeay tolerantly
aybteaxena supervisory aygaxea developing, evolving
aybteaxer supervise aygaxen development, evolving, evolution
aybteaxut supervisor aygaxer develop, evolve
aybteaxwa supervised aygaxwa developed, evolved
aybtem attic ayibdubet consul general
aybtev scarf, headdress, veil ayibdubetam consulate general
aybteyof head scarf, scarf ayifeb cashew
aybtim attic, garret, mansard ayit we, us
aybtuaf epaulette, shoulder strap, shoulder pad ayita our
aybuper come above, come over ayitas ours
aybuxen pushing over ayitasi ours
aybuxer push over ayklawa surmounted
aybuxwa pushed over ayklen surmounting
aybvyilsen showering aykler surmount
aybvyilser take a shower, shower ayklyafwa surmountable
aybvyilsim shower room ayklyofwa insurmountable
aybvyilxar shower head ayklyofway insurmountably
aybvyilxer give a shower to aylxen proceeding
aybvyilxwa showered aylxer proceed
aybzey over ayma warm
aydet companion ayman warmth
aydetan companionship, company aymar warmer, toaster
aydetpea accompanying aymay warmly
aydetper accompany aymtiibila warm-blooded
aydetput accompanist aymxen warming
aydun adverb aymxer warm up
ayduna adverbial aymxwa avoz toast
aydyana holophrastic aymxwa warmed, warmed up
ayet you and I, we, us ayn- holo-, full-, whole-
ayeta your ayn singleton, unit, whole
ayetas yours ayna bil whole milk

ayna ged siyn - aysen[edit | edit source]

ayna ged siyn single quotation mark, single quote aynteptija fully-conscious
ayna goblun whole cut aynteubien swallowing whole
ayna whole, entire, integral, complete, unitary, single, full aynteubier swallow whole
aynab bi dreniv column of text aynteubiwa swallowed whole
aynab bi mov column of smoke aynx repair
aynab column, y-axis aynxam repair shop
aynaba columnar, vertical aynxen integration, completion, reparation
aynan entirety, integrity, wholeness aynxer integrate, complete, repair, make whole
aynas all of it, the entire thing, the whole thing, the entirety, sum, whole thing, entire thing aynxut repairman
aynat solo aynxwa integrated, completed, repaired
aynay wholly, entirely, completely, perfectly, fully aynzyuser turn all the way around, turn full circle
aynden summation, summarization aynzyux whole turn
aynder sum up, summarize aynzyuxer turn all the way around
ayndwa summed up, summarized, summary ayobdeuzut first bass
ayndyana holophrastic ayobdeuzuyt first alto
ayngoblun whole cut ayon whole, entirety
ayngon whole share aypap overflight
aynina holistic aypapea flying over
aynmagser burn up completely aypapen flying over
aynmagxen holocaust, cremation aypaper fly over, overfly
aynmagxer burn up completely, cremate aypem overpass
aynmeg hololith aypen clearing, getting over, going over, going overhead, passing over, pass-over
aynmora universal aypeper run over, ride over
aynmoran universality aypepwa run over
aynmoray universally ayper clear, get over, go above, go over, pass over, go overhead, cross overhead
aynmorxen universalization aypusen jumping over, skipping
aynmorxer universalize aypuser jump over, skip, hop over
aynmorxwa universalized aypuxen throwing over
aynmula pure, unmixed, integral, whole aypuxer throw over, throw overboard
aynmulan purity, wholeness aypuxwa thrown over
aynmulxen purification, purging, integration, cleansing, refining aypuysen hopping over, skipping over
aynmulxer purify, purge, integrate, cleanse, refine aypuyser hop over, skip over, hurdle
aynmulxwa purified, purged, integrated, cleansed, refined aypuysmas hurdle
aynniyea all-consuming aypuyxer toss over
aynnunuen wholesale aypyosea falling over, toppling
aynsag integer, whole number aypyoser fall over, topple
aynsagyan set of integers aysa own
aynsana holomorphic aysan property
aynsin hologram aysea having
ayntapa wholesome aysen having, owning

ayser - azaxer[edit | edit source]

ayser have, own aytyud adoptee
aysfea envious aytyuden adoption
aysfen envying aytyuder adopt
aysfer envy aytyudwa adopted
aysfuf jealousy ayv concerning, about, re
aysfufea jealous ayvoy nor
aysfufeay jealously ayxen making available, giving
aysfufer be jealous of ayxer make available, give
aysfwa envied ayxwa made available, given
aysipea taking, taking along ayxwea belonging
aysipen taking along, taking ayxyafwa available
aysiper take along, take ayxyafwan availability
aysipwa taken, taken along ayxyofwa unavailable
ayspea carrying ayxyofwan unavailability
ayspen carrying az strength, force
aysper carry aza deus strong accent
ayspwa carried aza strong, firm, potent, intense
aysun possession, belongings azabraxen scrubbing
aysupea bringing, bringing along azabraxer scrub
aysupen bringing, bringing along azabraxwa scrubbed
aysuper bring, bring along azam fort, fortress
aysupwa brought, brought along azan strength, power, fortitude, firmness
aysut owner, possessor, proprietor azapraxar scraper
aysutan ownership, proprietorship azapraxen scraping
aysuwa available azapraxer scrape
aysuwan availability azapraxwa scraped
aysuwaxen making available azaprexen hard pounding, slamming hard, banging hard
aysuwaxer make available azaprexer pound hard, slam hard, bang hard
aysuwaxwa made available azaprexwa hard-pounded, hard-slammed, hard-banged
ayswe there is, there are azapyex aggression
ayswen belonging azapyexer aggress
ayswer belong azapyexut aggressor
aysyafwa available azapyexyea aggressive
aysyafwan availability azapyexyean aggressiveness
aysyea possessive azapyexyeay aggressively
aysyean possessiveness azara autglal violent gang
ayt aut I myself, me myself as a woman azasen growing strong, strengthening, fortification
ayt I, me azaser grow strong, get strong, fortify, strengthen
ayta my azaxen strengthening, fortification, firming up
aytas mine azaxer strengthen, fortify, firm up

azaxwa dom - azlan[edit | edit source]

azaxwa dom citadel azdilean suppliance
azaxwa tom castle, keep azdilen beseeching, entreaty, imploring, begging, supplication
azaxwa strengthened, fortified, firmed up azdiler beseech, entreat, implore, beg
azaxwam fort, fortress, stronghold azdilut beggar, supplicant
azaxwas fortification, bulwark azdilwa beseeched, entreated, implored, begged
azaxwem fortress, garrison azdiwa beseeched, insisted, pleaded
azay strongly, firmly, intensely azdizeud guffaw, loud laugh, uproarious laughter, raucous laughter, riotous laughter
azbexen holding tight, gripping, holding fast azdizeuden guffawing, laughing out loud, laughing uproariously, laughing riotously, laughing raucously
azbexer hold tight, grip, hold fast azdizeuder guffaw, laugh out loud, laugh uproariously, laugh riotously, laugh raucously
azbexwa held tight, held fast, held tightly, gripped azdom citadel
azbir capture, seizure azduen strong suggestion, urging
azbirer capture by force, seize azduer urge, strongly suggest
azbirwa captured, seized, taken by force azdueyay urgently
azbixen yanking, pulling hard azdun emphasis
azbixer yank, pull hard azduwa urgent, strongly suggested
azbixwa taut, tightly drawn, tense azduyea urgent
azbixwan tautness, tension azduyean urgency
azbraxar rattler azdwa emphasized, spoken out loud
azbraxen shaking hard, rattling azdway emphatically, out loud
azbraxer shake hard, rattle azdyea emphatic, loud
azbraxwa shaken hard, rattled azdyeay emphatically, loudly
azbux force, drive azem stronghold
azbuxen pushing hard, , prodding, driving, forcing, exertion azfea strongly desirous
azbuxer push hard, prod, drive, force, exert azfer want strongly, be determined, be resolute
azbuxwa pushed hard, prodded, driven, forced, exerted azfon strong will, termination, resoluteness, adamance, stubbornness
azbyex stomp, slam azfonaya strong-willed, adamant, determined, resolute
azbyexea stomping, slamming azifteud cheer, gleeful yelp
azbyexen stomping, slamming azifteuden shouting out with glee, cheering, yelping gleefully
azbyexer stomp, slam azifteuder shout out with glee, cheer, yelp gleefully
azbyexun stomp, slam azilpan swell, billow, strong wave
azbyexwa stomped, slammed azivteud guffaw, loud laughter, belly laugh
azdeb strongman azivteuden guffawing, laughing out loud
azden emphasizing, emphasis azivteuder guffaw, laugh out loud
azder emphasize, say out loud azkadien inquisition
azdien beseeching, insistence, pleading, plea azkadiut inquisitor
azdier beseech, insist, plead azla bik intensive care
azdildrawa petitioned azla bikim intensive care unit, ICU
azdildren petition azla bikimut ICU nurse
azdildrer petition azla intense
azdildrut petitioner azlan intensity

azlaser - azra[edit | edit source]

azlaser become intense, grow in intensity azoniluer fuel up, provide fuel, fuel, pump fuel
azlat mighty man azoniluwa fueled
azlaxar intensifier azonnuar power supply, dynamo
azlaxen intensification azonok power outage, blackout, loss of power
azlaxer intensify, turn up azonoya powerless, impotent
azlaxwa intensified, turned up azonoyan powerlessness, impotency
azlay intensely azontod dynasty
azlevafil liqueur azontoda dynastic
azmanig flare azontyen dynamics
azmaniger flare up azonuen enforcement, compulsion
azmansea incandescent, brightly shining azonuer force, enforce, drive, compel
aznyem safe azonuk power vacuum
azon exnig force field azonuka powerless, impotent, inert
azon nabyan power grid azonukan powerlessness, impotence, impotency, inertia
azon niguk power vacuum azonukser run low on power, wear out, run down
azon nyif power cable azonukxen debilitation, incapacitation, crippling
azon posam power station azonukxer disempower, de-energize, wear out, drain of power, debilitate, hamstring, incapacitate, cripple, undermine
azon saxem power plant, utility azonukxwa disempowered, de-energized, worn out
azon sunyen power structure azonuut enforcer
azon syob power base azonuwa enforced, driven, forced, compelled
azon force, dynamic, power, energy azonyekut power-seeker
azona dynamic, potential azovden protesting, protest
azonaben application of force, coercion, duress azovder protest
azonaber apply force, coerce azovdin protestantism
azonabwa coerced, forced azovdina protestant
azonat dynamo azovdinat protestant
azonay dynamically azovdut protector
azonaya forceful, powerful, potent, dynamic azovdwa protected
azonayan potency, forcefulness, powerfulness, dynamism azoyeben expulsion
azonek power play azoyeber expel
azonika forceful, powerful, potent, dynamic azoyebwa expelled
azonikan forcefulness, powerfulness, potency, dynamism azplexuen pounding, slamming, banging
azonikat powerhouse, dynamo azplexuer pound, slam, bang
azonikser grow powerful, gain strength, become energized azplexuwa pounded, slammed, banged
azonikxen energizing, empowerment azpux force
azonikxer energize, empower azpuxen forcing, shoving
azonikxwa energized, empowered azpuxer force, shove, compel, strong-arm
azonil fuel azra dofun violent crime
azonilien fueling azra yanglat violent gang
azonilier fuel up, get fuel azra violent, brutal

azran - azvatexut[edit | edit source]

azran violence, brutality azteuder shout, yell, clamor, scream, exclaim
azranxen commission of violence, perpetration of violence, engaging in violence azteudwa shouted, yelled, clamored, screamed, exclaimed
azranxer engage in violence, perpetrate violence, commit violence aztexyena opinionated, strongly opinionated, vehement
azranxut perpetrator of violence aztexyender strongly opine, express a forceful opinion, argue vehemently
azras act of violence, brutal act aztiebukxea coughing loudly, hacking, whooping
azrasen becoming violent, becoming brutish aztiebukxen whooping cough, hacking, whooping
azraser become powerful, grow powerful, become violent, grow violent, become brutish aztiebukxer cough loudly, hack, whoop
azrat violent person, brute aztom castle, keep
azraxen making violent, making brutish aztos strong feeling, excitement, passion, emotion
azraxer make violent, make brutish aztosaya excited, passionate, emotional
azraxlawa brutalized aztosayan excitement, passion, emotionality
azraxlen violent acting, brutalization, brutal act, violence aztosdez melodrama
azraxler act violently, brutalize aztosdeza melodramatic
azraxwa brutalized, made violent aztosdezaxer melodramatize
azray violently, brutally aztosier get excited, get impassioned, be moved
azrazyasen explosion, violent expansion aztosika excited, passionate, emotional
azrazyaser explode, expand violently aztosikan excitement, passion, emotionality
azrazyaxar bomb aztosikay excitedly, passionately, emotionally
azrazyaxer explode aztosoya unexcited, unmoved
azren violence, brutality aztosuer excite, impassion, move
azrun act of violence, act of brutality aztosuka excitement-free, dispassion, emotion-less
azta energetic, vigorous aztosukan lack of emotion, lack of excitement, boredom
aztam fort aztosukxer bore, deprive of emotion
aztan energy, vigor aztosuwa excited, impassioned, moved
aztanika energetic, vigorous aztoswa deeply-felt, strongly-felt, heartfelt, passionate
aztanikxer energize, invigorate azub shot, fire
aztanikxwa energized, invigorated azuber shoot, fire
aztanuka tired, exhausted, run down, out of energy, spent, fatigued azufteuden loud complaining
aztanukan exhaustion, lack of energy, fatigue azufteuder complain loudly
aztanukxer exhaust, tire, fatigue azuvseux sob, wail
aztanukxwa exhausted, tired, fatigued azuvseuxen wailing, crying loudly, sobbing
aztanukxyea exhausting, tiring, fatiguing azuvseuxer wail, cry loudly, sob
aztanukxyofwa inexhaustible azuvteud moan, groan, cry out loud, sob
aztaxea invigorating azuvteuden booing, lamentation, wailing, moaning, groaning, crying out loud, sobbing
aztaxen invigoration azuvteuder boo, lament loudly, moan, groan, cry out loud, sob
aztaxer invigorate, energize azvaden confirmation
aztaxwa invigorated, energized azvader confirm
aztay energetically, vigorously, hard, strenuously azvadras letter of confirmation
azteud shout, yell, clamor, scream, exclamation azvadwa confirmed
azteuden shouting, yelling, clamoring, screaming, exclamation, exclaiming azvatexut ardent believer, true believer

azvoden - bakta[edit | edit source]

azvoden invalidation azyuvxyofway uncontrollably
azvoder invalidate ba the letter b
azvodwa invalidated baak sanitation
azvyixar scrubber baaka sanitary
azvyixen scrubbing baakan sanitariness
azvyixer scrub baakxar sanitizer
azvyixwa scrubbed baakxen sanitization
azyeben engulfing baakxer sanitize
azyeber engulf baakxil sanitizing liquid
azyebwa engulfed baakxwa sanitized
azyek struggle, effort Baea Zyutom bi Pisa Leaning Tower of Pisa
azyeken trying hard, endeavoring, struggling Bahrayna Bahraini
azyeker try hard, endeavor, struggle Bahraynam Bahrain
azyepaa invaded Bahraynama Bahraini
azyepen invasion, intrusion, invading Bahraynat Bahraini
azyeper invade, intrude Bahraynayt Bahraini woman
azyeput invader, intruder Bahraynwat Bahraini man
azyepyea invasive, intrusive Bak! Gesundheit!
azyepyean invasiveness, intrusiveness bak health, wellness
azyepyeay invasively, intrusively baka healthy, sound, health-related
azyex hard work, labor bakam health facility, wellness center
azyexen working hard bakamut health facility employee
azyexer work hard, labor bakan healthiness, soundness, well-being
azyexut hard worker, laborer bakat well person, healthy person
azyujar lock, bolt, latch, padlock bakay healthily, soundly
azyujaren locking, barring, bolting, latching, padlocking bakaza robust, hardy
azyujarer lock, bar, bolt, latch, padlock bakazan robustness, hardy
azyujarim locker bakbesen staying healthy, keeping healthy
azyujarnyem lockbox, safe, locker, strongbox bakbeser stay healthy, keep healthy
azyujarwa locked, barred, bolted, latched, padlocked bakdib health administration
azyujben locking bakdibut health administrator
azyujber lock bakdub health minister, head of the department of health
azyujbwa locked bakdubam health ministry, health department
azyujer lock baksea healing, getting well
azyujnyem lock box bakser get well, heal
azyuvxen taming, controlling baksiuntun symptomatology
azyuvxer tame, control baksiuntuna symptomatological
azyuvxut tamer, controller baksiuntunay symptomatologically
azyuvxwa tamed, controlled baksiuntut symptomatologist
azyuvxyafwa tamable, controllable bakta sound, wholesome

baktan - bay hyoa byun[edit | edit source]

baktan soundness, wholesomeness bamip spring
baktay soundly, wholesomely bapat thrush
baktea health conscious, health-aware bapeit shark
baktean health consciousness, health awareness bapot monkey, ape
baktel health food bapota simian
baktun health science, medicine, hygiene bapyit jellyfish
baktuna health science-related, medicinal, hygienic bapyot orangutan
baktunay hygienically barar crusher
baktut health scientist, medical scientist, hygienist barea crushing, squashing
baktyentun health technology baren crushing, squashing
baktyentut health technologist barer crush, squash
bakulsaxam pharmaceutical plant barwa crushed, squashed
bakxen healing bas gesture, body motion, action, stir, act
bakxer heal, make well basegen rocking
bakxetyen practice of medicine, medicine, health practice baseger rock
bakxetyenut health practitioner basegsim rocking chair, rocker
bakxut healer, doctor basegsum cradle, crib
bakxwa healed basen gesticulation, body movement, stirring, budging, agitation
bakxwat patient baser gesture, act, make a motion, stir, budge, agitate
bal pressure basyen way of moving, body language, gestural manner
balen pressing baun support, lean-to
baler press bavel tomato juice
balmagelar pressure cooker bavol teil tomato soup
balmagelwa broasted, pressure cooked bavol tomato
balnagar barometer bavolog cherry tomato
balsiun nyenun stamp collection bavolteil tomato soup
balsiun nyenxen stamp collecting bavoza tomato red
balsiun nyenxut stamp collector bavuil ketchup, catsup
balsiyn stamp, impression bawa bowed, bent, leaning
balsur press, pressure device baxen budging, stirring, prompting
baluar pressurizer baxer budge, stir to motion, prompt
baluen pressurization baxwa budged, stirred, prompted
baluer pressurize bay aybil with cream
balur press, wine press bay biel with cream
baluur pressurizer bay byun bi with the aim of
baluwa pressurized bay fika vyaban like clockwork, with perfect regularity
balwa pressed bay ha teswas bi with the intention of
bamil fountain bay hobyun with what aim, why, for what purpose
bamilen spraying, splashing bay hot with whom
bamiler spray, splash bay hyoa byun with no purpose, aimlessly

bay hyoa tesden - be hajab van[edit | edit source]

bay hyoa tesden with no explanation be aztan bi on the strength of
bay hyoa tesdud with no reason be bik bi in the care of
bay jonux on credit be bol bi under the auspices of
bay level with sugar be byuk bi under pain of
bay lifel with lemon be byus bay in contact with
bay taobil au jus, with gravy be dalbyen in a manner of speaking
bay taol con carne, with meat be deban bi in command of
bay testen van with the understanding that be doprek bay at war with
bay votex without a doubt, doubtlessly be duni bi according to
bay xin van with the result that be dyun bi in the name of
bay yekun bi with the goal of, aimed at, for the purpose of be ea tam bi him yez ha domep two doors down the street
bay yom on the rocks, with ice be ebjomir in limbo
bay with be ebkyan av in exchange for
baylea leaning be ej at present, nowadays, currently
baylen leaning be ewa jodi on two occasions
bayler lean, lean on be fiojfan van in the hope that
bayo- with-and-without be fitex bi out of respect for, in deference to
bayp accompaniment be fiyak bi the hopes of
baypea accompanying, going along be fiyuf bi in awe of
baypen accompaniment be fiyz bi out of respect for
bayper accompany, go with, go along be fiz bi in honor of
bayput companion, accompanist be fyin bi in the interest of
baysea stirring, fidgeting, twitching be fyun bi at the expense of
baysen stirring, fidgeting, twitching be gab bu as well as, over and above, in addition to
bayser stir, fidget, twitch be glojob in a short while, soon
be aa nab in the first row be gonem bi in the zone of
be aaj in olden days, in times past be gran bi in excess of
be aan bay in unison with be gun bi at an angle to
be aan in unison be gunnod bi on the cusp of, on the verge of
be abem bi at the top of, on the surface of, on top of be ha syob bi at the root of, at the base of
be abgin bi on the tip of, at the peak of be ha tuldras on the menu
be abkun bi on top of, atop, on the surface of, on the upperside of be ha yibaj in the distant past
be agdresiyni in uppercase be ha yiboj in the distant future
be aj ago, in the past be ha yubaj in the recent past
be amer bi north of be ha yuboj in the near future
be aonadi ay uinadi in rows and columns be ha zanad on the front lines
be avdal bi in defense of be haj van when, at the time that
be avon bi on behalf of be haj at the time
be awa ga jod at one more point in time be hajab bi in the year of
be awa jod at one time be hajab van in the year that

be hajub bi - be nayx bi[edit | edit source]

be hajub bi on the day of be iznad bu in a straight line to, on a direct path to, on a vector to, straight to, in the direction of, on a straight path to
be hajub van on the day that be iznad in a straight line
be ham van where, at the place where be izon bi in the direction of, in a heading toward, en route, headed to
be ham at the place, where be izyuba tam next-door
be hami van where, at places where be jab emlo in 2000
be hayen van as, in the way that, in the manner that be jab yuso ilo yu in 1939
be hea jodi at certain times, at times, on occasion be jabi ulo in the forties
be hevon bi in the event of, on condition that be jag bi at the age of
be hevon van on the condition that, provided that, contingent that be jakyes bi in the lead-up to
be hijwep at this moment be jekyes bi in the process of
be hikum bi on this side of be jes bi in the course of
be him here be jexrean in perpetuity
be himi at these places be job bi at the time of, in the time of
be hinod at this juncture, at this point be jobi bi in times of
be hoa izon in which direction be jodi at times
be hojag at what age be joigpen bi in pursuit of
be huj at that time be jos bi in consequence of, in the wake of
be hujub on that day be jotex bi pursuant to
be hujwep at that moment be juab on Monday
be hukum bi on that side of be juyeb on Sunday
be hum there be kex bi in pursuit of
be huyenjwep at such a moment be kinad bi on a slope with
be hyaewa kumi bi astride, on both sides of be koxof under cover
be hyajod at every occasion be kum bi at the side of, beside, alongside, next to
be hyakumi bi on all sides of be kunad bi on the edge of, bordering on
be hyeawa kum bi on either side of be kunig bi on the margins of
be hyejod at any point in time be kyemep in any which direction, in a random direction
be hyij at the same time be kyeon bi in case of, in the event of
be hyikum bi on the same side of be kyeon van in case, in the event that
be hyiyen bi such as be meel bi on the grounds of
be hyiyen van in the same way that be mep bi en route from, in the way of, on the path of
be hyiyen vyel in the same manner as be mep bu on the way to, en route, en route to
be hyojod on no occasion be mep ub en route toward
be hyua duni in other words be mep en route, on the way
be hyukum bi on the other side of, opposite be mesmep bi on the threshold of
be ijduznog bi in the key of be nad bay in line with
be ijem bi at the beginning of, at the start of be nad bi yef in the line of duty
be ijna igteat at first glance, at first blush be nap bi in order of
be ijna teat at first sight be naxgox on sale
be imer bi east of be nayx bi at the cost of

be nazten bi - be yonkunadi bi[edit | edit source]

be nazten bi in recognition of be vyamep bu on the right path to
be nem bi in lieu of, in place of, instead of be vyamep the right way
be nig bi in the space of be vyatex bi by reason of, on the rationale of, because of
be nod bi tuj at point of death be vyen bi in connection with, in relation to, relative to, about, concerning
be nod bi on the point of be vyesag bi in proportion to, in proportion with
be obem bi on the bottom of be vyeson bi on the subject of, about, concerning, re
be obkum bi on the underside of, beneath, on the bottom of be vyobyen in the wrong way, wrongly
be obkun bi on the bottom of be vyomep the wrong way
be oejan bi in the absence of be xeoj bi in case of
be oejesen bi in the absence of be xeoj van in case, in the case that
be ogdresiyni in lowercase be yabem up above, on high, upstairs
be ojnux on credit be yabnod bi at the peak of
be ojveon van on the contingency that, in the likelihood that be yagmep bu on the long path to
be omep at an impasse, at a dead end be yak bi in anticipation of, in the anticipation that
be omer bi south of be yanbun bay in connection with
be ota yabnod in one's prime be yanbyen bay in harmony with
be ovden bu in opposition to be yankum bi alongside
be ovgela kum on the opposite side be yannad bay on a parallel with
be ovkum bi on the opposite side of be yansansen bay in conformance with
be ovtex bi in opposition to be yanseux bay in tune with
be oyebem out of doors, outdoors, on the outside be yantex bay in accordance with, in agreement with, in concordance with, in concert with
be pesnad in line, in a queue be yanuvtax bay in sympathy with
be syen bi a la, in the style of be yanx bay in conjunction with
be syin bi on the subject of, about, concerning, re be yanyex bay in collaboration with, in league with
be tax bi in memory of be yebem bi inside of
be Tayad in Thai be yebem indoors, inside, on the inside
be testen van on the understanding that be yek bi in an effort to, in an attempt to
be tesyob bi by reason of be yevan bu in fairness to
be tesyob van on the rationale that, on the basis that be yibaj in the distant past
be tex bi at the thought of be yibem in the distance
be tijbes bi on the lookout for be yibkum bi on the far side of
be ujem bi at the end of be yibmem abroad
be ujgin bi on the tip of be yiboj in the distant future
be umer bi west of be yigkunad bi on the brink of, on the verge of
be uvnad bi on a curve with be yigrem in the wild
be ux bi because of be yijem in the open, publicly
be ux van because be yobem downstairs, down below
be uznap bu on a detour to, on an indirect path to be yogmep bu on a shortcut to
be vatex van in the belief that be yonkum bi separate from
be vefyun bi at the risk of be yonkunadi bi on the fringes of

be yontex bay - bekul[edit | edit source]

be yontex bay at odds with beer yuxrut own a slave
be yubaj in the recent past beer have, own, possess
be yubem in the vicinity beesea lingering
be yubkum bi on the near side of beesen lingering
be yuboj in the near future beeser linger
be yuf bi in fear of beex maintenance, upkeep
be yuflan bi in horror of beexen keeping, maintenance, upkeep, preservation
be yuvlasen bay in compliance with beexer ojvad keep a promise
be yux bi in aid of beexer keep, maintain, keep up, preserve
be yuzmep bi on the periphery of, around beexnyem cage
be yuznad bi on the periphery of, on the border of beexnyemen caging
be zakum bi on the front side of beexnyemer cage
be zakumnad bi on the front edge of beexnyemwa caged
be zam bi at the front of, in front of, on the front of beexnyemwer be caged
be zames bi on the threshold of beextam keep, castle, hold
be zaym bi at the forefront of, in the forefront of beexut keeper
be zem bi at the middle of, in the center of, in the middle of, amid beexwa kept, maintained, kept up, preserved
be zenag on average bek treatment, therapy
be zikum bi on the right side of beka therapeutic, clinical
be zim bi on the right side of bekam treatment center, sanatorium, therapy center, hospice
be zokum bi on the back side of beken treatment, nursing, therapy
be zom bi at the back of, behind, in the rear of, on the back of beker treat, nurse
be zomaj bi on the eve of bekil medicine, potion
be zukum bi on the left side of bekim hospital room, treatment room
be zum bi on the left side of bektun medicine, medical science
be zyokunad bi on the brink of, on the verge of bektuna medical
be zyunad bi around, circling bektunay medically
beax guard, watch, ward bektut doctor, physician, medical scientist
beaxab ward bekul duldras drug prescription
beaxeb warden, head watchman bekul fuyix drug abuse
beaxen guarding, monitoring, watching over, protection bekul fuyixut drug abuser
beaxer guard, watch over, watch, keep watch, monitor, protect bekul grayix drug habit
beaxim ward bekul grayixut drug addict
beaxut guard, monitor, protector, watchman bekul ifkyox drug addiction
beaxutam guardhouse, guard post, watch post bekul ifkyoxwa drug-addicted
beaxutan guardianship bekul ifkyoxwat drug addict
beaxwa guarded, watched over, monitored, protected bekul yix drug use
been possession, having, owning bekul zyunog capsule, pill
beena possessive bekul zyunogyeb pillbox
beer ha tepulxen van have the impression that bekul medicine, drug, pharmaceutical

bekula - bember[edit | edit source]

bekula medicinal, pharmaceutical bekzyeb ampoule
bekulay medicinally, pharmaceutically bekzyunog nyem pillbox
bekulgibar syringe bekzyunog syeb pill bottle
bekulgraf drug addiction, drug habit bekzyunog pill, tablet
bekulgrafa addicted to drugs belar cart, carriage, carrier, wagon, barrow, ferry, truck, tray
bekulgrafat drug addict belaren carting, ferrying
bekulgrafsen becoming drug-addicted belarer cart, ferry
bekulgrafser become drug-addicted belarog cart, wagon
bekulgrafxer addict to drugs belarwa carted, ferried
bekulgrafxwa addicted to drugs belea carrying, hauling
bekulien taking a drug, taking medicine belen carrying, hauling, transportation
bekulier take a drug, take medicine beler carry, haul, ferry
bekulifra drug-addicted, drug-aholic Belga Belgian
bekulifran drug-aholism, drug addiction Belgam Belgium
bekulifrat drug addict Belgama Belgian
bekuliut drug user belgamagyeler French-fry
bekulnam pharmacy, druggist, drugstore belgamagyelwa French-fried
bekulnama pharmaceutical belgamagyelwasi French fries
bekulnamut pharmacist, druggist Belgat Belgian
bekulnid drug dose, drug volume belir wagon, carriage
bekulsam medicine cabinet belnyem briefcase
bekulsaxen drug manufacturing belsyeb bi mil bucket of water, pail of water
bekulsaxut drug manufacturer belsyeb bucket, pail
bekultun pharmacology belsyebgan bucket-full
bekultuna pharmacological belun mampur cargo plane, freight plane
bekultunay pharmacologically belun mempur truck, freight truck
bekultut pharmacologist belun mimpur cargo ship, cargo vessel, freighter
bekuluen medication, drugging, medicating belun naadpur freight train
bekuluer drug, medicate belun cargo, haul, freight
bekuluun drug dose belunim cargo bay
bekuluwa medicated, drugged belunpur truck
bekulyeb vial, vial of medicine, medicine bottle belut carrier, hauler, porter
bekulyebog capsule, medicine capsule belwa carried, hauled
bekun treatment belwas cargo, freight
bekut nurse belyem carrier
bekuwa treatable, remediable, curable belzyuvog peg, dowel
bekuwan treatability, remediability, curability bem situation, site, seat, position, location, locus
bekuyt female nurse bema situational, positional, locational
bekwa treated, nursed bemben situation, positioning, location, locating
bekwat patient bember situate, position, locate

bembwa - bey mep bi[edit | edit source]

bembwa situated, positioned, located beunyan possessions, things, affairs, property, belongings
bemper sit, situate oneself, settle, position oneself, locate oneself beut owner, possessor, proprietor
ben setting, position, placement, laying, layout, posing beutan ownership, proprietorship
bepad warble beuwa sim available chair
bepaden warbling beuwa available
bepader warble beuwan availability
bepat warbler beuwaser become available
bepeit dolphin beuwaxer make available, provide, furnish
bepot chimpanzee beuwe there is, there are, is available
bepoyt female chimpanzee beuwer be available, exist, there to be
bepwot male chimpanzee bevol eggplant, aubergine
bepyodea growling bewa own, possessed, owned, proper
bepyoden growling bewam property, estate
bepyoder growl bewan ownership
bepyoped growl bewas own thing, possession, belonging, property
bepyot bear bewaseb property manager, lord, proprietor
bepyotam bear cave, den bewasyan belongings, property
bepyotud bear cub bewaxen appropriation
bepyotuyd female bear cub bewaxer appropriate, take ownership of
bepyotwud male bear cub bewaxwa appropriated
ber did pose a question bewe there is, there are
ber kyebuk av pose a danger for, pose a threat for bewer belong, belong to
ber yikson av pose a problem for Bewo gre nig av hyat. There will be enough space for everyone.
ber put, set, place, lay, pose bexar holder, railing, handle
bes stay bexen zyuv cane
besafdren visa bexen holding, keeping
besam dwelling, place to stay, home, manor, residence bexer hold, keep
besea staying, remaining, static, dwelling, resident, living, residual bextim holding cell
besem lodging bexun holding, held item
besemuen lodging, room and board bexut holder, keeper
besemuer lodge bexwa held, kept
besen staying, remaining, dwelling, residing, living, inhabiting bey asoyn per cent
beser teypbona stay calm, keep cool, keep calm bey azon bi by dint of
beser stay, remain, dwell, reside, live bey azon by force
beson status, state, stance bey dovyab by law
besun remainder, residue bey fikyes by happenstance
besut dweller, resident bey fiyz av with respect for
besutnyan populace, cluster of residents bey iztes through intuition
besutsag population, number of inhabitants bey kum bi by the side of
besutyan population, inhabitancy bey mep bi by way of, via

bey mol - bier noyxpur[edit | edit source]

bey mol by nature bi huti belonging to those people, their
bey nasyig in cash bi hwati of whom, whose
bey ojnux on credit bi hwoti whose
bey otut by oneself bi hyaewati both people's
bey tadien by marriage bi hyasauni of all types
bey tax by heart bi hyeewati of any two people
bey tesdud bi by reason of, by dint of bi hyem from anywhere, from wherever
bey tuyab by hand bi hyeowat of neither person, neither person's, neither one's
bey tyoyab on foot bi hyim from the same place
bey ux bi because of, on account of bi hyom from nowhere
bey xun bi because of bi hyum from elsewhere
bey yafon bi by dint of, by the power of, by virtue of bi hyusauni of different types, of various kinds
bey yuxun bi by means of bi ilyujar on tap
bey zeyen bi by means of bi job bu job from time to time
bey by, via, on the part of, be means of, by way of, through bi kum bu kum from side to side
beyafwa available bi mes bu mes door-to-door
beyafwan availability bi oyebem from outside
beyea possessive bi tax from memory
beyean possessiveness bi yabem from up above
beyhus thereby, thus bi yebem from inside
beyofwa unavailable bi yibem from afar
beyofwan unavailability bi yibmem from abroad
bi abem bu obem from top to bottom bi yobem from down below
bi ha tuldras a la carte bi yubem from the vicinity
bi ham van from the place, from the place where bi zam bi from the front of
bi heti some people's bi zem bi from the center of
bi hetobi some people's bi zim bi from the right side of
bi hij from now, from now on bi zom bi from the rear of
bi him from here, hence bi zum bi from the left side of
bi hisaun of this sort bi from, of
bi hisauni of these types bielxen creaming
bi hitobi these people's, of these people bielxer cream
bi hoati of which one's bielxwa creamed
bi hom from where, whence, where from bielyeb creamer
bi hot from whom, whose bielyena creamy, smooth
bi hoti whose, belong to what people bier afdras get a permit, get a license
bi hotob whose bier bekulzyun take a pill
bi hotobi whose bier bekzyunog take a pill
bi hum from there, hence, thence bier did bi x take a question from x
bi husaun of that sort bier noyxpur take a cab, take a taxi

bier - bilyenser[edit | edit source]

bier take, get bikofober remove a bandage
biil juice bikoya careless, heedless
biilar juicer bikoyan carelessness, heedlessness
biilaya juicy bikoyay carelessly, heedlessly
biilayan juiciness biksea caring, being concerned, mindful
biiluen dripping, juicing biksean mindfulness
biiluer drip with juice biksen caring, being concerned
biiluyea drippy, juicy bikser care, be concerned, be mindful, mind
biilxar juicer bikuen care-giving, custody, custodianship
biilxen juicing bikuer provide care, care for, give care
biilxer juice bikut custodian, monitor, warden
biilxwa juiced bikuut caregiver, caretaker, nurse
bijien conception bikuwa cared for, watched over, monitored
bijier conceive bikuwat patient under care, patient
bijuen insemination bikxea concerning, worrisome
bijuer inseminate bikxen concerning, worrying, giving concern
bik care, custody, vigilance, caution, concern, heed bikxer concern, worry, give concern
bika careful, cautious, aware, heedful, vigilant, custodial bikxwa concerned, worried
bikam care facility, clinic bikyea caring, concerned
bikames dispensary bil milk
bikamut clinician bila ovayafa lactose intolerant
bikay carefully, cautiously, heedfully, vigilantly bila lactic
bikdar warning device bilam dairy
bikden cautioning, warning bilen yanking
bikder caution, warn biler yank
bikdwa cautioned, warned biliar milking machine
biken custody, care-taking bilier milk, draw milk, suck, lactate
biker care biliur milking machine
bikien heeding, taking care, being cautious, being wary biliut suckling
bikier beware, take care, watch out, be cautious, heed, be aware, look out be wary biluen lactation, nursing
bikim clinic biluer breastfeed, give milk, lactate, nurse
Bikiu ha yepet. Beware of the dog. bilun milk product, dairy product
Bikiu! Watch out!, Beware!, Be careful!, Take care! bilunxam dairy, dairy farm
bikiyea careful, cautious, wary, watchful, vigilant bilunxen dairy production
bikiyean carefulness, watchfulness, vigilance, cautiousness bilunxut dairyman
bikiyeay carefully, cautiously, warily, vigilantly bilunxuyt diary maid
bikof bandage, band aid bilwa yanked
bikofaben patching, bandaging bilyena milky, murky
bikofaber patch up, bandage, apply a band-aid bilyenan milkiness, murkiness
bikofabwa patched, patched up, bandaged bilyenser get murky, cloud up

bilyig favol - biyxpur[edit | edit source]

bilyig favol cheese souffle bir seizure, snatch, nab
bilyig glalgolbar cheese grater biren seizing, snatching, nabbing
bilyig mekxar grater birer ha yijmep seize the opportunity
bilyig cheese birer seize, nab, snatch, latch onto
bilyigaya cheesy birwa seized, nabbed, snatched
bilyigika cheese-filled bisea being pulled, being drawn, drifting
bilyigser curdle bisen being pulled, being drawn, drifting
bilyivob rice pudding biser pull back, retire
bilyug goblar butter knife bivol gourd, squash
bilyug leyavol pound cake bivoyl zucchini, summer squash
bilyug mulunkunid stick of butter biwa sim taken chair, occupied chair
bilyug yonar butter knife biwa yem taken seat, taken spot
bilyug butter bix grun kedge
bilyugaya buttery bix mimpar tugboat
bilyugayan butteriness bix pull, traction, tug
bilyugben buttering bixar pulley
bilyugber butter, apply butter bixaxonuyeay charmingly, attractively, magnetically
bilyugbwa buttered bixazon gravity, charm, attraction, magnetism
bilyugika butter-filled bixazona gravitational
bilyugyena buttery, butter-like bixazonay gravitationally
bim origin bixazonuer charm, attract
bima original bixazonuyea charming, attractive, magnetic
bimea sitting bixbelar wagon
bimen sitting, sitting down bixelyam magnet
bimer sit, sit down bixelyama magnetic
bimpea originating bixelyamnagar magnetometer
bimper originate bixelyamxen magnetization
binen obtaining bixelyamxer magnetize
biner obtain bixelyamxwa magnetized
binun take bixen traction, pulling, drawing, tugging
binwa obtained bixer tezex draw attention, attract attention
binwas something obtained bixer pull, draw, tug
binyafwa obtainable bixpek tug-of-war
binyofwa unobtainable bixpur tractor, tug
bipat sparrow bixwa taut, pulled, drawn, tense
bipeid whistle bixwan tautness, tension
bipeidar whistle bixyaf traction
bipeiden whistling biyxen tugging, towing, pestering
bipeider whistle biyxer tug, tow, pester
bipeit porpoise biyxpur tow truck, train

biyxwa - bokogruntuna[edit | edit source]

biyxwa tugged, towed bobyebyea absorbent
blasen fidgeting, moving about, rustling boen supporting, holding up, propping up
blasyea fidgety, rustling boer support, hold up, sustain, prop up
blaxen rousing, stirring, budging bok illness, sickness, disease, malady, disorder, condition
blaxer rouse, stir, budge boka ill, sick, infirm
blaxwa roused, stirred, budged bokam bekwat hospital patient
blaysen stirring, twitching, shifting bokam sum hospital bed
blayser stir, twitch, shift bokam hospital, infirmary
blisen being yanked, being dragged bokamben hospitalization
bliser be yanked, be dragged bokamber hospitalize
blixen yanking, dragging, snatching bokambwa hospitalized
blixer yank, drag, snatch bokambwat hospitalized person, patient
blixwa yanked, dragged, snatched bokampen going to a hospital
blok suffering, misery, torment, affliction bokamper go to a hospital
blokaya dolorous bokamput hospital visitor
blokayan dolorousness bokamtaf hospital gown
blokea suffering, miserable bokan illness, sickness, infirmity, unwellness
bloken suffering bokat sick person, ill person, patient
bloker suffer, tolerate bokmul contaminant, germ, infection
blokiea tolerant bokmulaya germ-ridden
blokien taking on suffering, undergoing suffering, toleration bokmulben infection, contamination, tainting
blokier take on suffering, undergo suffering, tolerate bokmulber infect, contaminate, taint
blokika dolorous, full of suffering bokmulbwa infected, contaminated, tainted
blokikay dolorousness bokmulika germ-ridden
blokiut sufferer, inflictor bokmuloben disinfection, decontamination, sterilization
blokuen affliction, inflicting suffering bokmulober disinfect, decontaminate, sterilize
blokuer inflict suffering on, make suffer, afflict bokmulobul disinfectant
blokut sufferer bokmulobwa disinfected, decontaminated, sterilized
blokuut tormentor, afflicter bokmuluka sterile, germ-free
blokuwa afflicted, made to suffer bokmulukan sterility
blokuwat afflicted person, victim bokmulukxen sterilization
blokwa suffered, tolerated bokmulukxer sterilize
blokyofwa insufferable bokmulukxwa sterilized
blokyofway insufferably bokogrun virus, pathogen, germ, microbe, bacterium
bluxen shoving, driving bokogruna viral, pathogenic, microbial, bacterial
bluxer fuv drive a nail bokogrunay virally, pathogenically, microbially, bacterially
bluxer shove, drive bokogrunier get infected, catch a virus
bluxwa shoved, driven bokogrunika bacteria-laded, germ-ridden, virus-filled, microbe-laden
boar support, prop bokogruntun bacteriology
bobyebar sucker, suction device, absorber bokogruntuna bacteriological

bokogruntut - boser[edit | edit source]

bokogruntut bacteriologist Bolivyat Bolivian
bokogrunuen infection bolun support, prop
bokogrunuer infect bolut supporter
bokogrunuka bacteria-free, germ-free, virus-free, microbe-free bolwa upheld, supported, propped up
bokogrunukser become germ-free, become virus-free, become bacteria-free bolyafwa supportable
bokogrunukxen disinfection bolyafwan supportability
bokogrunukxer disinfect bolyea supportive
bokogrunukxul disinfectant bolyean supportiveness
bokogrunukxwa disinfected bolyofwa insupportable
bokogrunuwa infected bolyofwan non-supportability
bokogrunuyafwa infectious, possible to catch, viral bolzyuf pillar, column, support, post, prop
bokogrunuyafwan infectiousness, possibility of being caught bolzyufyag support beam
bokogrunuyea infectious, virulent ' bolzyuv cane
bokogrunuyean infectiousness bon calm
bokogrunuyofa immune bona calm
bokogrunuyofan immunity bonay calmly
bokogrunuyofwa non-infectious, non-viral, impossible to catch bonsea calming down
bokogrunuyofxen immunization bonser calm down
bokogrunuyofxer immunize bonxen calming down
bokogrunuyofxwa immunized bonxer calm, calm down
bokova prophylactic bonxwa calmed down
bokovan prophylaxis book fatigue, weariness
bokovar prophylactic booka tired, fatigued, worn out, weary
boksea getting sick, growing ill, growing infirm bookan tiredness, fatigue, weariness, lassitude
bokser get sick, get ill, grow ill, grow infirm bookser get tired, grow fatigued, be weary
boksiunyan syndrome bookxer tire, fatigue, wear out
boktun pathology bookxwa tired, fatigued, worn out
boktuna pathological boos tranquility
boktunay pathologically boosa tranquil
boktut pathologist boosan tranquility
bokxer make ill, sicken booser be tranquil
bokxwa sickened booxar tranquilizer
bokxyea sickening booxen tranquilization, quelling
bol support booxer tranquilize, quell
bolar support, prop bos calm, quiet, lull, respite
bolaryan system of support, support structure bosa calm, still, quiet
bolen holding up, upholding, supporting, propping up, bearing, enduring bosan calmness, stillness, quiet, quietude
boler hold up, uphold, support, prop up, bear, endure bosay calmly, quietly
Bolivya Bolivian bosen being calm, being still, quieting
Bolivyam Bolivia boser be calm, be still, rest

Botswana - brokxer[edit | edit source]

Botswana Botswanian boyxen deprivation, dispossession, robbery
Botswanam Botswana boyxer deprive, dispossess, take away
Botswanama Botswanian boyxwa deprived, dispossessed, robbed
Botswanat Botswanian bras shake, quake
bowa propped, supported, held up, sustained brasea shaking, stirring up
boxea calming, quieting brasen shaking, stirring up, quaking
boxen calming, quelling, quieting braser shake, stir up, quake
boxer calm down, still, quell, quieten braxar shaker
boxon lull braxegar vibrator
boxwa calmed, quelled, quietened braxegea vibrating, shuddering
boxyea calming, quietening braxegen vibration, shuddering
boy afdras without a permit braxeger vibrate, shudder, quake
boy aybil without cream, black braxen shaking, agitation, stirring up, flustering
boy biel without cream, black braxer shake, agitate, stir up, fluster
boy byun with no purpose, without a goal braxmagyelwa stir-fried
boy hevoni without conditions, unconditionally braxwa shaken, agitated, stirred, flustered
boy hyea vyates for no rhyme or reason Brazila Brazilian
boy jwad without warning Brazilam Brazil
boy jwed without prompting, impromptu Brazilama Brazilian
boy jwox without delay, immediately Brazilat Brazilian
boy level without sugar, unsweetened Bretanya British, Anglo-
boy syob without basis Bretanyam Britain
boy tesden without explanation Bretanyama British
boy uj without end, infinitely, eternally Bretanyat Brit, Britisher
boy uvtip without pity brexar restraints
boy vetex without a doubt, doubtlessly brexazon stress, tension, strain
boy vot doubtless, without a doubt brexazona tensile
boy votex without a doubt, indubitably, doubtless, no doubt brexazonaya tension-filled, tense, stressful, intense
boy vyons without fail brexazonoya tension-free, relaxed, stress-free, slack, limp
boy yekun without purpose, aimlessly brexazonser tense up, strain
boy yom neat, straight up, no ice brexazonuer apply stress to, tense, stretch, strain, stress
boy without, except, but brexazonuwa tensed, strained, stressed, taut
boyk ailment, bug, complaint brixen ripping, tearing, uprooting
boyka unwell, ailing, queasy, sickly, out of sorts brixer rip, tear, uproot
boykser be ailing, have a bug, be out of sorts brixwa torn up, uprooted, ripped
boyn lull, calm, respite Broadway duez Broadway musical
boypen going without brok torture, agony
boyper go without broksen writhing, agonizing
boyuvsea grieving the absense of brokser writhe in torture, agonize
boyuvsen missing brokxer torture

brokxim - buiur[edit | edit source]

brokxim torture chamber bu yobem to the downstairs, downstairs
brokxut torturer bu yubem bi to the vicinity of
brokxwa tortured bu zam bi to the front of
brokxwat torture victim bu zem bi to the middle of
brokxyea tortuous, agonizing bu zen bi to the center of
brokxyeay tortuously, agonizingly bu zim bi to the right side of
bruken mutilation, mangling bu zom bi to the back of
bruker mutilate, mangle bu zum bi to the left side of
brukgoblawa mangled, mutilated Bud Buddha
brukgoblen mangling, mutilation budel proposal
brukgobler mangle, mutilate budelen proposition
brukwa mutilated, mangled budeler propose
Bruneya Brunei budelut proponent
Bruneyam Brunei budelwa proposed
Bruneyama Brunei Budin Buddhism
Bruneyat Bruneian Budina fam Buddhist temple
bruxen kicking Budina Buddhist
bruxer kick Budinut Buddhist
bruxwa kicked buer give, issue, grant, present
bu abem bi to the top of bui- to-and-fro
bu fyis bi to the benefit of buiam trading post, exchange
bu ha ouj ad infinitum buibelar shuttle
bu hem to here, hither buibelen shuttling
bu hom whither, where to buibeler shuttle
bu hot to whom buibelwa shuttled
bu hum to there, hither, thither buidompur shuttle bus
bu hya tebikeati to all whom it may concern buiem market, marketplace
bu hyem to anywhere, to wherever buien exchange, give-and-take, trade
bu hyom to nowhere buier exchange, give and take, trade
bu hyum to somewhere else buiigper run to and fro
bu ijem bi to the start of buinunen trading
bu kun bi to the side of buinuner trade
bu kun aside buinunut trader
bu nod bi to the point of buipen going to and fro, hustle and bustle
bu obem bi to the bottom of buiper go to and fro, shuttle
bu oyebem to the outside, outdoors buipop drurunes round trip ticket
bu ujem bi to the end of buipop round trip
bu yabem to the upstairs, upstairs buipoper travel to-and-fro, travel round trip
bu yebem to the inside, indoors buipur shuttle
bu yibem to a distant place, far away buiur exchange, exchanger

buiut - bukyafwan[edit | edit source]

buiut trader bukofaber patch up, apply a band-aid, bandage up
buiwa exchanged, traded bukofabwa patched, patched up, bandaged
buix push-and-pull bukser get injured
buixar yujlar spring lock buktun traumatology
buixar piston, pump buktuna traumatological
buixen pumping, pushing-and-pulling, jerking buktut traumatologist
buixer maegil pump gas bukuen injuring, harming, wounding
buixer mal pump air bukuer inflict injury, inflict harm, inflict a wound, injure, harm, wound
buixer mil pump water bukul poison, venin, venom, toxin
buixer pump, push and pull, jerk bukula poisonous, venomous, toxic
buixufek tug-o-war bukulien poisoning
buixufeker play tug-o-war bukulier take poison, poison oneself, ingest poison
buixwa pumped, jerked bukuluen poisoning, intoxication
buk bi doparprux gunshot wound bukuluer poison, intoxicate
buk injury, harm, trauma, wound bukuluwa poisoned, intoxicated
bukbyex bash bukulyea poisonous
bukbyexen clobbering, bashing bukun injury, harm, wound, trauma
bukbyexer clobber, bash bukuun injury, harm, wound
bukbyexwa clobbered, bashed bukuwa injured, harmed, wounded
buken injuring, harming, wounding bukwa injured, harmed, wounded
buker injure, harm, wound bukwat bi doyov victim of crime
bukes scratch, minor injury, abrasion bukwat bi fuyux victim of abuse
bukesier get a scratch bukwat bi kyeson victim of circumstance
bukesuen scratching, abrading bukwat injured party, injured person, casualty, wounded, victim
bukesuer scratch, abrade bukwatxen victimization
bukesuwa scratched up, abraded bukwatxer victimize
bukesuyea abrasive bukxen injury, harming, wounding, vicitimization, traumatization
bukesuyean abrasiveness bukxer injure, harm, wound, traumatize, inflect a wound, victimize
bukesuyeay abrasively bukxwa bey doparprux wounded by gunfire
bukgoblar stabbing knife bukxwa harmed, damaged, hurt, injured, wounded, traumatized
bukgoblawa lacerated, stabbed bukyaf danger, potential for harm, risk, vulnerability
bukgoblawat stabbing victim bukyafa in danger, liable to harm, endangered, imperiled, vulnerable
bukgoblen laceration, stabbing bukyafan vulnerability
bukgobler lacerate, stab bukyafaya riskiness, perilousness, dangerousness, risky
bukgoblun laceration, stab wound bukyafober remove the risk
bukgoblut stabber bukyafoya risk-free, safe
bukien getting injured, being wounded, sustaining trauma bukyafoyan safety
bukier get injured, be wounded, sustain trauma bukyafwa dangerous, unsafe, risky, perilous, vulnerable
bukiwa injured, wounded, harmed bukyafwan vulnerability, risk, danger, peril, dangerousness
bukof patch, band aid bukyafwan vulnerability

bukyafxen - buyka[edit | edit source]

bukyafxen endangerment bumpea heading, headed
bukyafxer endanger, imperil bumper head
bukyafxwa endangered bun gift, present, gratuity
bukyea injurious, harmful, damaging, hurtful, obnoxious, bothersome, troubling, annoying bunen allocation
Bukyilp Mimpar bi Noah Noah's Ark buner allocate, donate
bukyilp mimpar ark bunnag ration, allotment
bukyilpam sanctuary, refuge, asylum bunnager ration, allocate
bukyilper flee, take asylum, flee for safety bunun allocation
bukyilput refugee bunut donor
bukyof safety bunwa allocated
bukyofa invulnerable, safe bupeit otter
bukyofan invulnerability, safety bupot bonobo
bukyofwa safe bur concession, grant, bestowal, yield
bukyofwan safety, impossibility of being harmed Burbona gevofil Bourbon, Bourbon whiskey
bukyofxen protection, safeguarding, keeping safe, warantee buren concession, conceding, yielding, granting, bestowal
bukyofxer keep safe, shield from danger, protect, safeguard, guarantee burer concede, yield, grant, bestow
bukyofxut guardian, guard, protector, safekeeper, warden Burmad Burmese
bukyofxwam protectorate Burmam Burma
bukyofxwat protege Burmama Burmese
bukyujun scab Burmat Burmese
bukyujunsea scabbing burun concession, grant, bestowal, yield
bukyujunsen scabbing burwa conceded, yielded, granted, bestowed
bukyujunser scab busea aiming, heading, on the way, springing
bukzem trauma center busen springing
bul grant, endowment, bestowal buser be headed to, be on the way to, head for, aim at, spring
bulen granting, bestowing, endowing, accordance buun bi bekul dose of medicine, dose of drugs
buler besafdren grant a visa buun gift, dose
buler grant, bestow, endow, accord buut giver, donor
Bulgarya Bulgarian buvol cucumber
Bulgaryad Bulgarian buvolbyel tzatziki
Bulgaryam Bulgaria buvolyigz pickle
Bulgaryama Bulgarian buwa dyun given name, first name
Bulgaryat Bulgarian buwa given
bulun grant, endowment bux push, pulse
bulut granter, endower, bestower buxen pushing, driving
bulwa granted, bestowed, endowed buxer push, drive
bulyea generous buxwa pushed, driven
bulyean generosity buy van in order that
bum destination, heading buyk sore
bumea in bed, reclining, lying down, recumbent buyka sore

buykan - byelun[edit | edit source]

buykan soreness byaser stand up, become erect, stand upright, become upright, stand
buykaya full of sores byavol artichoke
buyken bruising, hurting slightly, grazing byax erection
buyker bruise, hurt slightly, graze byaxen erection, setting up, pitching
buykika full of sores byaxer dezmos set up a stage
buykun bruise, slight injury byaxer siundrof stick up a sign
buykwa bruised, hurt slightly, grazed byaxer tamof pitch a tent
buyl attribution byaxer tom erect a building
buylawa attributed byaxer erect, stand upright, set up, set upright, stick up, pitch
buylen attribution, attributing byaxwa erected, upright, righted, set up, set upright, pitched
buyler attribute byaxwas stand, erection, setup
buylun attribute byeb pile, stack, accumulation
buyluwa attributable byebar battery, accumulator
buyrawa conceded, yielded byeben accumulation, stacking, piling
buyren concession, yielding byeber pile, stack, accumulate
buyrer concede, yield byebwa piled, stacked, accumulated
buyxen nudging, jostling byebwer pile up, accumulate, be stacked
buyxer nudge, jostle byebyea cumulative
buyxwa nudged, jostled byeem situation
bwa put, placed, set byeema situational
bwas set, setting, placement byeemer situate
byak hygiene, sanitation byeen keeping
byaka hygienic, sanitary, wholesome, healthful byeer keep
byakan sanitary state, wholesomeness byek cure, therapy, healing, remedy
byaktun hygienics byeka therapeutic, remedial
byaktut hygienist byekam sanatorium
byalea lifting, putting up, hanging up byeker cure, heal, remedy
byalen lifting, putting up, hanging up byekut therapist
byaler lift, put up, hang up byekuwa curable
byalwa lifted, stirred up, hung up byekwa cured, remedied
byaosea teetering, stumbling byekyafat curable patient
byaosen teetering, stumbling byekyafwa curable, remediable
byaoser teeter, stumble byekyea curative, remedial
byapot orangutan byekyofat incurable patient
byarea exciting, stirring, arousing byekyofwa incurable, irremediable
byaren excitement, arousal, stirring up byelam detention facility, jail
byarer excite, arouse, stir up byelem reservation
byarwa excited, aroused, stirred up byelen reserving
byas stance, stature byeler reserve
byasea standing, erect, upright byelun reservation

byelwa - byokyef[edit | edit source]

byelwa reserved byimil spring, brook
byem position byimip spring
byemser be positioned byimol origin
byemxen positioning byimola original
byemxer position byimolay originally
byemxwa positioned byin origin, derivation, stem
byen manner, way, style, mode, behavior, comportment byina original
byena modal, behavioral byinay originally
byenyigza acrimonious byinod origin, point of origin, original
byenyigzan acrimoniousness byisea emanating, stemming, originating, deriving
byenyigzay acrimoniously byisen emanation, emanating, derivation, springing up, origination, stemming
byeren conserving, conservation byiser emanate, derive, derive from, stem, stem from, spring up, originate
byerer conserve byixen derivation, deriving
byerwa conserved byixer derive
byeun keepsake byixun derivation, derivative
byewa kept byixwa derived, sprung, emanated, stemmed, originated
byex tap, rap, beat, knock, bat, strike, stroke byobyebwa absorbed
byexar knocker byok pain, angina
byexegen beating, battery byoka pain-related, pain
byexeger beat, batter byokaya painful, dolorous
byexegwa beaten, battered byokea aching, painful, hurting
byexen tapping, rapping, knocking, beating byoker hurt, ache, be in pain
byexer tap, rap, beat byokien suffering pain, hurting, aching
byexes igan pulse rate byokier suffer pain, hurt, ache
byexes pulse, beat byoknoyx fine, penalty
byexesea pulsating, beating byoknoyxier discharge a fine, pay a fine, pay a penalty
byexesen pulsation, beating byoknoyxuer fine, impose a fine, levy a fine, charge a fine, charge a penalty
byexeser pulsate, beat byokober relieve pain
Byi egteat Until we see one another again, Au revoir byokobil painkiller, analgesic, pain reliever
byi ej from now on, from here on out, henceforth byokoya painless, pain-free
byi ha jobij since the beginning of time, forever, always byokoyan painlessness, analgesia
byi hij from now on, henceforth, hereafter byokser be in pain
byi him starting here byokuen punishment
Byi hogla job et peseye? How long have you been waiting? byokuer punish, hurt, inflict pain, induce pain
byi hogla job for how long, since how long byokuon punishment, affliction
byi hoj since when byokuwat punishment victim, afflicted person
byi huj since then byokuyea punishing, pain-inducing
byi hum starting there, from that point on byokxen making painful
byi morij since time immemorial, forever, since forever, since the beginning of time byokxer make painful
byi starting with, since, from the point of, originating with byokyef punishment, penalty

byokyefam - byuun[edit | edit source]

byokyefam prison, jail byu ej up to the present, until now, thus far, heretofore
byokyefier pay a fine, pay a penalty, expiate one's punishment byu ha jobuj until the end of time, forever
byokyefuen punishment byu ha uj until the end
byokyefuer punish, impose a penalty, impose a punishment byu hij up to now, so far, heretofore
byokyefuwa punished byu him up to here, this far
byopot gibbon byu hogla job for how long...
byoren suppression byu hoj for how long..., until when...
byorer suppress byu huj until then
byorwa suppressed byu hum up to there, that far
byos drop byu hyaj forever
byosea hanging, drooping, stooping, dipping, dropping byu jobuj forever
byosen hanging, drooping, stooping, dipping, dropping byu up to, as far as
byoser hang, droop, dip, drop down, stoop byuer aim for, be destined for, target, shoot for
byovol gherkin byuigper run up to
byoxar hanger byum destination
byoxen hanging byun target, goal, purpose, aim
byoxer hang byunod aim, target, bull's eye
byoxgrun hanger byunoya aimless, purposeless
byoxnyif hangman's rope, noose byunoyan aimlessness, purposelessness
byoxut hangman byunser be targeted, be aimed, be destined
byoxwa faof scaffold byuntun teleology
byoxwa faofyan scaffolding byuntuna teleological
byoxwa sum hammock byuntunay teleologically
byoxwa hanged, hung byuntut teleologist
byoyk bi teb headache byunxer target, aim
byoyk bi teeb earache byunxwa targeted, aimed, destined
byoyk bi tikeb stomachache, bellyache byuon objective
byoyk bi zotib backache byup orientation
byoyk ache, minor pain byupea heading for, destined for, targeting, oriented
byoykea aching, hurting byupem destination, target, direction
byoyken aching, hurting byupen orientation
byoyker ache, hurt byuper head for, be destined for, target, be oriented toward
byoys droop, slouch byus contact, touch, encounter
byoysea drooping, slouching byuser contact, come into contact with, meet, reach, touch, encounter
byoyser droop, slouch byusnad tangent
byoyx zeymep suspension bridge byusnada tangential
byoyx suspense byuujea ending up
byoyxar suspender byuujen ending up
byoyxen suspending, suspension byuujer end up
byoyxer suspend byuun objective, target

byux - dabxam government office[edit | edit source]

byux touch, contact, feel out dab yexut government worker, clerk
byuxa tactile dab government, rule
byuxar feeler daba yex government work
byuxen touching, contacting daba zem government center
byuxer touch, reach out and touch, contact daba governmental, government
byuxwa touched, contacted dabdal governmentese, bureaucratic language
byuxyofwa untouchable dabden ordination
byuxyofwat untouchable dabder ordain
ca the letter c dabdras ordinance
Cada Chadean dabdwa ordained
Cadam Chad dabea governing
Cadama Chadean daben governance, governing
Cadat Chadean daber govern
cedar bilyig cheddar cheese dabiea taking power
Cekya Czech dabien taking power
Cekyad Czech dabier take power
Cekyam Czech Republic, Czechia dabiut person assuming power
Cekyama Czech daboben unseating from power
Cekyat Czech dabober unseat from power
Cilea Chilean dabobien abdication, relinquishing power
Cileam Chile dabobier abdicate, relinquish power
Cileama Chilean dabobiwa abdicated
Cileat Chilean dabobwa unseated from power
Cina Chinese, Sino- dabpyox coup d'etat, government overthrow, takeover
Cinad Chinese dabpyoxen launching a coup d'etat, overthrowing a government, taking over power
Cinam China dabpyoxer launch a coup d'etat, launch a coup, overthrow government, take over power
Cinama Chinese dabpyoxut coup instigator, overthrower
Cinat Chinese dabtun politics
Cipra Cypriot dabtuna political
Cipram Cyprus dabtunay politically
Ciprama Cypriot dabtunut politician, politico
Ciprat Cypriot dabtunxen politicization
da the letter d dabtunxer politicize, campaign
daapatyan major command, majcom dabtunxwa politicized
daat buddy, chum, pal dabuen putting in power, instatement
daatan buddyship dabuer put in power, instate
daatsen chumming up, being buddies dabut governor
daatser chum up to, buddy up to, be buddies with dabuwa put in power, instated
daatyena chummy, buddy-like dabwa governed
daatyenan chumminess dabxam government office '

dabxamyan - darestun[edit | edit source]

dabxamyan government bureaucracy dalyaf ability to speak
dabxamyana bureaucratic dalyafa able to speak
dabxamyanut government bureaucrat dalyafat person able to speak
dabyafon political power dalyigfa rough-talking, verbally coarse
daepatyan numbered air force, NAF dalyigfan verbal coarseness
dafab fir, fir tree dalyigla rude-mouthed
daipatyan wing dalyiglan verbal rudeness
dal speech, talk dalyigza sharp-tongued, caustic, biting, pungent, sarcastic, sour-mouthed
dalbyen manner of speaking, speaking style, idiom, language dalyigzan causticity, pungency, sarcasm
dalbyena idiomatic dalyigzat sourpuss
dalbyenay idiomatically dalyigzay caustically, pungently, sarcastically, bitingly, with a sharp tongue
daldren lyricism dalyik dysphasia
daldrut lyricist dalyof speech impairment, inability to speak
dalen speaking, talking dalyofa mute, incapable of speaking, speech-impaired, dumb
daler speak, talk, talk to dalyofat speech-impaired person, mute
daliga fast-talking, witty dalyofxen dumbing, muting, muzzling
daligan wittiness dalyofxer dumb, mute, render incapable of speaking, muzzle
daligat quipster, comic, fast-talker dalyofxwa dumbed, muted, muzzled
dalnod talking point, theme, issue dam airfield, airport
dalsaxun idiom, figure of speech, rhetorical construction damem metropolis
dalsaxuna idiomatic damema metropolitan
dalsem pulpit, dais, podium Danya Danish
dalsiunen signing Danyad Danish
dalsiuner sign Danyam Denmark
dalsiunut signer Danyama Danish
dalsiunwa signed Danyat Dane
dalson issue, topic, subject dap air force
daltuz rhetoric dapa nab air force rank
daltuza rhetorical dapa air force, air
daltuzut rhetorician dapat airman
dalufek argument, debate, feud, verbal quarrel dapatyan air force unit
dalufeken arguing, debating, feuding, verbal quarreling dapeb air force commander
dalufeker argue, debate, feud, quarrel verbally daplat air force officer
dalufekut arguer, debater, feuder, verbal quarreler daprat air force general
dalufekyafwa arguable, debatable dapur fighter jet
dalufekyafway arguably, debatably dar language
dalufekyea argumentative, quarrelsome, verbally combative dara language-related, lingual
dalufekyean argumentativeness, quarrelsomeness, verbal combativeness dares dialect
dalun speech, talk, oration daresa dialectal
dalut speaker, talker, orator darestun dialectology

darestuna - deben[edit | edit source]

darestuna dialectological dayopatyan squadron
darestunay dialectologically dayt female friend, girlfriend
darestut dialectologist daytif girlfriend
darsyen idiom daz pasaun dance move, dance step
darsyena idiomatic daz dance
dartun linguistics dazam dance hall, disco, dance club
dartuna linguistic dazdet dance partner
dartunay linguistically dazeb dance director, choreographer
dartut linguist dazeben choreography
daryen language dazeber choreograph
dat friend, ally, associate dazem dance floor
data friendly, allied dazeonat dance couple
datan friendship, alliance, association dazer dance
datib reception, party, meet-and-greet daztyoyaper promenade
datibam hostel, inn, hotel, guesthouse dazun dance
datiben hosting, greeting, receiving guests, reception dazunyan choreography, dance repertoire
datiber host, welcome, greet, receive a guest dazunyanxer choreograph
datibim reception room, salon, lobby dazunyanxut choreographer
datibut host dazut dancer
datibutem reception area, reception hall, lobby dazutyan chorus
datibyea welcoming dazuyt danseuse
datif buddy, matey dazyem dance hall
datifan buddyhood DDV FBI
datim living room, salon, parlor deapatyan division
datsen becoming friends deb leader, chief, ruler, commander
datser become friends deba lead, chief, ruling
datup visit deban authority, leadership, command, rule
datupea visiting debanyan dynasty
datuper visit, be a guest, come as a friend debanyana dynastic
Datupu! Welcome! debanyea authoritarian
datuput visitor, guest debden order, command, commandment, ruling
datuputim guestroom debder order, command, mandate
datxen befriending, friending debdom capital
datxer befriend, friend debdun order, command, ruling, mandate
datxwa befriended, friended debea in charge of, leading, reigning, ruling
datyena friendly, amicable debelea reigning
datyenan friendliness, amicability debelem realm
datyuv friendship ties, alliance debelen reign
daupatyan group debeler reign
dayapatyan flight deben leading, reigning, ruling

deber - depyonarwa[edit | edit source]

deber lead, reign, rule defeba pineal, conical
debkyian clout defebnid cone
debmus hierarchy defebnida conical
debmusa hierarchical defebsan cone shape
debmusay hierarchically defebsana cone-shaped
debnabyan hierarchy defulob pine needle
debnabyana hierarchical deipatyan battalion
debsim throne del declaration, statement
debsimber put on the throne deldras advertisement, ad, notice
debsimbien assumption of the throne deldrawa advertised
debsimbier assume the throne deldren advertisement
debsimoben dethroning deldrer advertise
debsimober dethrone deldrof billboard, ad, banner, sign
debsimobwa dethroned delen declaration, annunciation
debsimopen abdication delena declarative
debsimoper relinquish the throne, step aside, abdicate deler doprek declare war
debsimper sit on the throne, reign deler nasvyons declare bankruptcy
debut commander, ruler deler nuxyof declare bankruptcy, file for bankruptcy
debwa led, ruled deler vyodoyevyek declare a mistrial
debyaf authority, power deler declare, announce, state
debyafxen authorization, empowerment delut announcer
debyafxer authorize, empower delwas announcement, declaration
debyafxwa authorized, empowered dem park
debyan leadership demmem parkland
debyena authoritarian demmep parkway
debyenan authoritarianism den utterance, saying, telling
debyenay authoritatively denyen diction, manner of saying
debzem headquarters dep ground force, army
dedras report depa army
dedrasyan reportage depat army soldier, soldier, marabou, marabout, ground soldier, enlisted soldier
dedrawa reported depatyan army, ground force
dedren reporting depeb army commander
dedrer report deplat officer
dedrut reporter deprat general, army general
deepatyan regiment depur tank
defab pine, pine tree, conifer, evergreen tree, Christmas tree depyonar bayonet
defabyel resin depyonaren bayoneting
defaob pine, pine wood depyonarer bayonet
defaoba made of pine, pine depyonarut bayonetist
defayb evergreen shrub depyonarwa bayoneted

der - dezeker[edit | edit source]

der say, tell, utter, communicate deuzut singer, vocalist
desyembwa staged deuzutyan chorale, chorus, choir
det comrade, mate, fellow deuzutyana choral
deta fellow deuzutyaneb choral director
detan comradeship, fellowship deuzuwat singing quartet, quartet
detyan club deuzuyt songstress, female singer
deuden ranting, declamation, shouting deuzyen tone, tonality, manner of singing
deuder rant, shout deuzyena tonal
deup rhythm deuzyowat singing quintet, quintet
deupa rhythmical deyapatyan detachment
deupatyan brigade deyb female leader, female ruler
deupyena rhythmic deym milzyabar garden hose
deus accent deym zyegar garden hoe
deusaya accented deym garden
deusben accenting deymut gardener
deusber accent deymyexen gardening
deusbwa accented deymyexer tend a garden
deusoya accentless deyopatyan squadron
deusozar whistle deyt female comrade
deusozen whistling dez theater, stage, entertainment, performance art
deusozer whistle deza theatrical, dramatic, stage-
deusozut whistler dezab stage management, stage direction
deusuen accentuation dezam theater, performance venue, stage
deusuer accentuate dezan theatricality
deusuka accent-free dezaxen dramatization
deusuwa accentuated dezaxer dramatize
deuz song, voice dezaxwa dramatized
deuza vocal dezay theatrically, dramatically
deuzawat singing solo, solo dezben staging
deuzduni lyrics dezber stage
deuzen singing, vocalization dezbwa staged
deuzer sing, vocalize dezdras stage script
deuzewat duo, singing duo, duet dezdyun stage name
deuziwat singing trio, trio dezeb director
deuznad verse dezeban directorship
deuznod note dezeber direct
deuznog pitch dezek performance
deuzog ditty, tune dezeka make-believe
deuzpat songbird dezeken role-playing, play-act, acting
deuzun song, vocal piece, piece dezeker play a role, role-play, act

dezekgon - didyan[edit | edit source]

dezekgon role diba administrative, official
dezekut stage actor, performer, actor dibam agency, office
dezer perform, entertain, act, pretend, play-act, do make-believe dibameb agency head, office chief
dezim theater salon, screening room dibay administratively, officially
dezkutim theater wing dibdras regulation, ordinance
dezmos stage dibdrasa regulatory
dezof curtain dibdren regulation
dezofzam forestage dibdrena regulatory
dezsom prop diben administering, officiating, administration, administrating
dezsomyan scenery, props diber administer, officiate, administrate
dezteaxun spectacle dibim administrative office, chamber
dezteaxut spectator dibjoyab term of office
deztem performance hall dibut administrator, officer, agent, official, bureaucrat
deztim theater salon dibutan office
dezuj denouement, finale dibutyan staff, officialdom, bureaucracy
dezun play, stage production, theater piece dibuyt female officer
dezunben staging, putting on a play dibwa administered, officiated
dezunber stage a play, put on a play dibyena bureaucratic
dezundrer write a play dibyendal bureaucratese, officialese
dezundrut playwright dibzem administrative center, admin
dezungon act did siyn question mark
dezungones scene did question, query
dezunij prologue dida interrogative
dezut performer, entertainer, stage artist, actor didea questioning
dezutkexer cast didegen firing off question, drilling
dezutkexut casting director dideger rattle off questions, drill
dezutyan cast didek puzzle, enigma
dezuyt female performer, female entertainer, actress dideka enigmatic
dezyem kum stage wing dideker puzzle, puzzle over
dezyem uzmas proscenium, apron didekwa puzzled
dezyem zom backstage didekyena enigmatic, puzzling
dezyem stage, performance space diden questioning, interrogation, querying
dezyemben staging dider question, interrogate, query, ask a question
dezyember stage, stage a play didnad line of questioning, inquiry
dezzamos stage, stage floor, stage platform didsiyn question mark
dezzatem theater lobby didut questioner, interrogator
dezzom backstage diduwa questionable, quizzical
dezzomas scenery, backdrop didwa questioned, interrogated, queried
dezzomos back stage didwat person being questioned
dezzyim stage, stage floor, stage platform didyan questionnaire, set of questions

didyanes - dita doyiv[edit | edit source]

didyanes quiz dinder narrate, tell a story, relate, recite
didyea inquisitive dindun narrative, recitation
didyean inquisitiveness dindut narrator, story-teller, reciter, raconteur
didyena quizzical dindyes story book, novel, romance
didyenan quizzicality dingon chapter
didyenay quizzically dinier catch a story, hear, receive a report
dien requesting, asking dinij introduction, story opening
diep marine force dinizon plot, story direction
diepa marine, marine force dinmep plot, story trajectory
diepat marine, marine soldier, enlisted marine dinnad storyline, plot, narrative thread
diepatyan marine force dinuen reporting
diepeb marine commander dinuer report, put out a story
dieplat marine officer dinuj denouement, end of the story, conclusion, finale
dieprat general, marine general dinuun report
diepur aircraft carrier dinuunyan reportage
dier besafdren request a visa dinuut reporter
dier ha naxdras ask for the bill, request the bill dinyiflat hero of the story, protagonist
dier x did ask x a question dinyiflayt heroine of the story, female protagonist
dier x xer y ask x to do y dinyog tale, short story
dier ask, request, ask for dinyogut raconteur, story teller
difab yew, yew tree dip navy
diin narrative, account, recital dipa naval
diina recitative dipat ensign, seaman, navy recruit
diinden recitation, reciting, recital dipatyan navy, naval force
diinder recite dipayt female ensign, female seaman, female navy receuit
diindut reciter dipeb navy commander
diindwa recited dipgibar cutlass
diita civic diprat admiral, navy admiral
diitan civics dipur battleship
dilen beseeching, begging, pleading, imploring, entreating dipuryan squadron
diler beseech, beg, plead, implore, entreat dipyat navy warrant officer
dilun plea dir requirement, demand, mandate
dilut beggar diren requirement, demanding, mandating, requiring
dilwa beseeched, begged, pleaded direr require, demand, mandate, take
dilwe I beg of you, pretty please dirwa required, mandatory, mandated
dim bi jogan fountain of youth diryea demanding
dim drilar fountain pen dit citizen
dim fountain, pool dita dovyab civil law
dimog font, basin dita doyevam civil court
din story, account, history, tale dita doyiv civil right

dita doyivi pax - dizden[edit | edit source]

dita doyivi pax civil rights movement ditxen granting citizenship, naturalization
dita doyivi civil rights ditxer grant citizenship, naturalize
dita opyex civil defense ditxwa granted citizenship, naturalized
dita oyuvteexen civil disobedience ditxwat person granted citizenship, naturalized citizen
dita surtyenut civil engineer dityan citizenry
dita tadien civil marriage dityanxen population
dita yivan civil liberty dityanxer populate
dita yivtexin civil libertarianism dityanxwa populated
dita yivtexinut civil libertarian ' dityen civility
dita yuxlen civil service dityena civilian
dita yuxlut ut dityenxer civilize
dita civilian, civil dityenxwa civilized
ditan citizenship diun request
ditandref citizenship papers diut requester, asker
ditay civilly diwa asked, requested
ditdab democracy Diwe dolu. Please be silent.
ditdaba democratic Diwe van et dolu. It is requested that you be silent., Please be silent.
ditdabat democrat diwe van... it is requested that..., please...
ditdabay democratically diwe van it is requested that
ditdabser become democratic Diwe ! Please!, it is requested
ditdabxen democratization diwe please, it is requested
ditdabxer democratize diyb management, office, department
ditdabxwa democratized diyba departmental, official
ditdeb president, president of the republic diyben management, officiating, managing
ditdeba presidential diybena beym managerial position
ditdeban presidency diybena managerial
ditdeber preside, be president diyber manage, officiate, run
ditdebser become president diybut manager, officer
ditdebxer make president diybutyan management, officialdom
ditdebyena presidential in manner, presidential diybwa managed, officiated
ditdeyb Madame president diyd quiz
ditdob republic diydek quiz game
ditdoba republican diyder quiz
ditdobin republicanism diydyena quizzical
ditdobina republicanist diyn tale
ditdobinut republicanist diyun appeal
ditdop militia diz comedy, comic theater, circus
ditsen becoming a citizen diza comic, comedic, funny, jocular
ditser become a citizen dizam circus arena, comedy stage
ditsoa about to become a citizen dizden comedy, joke-telling, joking

dizder - dobemema[edit | edit source]

dizder tell a joke, joke dizteuder laugh
dizdeuza doggerel diztomof big top
dizdeuzun doggerel verse dizun comedy routine, skit, funny bit, joke
dizdidyea quizzical dizuna jocular
dizdin joke dizunder tell a joke
dizdina jocular dizunxer perform a skit
dizdinen joke-telling, joking dizut comedian, comic, stand-up artist, clown
dizdiner joke, tell a joke dizuyt comedienne
dizdinut joke-teller, comedian, jokester doab fatherland
dizdinuyt comedienne doabif patriotism
dizdrezun Limerick doabifa patriotic
dizdut jokester, joker, comedian, joke-teller doabifay patriotically
dizduyt comedienne doabifut patriot
dizek prank, skit, comedy act, stunt doafden public authorization, public license
dizekam comedy club doafdren license
dizeken play pranks, clowning doafdutyan public authorities
dizeker clown around, perform in a circus, perform a skit doafdwa publicly authorized, publicly licensed
dizekut circus performer, clown, prankster, buffoon doam township
dizer clown around, perform comedy, joke doapar sabre
dizeub smile, grin doaparen slashing, cutting down
dizeubea smiling, grinning doaparer slash, cut down
dizeuben smiling, grinning doaparut slasher
dizeuber smile, grin doaparwa slashed, cut down
dizeud laugh, laughter dob state, regime
dizeudazea guffawing, raucously laughing doba state, of the state
dizeudazen guffawing, raucous laughter dobamem department, state, province
dizeudazer guffaw, laugh raucously dobamema departmental, federal, provincial
dizeuden laughter, laughing dobameym department
dizeuder laugh dobameyma departmental
dizeudier provoke laughter, get a laugh dobameymdom prefecture
dizeudog giggle dobameymeb prefect
dizeudogen giggling dobameymeba prefectoral
dizeudoger giggle doban statehood
dizeudoz chuckle, chortle dobbun bounty
dizeudozen chuckling, chortling dobdras treaty
dizeudozer chuckle, chortle dobdren treaty, treatise
dizeuduea laugh-provoking, funny, amusing dobem metropolis, home country
dizeuduer provoke laughter, get a laugh, tickle dobema metropolitan, home country
dizpot circus animal dobemem prefect
dizteud laugh dobemema prefectural

dobememdom - dobubwatim[edit | edit source]

dobememdom sub-prefect dobnixbwa taxed
dobememdoma sub-prefectural dobnixdib internal revenue service
dobemeymdom subprefect dobnixer receive a pension, collect a pension
dobien conquering, taking control, coup d'etat, conquest dobnixier collect taxes, pay taxes
dobier conquer, take over, take control dobnixiut tax collector, taxpayer
dobimem canton dobnixiyafwa taxable
dobimema cantonal dobnixuea tax-levying
dobimeym canton dobnixuen paying taxes, taxation, levying a tax
dobimeyma cantonal dobnixuer pay taxes, tax, levy a tax
dobin etatism, state control dobnixut pensioner, tax payer
dobina etatist dobnixuut tax collector, tax payer
dobinut etatist dobnixuwa taxed
dobiun conquest dobnixuyafwa taxable
dobiut conquerer, conqueror dobnixuyofwa non-taxable
dobiwa taken over, conquered dobnux pension, tax
dobmem territory dobnuxen paying taxes
dobmema territorial dobnuxer pay out a pension, pay taxes
dobmeman territoriality dobnuxiben collecting a pension, pension collection
dobmempek territorial dispute dobnuxiber collect a pension
dobmeym province dobnuxibut pensioner, tax collector
dobmeyma provincial dobnuxwa pensioned
dobmeymeb provincial governor dobnuxwat pensioner
dobnad frontier, border dobpyox coup d'etat, overthrow of the government
dobnada frontier, border dobpyoxen coup d'etat, overthrowing the government
dobnadib customs, customs bureau dobpyoxer launch a coup d'etat, overthrow the government
dobnadibam customs office dobraxen political agitation
dobnadibut customs official dobraxut political agitator
dobnastun economy dobsan regime
dobnastuna economic dobtun politics, statesmanship
dobnastunay economically dobtuna avutyan political party
dobnastut economist dobtuna azon political power
dobnix didraf tax form dobtunay politically
dobnix gobun tax deduction dobtunut politician, statesman
dobnix jab tax year dobtunxen politicization
dobnix nasyan pension fund dobtunxer politicize
dobnix oznod tax loophole dobtunxwa politicized
dobnix valem tax haven dobuben delegating, deputizing
dobnix vyesag tax rate dobuber delegate, deputize
dobnix vyotuen tax fraud dobubwat deputy, delegate
dobnix yibesen tax evasion dobubwatim chamber of deputies

dobubwatyan - doebdam[edit | edit source]

dobubwatyan delegation dodirwa mandated, mandatory
dobuen dedication dodras report, bulletin
dobuer dedicate dodrawa published, reported, publicized
dobumem commune dodren reporting, publicity
dobumema communal dodrer report, publicize
dobumeym commune dodres bulletin
dobumeyma communal dodreun official document, document
dobututam chamber of deputies, house of representatives dodreunen documentation
dobuwa dedicated dodreuner document
dobyen more, custom dodreungran red tape, bureaucracy
dobyena official, customary dodreunut documenter
dobyenay officially, customarily dodreunyan official documentation, paperwork, documentation
dobyenyan mores, customs dodrun report, communique
dodal speech dodrur printing press, press
dodalam chamber of deputies, congress, house of representative, forum dodruram publishing firm
dodalen peaking in public, oration, public speaking dodruren publishing
dodaler speak in public, orate, stump dodrurer publish, print, run
dodalsem rostrum, speaker's platform dodrurun publication, press item
dodalun public speech, oration dodrurut pressman, printer, publicist
dodalut orator, public speaker dodrurwa published
dodalyaf oratory dodrurwas publication, press report
dodar rhetoric dodrurwasyan press, publication community
dodara rhetorical dodrut reporter
dodel announcement, pronouncement dodrutyan staff of reporters
dodelen announcing, pronouncing dodruyt female reporter
dodeler announce, pronounce dodyun title, official name, public name, proper name
dodelut announcer dodyunier assume a title
dodelwa announced, pronounced dodyunuer assign a title
doden advertisement dodyunuwa titled
dodid inquiry, public inquiry, inquest doeb state, federal entity
dodin history, public record doeba valdib state police
dodina historical, historic doeba valdibut state policeman
dodinay historically doeba state
dodindrut historiographer doeban statehood
dodindyes history book, public record doebdal conference, public dialog, symposium, deliberation, consultation
dodinut historian doebdalem forum
dodir mandate doebdaler confer, dialog, deliberate, consult
dodirdref written mandate doebdalim conference room, meeting room, deliberation chamber
dodiren mandating doebdalut conference attendee, deliberator
dodirer mandate doebdam conference center

doebden - doiba[edit | edit source]

doebden conference dofinoyan immorality
doebder confer dofinut moral person, ethical person, moralist, ethicist
doebdut conferencee dofinxea moralizing
doebeb state governor, governor dofinxen moralizing, moralization
doebebam governor's residence dofinxer moralize
doebeban governorship dofinxwa moralized
doebyan federation dofinyan mores, ethics
Doebyana Vyankexdib Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI dofinyiva unscrupulous
doebyana federal dofinyivay unscrupulously
doebyanin federalism dofinyuv scruple
doebyanina federalist dofinyuva scrupulous
doebyaninut federalist dofinyuvay scrupulously
doebyanxen federalization dofiz morale
doebyanxer federalize dofizuen boosting morale
doebyanxwa federalized dofizuer boost morale
doebyayna confederal dofizuyea morale-boosting
doebyaynin confederalism dofun crime, offense, public vice, vice
doebyaynina confederalist dofuna criminal, offensive
doebyayninut confederalist dofunag felony, major offense
doebyaynxen confederalization dofunaga felonious
doebyaynxer confederalize dofunagat felon
doebyaynxwa confederalized dofunagxen commission of a felon
doem village dofunagxer commit a felon
doema village dofunagxut person committing a felon
doemat villager dofunagxwat felony victim
doemayt female villager dofunan criminality
doemeb village head dofunog petty offense
doemeyb female village head dofunxer commit a crime, commit an offense
doemog hamlet dofunxut criminal, offender
doemwat male villager dofunxwat crime victim
doemweb male village head dofuyn misdemeanor, minor offense, infraction, malfeasance
doep militia dofuynxen commission of a misdemeanor
doeym locality, neighborhood dofuynxer commit a misdemeanor
dofin morality, moral, morals, ethics dofuynxut person committing a misdemeanor
dofina moral, ethical dofuz public shame, public disgrace
dofinan morality doheydar public address system
dofinden moralizing doib valdib county police
dofinder moralize doib valdibut sheriff
dofindin morality tale, fable, parable doib county
dofindwa moralized doiba county

doibut - domeap[edit | edit source]

doibut county clerk dolsonxen keeping a mystery
doim hamlet dolsonxer keep a mystery
doita civic dolsonxwa kept a mystery
doitan civism, civics doltoxer condone
dokebid plebiscite doltoxwa condoned
dokebien debzem election headquarters Dolu! Hush!, Shut up!, Silence!
dokebien election dolxar muzzle, silencer
dokebiena electoral dolxen muzzling, silencing, hushing
dokebier elect dolxer shut up, muzzle, silence, mute, hush
dokebiut elector dolxwa muzzled, silenced, muted, hushed
dokebiutyan electorate dolyof inability to speak
dokebiwa elected dolyofa dumb, unable to speak, mute
dokebiwat electee, person elected dolyofxen dumbing, muting
dokebiwatyan board dolyofxer dumb, mute
dokebiyaf eligibility dom valdib municipal police department
dokebiyafa eligible dom valdibut city cop, municipal police officer
dokebiyafan eligibility dom yijem plaza, square, urban open space
dokex inquest, inquiry, investigation dom yuzmas city wall
dokexeb principal investigator dom zyim square, plaza
dokexut investigator, inquisitor dom city
dol quiet, silence doma jaexdren urban planning
dola quiet, silent, mute doma tyod urban folk
dolar nasdref dollar bill doma urban, city
dolar nasdrev dollar bill domab municipality
dolar silencer, muzzle domaba municipal
dolea mute, mum, silent domabam town hall
doler be quiet, be mute, shut up, be silent domabem municipality
dolfivaden condoning doman urbanity
dolfivader condone domapetaput mounted police, ranger, mounty
dolfivadut condoner domat urbanite, city-dweller
dolfivaduwa condonable domdem city park, municipal park
dolfivadwa condoned domdeym plaza
dolsea staying quiet, being mum, being silent domdresin urban design
dolsen staying quiet, being mum, being silent domeam province, county
dolser stay quiet, be mum, be silent domeama provincial
dolson din mystery story domeamab prefecture
dolson mystery, hush-hush affair domeamdom provincial capitol
dolsona mysterious, hush-hush domeameb prefect, county clerk
dolsonaya mysterious domeameba prefectoral
dolsonika mysterious domeap avenue, boulevard

domeb - doneguka[edit | edit source]

domeb mayor dompur bus, autobus, omnibus
domeba debzem mayor's headquarters domsin cityscape, urban scene
domebam mayor's office domtam brownstone, townhouse, town house
domeban mayoralty domtej city life, urban living
domeem department domtun urban planning
domeemab prefecture domus social ladder
domeemeb prefect domut urbanite, city-dweller
domeep avenue, boulevard domutyan city-folk
domeim canton domxen urbanization
domeima cantonal domxer urbanize
domeimeb canton head domxwa urbanized
domeip lane domyem square, plaza
domem valdibut gens d'arme, provincial police domyen civility, urbanity, city ways
domem province domyena urbane, civil
domema debdom provincial capital, state capital domzem city center, downtown
domema provincial domzemper go downtown
domemeb governor, provincial governor donab dyun rank name, title
domemut governor, provincial governor donab rank, civil service rank
domemyen provincialism donaben ranking
domemyena provincial donaber rank
domep manar street lamp donabwa ranked
domep siun street sign donap public order, civil order, social order
domepdraf street map donapden public ordinance, public mandate
domeput pedestrian donapdib police administration, police
domeum commune, district donapdiben policing
domeuma communal, district donapdiber police
domeumeb communal leader, district mayor donapdibut police officer, policeman, cop
domeuminat communard donas treasury, public funds
domgon quarter, district, quadrant, neighborhood, arrondissement donasbexam treasury
domgona district-related donasbexun treasury, public finance holdings, public revenue
domgones block, city block donasbexundub treasury secretary, minister of the treasury
Dominika Dominican donasbexundubam treasury department, ministry of the treasury
Dominikam Dominican Republic donasbexunduban treasurership
Dominikama Dominican donasbexut treasurer
Dominikat Dominican doneg social stratum, social level, social class, class
dommir civilization, urbane world donegin classism
domnaadpur tram, tramcar, tramway donegina classist
domned plaza, place, public square doneginut classist
domog village donegtepyija class-conscious
domogut villager doneguka class-less

donuxen - dopbier[edit | edit source]

donuxen paying out a pension, pension payment dopa vyasaxam stockade, military correctional institution
donyaypa legitimate, licit dopa yef military duty
donyaypan legitimacy dopa yovbyokam stockade, military prison
donyaypay licitly dopa yuv military duty
doob nation dopa zanad battle front, military front
dooba fizdeuzun anthem, national anthem dopa military
dooba okeybuk national security dopapetaput ranger, horse soldier, mounted trooper
Dooba Valsan Xeam National Security Agency dopar koebyaxut arms dealer
dooba national dopar mimpar gunboat
doobaer nationalize dopar prux gunfire
dooban nationality, nationhood dopar zyunog bullet
doobif patriotism dopar zyunogyan ammunition, ammo, gun ammo
doobifa patriotic dopar weapon, arm, gun
doobifut patriot doparaben arming
doobin nationalism doparaber arm, pack a gun, wear a weapon, put on a weapon
doobina nationalistic doparabun armor
doobinay nationalistically doparabwa armed
doobinut nationalist doparien taking up arms
doobxen nationalization doparier take up arms, arm oneself
doobxer nationalize doparobel armistice
doobxwa nationalized doparoben disarmament
doof zyuf flagpole, flagstaff, standard doparober disarm, remove a weapon
doof flag, banner, national colors doparobwa disarmed
doofyaoben raising and lowering of the flag doparovar armor
dop military doparprux gunfire, gunshot
dopa debzem military headquarters doparuen weaponization, arming
dopa jadren military planning doparuer weaponize, arm
dopa jadrun military plan doparun munition
dopa jadrut military planner doparuwa armed
dopa mas bulwark, rampart doparyan weaponry, munitions, ordnance, armament
dopa melmas earthwork doparyanam armory
dopa nab military rank doparzyun bullet
dopa nabyan military hierarchy doparzyunova oybtif bullet-proof vest
dopa napden military order dopat azaxwem garrison
dopa nix military pay dopat soldier
dopa ponjob military leave, furlough dopatyan militia, soldiery
dopa posem military post dopaun military unit
dopa syobem military base dopay militarily
dopa timyan barracks, military barracks, military dormitory dopbien conquest, defeat
dopa tin military doctrine dopbier conquer, defeat

dopbiut - doprekuj[edit | edit source]

dopbiut conquerer dopifut militant
dopbiwa conquered, defeated dopin militarism
dopeb commander-in-chief, commander-in-chief of the armed forces, command-in-chief dopina militaristic
dopek book battle fatigue, combat fatigue dopinay militaristically
dopek bukun battle wound dopinut militarist
dopek deuzun battle hymn dopir zyun artillery shell, shell, cannonball
dopek goblar battle-ax dopir artillery, cannon
dopek gonem combat zone dopirtun artillery, artillery science
dopek jadrun battle plan dopirut artilleryman
dopek jobukun battle scar dopiryan battery, cannonry
dopek jobukxwa battle-scarred dopizpen deuzun marching song
dopek manar battle lantern dopizpen deuzutyan marching band
dopek mays battlement dopizpen marching
dopek mimpur battleship dopizper march
dopek posem battle station dopizput marcher
dopek tif battle jacket dopizputyan march, group of marchers
dopek tof uniform, battle attire, battle fatigue, battle dress dopmyek gunpowder
dopek utyan battle group dopmyekam gunpowder factory
dopek zanad battlefront dopnapen military review, military parade
dopek combat, battle, fight dopnix military pay
dopekem battleground, battlefield doppuxun canon ball, shell
dopekembien deployment doprek del declaration of war
dopekembier deploy doprek dub minister of defense, secretary of defense, war minister
dopekembuen deployment doprek dubam war department, defense department, ministry of defense
dopekembuer deploy doprek jadrun war plan
dopekembuwa deployed doprek job wartime
dopeken battling, fighting, combat, crusading doprek mampur warplane
dopeker combat, battle, fight, crusade doprek mempur war vehicle, tank
dopeknad battle line doprek mimpur warship
dopekujben laying down arms, armistice doprek pox armistice
dopekujber stop fighting, lay down arms doprek sav cause for war, casus belli, rationale for war
dopekut combat soldier, combatant, fighter, crusader doprek war
dopekwa battled, fought dopreka war-related
dopekyea combative, pugnacious doprekem war zone
dopekyean combativeness, pugnaciousness dopreken warfare
dopeyk battle, skirmish, fight dopreker wage war
dopeyken battling, skirmishing, fighting doprekifa bellicose, hawkish
dopeyker battle, skirmish, fight doprekifan bellicosity, hawkishness
dopeykut fighter doprekifut bellicose person, hawk
dopifa pro-military, militant doprekuj end of war, war's end

doprekut - doteuzuem[edit | edit source]

doprekut warrior dosyagdib census administration
doprekux cause for war, casus belli dosyagdibut census official
doprekyea bellicose dosyagxen conducting a census
doprekyean bellicosity dosyagxer conduct a census
doprekyena bellicose, warlike dosyagxwa counted in a census
doprekyenan bellicosity dosyan social class, class
dopser militarize dosyana related to social class
dopsuryan ordnance dosyanin classism
doptam barracks, quarters dosyanina classist
dopteud battle cry dosyaninut classist
dopufa anti-war, dovish dosyem public institute, institution
dopufat dove dosyema institutional
dopur zyunog bullet, shell, rifle shell dosyemay institutionally
dopur rifle dosyemben institution
dopuren rifling dosyember institute
dopurer rifle dosyembwa instituted
dopures automatic rifle dot society
dopurog sub-machine gun, Tommy gun dota moys social stratum, social layer
dopurut rifler, gunner dota musnog social rung
dopurwa rifled dota musyarpen social climbing
doputyan troop dota musyarput social climber
dopuyr carbine dota muys social ladder
dopuz-izzyuv bow-and-arrow dota nab social rank
dopuz bow, arch dota nap social order
dopuztyen archery dota napden social ordinance
dopuzut archer dota neg social level
dopxen militarization dota tyan social class
dopxer militarize dota yabnogpen social climbing
dopxwa militarized dota yabnogput social climber
dopyaf military power dota societal, social
dopyena militant dotay socially
dopyenan militancy doteuzdref nyem ballot box
dopyenay militantly doteuzdref ballot
dopyonar saber, sword doteuziem polling site, poll
dopyuv military duty doteuzien polling
dopzem military headquarters doteuzier poll
dopzyuv lance doteuziut poll-taker
dosiynen rubber-stamping doteuziwa polled
dosiyner rubber-stamp, stamp doteuzuar voting machine
dosiynwa rubber-stamped doteuzuem voting place, poll

doteuzuen tum - dotwut[edit | edit source]

doteuzuen tum voting booth dotsyenser civilize
doteuzuen voting dotsyenxen civilizing
doteuzuer vote, cast a vote dotsyenxer civilize
doteuzuun vote dotsyenxwa civilized
doteuzuut voter dottun sociology
doteuzuwa voted dottuna sociological
dotin socialism dottunay sociologically
dotina socialistic, socialist dottut sociologist
dotinut socialist dotuen announcement, proclaiming, proclamation
dotmuys social ladder dotuer announce, proclaim
dotnab social rank, social standing, social stratum dotulen dining out
dotnix duty, tax, assessment dotuler dine in public, dine out
dotnixuen assessment of a duty dotut bourgeois, member of the bourgeoisie
dotnixuer asses a duty dotuta bourgeois
dotnixut welfare recipient, beneficiary dotutan bourgeoisie
dotnixuwa assessed dotutser become bourgeois, become middle class
dotnixuyafwa dutiable dotutxer bring into the middle class
dotnux dob welfare state dotutyan bourgeoisie
dotnux welfare, social security dotuun announcement, proclamation
dotnuxdib social security administration, welfare administration dotuut announcer, proclaimer
dotnuxier collect welfare, collect social security dotuwa announced, proclaimed
dotnuxiut welfare recipient, social security recipient dotuyt bourgeoise, middle class female
dotnuxuen allocating welfare, paying out social security dotvals social security
dotnuxuer allocate welfare, pay out social security dotvalsdib social security administration
dotojben execution dotvyab statute, ruling
dotojber execute, put to death dotvyaba statutory
dotojbim execution chamber dotvyaben ruling
dotojbut executioner dotvyaber rule
dotojbwa executed dotvyabwa ruled
dotojbwat pesnad death row dotvyas discipline
dotojbwat person on death row dotvyasa disciplined
dotop ethos dotvyasan discipline
dotopa ethical dotvyasana disciplinary
dotoptun ethics dotvyasanxen disciplining
dotsen socialization dotvyasanxer discipline
dotser socialize dotvyasanxwa disciplined
dotsinen salutation dotvyasin discipline
dotsiner salute dotvyasina disciplinarian
dotsinwa saluted dotvyasinat disciplinarian
dotsyen civilization dotwut bourgeois gentleman, middle class male

dotxen - dovyabdrut[edit | edit source]

dotxen socialization dovaldiber police
dotxer socialize dovaldibpur police car
dotxwa socialized dovaldibut policeman, police officer
dotyan class, social class, social standing dovaldibutyan police force
dotyanin classism dovaldibuyt female police officer
dotyanina classist dovaldibwa policed
dotyaninut classist dovaleb police chief
dotyantijtea class-conscious dovalpox valdreun arrest warrant
dotyea sociable dovalpox arrest
dotyean sociability dovalpoxer arrest
dotyen sociability, social manners, civility, etiquette dovalpoxwa arrested
dotyena social, civil dovalut policeman
dotyenxen socialization, taming, civilization dovalutyan police force
dotyenxer socialize, tame, civilize dovalxen policing
dotyenxwa socialized, tamed, civilized dovalxer police
dotyux public service dovalxwa policed
dotyuxut public servant dovodeben prohibition, prohibiting
doublawat deputy, member of congress, representative dovodeber prohibit
doublawatam capitol, parliament building, congress building dovodebwa prohibited
doublawatim chamber of deputies, chamber of congress dovyab dreun law document, brief
doublawatxen deputizing dovyab fyoxut law-breaker
doublawatxer deputize dovyab oyuvlasut law-breaker
doublawatxwa deputized dovyab tistam law school
doublawatyan parliament, congress dovyab law
doum estate, manor dovyaba ebkyan zeyen legal tender
dout bourgeois, member of the middle class, burgess dovyaba joibut heir at law
douta bourgeois dovyaba legal
doutan bourgeoisie dovyabam court of law, court
doutyan bourgeoisie dovyaban legality
douyt bourgeois lady, bourgeoise dovyabay legally
douyta bourgeoise dovyabdal legalese
dovadelen ratification dovyabdram legislature, congress, parliament
dovadeler ratify dovyabdrama legislative, parliamentary, congressional
dovadelwa ratified dovyabdras writ of law, bill, enactment, act of congress, piece of legislation, statute
doval dodras police report, police bulletin dovyabdrasa statutory
doval kotuut police informant dovyabdrawa legislated, enacted, written into law
doval yuzteax police patrol, police beat dovyabdren legislation, drafting legislation, lawmaking
doval public safety, police dovyabdrer legislate, draft legislation, draft a law, write into law
dovaldib police department dovyabdrim legislative chamber, chamber of congress
dovaldibam police station dovyabdrut legislator, congressmen, member of congress, lawmaker, member of parliament, deputy

dovyabdrutyan - doyevsimper[edit | edit source]

dovyabdrutyan legislative body, congress, body of lawmakers, parliament doyaffuyix graft
dovyabtun jurisprudence doyaffuyixea corrupt
dovyabtuna juridical doyaffuyixen engaging in graft, abusing public trust, corruption
dovyabtunay juridically doyaffuyixer engage in graft, abuse public trust, engage in corruption
dovyabtut doctor of jurisprudence doyaffuyixut grafter, corrupt official
dovyabxel legal practice, practice of law, jurisprudence doyafien assuming power, taking office
dovyabxeler practice law doyafier assume power, take office
dovyabxelim law office doyafioa about to assume power, about to take office
dovyabxelut lawyer, attorney, practitioner of law doyafioat candidate
dovyabxen legalization doyafuer delegate, deputize
dovyabxer legalize doyafuwat delegate, deputy
dovyabxwa legalized doyafuwatyan house of deputies, chamber of delegates
dovyabyan body of laws, legal framework doybyena officious
dovyankex public inquiry, official inquiry, investigation doybyenan officiousness
dovyankexer do an official inquiry, investigate doybyenay officiously
dovyankexut official inquirer, investigator doyen etiquette, public manners
dovyayab bi xeyen code of conduct doyev justice
dovyayab code, standard, public standard, statute doyeva kyeon court case
dovyayaba standard, statutory doyeva juridical, judicial
dovyayabdyes codex doyevam court, court of justice, court of law, tribunal
dovyayabxen codification doyevan justice, jurisprudence
dovyayabxer codify doyevana juridical
dovyayabxwa codified doyevandub minister of justice, justice minister, justice department head
dovyayba legitimate doyevandubam ministry of justice, department of justice
dovyayban legitimacy doyevden judging, adjudication
dovyaybay legitimately doyevder judge, adjudicate
dovyaybxen legitimization doyevdut judge, adjudicator
dovyaybxer legitimatize doyevdwa judged, adjudicated
dovyaybxwa legitimized doyeveb magistrate
doxabkex candidacy doyevim courtroom
doxabkexea running for office doyevkex suit, litigation
doxabkexen running for office doyevkexen litigation, suing, prosecution
doxabkexer run for office, seek a public office doyevkexer sue, bring a case against, litigate, prosecute
doxabkexut candidate, public office seeker doyevkexut litigator, suing party, suitor, prosecutor, litigant
doxaen commissioning doyevkexutyan prosecution team, prosecution
doxaer commission doyevkexwa litigated, sued, prosecuted
doxaut commissioner doyevkexwat defendant
doxautyan commission, executive commission doyevkexwatyan defense, defense team
doxawa commissioned doyevsim bench
doxeyen public behavior, etiquette doyevsimper sit on the bench, preside over a case

doyevson - doyovogxut[edit | edit source]

doyevson court case, case, lawsuit, suit doyovamyilp escape
doyevsona forensic doyovamyilper escape from prison
doyevsonut attorney, trial lawyer doyovamyilput escapee
doyevyek trial, hearing doyovan criminality
doyevyeken trying, hearing doyovat criminal
doyevyeker try, hear doyovaxen criminalization
doyevyekwa tried, heard doyovaxer criminalize
doyiv bi mep right of way doyovaxwa criminalized
doyiv bi ovallyilpam right of asylum doyovaym jail
doyiv bi teuzer voting right, right to vote, suffrage doyovbyok criminal penalty, punishment for a crime
doyiv bi yiva dal right of free speech doyovbyokam prison
doyiv bi yizpen right of passage doyovbyokier serve time for a public crime
doyiv public right, legal right, right doyovbyokim prison cell
doyiva legitimate doyovika crime-ridden
doyivan legitimacy doyovin banditry, gangsterism
doyivay legitimately doyovina gangsterous
doyivi rights doyovinut bandit, gangster, mobster
doyivon civil right doyovinutyan gang, mob, crime syndicate
doyivondref bill of rights doyovkex prosecution
doym town, burgh, borough, township doyovkexen prosecution
doymut townsman doyovkexer prosecute
doyov yaxutyan crime syndicate doyovkexut prosecutor
doyov crime doyovkexutyan prosecution
doyova criminal doyovkexwa prosecution
doyovaden impeachment doyovkexwat defendant, person being prosecuted
doyovader impeach doyovnux punishment
doyovadwa impeached doyovnuxen payment for a crime, serving time
doyovag felon, felony doyovnuxer pay for a crime, serve time
doyovaga felonious doyovnuxier pay for one's crime, serve time
doyovagat felon doyovnuxuen punishment
doyovagxen commission of a felony, committing a felony, commission of a felony doyovnuxuer punish
doyovagxer commit a felon, commit a felony doyovnuxuwa punished
doyovagxut felon, criminal doyovnuyx penalty, fine
doyovam asantof prison uniform doyovnuyxuen fining, penalization
doyovam dem prison yard doyovnuyxuer fine, penalize
doyovam prison doyovnuyxuwa fined, penalized
doyovamat prisoner doyovog infraction, misdemeanor, petty crime
doyovamben imprisonment doyovogxen commission of a misdemeanor, committing a petty crime, committing a misdemeanor, committing an infraction
doyovamber put in prison, imprison doyovogxer commit a misdemeanor, commit a petty crime, commit an infraction
doyovambwa imprisoned, jailed doyovogxut petty criminal

doyovteex - dredyunuwa[edit | edit source]

doyovteex hearing dras bi doyivi bill of rights
doyovtod mafia, crime family dras document, -gram, writ
doyovtodeb mafia boss, godfather drasin drof drawing board
doyovtodut mafioso, mobster drasin drawing, illustration, picture, depiction
doyovtodutyan mafia gang drasinen drawing, illustration
doyovtun criminology drasiner draw, illustrate, depict
doyovtuna criminological drasintem picture gallery, art gallery
doyovtunay criminologically drasinwa drawn, illustrated, designed
doyovtut criminologist drasyan scripture, collection of writings, literature
doyovtwed mafia boss, godfather drav notebook, ledger
doyovuka crime-free dravag register, ledger, account
doyovxen commission of a crime, committing a crime, breaking the law dravagam registry, registrar
doyovxer commit a crime, break the law dravagen registration
doyovxut criminal, law-breaker dravager register
doyovyena criminal in nature dravagut accountant, registrar
doyoyv misdemeanor dravagwa registered
doyp militia drawa ojvad promissory note, I.O.U.
doyt association, club drawa uibun written transmission, communique, letter
doyta associational, associate drawa written, graphic
doyteb club leader, head of an association drawas something written, notation, graph
doytser associate drayef sheet, leaf of paper
doytut associate, club member drayefuar sheet feeder
doytxen association drayeyf leaflet
doytxer associate draz bi fiz badge of honor
doytxwa associated draz badge
doyuv duty, social duty drebyen writing style
doyuxlen public service dreden articulation, enunciation, pronunciation, spelling
doyuxlut public servant dreder spell
doyuxlutyan civil service dredwa spelled
draf ifek card game dredyen orthography, spelling
draf vyoek card trick dredyena orthographic
draf card, chart dredyun title, heading
drafnyan card deck dredyunaya titled
drar pencil dredyunen titling
draren drawing, pencil, sketching, penciling dredyuner title
drarer pencil, draw, sketch dredyunier take on the title
drargixar pencil sharpener dredyunober het strip someone of their title
drarsiyn handwritten character, cursive letter dredyunuen entitlement
drarun drawing, pencil drawing, sketch dredyunuer entitle
drarwa drawn, penciled, sketched, handwritten dredyunuwa entitled

dredyunwa - dresiynyan[edit | edit source]

dredyunwa titled drenivnad line of text
dref goblar paper cutter drenivun draft, composition, compilation
dref yugglal pulp drenivut drafter, composer, compiler
dref zyunog spitball drenivwa drafted, composed, compiled
dref paper drenod dot, period
drefa made of paper, paper drenoder dot
drefes scrap of paper, piece of paper, slip of paper, bill, billet, sticker drenodwa dotted
drefgoblar paper cutter drentun philology
drefgoflar shredder, paper shredder drentuna philological
drefgoflawa shredded drentunay philologically
drefgofler shred drentut philologist
drefgoflun scrap of paper, shred, shred of paper drenyan writings, scripture
drefgoflyan confetti drer write, record, notate
drefgran red-tape, bureaucracy dres bi uttojbut suicide note
drefier take on debt, go into debt, take out a loan dres note, notation
drefmek pulp, paper pulp dresam office, bureau
drefnam stationery dresem desk
drefnamut stationer dresen notation
drefnas paper money dreser note
drefnyan stack of paper, ream of paper dresien taking notes
drefnyef paper sack, paper bag dresier take notes
drefpat kite dresim bureau, office, library, den, cabinet
drefsaxam paper mill, paper factory dresin design, draft, plan
drefsaxen paper manufacture dresinam design studio, drafting studio
drefsaxut paper manufacturer dresinen designing, drafting, planning
drefyan paperwork, stationery, red-tape dresiner design, draft, plan, draw up
drefyuzyun roll of paper dresinut designer, drafter, planner
dren writing, script, writ dresinwa designed, drafted, planned, drawn up
drenadyan paragraph dresiyn agan letter case, case
drenes article dresiyn letter of the alphabet, letter, grapheme, glyph
dreniv aonad column of text dresiyna graphic, glyphic, literal
dreniv uinad row of text dresiynay literally
dreniv vyaleaxen copy-editing, text editing, editing dresiynben lettering
dreniv vyaleaxer edit dresiynber letter
dreniv vyaleaxut copy editor, editor, text checker dresiynbwa lettered
dreniv vyaleaxwa edited dresiynij initial, initial letter
dreniv text, copy dresiynijben initialization
dreniva textual dresiynijber initialize
dreniven drafting, composing, compiling dresiynijbwa initialized
dreniver draft, write up, compose, compile dresiynyan alphabet

dresiynyana - drexyukat[edit | edit source]

dresiynyana alphabetic, alphabetical dreunyeb portfolio, file
dresiynyanxen alphabetization dreunyeben filing
dresiynyanxer alphabetize dreunyeber file
dresiynyanxwa alphabetized dreunyebsam filing cabinet
dresiz engraving dreunyebwa filed
dresizer engrave dreunyebyan set of files
dresizun engraving dreut secretary
dresizut engraver dreutan secretariat
dresizwa engraved dreutim secretary's office
dresom secretary, bureau dreutsom secretary, desk
dressaxen bookbinding dreutyan secretariat
dressaxut bookbinder dreux pronunciation
dresuen annotation dreuxen pronouncing
dresuer annotate dreuxer pronounce
dresut secretary dreuxwa pronounced
dresutam bureau dreuxyikwa difficult to pronounce
dresutyan secretariat dreuxyikwas mouthful, something difficult to pronounce
dresuwa annotated dreuxyofwa impossible to pronounce, unpronounceable
dresyeb envelope dreuyd female secretary
dresyeber put into an envelope dreuyt female secretary
dresyebwa enclosed in an envelope drev page
dresyen script, style of writing, writing system dreven paging through, leafing through
dreter have the impression drever page through, leaf through
dretser get the impression drevsag page number
dretxen impressing drevsagben pagination
dretxer impress, make an impression on drevsagber paginate
dretxwa impressed drevsagbwa paginated
dretxyaf ability to impress, impressiveness drevsan page layout, layout
dretxyafa impressive drevyaleaxen editing
dretxyafwa impressionable drevyaleaxer edit
dretxyafwan impressionability drevyaleaxut editor
dretxyea impressive drevyaleaxwa edited
dretxyean impressiveness drevyan ream of paper
dretxyuka easily impressed, gullible drevyayab grammar
dreun document drevyayaba grammatical
dreundyez documentary, documentary film, film doc drevyayaban grammaticality
dreundyezut documentarian drevyayabdyes grammar book
dreunxen documentation drevyayabut grammarian
dreunxer document drexyukan gullibility
dreunxwa documented drexyukat gullible person

dreyeb - dropekyen[edit | edit source]

dreyeb wallet drilika inky
dreyen writing system drilikan inkiness
dreyena graphical drilmoza ink black, jet black
dreyentun graphology drilvyun ink stain
dreyentuna graphological drilyeb ink well, inkwell
dreyentunay graphologically drir typewriter
dreyentut graphologist driren typing
drez poetry, verse drirer type
dreza poetic, poetical drirsiyn block character, typewritten character
drezden recitation of poetry, poetry recital drirsyen type face
drezder recite poetry drirun typed script, typewritten copy
drezen composing poetry, versification drirut typist
drezer write poetry, compose poetry, poetize, poeticize, versify drirutyan typing pool
dreznad verse, verse of poetry drirwa typed, typewritten
dreznaden versification droar eraser
dreznaduon quatrain droen erasing
dreznadyan stanza droer erase
dreznadyaon sestina drof board, screen, panel
dreztun poetics, prosody dropek bay oybdopyuni mine warfare
dreztuna poetics-related, prosodical dropek dub war minister, minister of defense, defense secretary
dreztunay poetically dropek dubam war department, defense department, ministry of defense
dreztut poetics scholar, prosodist dropek gonem war zone
drezun poem, piece of poetry dropek jwasiun war cloud, harbinger of conflict
drezunyan poetics, poetry dropek tayd war bride
drezut poet dropek yifrat war hero
drezutyan poet community dropek zanad war front
drezuyt poetess dropek war, conflict
drezwa versified dropeka war-related
drezyan collection of poetry dropekea utyanes warring faction
drezyen poesy dropekea warring
drezyena poetic, poetical dropekem war zone, war arena
drezyenan poeticality dropeken warring, making war, waging war
dril ink dropeker make war, wage war, war
drilar pen, ink pen dropekifa war-loving, hawkish, bellicose
drilaren penning, inking dropekifut hawk
drilarer pen, ink dropekpos armistice
drilargin nib dropekufa war-hating, anti-war
drilarwa penned, inked dropekufut dove, war-hater
drilaryeb penholder dropekut warrior
drilaya inky dropekyen belligerence

dropekyena - dudyefa[edit | edit source]

dropekyena belligerent dub bi hyimema soni minister of domestic affairs, minister of internal affairs, ministry of homeland affairs, homeland minister
droputyan militia dub bi hyumema soni minister of foreign affairs
droun erasure dub bi oyebmema soni minister of foreign affairs, foreign minister, secretary of state
drov cardboard, board, poster, poster board dub bi yebmema soni minister of internal affairs, secretary of the interior
drova made of cardboard dub minister, officer, department head, branch head, cabinet member, councilman, secretary
drovnyem cardboard box, carton duba ministerial, official, secretarial, cabinet-level, departmental
drowa erased Dubam bi Bak Ministry of Health, Health Ministry, Department of Health, Secretary of Health
drur dref printer paper dubam bi doyevan department of justice, ministry of justice
drur uzyubar printer spool Dubam bi Doyevan Ministry of Justice, Department of Justice
drur press, the press, printer dubam bi Dropek ministry of war, secretary of defense, defense minister
druren printing dubam bi hyimema soni ministry of domestic affairs, ministry of internal affairs, ministry of homeland affairs, homeland minister
drurer print, run off dubam bi hyumema soni ministry of foreign affairs
drurmug printhead Dubam bi Nastun Ministry of Finance, Finance Ministry, Department of Finance
drursiyn character, print character, font character, type, printed character, glyph, grapheme Dubam bi Nunuien Ministry of Commerce, Trade Ministry, Department of Commerce
drursiynnad line of type dubam bi Opyexuen ministry of defense, defense department, department of defense, defense ministry
drursiynnadbar linotype, typesetter Dubam bi Ovpek Ministry of Defense, Defense Ministry, Defense Department
drursiynnadber set type Dubam bi Oyebema Soni Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Ministry, Exterior Ministry, State Department
drursiynnadbwa typeset dubam bi oyebmena soni ministry of foreign affairs, foreign ministry, state department
drursiynyan font, character set Dubam bi Yebema Soni Ministry of Internal Affairs, Department of the Interior
drurun printout, print dubam bi yebmena soni ministry of internal affairs, department of the interior
drurunes biut ticket taker dubam ministry, department, office, bureau, branch, subsidiary, cabinet post
drurunes mis ticket window duban cabinet post, ministry, department, secretariat
drurunes noxam ticket office duber administer
drurunes noxar ticket dispenser dubyan cabinet, ministerial cabinet, council of ministers, ministry, department, office, bureau
drurunes obgoflun ticket stub dud-ay-did question-and-answer, Q&A
drurunes tum ticket booth dud answer, response, reply
drurunes ticket duden answering, responding, replying
drurunesyefwa ticketed, requiring a ticket duder answer, respond, reply
drurut printer dudeuzun antiphon
drurwa printed dudeuzuna antiphonal
drurwas printed matter, printout dudras bill, proposal, recommendation
drurxam print shop dudut respondent
druryofwa unprintable duduwa responsible, answerable
drut scribe, writer duduwan responsibility, answerability
druta dunyan epigraph dudyafwa answerable
druta dyun penname, pen name dudyafway answerably
druta ujdras epigram dudyea responsive
drutdyun pen name, nom de plume dudyean responsiveness
druz lyrics, musical poetry dudyef accountability, responsibility
druza lyrical, musically poetic dudyefa accountable, responsible

dudyefan - dunnadyan[edit | edit source]

dudyefan accountability, responsibility dunajtuna etymological
dudyefer be accountable, be responsible dunajtunay etymologically
dudyefien taking responsibility, being accountable dunajtut etymologist
dudyefier take responsibility, be accountable dunan verbality
dudyefiyea responsible, accountable dunapyex verbal offense
dudyefiyean responsibility, accountability dunaun lexeme
dudyefuen assigning responsibility, holding accountable dunauna lexemic
dudyefuer assign responsibility, hold accountable dunay verbally
dudyefxen holding responsible, making accountable dundyes dictionary, lexicon
dudyefxer hold responsible, make accountable dundyesa lexical
dudyikea having a hard time answering, puzzling dundyesaxen lexicalization
dudyiken puzzling, having a hard time answering dundyesaxer lexicalize
dudyiker puzzle over, have a hard time answering dundyesaxwa lexicalized
dudyikwa hard to answer, enigmatic, puzzling dundyestun lexicography
dudyikwas dilemma, enigma, puzzle dundyestuna lexicographic, lexicographical
dudyikxea puzzling dundyestunay lexicographically
dudyofwa unanswerable dundyestut lexicographer
dudyofwan unanswerability dunek wordplay, pun
dudyofway unanswerably duneken punning
dudyukwa easy to answer duneker pun
duen suggestion, proposition dunekut punster
duer van x xwu suggest that x be done dunes particle
duer x xer y suggest x to do y dungab affix
duer suggest, propose dungaben affixation
duez musical dungaber affix
dufab cypress, cypress tree dungabwa affixed
dufaob cypress wood dungon syllable, word segment
dufaoba made of cypress wood dungona dresiynyan syllabic alphabet, syllabary
duid question-and-answer, Q & A, q&a dungona syllabic
duldras prescription dungonay syllabically
duldrawa prescribed dungonxea nad hyphen
duldren prescribing dungonxen syllabification
duldrer prescribe dungonxer syllabify
dulen insistence dungonxwa syllabified
duler insist dungonyan syllabary
dulwa insisted, proposed duni lyrics, words
dulyea insistent dunij word root
dulyean insistence dunika wordy, verbose
dun word, vocable, utterance dunikan wordiness, verbosity
duna verbal, lexical dunnadyan text

dunnadyana - duz uzyiun[edit | edit source]

dunnadyana textual duven...? is it true that...?, tell me whether...?
dunnyad word list, glossary duwa suggested, proposed
dunsan morpheme duwas something suggested, proposal
dunsana morphemic duyafwan suggestibility
dunsantun morphology duyea suggestive
dunsantuna morphological duyean suggestiveness
dunsantunay morphologically duyeay suggestively
dunsantut morphologist duyn term
dunsin character, pictograph duynyan terminology, glossary, lexicon, term bank, vocabulary
dunsina pictographic duynyana terminological, lexical
dunsinyan character set duyt madam, ma'am, lady, gentlewoman
dunsiyn diacritic, diacritical mark duytet miss, damsel, young lady
dunsyan word class, part of speech duyti ay dwuti ladies and gentlemen
dunufek spat, word fight, battle of words, verbal exchange, argument, verbal conflict duytyan mesdames, ladies
dunufeken arguing, spatting duyut lady, dame, milady, gentle lady
dunufeker argue, spat duyutet young lady, damsel, demoiselle, mademoiselle
dunvyava literal duyutyan ladies, mesdames
dunvyavan literalness duyuytet young lady, demoiselle, damsel
dunvyavay literally duyuytetyan mesdemoiselles, misses
dunxen verbalization duz dunyan lyrics, words to the music
dunxer verbalize duz job tempo, musical time
dunxwa verbalized duz kyib musical beat, beat
dunyan verbiage duz kyibyan musical rhythm, rhythm
dur urge duz kyibyana rhythmical, rhythmic
duren instigation, provocation, urging duz mus musical scale
durer prod, instigate, provoke, incite, urge duz nabyan range of music, musical range
durut instigator, provocateur duz nad line of music
duryea provocative, urgent duz nadyan score, musical score
duryean urgency, provocativeness, emergency duz nag measure
duryeay urgently duz napxun musical arrangement
dut sir or madam duz napxut musical arranger
duti ladies and gentlemen duz nod musical note, note
dutyan sirs, messieurs, ladies and gentlemen duz nodren musical notation
duun proposal, suggestion duz nodyan chord, musical chord
duus cue duz nogyan range, musical scale, range of music
duut proponent, suggester duz saxut musical creator, producer
duuwa suggestible duz seuz musical tone
duuwan suggestibility duz tuzyaf musical talent, musical skill
Duven at tye et? Do I know you? duz utsyen music genre, style of music
Duven et fipeye? Are you faring well? duz uzyiun record, music disk, music record, musical disk

duz yanseuz - dwatif[edit | edit source]

duz yanseuz musical chord duzekut musician, player of music
duz yanuzyiun record album duzen playing music, performing music
duz yuzek rondo duzer play music, perform music
duz music duzes piece of music, ditty
duza musical duzifrut music fan
duzam concert hall, music venue, music hall duzifut music-lover
duzan musicality duzigan tempo, musical timing
duzar musical instrument, instrument duzir uzyiun record, disk, music disc, LP, album
duzara instrumental duzir phonograph, record-player, music-player
duzarek concerto duziram discotheque
duzaren playing an instrument duzirun record, disk, musical recording
duzarer play an instrument duzirunag album, musical album
duzarut instrumentalist, player duzirut disk jockey, DJ
duzarutyan orchestra, band duzneg pitch
duzarutyana orchestral duznegyan pitch range
duzarutyem orchestra pit duztem music hall, concert hall
duzaryan instrumentation duztun musicology
duzdin musical, musical story duztuna musicological
duzdinag deuzut opera singer, operatic singer duztunay musicologically
duzdinag opera duztut musicologist
duzdinaga operatic duzun piece of music, musical selection, number, song
duzdinagifrut opera fan duzunyan sonata
duzdinagifut opera buff, opera lover duzut musician
duzdinagut opera performer duzutyan orchestra
duzdinog operetta duzutyana orchestral
duzdrawa composed duzutyaneb orchestral conductor, conductor
duzdren composing music, composition duzutyayn band
duzdrer compose, write music duzutyayneb band leader
duzdrev music sheet, sheet of music, score duzutyen musicianship
duzdrun composition, score duzuyt female musician
duzdrut composer duzuzyiun music disk, record, vinyl
duzeb conductor duzuzyiunam discotheque, disco
duzeba zyuv conductor's baton duzuzyiunar juke box
duzeben orchestration duzyaf musical ability
duzeber conduct, orchestrate duzyem music hall, concert hall, music venue
duzebut conductor dwa uttered, said
duzebwa conducted, orchestrated dwaat male chum, male pal
duzegdwas jingle dwas utterance
duzek musical number, recital, concert dwat male friend
duzeker play music dwatif boyfriend

dweb - dyeutseym[edit | edit source]

dweb male leader, male chief, male ruler dyes dodrurut book publisher
dwet male mate dyes dredyun book title, book label
dwut sir, gentleman, mister, master, senor, sire, lord dyes dyunyan bibliography, book list
dwutan lordship dyes dyunyana bibliographical
dwutet young gentleman, young man, squire, esquire dyes nyadrun bibliography, booklist
dwuutet young man, sire, gentleman, don, milord dyes nyef book bag
dyan sentence dyes nyeni book stacks, stacks
dyana sentential dyes somos bookshelf
dyanes phrase, expression dyes somosyan bookcase, book shelving, bookstack
dyanesa phrasal, expressive dyes book
dyanesdyes phrase book dyesam bookcase
dyanesen phrasing, expression dyesanxen bookbinding
dyaneser phrase, express dyesanxer bind
dyaneswa phrased, expressed dyesanxut bookbinder
dyanesyan phraseology dyesgon chapter
dyanesyana phraseological dyesifa bibliophilic
dyangon clause dyesifon bibliophilism, love of books
dyangona clausal dyesifut bibliophile, booklover
dyangonujbea nod semi-colon dyeskof dust jacket, book jacket, book cover
dyanod punctuation mark dyesnam bookstore, book mart
dyanoden siyn punctuation mark dyesnamut bookseller
dyanodrawa punctuated dyesnyan book stack
dyanodren punctuation dyesog booklet, libretto, pamphlet
dyanodrer punctuate dyessam bookcase, bookstall
dyanuj nod period dyessiyn bookmark
dyed speech, lecture, dictation, reading dyestam library
dyedar dictaphone dyestamut librarian
dyeden dictation, lecture dyestem book gallery
dyeder dictate, lecture dyestim den, study, library, cabinet, office, studio
dyedim lecture hall dyestum bookstall
dyedsem lectern dyesujun bookend
dyedun speech, lecture dyesyan book collection
dyedut lecturer, speaker dyesyanam library
dyedwa dictated, lectured dyesyanamut librarian
dyeen reading dyesyena bookish
dyeer read dyesyenat bookworm, nerd
dyeifona bibliophilistic dyeun passage
dyepat army non-commissioned officer dyeut reader
dyes abun book cover dyeutem lecture hall
dyes dodruram book publishing house, book publishing firm dyeutseym lectern

dyeutyan - dyunabwat[edit | edit source]

dyeutyan readership dyezunxem movie set
dyewa read dyezunxen cinematography, movie-making
dyeyafa literate, able to read dyezunxer film, make a movie of
dyeyafan literacy dyezunxut movie-maker, cinematographer
dyeyafwa legible, readable, illegible dyezut actor, star, movie star
dyeyafwan readability, illegibility dyezutyan cast, motion picture cast
dyeyika dyslexic dyodil prayer
dyeyikan dyslexia dyodilam church, house of prayer, house of worship
dyeyikat dyslexic person dyodilen praying
dyeyn booklet dyodiler pray
dyeyofa illiterate, unable to read dyodilun prayer
dyeyofan illiteracy dyodilut prayer
dyeyofwa illegible, unreadable dyofab cacao tree
dyeys volume, tome dyofeb mek cocoa powder
dyez exgon role, screen role dyofeb cocoa, cocoa bean
dyez cinema dyofebil chocolate milk
dyeza cinematic dyofel cocoa, cocoa drink
dyezam movie theater, movie house dyofyel ababwa chocolate-covered
dyezar movie camera dyofyel gos umleavol chocolate chip cookie
dyezarut cameraman dyofyel gos chocolate chip
dyezdras script dyofyel gyalevabil chocolate mousse, chocolate pudding
dyezdren screenwriting dyofyel gyalevil chocolate syrup
dyezdrut screenwriter dyofyel jotul chocolate dessert
dyezeb movie director, film director dyofyel leyavol chocolate cake
dyezekut screen actor dyofyel umleavol chocolate cookie
dyezem movie set dyofyel yomaybil chocolate ice cream
dyezer act, perform in a movie dyofyel chocolate
dyezifut cinema buff, cinephile dyofyelaya chocolaty
dyezmis screen, silver screen dyofyelayan chocolatiness
dyezmisben screening dyofyelika chocolate-filled, chocolaty
dyezmisber screen dyofyelikan chocolatiness
dyeznyiof movie film dyuen calling, invocation, appealing, naming
dyeznyof movie film, celluloid dyuer call, name, appeal, invoke
dyezof movie curtain, screen, silver screen, movie screen dyun dresiyni call-letters, call sign
dyezper attend a film, go to the movies dyun name, appellation, sobriquet, moniker
dyezput film-goer, movie-goer, cinema-goer dyuna nominal
dyezsom prop, movie prop dyunaben name assignment, designation
dyezsomyan movie set, movie props dyunaber assign a name, designate
dyezun movie, film, motion picture dyunabwa designated
dyezunxam movie studio dyunabwat designee

dyunay - eajabatyena[edit | edit source]

dyunay nominally dyunuen naming, denomination, nomination, designation, assignation
dyunbien registration, signing up dyunuer call, name, assign a name, give a name, denominate, designate
dyunbier register, sign up dyunuwa designated, nominated, assigned
dyunbiut registrar dyunuwat nominee, designated person, assignee
dyunbiwa registered, signed up dyunwa called, named, denominated
dyunbuen drev signup sheet dyunwer be called, be named
dyunbuen registration, signing up dyunxen naming, calling, nomination, designation
dyunbuer register, sign up dyunxer name, call, nominate, designate
dyunbuut registrant dyunxwa named, called, nominated, designated
dyunbuutnyan rostrum, registration list, sign up list dyunyan roster, set of names, list
dyunbuwa registered, signed up dyunyandrawa registered, enrolled, signed up
dyundawa cited dyunyandrawat enrollee
dyunden citation, addressing dyunyandren registration, enrollment, signing up
dyunder cite, address dyunyandrer register, enroll, sign up
dyundraf name badge, name card, badge, id, i.d., identification card dyunyandrut registrant
dyundras signature dyunyanen listing
dyundrawa signed dyunyaner list
dyundren signing dyunyanwa listed
dyundrer sign dyunyen compellation
dyundrut signatory, signer dyunyuznad cartouche
dyundwa cited, addressed dyunzyiun name plate
dyunen naming, calling, appellation, denomination dyuut caller
dyunier adopt a name, call oneself, take on the name, go by the name dyuwa called, named
dyunif nickname, pet name dyuwer be called, be named
dyunifien assuming a nickname e the letter e, two
dyunifier take on a nickname ea jod again, a second time
dyunifuen nicknaming ea mira doprek second world war
dyunifuer nickname, give a nickname to ea tetitud second cousin
dyunifuwa nicknamed ea tetituyd second cousin
dyunnyad roster, register, list of names, name list ea tisnog second grade
dyunnyadrawa registered, put on a roster ea tisnogat second-grader
dyunnyadren registration, putting on a roster ea tutamyaneb dean
dyunnyadrer register, put on a roster ea yabdeuzat second tenor
dyunnyadrun register, roster, list of names ea yabdeuzayt second soprano
dyunser be named, be called ea yobdeuzat second bass
dyunsin logo, logogram ea yobdeuzayt second alto
dyunsina logographic ea zyim second level
dyuntun onomatology ea second, vice-
dyuntuna onomatological eajabat sophomore
dyuntunay onomatologically eajabatyena sophomoric

eapet - ebdita doprek[edit | edit source]

eapet buffalo ebdalekut debater
eas second thing ebdalekutyan debate team
easyana second class ebdalekyafwa debatable
eat second person, deputy ebdalekyafway debatably
eata ditdeb vice-president ebdalen zyefuf communication channel
eata dub vice-minister ebdalen discussion, conversation, communication
eata valdibut deputy police officer ebdalena conversational
eata vice-, deputy- ebdalenay conversationally
eates subtext, connotation, secondary meaning ebdaler discuss, dialog, interview, talk, converse, communicate, exchange words
eatxen deputization ebdalog chitchat
eatxer deputize ebdalogen chitchat
eatxwa deputized ebdaloger chitchat
eb- inter- ebdalogut chitchatter
eb between ebdaluen interview
ebanyafwa interconnected ebdaluer interview
ebauta interpersonal ebdalut discutant, interlocutor
ebavol sandwich ebdalutam forum
ebaxlea interactive ebdalutyan panel, board, commission, council, committee, congress, cabinet
ebaxlen interaction ebdaluut interviewer
ebaxler interact ebdalwa discussed
ebaxlin interactionism ebdalyea communicative
ebaxlina interactionist ebdalyean communicativeness
ebaxlinut interactionist ebdara interlingual
ebaxlyea interactive ebdayl chat
ebbex block, prevention ebdaylen chatting, chatter
ebbexen blocking, stopping, prevention, stymieing ebdayler chat
ebbexer block, stop, prevent, stymie ebdaylut chatterbox
ebbexwa blocked, stopped, prevented, stymied ebdaylutam chat forum
ebdaba intergovernmental ebden communication
ebdabxeun diplomacy ebder communicate
ebdabxeuna diplomatic ebdiba interdepartmental
ebdabxeunyan diplomatic corps ebdid interview
ebdabxeunyenay diplomatically ebdidien interviewing with
ebdabxeut diplomat ebdidier interview with
ebdabxeutyena diplomatic ebdidiut interviewee
ebdal discussion, discourse, communication, conversation, exchange, linguistic exchange, dialog, interview, talk ebdiduen interviewing
ebdaldraf communique ebdiduer interview
ebdalek debate ebdiduut interviewer
ebdalekem debate forum ebdiduwat interviewee
ebdaleken debating, arguing ebdita doprek civil war

ebdoeba agmep - ebkyan zeyen[edit | edit source]

ebdoeba agmep interstate highway ebduz interlude
ebdoeba interstate ebduzun intermezzo
ebdoma agmep interurban highway ebdwa communicated
ebdoma interurban, intercity ebdyanesa grun siyn comma, inter-phrasal hook sign
ebdomep alley ebdyanesa nad dash
ebdompur bus, intercity bus, coach ebdyanesa nod comma
ebdoneda intersecting, connecting, criss-crossing ebdyansiyn dash
ebdooba yantexdreun international treaty ebdyea communicative
ebdooba international ebek interplay
ebdooban internationality ebeken interplay, interaction
ebdoobay internationally ebeker interplay, interact
ebdoobxen internationalization ebekjob intermission, halftime
ebdoobxer internationalize ebekyea interactive
ebdoobxwa internationalized ebekyuj intermission, interlude, halftime
ebdras balsiyn postage stamp, stamp ebelen shuttling, ferrying, transferring, transportation
ebdras letter, post, missive, message, mail, correspondence ebeler carry between, shuttle, ferry, transfer, transport
ebdrasa postal ebem gap, area in between, interstice, area between
ebdrasam post office eben blocking, prevention
ebdrasbelut mail carrier, postman, mailman eber block, prevent
ebdrasdraf postcard ebexea inter-operative
ebdrasiber receive mail ebexen inter-operation, interworking, networking, interoperation
ebdrasibut postal recipient, addressee ebexer inter-operate, interwork, network, interoperate
ebdrasnyef mail pouch ebexyan interworkings, network, complex
ebdrasnyem post box, letter drop, mailbox ebfux intrigue
ebdrasuber mail, post, transmit ebfuxen conducting intrigue
ebdrasubut mailman, postman, messenger ebfuxer conduct intrigue
ebdrasut postman, mailman ebfuxut person involved in intrigue
ebdrasyan mail, correspondence, post ebfyaxina interdenominational
ebdrawa mailed ebfyaxinay interdenominationally
ebdrer mail, post ebgoblawas intersection
ebdres message, note, missive ebifek half-time, intermission, interlude
ebdresbelut message carrier, messenger ebifeka job intermission
ebdresibut message receiver ebitistama intercollegiate
ebdresubut message sender ebjesa intermittent
ebdrut sender, mailer, poster ebjesea intermittent
ebduba inter-ministerial ebjeseay intermittently
ebdun message ebjob interval
ebdungonsiyn hyphen ebjoba interim
ebdungonsiynxen hyphenation ebjomir limbo
ebdungonsiynxer hyphenate ebkyan zeyen currency, medium of exchange, tender

ebkyan - ebnunxer[edit | edit source]

ebkyan commerce, trade, interchange, market, swap, exchange ebmipxen channeling
ebkyana commercial ebmipxer channel
ebkyanay commercially ebmiup channel
ebkyanem marketplace ebmos entresol, mezzanine
ebkyanut businessman, merchant ebmoys in-between layer
ebkyanxen exchange, trade, swapping, marketing, swapping trading, interchanging ebna intermediate
ebkyanxer exchange, trade, swap, market, interchange ebnad dividing line
ebkyanxwa exchanged, traded, swapped ebnada dreniv interlinear text
ebkyaser interchange, swap, deal ebnada interlinear
ebkyax deal, interchange, swap, exchange ebnag median
ebkyaxen interchange, swapping, dealing, exchanging ebnaga median
ebkyaxer ebdras exchange mail ebnapben mixing up, shuffling, interspersing
ebkyaxer ebdres exchange a message ebnapber mix up, shuffle, intersperse
ebkyaxer interchange, swap, deal, exchange ebnapbwa mixed up, shuffled, interspersed
ebkyaxut dealer, businessman ebnat intermediary, go-between
ebkyaxuwa interchangeable, swappable, exchangeable ebnatsen mediation
ebkyaxwa interchanged, swapped, dealt, exchanged ebnatser act as an intermediary, act as a go-between
ebkyaxyafwa interchangeable, swappable, exchangeable ebned interface
ebkyaxyafwan interchangeability, swappability, exchangeability ebneda inter-planar
ebkyaxyafway interchangeably ebnef web, network, lattice
ebkyaxyofwa non-interchangeable, unswappable, non-exchangeable ebnefea interweaving
eblawa obstructed, impeded ebnefer interweave
eblen obstruction ebnefwa interwoven
ebler get in the way, block, obstruct ebnig space in-between, interval, gap, interstice, room in-between, leeway, play, elbowroom
eblun obstruction, impediment ebnigxer make some space in-between, space out, create leeway
ebmara interstellar ebniyfen intertwining
ebmarmafa intergalactic ebniyfer intertwine
ebmas partition ebniyfwa intertwined
ebmasben partitioning ebnod intersection, node, connection, nexus, juncture, junction
ebmasber partition ebnoda nodal, junctural, intersecting, criss-cross
ebmasbwa partitioned ebnodea intersecting
ebmeama inter-regional ebnoder intersect, connect, criss-cross
ebmem isthmus ebnodwa connected, intersected, criss-crossed
ebmep sim aisle seat ebnodyan grid, matrix
ebmep aisle, alley ebnodyana gridded
ebmepyan network ebnoog inter-phase
ebmera interplanetary ebnuna commercial
ebmim strait ebnunut merchant
ebmimkuma inter-coastal ebnunxen commercialization, trading, dealing
ebmip canal ebnunxer commercialize, trade, deal

ebnunxwa - ebtex[edit | edit source]

ebnunxwa commercialized ebtabifonan eroticism
ebnyanuta inter-syndical, inter-unionist ebtabifonay erotically
ebnyed internet, web ebtabiftekar sex toy
ebnyeda interlaced, interwoven, interconnected ebtabifuen sexual arousal
ebnyiven interlacing ebtabifuer arouse sexually
ebnyiver interlace ebtabifuwa sexually aroused
ebnyivwa interlaced ebtabifuyea sexually arousing, erogenous
ebnyivyan fretwork ebtabifyof impotence
ebobdamema inter-colonial ebtabifyofa impotent
ebobyosea interdependent ebtabifyofxer make impotent
ebobyosean interdependence ebtada marital, between spouses
ebobyuvsea interdependent ebtadien intermarriage
ebobyuvsean interdependence ebtadier intermarry
ebpana intermittent ebtaduwa intermarried
ebpanan intermittence ebtajnega intergenerational
ebpanay intermittently ebtajnegay intergenerationally
ebpoos peace, concord ebtayoza interracial, of mixed skin color
ebpoosdras peace accord, concordat, treaty ebteaxer look between
ebposem station, stop ebteiben meddling, interference
ebpoys intermission, break, respite ebteiber nose in, meddle, interfere
ebsayeb layer in-between, mantle ebteibut meddler
ebsex bridge ebteibyea meddlesome, nosy
ebtabif mansin sex photo ebtesdrawa translated
ebtabif sex, coitus, intercourse ebtesdren translation
ebtabifa sexual, coital ebtesdrer translate
ebtabifan sexuality ebtesdrut translator
ebtabifay sexually ebtesdryafwa translatable
ebtabifdren pornography, porn ebtesdryofwa untranslatable
ebtabifdrena aadezut porn star ebtestien interpretation
ebtabifdrena pornographic ebtestier interpret
ebtabifdrut pornographer ebtestiut interpreter
ebtabifek sex, sex play, fooling around, sex game ebtestiwa interpreted
ebtabifeka sexual ebtestuen interpretation, translation
ebtabifeken having sex, fooling around ebtestuer translate, interpret
ebtabifeker have sex, fool around ebtestuut translator, interpreter
ebtabifen having sex, making love, love-making, having intercourse ebtestuwa translated, interpreted
ebtabifer have sex, make love, have intercourse ebtestuyafwa interpretable, translatable
ebtabifien sexual pleasure, getting aroused ebtestuyofwa uninterpretable, untranslatable
ebtabifier enjoy sex, get aroused ebteupimul dentine
ebtabifon eros ebtex decision, deliberation

ebtexden - ebvayben[edit | edit source]

ebtexden decision, deliberation ebupen coming between, intervention, mediation
ebtexder decide, deliberate ebuper come between, intervene, mediate
ebtexdut decider, deliberator ebuput mediator, go-between
ebtexdyea decisive, deliberative ebut blocker
ebtexen deliberation, deciding ebuta mutual, reciprocal
ebtexer decide, deliberate ebutan mutuality, reciprocality
ebtexut deliberator, deputy, representative, congressman ebutay mutually, reciprocally
ebtexutyan congress, parliament, deliberative body, deliberation body, deliberative council ebutyana internecine
ebtexwa deliberate ebuvlasen commiseration, compassion
ebtexyea deliberative ebuvlaser commiserate, have compassion
ebteza intercultural ebuvlasyea compassionate
ebtezay interculturally ebuvlasyeay compassionately
ebtim corridor, hallway, room in between ebvabien agreeing on, acknowledgment, admission, convention
ebtinmepa interdisciplinary ebvabiena conventional
ebtiyaba sexual ebvabienay conventionally
ebtiyaban sexuality ebvabier suit, agree on, acknowledge, admit
ebtiyabay sexually ebvabiuwa suitable
ebtiyaxen copulation, sex ebvabiuwan suitability
ebtiyaxena copulatory ebvabiwa agreed on, acknowledged, admitted, suited
ebtiyaxer have sex, copulate ebvabiyafwan suitability
ebtooda interracial ebvaden reconciliation, conciliation
ebtooday interracially ebvader reconcile, conciliate
ebtoosa intersex, cross-gendered ebvadrawa contracted
ebtoosat intersex person ebvadren contract
ebtoyba woman-to-woman ebvadrena contractual
ebtul snack ebvadrer contract
ebtyal in-between meal, snack ebvadrut contractor
ebtyalien snacking ebvadwa reconciled, conciliated
ebtyalier have a snack, snack ebvaluea joining in solidarity
ebtyana inter-class ebvalueay in solidarity
ebtyeb interbrain, diencephalon ebvaluen joining in solidarity
ebtyenmepa interdisciplinary ebvaluer join in solidarity
ebuda mutual ebvaluwa committed to support
ebuday mutually ebvaluwan solidarity
ebuien interchange, swapping, exchange ebvaoden compromise, compromising
ebuienem exchange, market ebvaoder compromise
ebuier interchange, exchange, swap ebvaodwa compromised
ebuiur exchanger ebvayb accord
ebuiwa exchanged, swapped ebvaybea conciliatory
ebuiyafwa interchangeable ebvayben conciliation

ebvayber - edebyena[edit | edit source]

ebvayber accord with, conciliate ebyuxa mutual
ebvyesea interrelating, corresponding ebyuxan mutuality
ebvyesen interrelation, correspondence ebyuxay mutually
ebvyeser interrelate, correspond ebzyabar transmitter
ebvyexen interrelation, correspondence ebzyaben transmission
ebvyexer interrelate, correspond ebzyaber transmit
ebvyexwa interrelated ebzyabwa transmitted
ebwa blocked, prevented ebzyan bridge, inter-span, span
ebyagun interval ebzyim layer, mezzanine
ebyana mutual ebzyimaber layer, apply a layer
ebyanan mutuality ebzyimaya layered
ebyanay mutually ebzyimben layering
ebyanben interconnection ebzyimbwa layered
ebyanber interconnect edapat airman
ebyanbwa interconnected edaplat first lieutenant
ebyanmela intercontinental edaprat major general
ebyautyana intercommunal edeb monarch
ebyautyanay intercommunally edeba tebuz royal crown, regal crown
ebyeklawa clashed, skirmished, wrangled, fought edeba royal, regal
ebyeklen clashing, skirmishing, wrangling, fighting edebam royal palace
ebyekler clash, skirmish, wrangle, fight edeban royalty, kingship, regality, majesty
ebyeklun clash, skirmish, strife, wrangle, fight edebea reigning
ebyem situation, posture edeben reigning
ebyema situational, postural edeber reign
ebyemser situate oneself, posture oneself edebmuv royal mace, staff
ebyemxen situating edebsim throne
ebyemxer situate edebsimben installing on the throne, enthronement
ebyemxwa situated, postured edebsimber install on the throne, enthrone
ebyex clash, conflict edebsimbwa installed on the throne, enthroned
ebyexaya full of conflict, conflict-ridden edebsimoben dethronement
ebyexea clashing, conflicting edebsimober dethrone
ebyexer clash, conflict edebsimobwa dethroned
ebyij gap, interstice, cleft, hiatus edebut regent
ebyondyunena interdenominational edebutan regency
ebyondyunenay interdenominationally edebxen coronation
ebyudepyat command sergeant major edebxer crown king, crown
ebyudipat fleet master chief petty officer edebxwa crowned king
ebyuj enclosure edebyan royalty
ebyujben enclosing edebyen majesty
ebyujber enclose edebyena majestic, regal

edepat - egaakaxwas[edit | edit source]

edepat private 2 efay necessarily
edeplat chief warrant officer 2 efder request
edeprat major general, two-star general efeb pear
edeyb queen efel pear juice
edeyban queenship efer need, need to
edeybxer crown queen efla in dire need, urgently in need of
edeybyena queeny, queen-like eflawa critical, urgent, essential, direly needed
ediepat private first class eflawan urgency
edieplat chief warrant officer 2, midshipman eflaway essentially, critically, urgently
edieprat colonel efler have an urgent need for
edipat seaman apprentice eflun critical need, urgency, emergency, dire need
ediplat lieutenant junior grade efran indispensable need
ediprat rear admiral upper half efrawa absolutely indispensable
edipyat chief warrant officer 2 efrer have an indispensable need for
edob kingdom, realm, regency efser come to need
edoba axlaf royal mandate efwa needed, necessary, requisite, required
edoba royal efwan necessity
edoban royalty efwas something needed, needed thing, necessity, requirement
edonabwa second-ranking efwasea becoming necessary
edopar rifle efwaser become necessary
edoparzyun shell, cartridge efwaxen necessitation
edopir bazooka efwaxer necessitate
edopmimpar dreadnought efwaxwa necessitated
eduzar violin alto efway necessarily
eduzarut alto violinist efwer be needed, be necessary, be required
edweb king Efxe iwa jubi. It takes three days.
eeja modern, new, current, contemporary, young, juvenile, fresh efxen necessitating, requiring
eejan modernity, newness, youth efxer necessitate, make necessary, require, take
eejas something new Efxo awa jwob av puer hua dom. It will take one hour to reach that city.
eejat someone new, novice, juvenile, newbie, young person efxwa necessitated, required
eejaxen modernization, update, renovation, rejuvenation efyaxeb bishop
eejaxer modernize, bring up to date, renovate, rejuvenate, reenact efyaxeba episcopal
eejaxwa modernized, updated, renovated, rejuvenated efyaxelam basilica
eejay newly, anew, again, freshly efyaxem diocese
ef need, necessity efyaxob bishopric
efa needy, needful, in need eg again, anew
efab pear tree egaakaxen reinvention
efabes spindle tree egaakaxer reinvent
efan neediness, need, needfulness egaakaxwa reinvented
efat needy person egaakaxwas reinvention

egaanxer - egazyujarer[edit | edit source]

egaanxer re-prioritize, reprioritize egasea becoming again
egaasanxer remold, remodel egasen becoming again
egaayeker re-test egaser become again
egababer re-cover egasunden re-specification
egabalen reapplication egasunder re-specify
egabaler reapply, re-apply egasundwa re-specified
egabalwa reapplied egavaluwa reassured
egabdrer re-inscribe, re-label, re-title egaxrer carry out again, recommit
egabdungaber re-affix egaybdyuner retitle
egabduter re-master egaymxar warmer
egaben reapplication egaymxen rewarming
egaber reapply, reset, reimpose egaymxer rewarm, re-warm
egabgabuner re-coat egaymxwa re-warmed, rewarmed
egabimber re-baste, re-coat egaynxen reintegration
egabixer pull on again egaynxer re-integrate, reintegrate
egabmefber re-tile egaynxwa reintegrated
egabraxer re-rub egazataxer reinvigorate
egabunaber re-cap egazataxwa reinvigorated
egabuxer re-impose egazbirer recapture
egabwa reapplied egazbirwa recaptured
egagxer re-grow egazlaser re-intensify
egajbekuluer re-vaccinate egazlaxen re-intensification
egajnegxer regenerate egazlaxwa re-intensified
egaken re-winning, regaining egazmaniger flare up again
egaker re-win, regain egazonikser become reenergized
egakwa regained, re-won egazonikxer re-energize, reenergize
egamxar hot plate, stove, burner egazonikxwa reenergized
egamxen reheating egazonilier refuel
egamxer re-heat, reheat egazoniluen refueling
egamxwa re-heated, reheated egazoniluer re-fuel, refuel
eganaxen reunification egazoniluwa refueled
eganaxer reunify egaztanikxen reinvigoration
eganaxwa reunified egaztanikxer reinvigorate
eganyafer re-connect egaztanikxwa reinvigorated
eganyanxer chain back together egaztaxer reinvigorate
egaonxen re-integration egazvaden reconfirmation
egaonxer re-integrate egazvader reconfirm
egaonxwa re-integrate egazvadwa reconfirmed
egapaxen re-wiping, re-swiping egazyugarwa re-latched, re-locked, re-bolted
egaplaxer re-swipe, re-wipe egazyujarer re-latch, re-lock, re-bolt

egbaakxer - egdwas[edit | edit source]

egbaakxer re-sanitize egdopser re-militarize
egbakim recovery room egdopwa remilitarized
egbaksa recovered egdopxen re-militarization, re-militarize, remilitarization
egbaksea recovering, in recovery egdopxer re-militarize, remilitarize
egbaksen recovery egdopxwa re-militarized
egbakser recover egdosyemben re-institution
egbakxer make well again egdosyember re-institute
egbaldrawa reprinted egdosyembwa re-instituted
egbaldrer re-print, reprint egdovalpoxer rearrest
egbaldrun reprint egdovyayabxen recoding
egbeker re-treat egdovyayabxer recode
egbemer sit back down to the table egdovyayabxwa recoded
egbien retaking egdoyevyeker re-try
egbier retake egdoyovxen recidivism
egbiren recapture egdrasinen re-drawing
egbirer recapture egdrasiner re-draw
egbirwa recaptured egdrasinwa re-drawn
egbiwa retaken egdrawa re-written, rewritten, revised
egbokogrunuen reinfection egdreden respelling
egbokogrunuer reinfect egdreder respell
egbokogrunuwa reinfected egdredwa respelled
egbokser get sick again egdredyunwa retitlted
egboser be calm again egdren rewriting
egbukuer re-injure egdrer re-write, rewrite, revise
egbyaler re-arouse egdresiner re-design
egbyaxer lift back up, set back upright, re-erect, re-upright egdresinwa re-designed
egbyaxwa re-uprighted egdrevsagaben re-pagination
egdatupen revisiting egdrevsagaber re-paginate
egdatuper re-visit, revisit egdrevsagabwa re-paginated
egdatupwa revisited egdrevsagber re-paginate
egden repetition, retelling egdriren retyping
egder repeat, retell, say again egdrirer re-type, retype
egdeuzun refrain egdrirwa re-typed, retyped
egdezyember re-stage egdrun rewrite, revision
egdiber re-administer egdrurer reprint
egdider requestion egdrurun reprint
egdityenxer re-civilize egdrurwa reprinted
egdoparuen re-arming egduz refrain
egdoparuer re-arm egdwa repeated, retold
egdoparuwa re-armed egdwas catchword, slogan

egdway - egilien[edit | edit source]

egdway repeatedly egfabyaner reforest
egdyea repetitive egfabyanwa reforested
egdyean repetitiveness egfiaxam repair shop
egdyeder run over, reread egfiaxen reparation, fix
egdyudrawa re-titled egfiaxena reparational
egdyudrer re-title egfiaxer fix, repair
egdyuen recalling egfiaxut repairman
egdyuer recall egfiaxuwas fixer-upper
egdyunaben re-designation, redesignation egfiaxwa repaired, fixed
egdyunaber re-designate, redesignate egfiaxyea reparative
egdyunabwa re-designated, redesignated egfyinden reevaluation, reassessment
egdyunden recitation, recital egfyinder reevaluate, reassess
egdyunder recite egfyindwa reevaluated, reassessed
egdyundwa recited egfyinuen revaluation
egdyunen renaming egfyinuer revalue
egdyuner rename egganx repair
egdyunuer re-name, re-designate egganxam repair shop
egdyunuwa re-named, re-designated egganxen reparation
egdyunwa renamed egganxer repair
egdyunxen renaming egganxut repairman
egdyunxer rename egganxuwa reparable
egdyunxwa renamed egganxwa repaired
egdyuwa recalled egganxyafwa reparable
egebtestuen reinterpretation egganxyofwa irreparable
egebtestuer reinterpret eggelsanxen readaption
egebtestuwa reinterpreted eggelsanxer readapt
egebzyaber retransmit eggelsanxwa readapted
egebzyabwa retransmitted eggelsanxyafwa readaptable
egek replay eggonbuer reapportion
egeken replaying eggonuen reapportionment
egeker replay eggonuer reapportion
egekwa replayed eggonuwa reapportioned
egemben relocation, repositioning, replacement, resetting, re-situating egijben restart, recommencement, beginning again
egember relocate, reposition, replace, relocated, reset, re-situate egijber start up again, restart, begin again, recommence
egembwa relocated, repositioned, replaced, resettled, re-situated egijbwa restarted, recommenced, begun anew
egemkyoxen re-parking egijer begin anew, start fresh, recommence, restart, start up again, begin again
egemkyoxer re-park egijsaxen recreation
egemkyoxwa re-parked egijsaxer recreate
egempen relocation, moving egijsaxwa recreated
egemper relocate oneself, move egilien reabsorption

egilier - egmepxwa[edit | edit source]

egilier reabsorb egmagyeluer refuel
egiliwa reabsorbed egmaluen re-inflation
Egipta Inguginid Egyptian pyramid egmaluer re-inflate
Egipta Egyptian egmaluwa re-inflated
Egiptagtojmeg Great Pyramid egmanxen re-shining
Egiptam Egypt egmanxer re-shine
Egiptama Egyptian egmanxwa re-shined
Egiptat Egyptian egmanyibwa turned back on, re-illuminated, switched back on
egjobzyuser recycle, cycle through egmanyijber turn back on, re-illuminate, switch back on
egjogaxen rejuvenation egmavigxen re-sparking
egjogaxer rejuvenate egmavigxer re-spark
egjogaxwa rejuvenated egmavigxwa re-sparked
egjubyenxer re-habituate, re-accustom egmavxen re-inflammation
egjubyenxwa re-habituated, re-accustomed egmavxer re-inflame
egjudarben rescheduling, putting back on the calendar egmavxwa re-inflamed
egjudarber reschedule, put back on the calendar egmaynxer re-clarify, clear up again
egjudarbwa rescheduled, put back on the calendar egmaynxwa re-clarified, cleared up again
egjwefxea refreshing egmefben re-bricking
egjwefxen refreshment egmefber re-brick
egjwefxer refresh egmefbwa re-bricked
egjwefxwa refreshed egmelukben re-internment, re-burial
egjweser get ready again, freshen up egmelukber re-intern, re-bury
egjwexen readying again, re-priming, refreshing egmelukbwa re-interned, re-buried
egjwexer ready again, re-prime, refresh egmelzyegen re-excavation
egjwexwa readied again, re-primed, refreshed egmelzyeger re-excavate, dig up again
egkadinen re-exposure egmelzyegwa re-excavated, dug up again
egkadiner re-expose egmembien re-occupation
egkadinwa re-exposed egmembier re-occupy
egkajer reopen egmembiwa re-occupied
egkyesa casual egmemuben repatriation
egkyesay casually egmemuber repatriate
egkyeyanuper run into again egmemubwa repatriated
egkyoaxen re-stabilization egmemubwat repatriate
egkyoaxer re-stabilize egmemupa repatriated
egkyoaxwa re-stabilized egmemupat repatriate
eglosaunnapxen reshuffling egmemupen repatriation
eglosaunnapxer reshuffle egmemuper repatriate
eglosaunnapxwa reshuffled egmepxen rerouting
egmageler re-cook egmepxer reroute
egmagelwa re-cooked egmepxwa rerouted

egnaabxen - egsanxut[edit | edit source]

egnaabxen reorganization egon norm, standard
egnaabxer reorganize egona normative, standard
egnaabxwa reorganized egonxen standardization
egnadben realignment egonxer standardize
egnadber realign egonxwa standardized
egnadbwa realigned egpaaxen re-excitement
egnapben rearrangement egpaaxer re-excite
egnapber rearrange egpaaxwa re-excited
egnapbwa rearranged egpasuwa mobile again
egnapkyaxen reshuffling egpasyafxen re-mobilization
egnapkyaxer reshuffle egpasyafxer re-mobilize
egnapkyaxwa reshuffled egpasyafxwa re-mobilized
egnasbuen reallocation egpensinen retracing
egnasbuer reallocate egpensiner retrace
egnasbuwa reallocated egpensinwa retraced
egnazden reassessment egpexen recouping, recapturing
egnazder reassess egpexer recoup, recapture
egnazdwa reassessed egpexwa recouped, recaptured
egneaxen re-aiming egpien leaving again, parting again
egneaxer re-aim egpier leave again, part again
egneaxwa re-aimed egpixen re-seizing
egnixbuwa re-sold egpixer re-seize
egnofxen reweaving egpixwa re-seized
egnofxer reweave egpooxen re-pacification
egnofxwa rewoven egpooxer re-pacify
egnofyanxen re-sewing egpooxwa re-pacified
egnofyanxer re-sew egpuyxer re-toss
egnofyanxwa re-sewn egpyasea rebounding, bouncing back
egnuen resupplying egpyasen rebounding, bouncing back
egnuer resupply egpyaser rebound, bounce back
egnuneken renegotiation egpyaslen rebounding
egnuneker renegotiate egpyasler rebound
egnunekwa renegotiated egpyosea relapsing, subsiding, falling back down
egnunuut reseller egpyosen relapsing, relapse, subsiding
egnuwa resupplied egpyoser relapse, subside, fall back down
egnyufxen repackaging egsansea shaping up, reshaping, reconfiguring, reforming
egnyufxer repackage egsanser shape up, get into shape, take on a new shape
egnyufxwa repackaged egsanxen reformation, reshaping, reconfiguration
egojdrafben rescheduling egsanxer reform, reshape, reconfigure
egojdrafber reschedule egsanxut re-shaper, reformer

egsanxwa - egtezyenxwa[edit | edit source]

egsanxwa reformed, reshaped, reconfigured, newly-shaped egtajbuaxen re-fertilization
egsauna average, normal, typical, regular egtajbuaxer re-fertilize
egsaunxen regularization egtajbuaxwa re-fertilized
egsaunxer regularize egtajbwa reborn, born again
egsauxwa regularized egtajen rebirth, renaissance
egsaxen re-making, recreation egtajer be born again
egsaxer re-make, recreate egtajnegser generate
egsaxun re-make egtajnegxea regenerative
egsaxwa re-made, recreated egtajnegxen regeneration
egsazer re-sculpt egtajnegxwa regenerated
egsazwa re-sculpted egtaobsen reincarnation
egsea re-becoming egtaobxen reincarnation
egseasea reappearing egtaobxer reincarnate
egseasen reappearing, reappearance egtaobxwa reincarnated
egseaser reappear egtayoxen retouching, touching up
egsen re-becoming egtayoxer retouch, touch up
egser re-become egtayoxwa retouched, touched up
egseuzaxen retuning egteagixer refocus
egseuzaxer retune egteagixwa refocused
egseuzaxwa retuned egteater see again
egseuzuen re-toning egteax review
egseuzuer re-tone egteaxer review
egseuzuwa re-toned egteaxwa reviewed
egsimber re-seat egteexer run over, rehearse, listen to again
egsimbwa re-seated egtejaxen revitalization
egsinyubwa re-framed egtejaxer revitalize
egsinyuzber re-frame egtejaxwa revitalized
egsirdrawa re-typed, typed over egtejben revival, resuscitation, resurrection
egsirdrer re-type, type over egtejber bring back to life, revive, resuscitate, resurrect
egsyag recount egtejbwa revived, resuscitated, resurrected
egsyagen recounting egtejen prospering, living long, thriving, reliving
egsyager recount egtejer relive, experience
egsyagwa recounted egtejpen coming back to life, resurrection
egtadier get remarried, marry again, re-wed egtejper come back alive, revive
egtadsen remarriage egtejuen reanimation
egtadser remarry egtejuer reanimate
egtaduwa re-married, re-wedded egtejuwa reanimated
egtadxwa remarried egtezyenxen re-habituation
egtaj rebirth, renaissance egtezyenxer re-habituate
egtaja reborn, born again egtezyenxwa re-habituated

egtijer - egvyanabxen[edit | edit source]

egtijer wake up again egtyeuwa recognizable
egtijuen reawakening egtyeuwan recognizability
egtijuer reawaken egtyeyafwa recognizable
egtijuwa reawakened egtyeyafwan recognizability
egtisen relearning egtyeyafway recognizably
egtiser relearn egtyeyofwa unrecognizable
egtiswa relearned egtyeyofwan unrecognizability
egtobxen re-humanization egtyodxen repopulation
egtobxer re-humanize egtyodxer repopulate
egtobxwa re-humanized egtyodxwa repopulated
egtofaben putting clothes back on, reclothing eguiben retransmission
egtofaber put clothes back on, reclothe, redress, re-dress eguiber retransmit
egtofabwa reclothed, redressed eguibwa retransmitted
egtofier put clothes on again, reclothe oneself, get dressed again egun novelty, modern contraption
egtofuen reclothing egunnam novelty shop
egtofuer reclothe egupen coming again, returning
egtofuwa reclothed, dressed again eguper come again, return
egtomsaxen rebuilding, reconstruction egvaaldawa reassured
egtomsaxer rebuild, reconstruct egvaalden reassurance
egtomsaxwa rebuilt, reconstructed egvaalder reassure
egtomxen rebuilding, reconstruction egvabijuen re-seeding
egtomxer rebuild, reconstruct egvabijuer re-seed
egtomxwa rebuilt, reconstructed egvabijuwa re-seeded
egtozaker regain one's color egvafaden re-determination
egtrawa recognized egvafader re-determine
egtren recognizing, recognition egvafadwa re-determined
egtrer recognize egvaluen reassurance
egtrewa recognized egvaluer reassure
egtrewaxen reacquaintance egvarden reassertion
egtrewaxer reacquaint egvarder reassert
egtrewaxwa reacquainted egvardwa reasserted
egtruwa recognizable egvazasea re-greening
egtryafwa recognizable egvazasen re-greening
egtryafwan recognizability egvazaser grow green again, re-green
egtryafway recognizably egviaben redecoration
egtryofwa unrecognizable egviaber redecorate
egtryofwan unrecognizability egviabwa redecorated
egtryofway unrecognizably egvozilbwa freshly-painted, newly-painted, repainted
egtulxwa warmed over, recooked egvyanabser get readjusted, readjust
egtyeen recognition egvyanabxen readjustment, tuning, re-tuning

egvyanabxer ha seuxnid - egyober[edit | edit source]

egvyanabxer ha seuxnid retune the volume egyangelxwa re-assimilated
egvyanabxer readjust, tune, re-tune egyans reunion
egvyanabxuwa re-adjustable, re-tunable egyansen reuniting, rejoining
egvyanabxwa readjusted, tuned, re-tuned egyanser reunite, rejoin
egvyilxen re-washing egyanxen recombination, reuniting, rejoining
egvyilxer re-wash egyanxer recombine, reunite, rejoin
egvyilxwa re-washed egyanxwa recombined, reunited, rejoined
egvyixen re-cleaning egyapuyser hop up again
egvyixer re-clean egyeben reinsertion, reintroduction
egvyixwa re-cleaned egyeber reinsert, reintroduce
egvyixyelober re-rinse egyebwa reinserted, reintroduced
egvyuxabwa reinfected egyegser get back to normal
egxeler run through, practice egyegxen re-normalization
egxen re-doing, repetition egyegxer re-normalize
egxenaxen reactivation egyegxwa re-normalized
egxenaxer reactivate egyemben replacing, replacement
egxenaxwa reactivated egyember replace
egxer tisnog re-do a school grade egyembwa replaced
egxer re-do, repeat, redo, fix egyembyofwa irreplaceable
egxeser reorganize egyeper reenter
egxobser reorganize egyevanyek retrial, rehearing
egxobxen reorganizing, reorganization egyevanyeker try again, re-hear
egxobxer reorganize egyevsonuber re-arraign
egxobxwa reorganized egyexazonuer re-energize, reenergize
egxoer undergo again, reexperience egyexazonuwa reenergized
egxwa re-done, repeated, redone egyexazonuyea re-energizing
egxyea repetitive egyijben reopening
egyabnogper re-climb egyijber reopen
egyafikxen re-empowerment egyijbwa reopened
egyafikxwa re-empowered egyijer reopen
egyafixer re-empower egyijper come back open
egyafuluen refueling egyivxer set free again
egyafuluer refuel egyix re-use, reuse
egyafuluwa refueled egyixer re-use, reuse
egyalevabil mousse egyixlawa reemployed, rehired
egyanbea recombinant egyixlawat rehired employee, rehiree
egyanbyenxen re-harmonization egyixler reemploy, rehire
egyanbyenxer re-harmonize egyixwa re-used, reused
egyanbyenxwa re-harmonized egyoben reduction, decreasing
egyangelxen re-assimilation egyober reduce, decrease

egyobwa - ejjobxwa[edit | edit source]

egyobwa reduced, decreased ejbuer endow, present
egyogden recapitulation, summing up ejbun endowment, present
egyogder recapitulate, sum up ejbut presenter
egyogdwa recapitulated, summed up ejbuwa endowed
egyonutxen re-privatization ejbwa presented
egyonutxer re-privatize ejdin current event, news item, current events
egyonutxwa re-privatized ejdindref newspaper, journal, gazette
egyubteaxen reexamination ejdindreftyen journalism
egyubteaxer reexamine ejdindrefut journalist
egyubteaxwa reexamined ejdindren newspaper, newsprint, press, journal, gazette
egzebexen re-balancing ejdinyan current events, news
egzebexer re-balance ejdyun nom du jour
egzebexwa re-balanced ejeasen showing up, being present, attendance, presence
egzyabuen redistribution ejeaser show up, be present, attend
egzyabuer redistribute ejeasut attendee
egzyabuwa redistributed ejeaten envisaging
egzyupea mis revolving door ejeater envisage
egzyupea revolving ejeatwa envisaged
egzyupen revolution ejeaxen presentation, presenting
egzyuper revolve ejeaxer present
egzyuxen nyemag recycling bin ejeaxun presentation
egzyuxen recycling ejeaxut presenter
egzyuxer recycle ejeaxwa presented
egzyuxwa recycled ejesea in attendance, attending, present
ej present ejeser attend, be present
eja jobyen present tense ejesut attendee
eja kyesi current events, current happenings ejesutyan attendance, presence
eja kyesyan current state of affairs, present situation ejiba bimestrial
eja kyos present state ejjob present day
eja xwasi news, current events ejjoba modern, contemporary
eja xwasyan current events ejjoban modernity
eja present, current, actual ejjobasea modernizing
ejab biennial ejjobaser modernize
ejaba biennial ejjobat contemporary
ejabay biennially ejjobin modernism
ejaga two years old ejjobina modernist
ejan currency, actuality ejjobinut modernist
ejay at present, currently, now, nowadays, actually ejjobxen modernization, contemporization
ejben presentation, presenting ejjobxer modernize, contemporize
ejber present ejjobxwa modernized, contemporized

ejjobyena - ejxaxwa[edit | edit source]

ejjobyena modernistic ejsafyafwa mendable
ejkyes current event, breaking news item, late-breaking event, new happening, news ejsafyofwa unmendable
ejkyesdren newspaper, journal ejsan freshness, novelness
ejkyesdrenut newspaperman, journalist ejsasea becoming fresh, renewing
ejkyesyan current events ejsaser become fresh, be renewed
Ejna Fyatead New Testament ejsaxen refreshment, renewing, renovation
Ejna Jaba Maj New Year's Eve ejsaxer refresh, renew, renovate
ejna nyazayat nouveau riche ejsaxwa refreshed, renewed, renovated
ejna taub tum neuroblast ejsea attending, present
ejna tiibil tum hematoblast ejsen attendance, being present
ejna new, fresh, current ejser attend, be present
ejnan currency, newness, freshness ejsun novelty
ejnas something new ejsyen fashion
ejnat contemporary ejtad current spouse, step-spouse
ejnaxea refreshing ejtayd current wife, step-wife
ejnaxen renewal, freshening, renovation, refreshment ejted step-parent
ejnaxer renew, freshen up, renovate, refresh ejteyd step-mother
ejnaxwa renewed, freshened up, renovated, refreshed ejtezdina legendary
ejnay newly, currently, freshly ejtid half sibling
ejnix cash receipt, cash earning ejtiyd half sister
ejnixen cashing, getting cash, earning cash ejtuen updating
ejnixer cash, get cash, earn cash ejtuer update
ejnun novelty ejtuun update
ejnux cash layout, cash payment ejtuundraf update sheet, newsletter, bulletin
ejnuxay in cash ejtuunyan current news, news
ejnuxen cash disbursement, cash payment ejtuwa updated
ejnuxer disburse cash, pay cash ejtwad current husband, step-husband
ejnuxwa disbursed in cash, paid in cash ejtwas news item
ejob modern times ejtwasdren newspaper
ejoba modern, contemporary ejtwasyan news, current news, current events
ejoban modernity ejtwed step-father
ejobay contemporarily, in modern times ejtwid half brother
ejpea in attendance, attending Ejwokristina Presbyterian
ejpen attendance Ejwokristinat Presbyterian
ejper attend ejxa new, ready
ejput attendee, someone present ejxan newness, readiness
ejputyan those present, those in attendance ejxaser get ready, prepare oneself
ejsa fresh, novel ejxaxen preparation, reparation
ejsafen mending ejxaxer ready, prepare, repair
ejsafer mend ejxaxwa prepared, repaired

ejyena - ekutyanxwa[edit | edit source]

ejyena modern, modern-style, contemporary, newfangled, up-to-date ekhavxer doll up
ejyenan modernity ekhavxwa dolled up
ejyenay in the modern way ekler risk, gamble
ejyenin modernism ekliam casino
ejyenina modernist eklien gambling
ejyeninut modernist eklier take a risk, gamble
ejyenxen modernization eklir gambling machine
ejyenxer modernize ekliun risk, gamble
ejyenxwa modernized ekliur gambling machine
ek game, play, risk ekliut gambler, risk-taker
ekam arena ekluen challenge
ekar nyem toy box ekluer put at risk, challenge
ekar nyemag toy chest eklut gambler
ekar toy, plaything ekluwa challenged
ekaren toying ekpoyx timeout
ekarer toy with eksag score, tally
ekarwa toyed eksagdrof scoreboard
ekdea pretending eksagen scoring, keeping score, tallying
ekden pretending eksager score, keep score, tally
ekder pretend eksagut scorer, tallier
ekdraf playing card eksagwa scored, tallied
ekdrafnyan deck of cards ektobet dezun puppet show
ekdrafun card game ektobet puppet
ekdut pretender ektobeteb puppet master, puppeteer, string-puller
ekdwa pretended ektobeteben pulling the strings, working a puppet, puppeteering, string-pulling
ekdyea pretentious ektobeteber pull the strings, work a puppet, puppeteer
ekdyean pretentiousness ektobetebwa puppeteered
ekem playing field, course ektobot doll, doll baby
eken playing, risking, performing, challenging ektoybot girl doll
eker drafi play cards ektwobot boy doll
eker duz play music, perform music ekuj finale
eker duzar play an instrument ekun game, play, risk, match, challenge
eker duzun play a piece, play a number ekut player
eker duzur play a phonograph ekutyan tip team spirit
eker exgon play a role, play a part ekutyan tup team member
eker ha kyensagi play the odds ekutyan team
eker nasgon ebkyax play the stock market ekutyanser team up
eker play, risk, perform, challenge ekutyanxen teaming up
ekgon role ekutyanxer team up
ekhavser doll up ekutyanxwa teamed up

ekwa - elyanif[edit | edit source]

ekwa played elyamays grill, iron screen
Ekwadora Ecuadorean elyambam blacksmith's shop
Ekwadoram Ecuador elyamben shoeing, blacksmithing
Ekwadorama Ecuadorean elyamber shoe, rim with steel, fit a metal tip to, blacksmith
Ekwadorat Ecuadoran elyambixar magnet, lodestone
ekwer run, play, put on elyambixea magnetic
ekyevdut referee elyambixer magnetize
ela twenty-one elyambixus lodestone
elam scandium elyambixwa magnetized
elavos iris elyambut blacksmith
ele twenty-two elyambwa blacksmithed, rimmed with steel, met tipped
elem titanium elyamep railroad, railway
elevos primerose, primrose elyamepur posam train station, railroad station
eli twenty-three elyamepur train, locomotive
elim vanadium elyamepuram train station, railroad station
elivos chrysanthemum elyamivoz rust
elo dolar nasdrev twenty dollar bill elyamivoza rust-colored, ferruginous
elo twenty elyamivozasea rusting
elojaga twenty years old elyamivozasen rusting
elom calcium elyamivozaya rusty
elon score, group of twenty elyamivozayan rustiness
elsyeb pot elyamtyen ironwork
elu twenty-four elyamtyenam ironworks
elum chromium elyamtyenut ironworker
elya twenty-five elyamyig-yovoza steel-blue
elyafaof sheet metal elyamyig saxem steel mill
elyam- ferro- elyamyig steel
elyam apet iron horse, locomotive, train elyamyiga zyuf steel beam
elyam eymoza iron gray elyamyiga made of steel, steel
elyam gasin iron cross elyanad mep railroad
elyam gron iron deficiency elyanad mepam railroad station
elyam joub iron age elyanad posam railroad station, train station
elyam marmeyg iron meteorite elyanad iron rail, rail, railway, railroad, rail line, train track, track
elyam mef iron brick elyanadoben derailment
elyam meys iron gate elyanadober derail
elyam misof iron curtain elyanadobwa derailed
elyam myeik iron putty elyanadoper go off the rails, derail, jump the tracks
elyam tieb iron lung elyanadpur train, locomotive, rail vehicle
elyam yanmug iron alloy elyanadpures rail car, coach, wagon, train car
elyam iron elyanif iron filament

elyaz - embesutukxwa[edit | edit source]

elyaz wrought iron emaysput trucker
elyazut wrought iron craftsman emayspwa transported, trucked
elyazyuf iron bar embeen residence, inhabiting
elyazyufaya barred embeer have a home, reside, occupy, inhabit, live
elyazyuv iron rod embelen transportation
elyem cobalt embeler transport
elyim nickel embelur transport vehicle
elyima nickel, made of nickel embelwa transported
elyimben nickel-plating embelzen transport hub
elyimber nickel-plate emben placement, positioning, location, setting, situation
elyimbwa nickle-plated embena locative, positional
elyom manganese ember place, position, locate, set, situate
elyum mumiblem copper-mine embesam dwelling, living quarters, abode
elyum mumiblen copper-mining embesea inhabiting, residing, resident, living, dwelling
elyum mumiblut copper-miner embesem habitat, residence
elyum copper embesen habitation, residing, living
elyuma copper, made of copper embesena residential
elyumayeb copper foil embeser inhabit, reside, live, dwell
elyumber coat with copper embesiem settlement
elyumbwa copper-coated, copper-plated embesien settling
elyumnif copper wire, wire embesier settle
elyumyig bronze embesiun settlement
elyumyiga bronze, made of bronze embesiut settler
elyumyigben bronzing embesuen housing, sheltering, accommodation
elyumyigber bronze embesuer house, shelter, accommodate
elyumyigbwa bronzed embesut inhabitant, resident
elyuza copper-colored embesutaya populous
elzyeb jar embesutikxen populating, population
em place, location, site, unenclosed place, locus, locale embesutikxer populate
ema elyanadpur local train embesutikxwa populated
ema naadpur local train embesutnyan population
ema local embesutnyanxen population
emaeg peat embesutnyanxer populate
emat local person, local embesutnyanxwa populated
emaxen localization embesutoya unpopulous, deserted
emaxer localize embesutsag population, number of inhabitants
emaxwa localized embesutuka unpopulated, deserted
emay locally embesutukxen depopulation
emayspar transport vehicle, truck embesutukxer depopulate
emayspen transportation, trucking embesutukxwa depopulated

embesutyan - emos[edit | edit source]

embesutyan inhabitancy, residency, population emiput migrant
embesuwa housed, sheltered, accommodated, settled emiputan migrancy
embesuyea accommodating emkaxen location
embeut occupant, resident, inhabitant, placeholder emkaxer locate
embewa occupied, inhabited emkaxwa located
embexen holding in place, reservation, substitution, replacement, occupation emkaxwar locating device
embexer hold a place, substitute, replace, occupy, hold in place, reserve emkexen searching
embexut deputy, substitute, placeholder, lieutenant, occupant, occupier emkexer search, try to locate
embexwa held in place, reserved, occupied emkexut searcher
embien occupation, replacement, substitution emkexwa searched
embier occupy emkuben displacement
embiut occupier, occupant emkuber displace
embiwa sim occupied chair emkubwa displaced
embiwa occupied emkyaser switch spots, move, change location, relocate
embiwan occupancy emkyaxen relocation, moving
embuben nazyef exports duty emkyaxer relocate, move
embuen accommodation, yielding, affording emkyaxwa relocated, moved
embuer accommodate, afford space, give way, yield, afford emkyoser settle, settle in, fix one's position
embuun accommodation, yield emkyosut settler
embuwa accommodated, yielded, afforded emkyoxam parking garage
embuwas accommodation, yield emkyoxem parking lot, car park
embuyea accommodating, yielding emkyoxen bey yuxut valet parking
embwa placed, positioned, located, set, situated, situation emkyoxen doyovog parking violation, parking infraction
emdyun address, placename emkyoxen drurunes parking ticket
emdyunben addressing emkyoxen gonem parking zone
emdyunber address emkyoxen nagar parking meter
emdyunbwa addressed emkyoxen nig parking space
emdyunbwat addressee emkyoxen siun parking sign
emernad meridian, equator emkyoxen vyox parking violation, parking infraction
emernada meridian, equatorial emkyoxen yofwe. No parking.
emez topaz emkyoxen yuxut parking attendant, parking valet
emiben nazyef imports duty emkyoxen parking, staking out a spot, settlement
emiben importation emkyoxer pur park a car, park a vehicle
emiber import emkyoxer park, stake out
emibun import emkyoxwa parked, staked out, settled
emibwa imported emnod locus, spot
emibwas import emnoda locational
emimpar launch, rowboat emnoder locate, spot
emipea yexut migrant worker emog little spot, cozy place
emipen migration emos second floor

emoyeben - engonyanbwa[edit | edit source]

emoyeben exclusion endooban dual nationality
emoyeber exclude endoobat person of dual nationality
emoyebwa excluded endovyabima bicameral
emoyebyea exclusive endresiyn digraph
emoyebyean exclusivity endungona disyllabic
emper position oneself, take up a position, situate oneself, move endyanod colon
empien leaving, moving, departing, departure, moving on enega split-level
empier leave, move, depart, move on enfatayoba mipar catamaran
emroyoni two millionths enfuba mipar kayak
emsal helium enfuba biramous
emuben exportation Engla-Saksa Anglo-Saxon
emuber export Engla English, Anglo-
emubun export Englad English, English language
emubwa exported Englada English, in the English language
emubwas export Engladen speaking English
emuiben nazyef import-exports duty Englader speak in English
emuipea migrating Engladrawa written in English
emuipen migration Engladrer write English
emuiper migrate Engladut speaker of English
emuiput migrant Engladwa spoken in English
emupem settlement Englam England
emupen immigration Englama English
emuper immigrate, settle Englat Englishman
emuput immigrant, settler Englayt English woman
emxen localization engoblawa bisected, cut in two, halved, split, dissected
emxer localize engobler halve, split, dissect, bisect, cut in half, cut in two
emxwa localized engoblun half, half-section, split, dissection
en- di-, bi-, duo-, two- engoflawa ripped in two, split
enaba second-ranking engoflen ripping in two, splitting
enabat runner-up engofler rip in two, split
enagya two-dimensional engoflun split, two-way split
enan duality engona bipartite, consisting of two parts
enapa dyun by-name, secondary name, cognomen engonxen splitting, bifurcation, division, partition
enapa second engonxer split, split in two, bifurcate, divide
enavutyana bipartisan engonxwa split, bifurcated, divided, split in two
enayga two-dimensional, 2D engonyanbar splicer
enbirtub tongs engonyanben splicing
endeuzbok diplophonia engonyanber splice
endit dual citizen engonyanbun splice
enditan dual citizenship engonyanbwa spliced

engoren - enzyukparut[edit | edit source]

engoren squaring ensaunxwa duplicated
engorer square, squared ensaxen coupling, copulation
engorwa squared ensaxer couple
enin dualism ensaxwa coupled
enina dualistic ensuna binary
eninut dualist entada bigamous
enizona bi-directional, two-way, bidirectional entadan bigamy
enizonay bi-directionally entadin bigamy
enjab itistam two-year college entadina bigamist
enjaba biannual entadinut bigamist
enjabay biannually entayoza biracial, of mixed skin color
enjoibunyana of dual heritage enteaba binocular
enjoibunyanat person of dual heritage enteuboba bilabial
enkebion dilemma entexyena of two minds, split in ones opinion, divided, split in one's opinion
enkuna bilateral, two-sided, dual-sided, double-sided entiibilnada of dual ethnicity
enkunada double-edged entiibilnadan person of dual ethnicity
enkunan bilateralism entima bicameral
enmeip double lane entooda biracial
enmepa pop two-way trip, round trip entoodan bi-racialism
enmeuma bi-zonal entoodat biracial person
enmizyufa double-masted entoosa bi-gendered
ennaeda domep two-lane highway entoosat bi-gendered person
ennaeda mep two-lane road entyoyaba biped, bipedal
ennaeda two-lane, two-track entyoyabat biped
enneda bi-planar enujnoda bipolar
ennega split-level, bi-level, two-level enxeyea duplicitous, deceitful
ennod absiyn diaeresis, umlaut, two dots above accent, two dots above diacritic enxeyeat double-dealer, deceiver
ennod siyn colon enxeyen duplicity, double-dealing
ennod colon enyanava bipartisan
ennoga secondary, second-degree enyekuna dual-purpose
ennogay secondarily enyibteaxar binoculars
enoga secondary, second-degree enyijteuzun diphthong
enogay secondarily enyongona dichotomous
enpatuba bi-wing enyongonan dichotomy
ensana bimorphic enzyuka two-wheeled
ensanan bimorphism enzyukpar meip bike lane
ensanas bimorph enzyukpar bicycle, bike, chariot
ensaser become a couple, couple up, copulate enzyukparen bicycling, cycling, biking
ensauna duplicate enzyukparer bicycle, cycle, bike
ensaunxen duplication enzyukparut bicyclist, cyclist, biker

enzyukpir - epeyden[edit | edit source]

enzyukpir scooter, moped eopeti oxen
enzyukpiren scootering, mopeding eopetoder bleat
enzyukpirut scooter, moped user eopetog steer
enzyukpur yigtef motorcycle helmet eopetud calf
enzyukpur motorcycle eopetyan cattle, livestock
enzyukpuren motorcycling eopetyanizben cattle-steering
enzyukpurer go motorcycling eopetyanizber steer cattle
enzyukpurut motorcyclist eopetyanizbut cowboy
eon bi tyoyavi pair of socks ep- inter-
eon duet, pair, double, duo epad quack
eona ged siyni double quotation marks, double quotes epaden quacking
eona gedsiyn double quote, double quotation mark epader quack
eona kisiyn double slash epait gull, seagull
eona sum double bed epat duck
eona uduzar double bass epatud duckling
eona double, dual epavol Brussels sprout
eonan duality epayet vampire
eonas pair epayt female duck
eonat twin, couple epea intervening
eonatan couplehood epeden bellowing, mooing
eonay doubly, dually epeder bellow, moo, snort
eonif twine epeit seal
eonifxen intertwining epelat wasp
eonifxer intertwine epelatnyem wasp nest
eonifxwa intertwined epen intervention
eonifzyun ball of twine eper go between, intervene
eonsum twin bed epet bull, taurus, toro
eonxen doubling epeta taurine
eonxer double epetam bull pen, cowshed
eonxwa doubled, paired up, coupled epeteyub bullhorn
eopeden lowing, mooing, bellowing epetob goblunog veal cutlet
eopeder low, moo, bellow epetovek bullfight
eopel zyigoblun beef patty, hamburger epetovekam bullfight arena
eopel beef epetoveken bullfighting
eopet gyagoblun beefsteak, steak epetovekut toreador, bullfighter
eopet yaggoblun strip steak epetud veal
eopet yagteil beef stew epetyena taurine
eopet yanar yoke epeybil cow's milk
eopet zeymep ox ford, oxford epeyd moo
eopet ox, steer epeyden mooing

epeyder - Et embese hom?[edit | edit source]

epeyder moo erdunjob tense, verb tense
epeyefyenan silkiness Eritra Eritrean
epeyt cow Eritrad Eritrean
epeytaput cowboy Eritram Eritrea
epeytayob cowhide Eritrama Eritrean
epeytibuj cow tail Eritrat Eritrean
epeytmepes cow path esagtun geometry
epiet seal esagtuna geometric, geometrical
epiit crayfish, rock lobster, spiny lobster esagtunay geometrically
epit perch esagtut geometrist
epiyed rivet esan state
epiyeden riveting esana static
epiyeder rivet esaun bit
epiyet tyob frog leg ese there is, there are, exists, exist
epiyet frog esea existent, available, existing
epiyetam toadstool esean existence, availability
epleden wailing eseaxer make available
epleder wail esen existence
eplet koala esena existential
epusen jumping between esenin existentialism
epuser jump between esenina existentialist
eput go-between, intervener eseninut existentialist
epuxen interjection eser exist, there to be
epuxer interject eson entity
epuxwa interjected Estonya Estonian
epyad scream Estonyad Estonian
epyaden screaming Estonyam Estonia
epyader scream Estonyama Estonian
epyat vulture Estonyat Estonian
epyeit mussel esun entity
epyet cayman, caiman esuna binary
epyod growl esut subject
epyoder growl esyen status, state
epyot beexnyem tiger's cage esyena stative
epyot tiger Et afe per. You may go.
epyotam tiger's den Et afe You may
epyoyt tigress Et dyunie hos? What name do you go by?
epyoytud tiger cub Et dyunwe hoyen? What's your name?
erdun verb Et dyuwe hos? What's your name?
erduna adun verbal adjective, participle Et embese hom? Where do you live?

et eut - evozasea[edit | edit source]

et eut you yourself Etyopyat Ethiopian
Et Mirade, vao? Do you speak Mirad? etyoyaf tennis shoe
Et se jabwa, vao? You're ready, right? euna even
Et se vyonayba. You're out of turn. Europa European
Et tease tywa bu at. You look familiar to me. Europam Europe
Et updiwe! Welcome!, You are invited! Europama Anx European Union
et you Europama European
Eta dyun se hos? What's your name? Europat European
eta your Europxen Europeanization
Etaat Dominion, Lordship Europxer Europeanize
etabij larva Europxwa Europeanized
Etaet Cherub, Virtue, Stronghold eut yourself
Etait Power, Authority euta your own
etas yours, your thing eutas your own, your own thing
etasi yours, your things eutasi your own, your own things
etef beret ev neutral with respect to, neither for nor against
etet major bishop, patriarch eva neutral
eteta patriarchal evan neutrality
etetan partriarchy evay neutrally
eteupib lateral incisor evayza turquoise
etistam high school, secondary school, lyceum evbawa bay in comparison with
etistamper attend high school, attend secondary school evdea equivocating
etistamput high schooler, high school attendee, secondary school attendee evden equivocation
etistamut high school student, secondary school student evder equivocate, speak neutrally of
etiuv briefs evdwa equivocated
etoza yavil blond beer, lager eveb teil lentil soup
etoza blond eveb lentil
etozat blond guy, blond person evil rye whiskey
etozayt blonde evoaza bright yellow
etulyan second course evob rye
etulyanen enjoying a second course evooza bright yellow
etulyaner enjoy a second course evos narcissus
etuyub index finger evoyza light yellow, yellowish
etuyubizer point evoyzan yellowishness
etyal lunch evoza aveb yellow French bean
etyalier have lunch evoza bilyug margarine
etyaluer serve lunch evoza uveb wax bean
Etyopya Ethiopian evoza yellow
Etyopyad Amharic evozan yellowness
Etyopyam Ethiopia evozasea yellowing

evozaser - eyabdeuzayt[edit | edit source]

evozaser grow yellow, yellow exenay operationally, functionally
evozaxen yellowing exer seusar ring a bell
evozaxer yellow exer seusir honk a horn, blare a horn, toot a horn, beep a horn
evozaxwa yellowed exer seusur sound a siren, sound an alarm
evozyena yellowish exer vyavay run like clockwork, operate precisely
evtoosa gender-neutral, neuter exer operate, function, work, run
evtos indifference, apathy, neutral feeling exgon role
evtosea indifferent, apathetic, neutral-feeling exgoneken role-playing
evtosean indifference exgonekut character, role-player
evtoseay indifferently exgonekutyan cast, cast of characters
evtosen indifference, feeling neutral exkexut candidate, office-seeker
evxen neutralization exkexutan candidacy
evxer neutralize exkexutyan slate of candidates
evxwa neutralized exmep method
evyoza dark yellow exnap method
ewa aroyni two thousanths exnig field, operational terrain, business turf, area of operations, zone of activity, compound
ewa asoyn bil two percent milk exsiyn insignia, badge
ewa ga jodi two more times, twice more exujben wearing out, exhaustion, sapping
ewa gasi two more things exujber wear out, sap, exhaust
ewa gati two more people exujbwa worn out, exhausted, sapped
ewa iwa jodi two or three times exut operator, functionary, official
ewa jodi hyajab twice a year, two times a year exutin officialdom
ewa jodi hyajub twice a day, two times a day exutyan operating staff
ewa jodi twice, on two occasions, two times exuwa operable, functional
Ewa jubi efwe av puer hum. It takes two days to get there. exuwan operability
ewa two exuway functionally
ewasi two, two things, two of them exwer bey run on
ewat deuzun duet exyafwa operable
ewatdeuzun duet exyafwan operability
ewati two, two persons, two of them exyen method, operating procedure, procedure, modus operandi, process
ex function, operation exyena methodical, procedural
exdiea office-seeking, running exyenay methodically, procedurally
exdien running for office exyik dysfunction
exdier run for office exyikwa dysfunctional
exdiut candidate ey- half-, semi-, pen-, hemi-, quasi-, demi-
exdiutan candidacy ey yab half way up, part the way up
exea operational, functioning, in service, working, running ey yob half way down, part the way down
exean operating state, functioning state ey or
exeb chief, boss, manager, foreman eyabdeuzat second tenor
exen operation, functioning, running eyabdeuzayt second soprano

eyama - eymozasen[edit | edit source]

eyama tepid, lukewarm eyjomir purgatory
eyaman tepidity, lukewarmness eyjwot adolescent
eyamay tepidly, lukewarmly eyjwota adolescent
eyamsen growing tepid, getting lukewarm eyjwotan adolescence
eyamser grow tepid, get lukewarm eykajwa half-opened
eyamxen making tepid, making lukewarm eykigugekuna rhomboid
eyamxer make tepid, make lukewarm eykojwa half-closed
eyamxwa made tepid, make lukewarm eylamivozaser rust
eyb- intra- eym spot, little place
eyb hyusi inter alia, among other things eymaeg coke
eyb tejeati inter vivos eymaegem coking works
eyb yat inter nos, between ourselves eymaj noon, noontime
eyb yituti inter se, among themselves eymaja noontime
eyb among, amid, in the midst of, amongst eymayj noonish
eybauta intrapersonal eymepa halfway
eybautyana internecine eymerzyun hemisphere
eybdita dropek civil war eymerzyuna hemispherical
eybdoeba intrastate eymilpea wading
eybdooma intranational eymilpen miyom wading pool
eybdoomay intranationally eymilpen wading
eybmasa intramural eymilper wade
eybsea involved, interested eymilput wader
eybseat interested party eymoj midnight
eybsen involvement eymoja midnight
eybser get involved, be interested in, involve oneself eymon penumbra, half-light, shade
eybtuabuz epaulet eymona milvoz gouache
eybxen involvement eymona opaque, partially obscure shadowy
eybxer involve, interest eymonan opacity, shadowiness
eybxwa involved, interested eymonxwa partially obscured, opaque
eybyadyangonnper mix in, get involved, blend in eymotoza gray-haired
eybyanben mixing in, melange, involvement, blending eymotozea graying
eybyanber mix in, involve, blend eymotozen graying
eybyanbwa mixed in, involved, blended eymotozer go gray
eybyanpen mixing in, get involved, blending in eymoyza grayish, light gray
eyetas yours eymoyzan grayishness
eyetasi yours eymoza gray
eyevoya slightly yellow, semi-yellow eymozan grayness
eyifeb almond eymozasaa gone gray
eyjaba biannual, semiannual, semi-annual eymozasea going gray
eyjabay biannually, semiannually, semi-annually eymozasen going gray

eymozaser - eyntuja[edit | edit source]

eymozaser go gray eynmep half-way
eymuar crescent moon, half moon eynmes half-door
eymuaravol croissant eynmis shutter, flap
eymuarsan crescent shape, crescent eynnega split-level
eymul mixture, mix, melange, blend eynoytofa half-naked, semi-nude
eymula mixed, blended eynpos half-stop
eymulxar mixer, blender eynpossiyn semi-colon
eymulxer mix, blend eynsim stool
eymulxwa mixed, blended eynsum day bed
eymyoza dark gray eyntaymes courtyard, covered shelter
eyn- half-, semi-, pen-, hemi-, quasi-, mixed-, demi- eynteaten glimpsing, making out
eynabdrun half title eynteater glimpse, make out
eynabraxea yujteuzun affricative consonant eynteatwa glimpsed, made out
eynama tepid, lukewarm eynteaxer squint
eynay almost, half-way, barely, hardly eyntebuz diadem
eynbil half-and-half eyntejea vegetating, stunted
eynfia mediocre eyntejen vegetating
eynfian mediocrity eyntejer vegetate
eynfiay mediocrely eynteliwa half-eaten
eyngol half, split eynteptija semi-alert, semi-conscious
eyngolen halving, dividing in half, dividing in two, splitting eynteptijan semi-alertness, semi-consciousness
eyngoler divide in half, halve, divide in two, split, split down the middle eyntestwa half-understood
eyngolwa halved, divided in half, divided in two, split eynteubier half-swallow
eyngon half share, half eynteusoz snicker, titter
eyngoynen bisection, halving eynteusozen snickering, tittering
eyngoyner bisect, halve eynteusozer snicker, titter
eyngoynwa bisected, halved eyntiav tank top
eynika half full eyntij trance, stupor
eynikay almost eyntija half-awake, in a trance, in a stupor
eynikber fill up half way eyntijben stupefaction
eynikbwa half-filled eyntijber put into a trance, stupefy
eynjab half a year eyntijbwa stupefied
eynkas partial solution eyntilsyeb demitasse
eynkin radius eyntistamjab semester, school semester
eynkina radial eyntoba half-human
eynkinad radius, ray eyntopa half-hearted
eynkinada radial eyntot demigod
eynkinadea radiating eyntuaf sash
eynkinaden radiation eyntuj doze, nap, trance, daydream
eynkinader radiate eyntuja half-asleep

eyntujben - eytiuti[edit | edit source]

eyntujben putting into a trance eynyujber close halfway, leave ajar, close half-way
eyntujber put into a trance eynyujteuzun semi-consonant
eyntujbwa put into a trance eynyuper approach halfway
eyntujea day-dreaming, dozing, napping, half-sleeping eynzaogoblawa sawed-in-half
eyntujen day-dreaming eynzaogoblen sawing in half
eyntujer day-dream, doze, nap eynzaogobler saw in half
eyntujiea drowsy eynzyeteatuwa semi-opaque
eyntujier grow drowsy eynzyun crescent
eyntujpea falling into a trance eynzyuna crescent
eyntujpen falling into a trance eynzyunid hemisphere
eyntujper fall into a trance eynzyunida hemispheric
eyntujyena trance-like eynzyup half-turn
eyntuyaf mitten, mitt eynzyupea turning half-way around
eyntyenyana semi-industrial eynzyuper turn half-way around
eyntyoyav slip on padding, slip sock, no show sock eynzyus semi-circle
eynujber finish halfway eynzyusa semi-circular
eynujbwa half-finished eynzyuser turn half way round
eynuka half empty eynzyux half-turn
eynukmem steppe eynzyuxer turn halfway
eynvoza mixed-color eyobdeuzat second bass
eynvozat person of mixed color, mulatto eyobdeuzayt second alto
eynvozata of mixed race, of mixed skin color eyon half
eynvyan half truth eyona half
eynvyodin white lie, fib eyonxen halving
eynvyodinen fibbing eyonxer halve
eynvyodiner fib eyonxwa halved
eynvyodinut fibber eyper go among, get involved, enter the midst of, join
eynxen halving eysilaya partly acidic, sour
eynxer halve, cut in half eysim stool, bar stool, footstool
eynxwa tayebuj split end eyt aytut you yourself, your yourself as a girl
eynxwa halved eyt eut you yourself
eynyiga semi-hard eyt you as a female
eynyija ajar, half-open, partially open, partly open eyta your
eynyijbar door chain eyti eytiuti your yourselves, you yourself as girls
eynyijben leaving ajar, leaving open halfway eyti you girls, you, you all, you women
eynyijber leave ajar, open halfway eytia your, you women's
eynyijbwa left ajar, opened halfway eytias you women's, yours, your thing
eynyonmel peninsula eytiasi you women's, yours, your things
eynyonmela peninsular eytiut yourselves
eynyonren dichotomy eytiuti yourselves

eytiutia - fandea[edit | edit source]

eytiutia your own fabika tree-filled, tree-studded, full of trees
eytiyuta your own, you women's own fabil sap
eytiyutas your own, your own thing, you women's own thing fabmem forestland, woodland
eytiyutasi your own, your own things, you women's own things fabnad tree line, treeline
eytut yourself fabnadwa tree-lined
eytuta your own fabog bush, small shrub
eytuxwa half-taught fabogaya bushy
eytuyaf mit fabogayan bushiness
eytyodaba semi-democratic fabogem mag bush fire
eyukmem steppe fabogem bushland, bush
eyvoza mixed-color fabogika bush-filled
eyvozat person of mixed color, mulatto fabogikan bushiness
eyvozata of mixed race, of mixed skin color fabogyan bush, bushes
eyyija half-open, ajar fabtam tree house
eyyijbwa half-opened fabuzun tree ring
eyzyudezam amphitheater fabyan meup forest trail
eza glan modicum, moderate amount, modest quantity fabyan forest
eza xag medium frequency fabyana forestial
eza medium, moderate fabyanem forestland, timberland, woods
ezaga medium-sized, of moderate size fabyanes brush
ezamana temperate fabyanika forested
ezamanan temperateness fabyanog woods
ezamanay temperately fabyanut forester
ezan moderation, moderateness fabyanxwa forested
ezaxen moderation fabyanyena forestlike
ezaxer moderate fabyanyex forestry
ezaxwa moderated fabyel sap
ezay moderately fabyexem tree farm
ezfina of medium quality fabyijem glade
ezmagelwa medium-well, cooked medium-well faduzar clarinet
ezon medium faduzarut clarinetist
eztola sober fafab palm tree
eztolan sobriety fafayeb palm leaf
ezyen modesty faib frame, wood frame
ezyena modest faibyan framework
faab sap faityena saintly, beatific
fab tamog tree house fan will
fab tree fanaza strong-willed, stubborn
faba arboreal fanazan strong will, stubbornness
fabdem orchard fandea voluntary

fandeay - fapeltyan[edit | edit source]

fandeay voluntarily faogiunxer splinter
fanden volunteering faogiunxwa splintered
fander volunteer, express willingness faogoblar ax, hatchet, adz, wood choppe
fandut volunteer, yex faogoblaren axing, hacking, chopping, hewing
fanoza weak-willed faogoblarer ax, hack, chop, hew
fanyaf will-power faogoblarut lumberjack, sawyer, chopper
fanyafa stubborn, determined faogoblarwa axed, hacked, chopped, hewed
fanyof weak will faogoblawa chopped, axed, hacked
fanyofa weak-willed faogoblen woodcutting, chopping, axing, hewing
fao- wood faogobler ax, chop, hack, hew
faob wood faogoblut woodchopper, woodcutter, hacker
faoba mimpar wooden boat faogol block of wood, chopped wood, log, piece of wood, splinter '
faoba oybmas wood floor faogos wood chip
faoba wooden faogosar wood chipper
faobaya woody faomek wood pulp, pulp
faobtamog cabin, wood lodge, wood hut, wood cabin faomekar pulper
faobyena wood-like faomekarer pulp
faobyex carpentry, woodwork faomekarwa pulped
faobyexen carpentry, woodworking faosyeb barrel
faobyexer do carpentry, do woodworking faosyebag tank, cistern, cask, tub
faobyexut carpenter, woodworker faosyebog firkin, drum
faof goypar wood saw faosyebut cooper, barrel-maker
faof ilapar raft, wooden raft faosyeyb keg, vat
faof board, plank faotyoyaf wooden shoe, sabot, clog
faofa belsyeb wooden bucket, wooden pail faozyigos wood chip
faofben boarding up faozyin plank, plank of wood
faofber board up faozyuv stick, wooden pole, spike, switch, poker
faofbwa boarded up faozyuven poking, sticking, ramming
faofmays wood panel faozyuver poke, stick, ram
faofog plank, shelf faozyuvnyan faggot, pile of sticks
faofsim wooden chair faozyuvwa poked, stuck, rammed
faofun piece of woodwork fapad croak
faofunam carpenter shop fapaden croaking
faofuntyen carpentry fapader croak
faofunxen carpentry, cabinetmaking, joining fapat raven
faofunxut carpenter, joiner, cabinetmaker fapeden grunting
faofyan lumber fapeder grunt
faogiun splinter fapelt ant
faogiunsea splintering fapeltam anthill
faogiunser splinter fapeltyan swarm of ants

fapeltyanea - febaya[edit | edit source]

fapeltyanea swarming, teeming fayeb leaf, blade, foil
fapeltyaner swarm, teem fayebaya leafy
fapemeib hump, camelback, camel hump fayebayan leafiness
fapet camel fayebes bud, leaflet
fapetayeb camel hair fayebesea sprouting
fapetyoyub camel toe fayebesen sprouting
fapeyt she-camel fayebeser sprout
fapit shad fayebij bud
fapyet grass snake fayebijea budding
fatayob hull fayebijen budding
fatyoyaf clog fayebijer bud
fauf log fayebika leafy, full of leaves
faufog stick fayebikan leafiness
fauftam log cabin fayeboya clean-shaved, leafless
faufyan timber, lumber fayeboyan leaflessness
faufyex logging fayebuka leafless
faufyexer log, do logging fayebukan leaflessness
faufyexut logger, lumberjack fayebukxen exfoliation
favob cotton fayebukxer exfoliate
favof cotton, cotton linen fayebukxwa exfoliated
favofa cotton, made of cotton fayebuz laurel
favofar cotton gin fayebyan foliage, leafage
favofaya cottony, fleecy, fluffy fayef foil, flap, leaf, layer
favofun cotton fabric fayefaben application of foil, leafing, layering
favofyena fluffy fayefaber apply foil, leaf, layer
favofyenan fluffiness fayefabwa layered
favofyenxer fluff up fayob bark, tree bark
favofyenxwa fluffed, souffleed, fluffed up fayobobar peeler
favofzyun cotton ball fayobober fevol peel an onion
favol froth, foam, fluff, leek, pear fayobober fevol peel an onion
favolabun icing, frosting fayobober lavol peel a potato
favolun froth, foam, fluff, meringue, frost fayobober peel
favov cotton wool fayobobwa peeled
favoza beige fe the letter f
fayab vegetable oil, vegetable fat fea desirous, willing, wanting
fayabaya fatty fean willingness
fayabayan fattiness feb ableyavol fruit pie
fayabuka fat-free, non-fat feb leyavol fruitcake
fayb shrub, vine, brush feb fruit
faybesem moor febaya fruity

febayan - fibundeni[edit | edit source]

febayan fruitiness fia good, nice, fine
febika fruit-filled, fruity, fruitful fiaden recommendation
febikan fruitiness fiader recommend
feblevil compote fiaduwa recommendable
febnyan bunch, cluster, fruit cluster fiadwa recommended
feboya fruitless fian goodness
feboyan fruitlessness fiat good person, fine individual
febyel jam fiaxen improvement, reparation
feduzar oboe fiaxer improve, make good, fix, repair
feduzarut oboe player fiaxnea well-behaved
fefab date tree fiaxnen behaving well
fefeb date fiaxner behave well
fel fruit juice fiaxwa improved, fixed, repaired
fepaden crowing fiay well
fepader crow fib trunk, tree trunk
fepat crow Fibak! Good health!
fepatel carrion fibak good health, well-being
fepelt cockroach fibaka in good health, well, salubrious, sound, healthy
fepet dromedary fibakan wellness, healthiness, salubriousness
fepit bluegill fibakat person of good health, sound individual
fepyet slug fibakser heal, get well
fer want, desire, will Fibaksu ig! Get well soon!
fevob flax, linen fibakxen healing
fevof flax, linen fibakxer make well, heal, bring back to health
fevol fayob onion peel fibakxwa recovered, healed
fevol teil onion soup fibeaxwa well-guarded
fevol onion fibeexen maintenance, maintaining, upkeep
fevolteil onion soup fibeexer maintain, keep up
feytea determinant fibeexut maintenance guy, maintainer
feyten determination, resolution fibeexwa maintained, kept up
feyter determine, resolve fibeken good treatment, pampering
feytwa determined, resolute fibeker treat well, pamper
feytwan resoluteness fibekwa well-treated, pampered
fi- eu-, bene-, well-, good-, nice- fibier welcome
fi-nox thrift fibuer grace, favor, grant
fi-noxea generous fibuj stump, stub
fi-noxean generosity fibun grace, mercy, grant, charity, favor, gratuity
fi.noxer spend wisely, be thrifty fibunaya gracious, merciful, gratuitous, generous
fi well fibunden thanking
fia kason good situation, opportunity fibundeni thanks

fibunder - fifaya[edit | edit source]

fibunder thank, say grace fidovaldibwa well-policed
fibundwa thanked fidrawa well-written
fibundyea thankful, grateful, gracious fidren writing well
fibundyean thankfulness, gratitude fidrer write well
fibunoya thankless, uncharitable, ungracious fidreuxen good articulation, good pronunciation
fibunoyan thanklessness, uncharitableness, ungraciousness fidreuxer pronounce well, articulate
fibuyea gracious, generous, charitable fidreuxwa well-pronounced, well-articulated
fibuyean graciousness, generosity, charitableness fiduen advice, counsel
fibwa gratuitous, granted fiduer advise, counsel
fibyen politeness, good manners fidun compliment, prize, award, commendation
fibyena polite, well-mannered fidunier get an award, receive a prize
fid praise, applause, commendation fiduniut prize-winner
fidalea well-spoken, articulate, eloquent fidunuer bestow an award, award, present a prize
fidalean articulateness, well-spokenness, eloquence fidunuwat awardee
fidaler articulate, speak well, speak eloquently fiduun advisory
fidalwa well-articulated, eloquently stated fiduut adviser, counselor, counsel
fidat good friend, pal, buddy, bon ami, bonami fiduwa praiseworthy, laudatory, commendable
fidatibea welcoming, gracious fiduwan praiseworthiness
fidatiben welcoming fiduzar saxophone
fidatiber welcome, graciously host fiduzarut saxophonist
Fidatibu! Welcome! fiduznega on pitch, in tune, in key
fidatibwa welcomed fidwa praised, lauded, commended
fidazebwa well-choreographed fidwat honoree, hero, person being praised
fidel approval fiebvabiwa well-suited
fideldras certificate of approval fiebyem good situation
fidelen approbation fiebyemxwa well-positioned
fideler approve fiejbwa well-presented
fidelwa approved fiekwa well-played
fiden praising, lauding, commending fiember situate well
fider praise, laud, applaud, commend fiembwa well-placed, well-positioned, well-located, well-situation, comfortable, well-situated
fidit model citizen, good citizen, loyal citizen fiembwan comfort
fiditan good citizenship fiesen well-being
fidiybwa well-managed fiexbyewa well-maintained, well-kept up
fidol discretion fiexea well-functioning, smoothly-operating, running well
fidolea discrete fiexen smooth operation, good functioning
fidoleay discretely fiexer function well, operate smoothly
fidolen discretion, being discrete fiexwa well-run
fidoler be discrete fif wish
fidopekwa well-fought fifab banana tree
fidotsen getting along, socializing well fifaya wishful

fifeb fayob - fila[edit | edit source]

fifeb fayob banana peel Fijoeymaj! Good afternoon!
fifeb banana Fijub! Good day!
fifel fayob banana peel Fijwomaj! Good afternoon!
fifel banana juice Fijya Fijian
fifen wishing Fijyam Fiji
fifer wish Fijyama Fijian
fifika wishful Fijyat Fijian
fifon benevolence, good will fika perfect
fifonaya benevolent fikan perfection
fifwa wished, wished for fikas perfect specimen, model
fifyea wishful fikat model person
fiifekxwa well-played fikay vyaba perfectly regular
fiifekyen sportsmanship fikay perfectly
fiij good start fikser be perfect, be a model
fiijen starting off well, getting a good start fikxen perfection
fiijer start off well, get a good start fikxer perfect
Fiijmaj! Good morning! fikxwa perfected
Fiijmoj! Good evening! fikyea lucky, fortunate
fiimaj! good morning! fikyean luckiness
Fiimaj! Good morning! Fikyen! Good luck!
fiin virtue fikyen luck, fortune, good luck
fiina virtual fikyenay by chance, luckily
fiinay virtually fikyenaya lucky, fortunate
fiinaya virtuous fikyeoj fortune, good luck, charm
fiinayan virtuosity fikyeoja fortunate, happy, charmed
fiinika virtuous fikyeojaker get lucky, gain fortune, win the lottery
fiinoya unvirtuous fikyeojaxen bringing good fortune
fiinuen ascribing virtue fikyeojaxer bring good fortune to
fiinuer ascribe virtue fikyeojaxwa blessed with good fortune
fiinuka virtueless fikyeojay fortunately
fiinukan virtuelessness fikyeojaya fortunate, lucky, charmed
fiiz deference fikyes happenstance, lucky occasion, favorable occurrence
fiiza deferent fikyeuj good fortune, happy ending, lucky outcome
fiizda loyal fikyeuja fortunate, lucky
fiizdan loyalty fil fuyixut alcohol abuser
fiizdat loyal follower fil graniut alcohol overconsumer
fiizday loyally fil ifkyox alcohol addiction
fiizuer show deference to fil ifkyoxwa alcohol-addicted
fiizuyea deferential fil alcohol, booze
fijatixwa well-rehearsed fila alcoholic

fileynsag - finsizwat[edit | edit source]

fileynsag proof finakuwat awardee
filien ingesting alcohol, drinking, boozing finap tidiness, good order, order, neatness
filier ingest alcohol, drink, booze it up finapa tidy, in good order, neat
filifra alcoholic finapan tidiness, neatness
filifran alcoholism finapser get in order, straighten up, tidy up
filifrat alcoholic finapxen neatening up, straightening up, tidying up
filika alcoholic finapxer neaten, put in good order, straighten up, tidy up
Filipina Philippine finapxwa well-ordered, tidied
Filipinam Philippines finay qualitatively
Filipinama Philippine finaya qualified
Filipinat Filipino, Pilipino fineaxwa well-aimed
filiut drinker of alcohol finiea qualifying
filmek yeast, leaven finien qualification
filmekxen leavening, fermentation finier qualify
filmekxer leaven, ferment finnog grade
filmekxwa leavened, fermented finnogien being graded
filoya alcohol-free finnogier be graded
filvyunobam distillery finnoguen grading
filvyunoben distilling, distillation finnoguer grade
filvyunober distill finnoguwa graded
filvyunobwa distilled finogsiyn good grade, good mark
filxen fermentation finogsiyndraf report card
filxer ferment finogsiynien getting good marks, getting good grades
filxwa fermented finogsiynier get good marks, get good grades
Fimaj! Good day! finoxyea thrifty
fimapxwa well-ventilated finoxyean thriftiness
fimoj! good night! finoya unqualified
Fimoj! Good night!, Goodnight! finoyan unvirtuousness
fin-ok loss of quality, quality loss finoyxen disqualification, disaccreditation
fin-oka deteriorated finoyxer disqualify, demerit, discredit
fin-okea deteriorating, losing quality finoyxwa disqualified, discredited
fin-oken deterioration, losing quality finsiyn hallmark, sign of quality
fin-oker deteriorate, lose quality finsiz medal, award, merit badge
fin quality finsizag medallion
fina qualitative finsizer award
finaabxwa well-organized finsizier receive an award
finak award finsizuen award-giving
finakier receive an award finsizuer bestow an award, award
finakiut award recipient finsizuwat award recipient, medal recipient
finakuer award, bestow an award finsizwat award recipient, medal recipient

finuea - fisaxwa[edit | edit source]

finuea qualifying fiojfonoya hopeless
finuen qualification fiojfonoyan hopelessness
finuer qualify fiojfonuka hopeless
finuka merit-free fiojfonukan hopelessness
finunek good deal fip success, welfare
finuwa qualified fipa successful
finuxea well-paying, generous fipaden chattering
finuxean generosity fipader chatter
finuxer pay well fipat magpie
finuxwa well-paid, well-payed fipea succeeding, going well, prosperous, faring well
Finya Finnish, Finno- fiped bleat
Finyad Finnish fipeden bleating
Finyam Finland fipeder bleat
Finyama Finnish fipekwa well-fought, well-played
Finyat Finn fipen succeeding, going well, prosperity, welfare
finyek test, probe, assessment, evaluation fiper succeed, go well, prosper, fare well
finyeken testing, evaluation, probation, assessment fipet giraffe
finyekena evaluational, probationary fipit catfish
finyeker test, evaluate, assess, find out the quality of, probe fipop! bon voyage!
finyekut tester, evaluator, probator, assessor Fipop! Bon voyage!, Safe Travels!
finyekwa tested, evaluated, assessed, probated fipyet leech, bloodsucker
finyevden critique fipyot gorilla
finyevder critique firden vaunting, extolling
finyevdut critic firder vaunt, extol
finyevdwa critiqued firdwa vaunted, extolled
finyevdyea critical fis asset, something good, good thing, benefit, favor
finza upright, honest, upsttanding fisaibyanxwa well-structured
finzan uprightness, honesty fisan good form, good figure, good shape
finzat upstanding person, honest person fisanaya nicely-shaped, in good form
finzay honestly fisansa reformed
fiodal discretion fisansam reformatory
fiodalea discrete fisanser reform, get into better shape, reconfigure
fiodaler be discrete fisanxen reformation '
fiojfea hopeful fisanxen reformation, reconfiguration
fiojfer hope, hope for the best fisanxer reform, reshape, reconfigure
fiojfon hope fisanxut reformer
fiojfonaya hopeful fisanxwa reformed '
fiojfonayan hopefulness fisanxwa well-formed, reconfigured
fiojfoni good wishes fisarxwa well-utilized
fiojfonika hopeful fisaxwa well-made, well-crafted, fine

fisaxwas - fitepa[edit | edit source]

fisaxwas something well-made, finely-crafted item fitea expert, well-aware
fiser benefit, serve, be a good thing, favor fitean expertise
fiseus euphony fiteas nice appearance
fiseusdyan euphemism fiteasa good-looking, nice-looking, handsome
fiseusdyana euphemistic fiteasea good-looking, nice-looking, handsome
fiseusdyanay euphemistically fiteaser look good
fiseusea melodious, nice-sounding, euphonic fiteat keen sight
fiseuser sound good, be melodious fiteate keen-sighted
fiseuza in tune, tuned, fine-tuned, in-tune fiteater see well, see keenly
fiseuzaxer tune fiteazenxwa well-focused
fiseuzaxwa tuned, well-tuned fitees euphony, nice sound, sweet sound, melody
fisexwa well-built, well-constructed fiteesa nice-sounding, sweet-sounding, melodious
fisezwa finely-sculptured, well-sculpted fiteesea nice-sounding, euphonious
fisun asset, something good, benefit fiteeser sound nice, sound sweet
fisyen good manners, politeness, gallantry fiteis fragrance, scent, nice smell, aroma, nice aroma
fisyena polite, gallant, well-mannered fiteisa fragrant, sweet-smelling, good-smelling, aromatic
fisyenay politely, gallantly fiteisaser become sweet-smelling
fisyobwa well-founded fiteisaxea aromatizing, making sweet-smelling
fit good guy, hero fiteisaxen aromatization, making sweet-smelling
fitaj noble birth, good stock fiteisaxer aromatize, make sweet-smelling
fitaja noble, of good stock fiteisea fragrant, aromatic, nice-smelling, sweet-smelling
fitajan nobility, good lineage fiteisen smelling good
fitajat nobleman, noble, high-born, person of good lineage fiteiser smell good
fitajatyan noble class, nobility fitej welfare, good life, prosperity
fitajay nobly fitejea living well, thriving, prospering
fitajtyan noble class, nobility, high class fitejen prosperity
fitapa fit fitejer live well, live the good life, prosper, thrive
fitapan fitness Fiteju! Long live!, Viva!, Prosper!, Thrive!
fitapasem gym, fitness center fitejut bon vivant
fitapasen getting fit, working out fitel fine cuisine, gourmet food
fitapaser get fit, work out fitela gourmet
fitapaxem gym, fitness center Fitelu! Bon appetit!
fitax good memory, thanks fitelut gourmand
fitaxen remembering fondly, being thankful fiteluuwa well-nourished
fitaxer remember well, remember fondly, be thankful fiteluwa well-fed
Fitaxi! Thanks! fiteluz good taste, flavor
fitaxwa remembered fondly, appreciated fiteluza delicious, savory
fitayos nice texture fiteluzea good-tasting, delicious, savory, flavorful
fitayosa nice to the touch fiteluzer taste good
fitayoser feel nice to the touch fitepa intelligent, sane, of sound mind, mentally sound, psychologically fit, psychologically o.k.

fitepan - fitunkexwa[edit | edit source]

fitepan intelligence, sanity, soundness of mind fitexden expression of appreciation, thanking
fitepat intelligent person, intellect fitexder express appreciation, thank
fitepaxwa well-motivated, well-intentioned fitexea grateful, thankful, appreciative
fitepbak sanity, good mental health fitexean gratefulness, thankfulness
fitepbaka sane, in good mental health fitexer be grateful for, be thankful for, appreciate
fitepyen good mood, good disposition, cheer, good humor, good temperament fitexwa appreciated
fitepyena in a good mood, well-disposed, cheerful, in a good humor fiteypa good-spirited
fitepyenxer cheer up fiteypesa in a good mood, good-humored
fitepyenxwa cheered up fiteypesan good mood, good humor
fiter know well, be familiar with, be expert fitidwa well-understood
fitesea well-meaning fitip good humor, good mood, kindness, gentleness
fiteser mean well fitipa good-hearted, generous, nice, kind, genial, in a good mood, well-tempered, gentle
fitester understand well fitipan good-heartedness, generousness, niceness, kindness, geniality, gentleness
fitestuen clarification fitipat good soul, good-hearted person, kind person, generous person
fitestuer clarify fitipsen showing kindness
fitestuwa clarified fitipser show kindness
fitestwa well-understood, clear fitob good guy, fine gentleman, fine fellow
fitestwan clarity fitofsyena nicely-dressed, stylishly-dressed, fashionable
fiteud praise, applause fitofwa well-dressed
fiteuden praising, lauding, applauding, applause fitojen euthanasia
fiteuder praise, laud, applaud fitojuen euthanasia
fiteudwa praised fitojuer euthanize
fiteudyefwa praise-worthy, laudable, worthy of applause fitoleusa good-tasting, delicious
fiteudyefwan praise-worthiness, applause-worthiness fitoleusan deliciousness
fiteudyefway laudably fitoleuser taste good
fiteus flavor, good taste fitoluwa well-fed, well-nourished, well-nurtured
fiteusa nice-tasting, tasty, delicious fitomxwa well-built, well-constructed
fiteusan deliciousness fitoofwa well-dressed
fiteusaya flavorful, flavored, delicious fitopa magnanimous, good-hearted
fiteusayan savoriness, deliciousness fitopan magnanimity, good-heartedness
fiteusayxer flavor fitos euphoria, good feeling, exhilaration
fiteusayxwa flavored fitosder express good feelings, thank, express gratitude
fiteusea delicious, good-tasting, savory, flavorful fitosea euphoric, feeling good, exhilarant, nice to the touch
fiteuser taste good fitosen feeling good, euphoria
fiteusika flavorful, flavored, delicious fitoser feel good, be grateful
fiteusikan savoriness, deliciousness fitosuen exhilaration
fitex thanks, gratitude, appreciation, good thoughts fitosuer exhilarate
fitexbuen paying tribute to fitosuwa exhilarated
fitexbuer pay tribute to fitujer sleep soundly
fitexbun tribute fitunkexwa well-researched

fitup - fiyakuea[edit | edit source]

fitup member in good standing fivetexea hopeful
fituswa well-educated fivetexer hope
fitut expert, connoisseur fivetexuka hopeless
fitutan expertise fivetexukan hopelessness
fituwa well-informed fivetexwa hoped
fituxer teach well, educate well Fivetexwe van... It is hoped that...
fituxwa well-educated, well-taught fivob hemp
fituyxwa well-trained fivof hemp
fituzunxwa well-crafted fivol shallot
fitwa well-known, familiar fivyakexwa well-researched
fitwas something well-known, well-known fact fivyedelwa well-communicated
fityenaruwa well-equipped fix good deed, benefit, good job
fitywa well-known, famous, celebrated, familiar, easily recognizable fixea beneficial
fitywan recognizability, fame, celebrity, familiarity fixer do good, benefit, do well
fitywat famous person, celebrity, familiar person fixeyea well-behaved, well-behaving
fiuj success fixeyen good behavior
fiuja successful fixeyena well-behaved
fiujen succeeding, ending up well fixeyer behave well
fiujer end up well, succeed, prosper, turn out well fixiun good sign, harbinger, auspice, augur
fiujoa likely to succeed, promising fixiuner augur well, be a good sign
Fiuju! Prosper!, Success! fixut do-gooder, benefactor
fiujuer contribute to one's success, help succeed fixuyt benefactress
fiumoj! good evening! fixwa! well-done!, bravo!
Fiumoj! Good evening! Fixwa! Well-done!, Bravo!
fiupa welcome fixwa well-done
fiupdea welcoming fixwat benefited party
fiupden welcome, welcoming fiyak hope, aspiration
fiupder welcome fiyaka hoped-for, hoped
fiupdien welcoming fiyakaya hopeful
fiupdier welcome fiyakayan hopefulness
fiupdiut welcomer fiyakea aspiring, hopeful
fiupdiwa welcomed, welcome fiyakeat aspirant
Fiupu! Welcome! fiyaken aspiration, longing, hoping
fiupu welcome! fiyaker hope, aspire, hope for, long for
fiutbyena well-behaved fiyakier take inspiration, take heart, gain hope
fiva ok, approved fiyakika hopeful
fivad approval fiyakikan hopefulness
fivaden approbation, approval fiyakoya hopeless, desperate
fivader approve fiyakoyan desperation, hopelessness, despair
fivadwa approved fiyakuea inspiring, inspirational, hope-giving

fiyakuen - fizdea[edit | edit source]

fiyakuen inspiration, giving hope fiyzien getting respect
fiyakuer give hope, inspire fiyzier get respect
fiyakuka hopeless fiyzika respectful, reverent
fiyakut aspirant fiyzikan respectfulness, reverence
fiyakuuwa inspired fiyzikay respectfully, reverently
fiyakwa hoped for, aspired, hoped-for fiyzuen giving respect showing respect, reverence, paying homage
Fiyakwe van... It is hoped that... fiyzuer give respect, show respect, revere, pay homage
fiyanpyexwa well-fought fiyzuka devoid of respect, irreverent
Fiyek! Good try! fiyzuwa respected, revered
fiyelbwa well-oiled fiyzuyea respectful, reverential
fiyeva sensible, sane fiz honor, dignity, grace, nobility
fiyevan sensibleness, saneness, sanity fiza honorable, honored, noble
fiyevat sensible person, sane person, person with good judgment fizabea ennobling, dignifying
fiyevay sensibly, sanely fizag glory
fiyevden good judgment, praise fizagaya glorious
fiyevder judge well, praise, laud fizagika glorious
fiyevdut praiser fizagikan gloriousness
fiyevdwa well-judged, praised fizagikay gloriously
fiyevena judicious fizagoya inglorious
fiyevenay judiciously fizagxen glorification
fiyex! good job!, well-done! fizagxer glorify
Fiyex! Good job!, Well-done! fizagxwa glorified
fiyix benefit, utility, good use fizakea gaining honor
fiyixen benefiting, utilization, utilizing fizaken gaining honor
fiyixer get good use out of, benefit from, utilize, put to good use fizaker gain honor
fiyixut beneficiary, one benefiting fizan honorableness, dignity, gracefulness, nobility
fiyixuwa beneficial fizapetaput knight, chevalier
fiyixwa well-used, well-utilized fizapetaputan knighthood
fiyla exquisite fizapetaputxer knight
fiylan exquisiteness fizapetaputxwa knighted
fiylay exquisitely fizapetaputyen chivalry
fiyux benefit, good service, good help fizapetaputyena chivalrous
fiyuxea beneficial fizat person of honor, hero, nobleman
fiyuxer benefit, serve well, help out fizaxen honoring, dignifying
fiyuxuka useless, vain fizaxer honor, dignify
fiyuxukay uselessly, in vain fizaxwa honored, dignified
fiyuxwa well-served fizay honorably, gracefully, nobly
fiyuzteaxpurwa well-patrolled fizaya honorable
fiyz respect, homage, reverence fizayan honorableness
fiyzaya respectful, reverent fizdea frank

fizdeay - fla[edit | edit source]

fizdeay frankly fizokea losing honor
fizden being honest, being frank fizoker lose honor
fizder be honest, be frank fizra glorious, splendrous, splendid, resplendent
fizdeuzun anthem, song of praise, paean fizraden exaltation, glorification
fizdin epic fizrader exalt, glorify
fizdina epic fizradwa exalted, glorified
fizdinay epically fizran glory, splendor, resplendence
fizdyea honest fizrasea exultant
fizdyean honesty fizraser exult
fizdyeat honest person fizrat person of glory, celebrity
fizdyeay honestly, frankly fizraxen glorification, exaltation
fizfan ambition fizraxer glorify, exalt
fizfanaya ambitious fizraxwa glorified, exalted
fizfanika ambitious fizray gloriously, splendidly
fizfanikay ambitiously fizsiyn mark of honor, badge of honor
fizfanuer fill with ambition fizta noble
fizfanuka bereft of ambition fiztan nobility
fizfanukan lack of ambition fiztat noble, nobleman
fizfanuwa filled with ambition fiztatyan nobility
fizfea striving fiztaxea ennobling
fizfer strive for fiztaxen ennoblement
fizfon ambition, drive fiztaxer ennoble
fizfonaya ambitious, driven, motivated fiztaxwa ennobled
fizfonayan ambitiousness fiztay nobly
fizfonier get motivated, be driven fizteaxer respect, look up to
fizfonika full of ambition, ambitious fiztujben honor killing
fizfonikay ambitiously fizuen honoring
fizfonoya unambitious, unmotivated fizuer honor, bestow honor, heap honor on, ennoble, dignify, respect
fizfonuen motivation Fizuu eta twed gel eta teyd. Honor thy father as they mother.
fizfonuena motivational fizuwa honored, ennobled, dignified
fizfonuenay motivationally fizuyea honorable
fizfonuer motivate fizuyean honorableness
fizfonueya motivating fizuyeay honorably
fizfonuka devoid of ambition, unmotivated fizvyox betrayal, treason, treachery
fizfonuwa motivated, driven fizvyoxen betrayal, treason, betraying
fizien being honored fizvyoxer betray
fizier be honored, feel honor fizvyoxut traitor
fizoben dishonoring fizvyoxwa betrayed
fizober dishonor fizvyoxyea treasonous, treacherous
fizobwa dishonored fla desirous, lustful, yearning, longing, wishing

flan - fobyextun[edit | edit source]

flan desire, lust, longing, yearning flutepyena enraged
flawa desired, lusted, longed for, wished for, yearned flutepyenier get enraged
flea desirous flutepyenser get enraged
fler desire, long for, yearn for, wish for, lust for flutepyenuer enrage
flia delightful flutepyenuwa enraged
flian delight flutepyenxer enrage
flianier luxuriate flutip anger
flianuea luxuriant flutipa angry, mad
flianuen delighting flutipan angriness, madness
flianuer delight flutipser get angry, anger, get mad
flianuyea delightful flutipxer anger, make mad
flias delicacy, luxury flutipxwa angered, maddened
fliay delightfully, luxuriously, lusciously flux damage
fliden eulogy fluxer damage
flien delighting fluxeyn act of cruelty
flier delight, be delighted fluxwa damaged
flixea delightful flyafwan desirability
flixer delight fob vegetation, plant
flixwa delighted foba botanical, vegetal
flon desire, longing, yearning, lust fobam greenhouse
flonaya desirous, lustful fobdeym botanical garden, orchard
flonuer fill with desire, delight, charm fobem plantation
flonueya delightful, charming fobtun botany
flonuwa delighted, charmed, desirable fobtuna botanical
flonuwan desirability fobtunay botanically
flua cruel, malignant, gross, awful fobtut botanist
fluan malignancy, grossness, awfulness fobyan vegetation, plant life, flora
fluay awfully, cruelly fobyex agriculture, farming
flud insult fobyexa agricultural
fludea insulting fobyexam farmhouse, farmstead
fluder insult fobyexar plow, tiller
fludwa insulted fobyexaren plowing, tilling
flufays lust fobyexarer plow, till
flufaysea covetous, lusty fobyexarwa plowed, tilled
flufayser covet, lust after fobyexem farm, plantation
flufayswa coveted fobyexen farming, agriculture, tilling, cultivation
flukyes calamity fobyexena agricultural
flukyesa calamitous fobyexenut agriculturalist
fluran cruelty fobyexer farm, cultivate, till
flut cruel person fobyextun agronomy

fobyextuna - frukyes[edit | edit source]

fobyextuna agronomical fritipan cheeriness, gayness, merriness, gleefulness, delight
fobyextunay agronomically fritipier cheer up
fobyextut agronomist fritipser cheer up, become amused, be delighted
fobyexut farmer fritipuer cheer up
fon want, desire, wish, will fritipxea amusing, cheer, delightful
fonamuyt clothes saleslady fritipxer cheer up, amuse, delight
fonaya desirous, wishful, willful, voluntary fritipxwa amused, cheered, delighted
fonder express a wish, volunteer frixa perfect
fondut volunteer frixan perfection
fondutin volunteerism frixanin perfectionism
foxunen sinning, committing a sin frixaninut perfectionist
fozoken losing honor frixay perfectly
fra aspiring, wishful, yearning, longing frixen perfection
Fransa French, Franco- frixer perfect
Fransad French frixwa perfected
Fransam France frixwan perfection
Fransama French friz ideal
Fransat Frenchman friza idealistic
frawa craved, yearned for, longed for frizat role model
fren aspiration, wishing, yearning, longing frizaxen idealization
frer aspire, wish for, yearn, long for, crave frizaxer idealize
fria splendid, wonderful, great, fantastic, marvelous, extraordinary frizaxwa idealized
frian excellence frizay ideally
friay splendidly, wonderfully, greatly, fantastically, marvelously, extraordinarily frizin idealism
frid glory frizina idealistic
fridea flattering frizinut idealist
friden idealization, glorification, flattery, bragging fron nyandras wish list
frider brag, flatter, idealize, glorify fron aspiration, wish
fridut flatterer frua ferocious, monstrous
fridwa idealized, glorified, flatted fruan ferocity, monstrosity
fridyea flattering, braggartly, boastful fruay ferociously, monstrously
frin splendor frud blasphemy, castigation, detraction
fris marvel, wonder fruden castigation, blaspheming, detraction
frisaun model fruder blaspheme, castigate, detract, revile
frisauna model frudut blasphemer, castigator, detractor
frisaunser be a model frudyea blasphemous
frisea excellent, excelling fruisan scourge
frisen excelling frukyej disaster
friser excel frukyeja disastrous
frit protagonist, hero, good guy frukyes catastrophe

frukyesa - fubeker[edit | edit source]

frukyesa catastrophic fryudyea raging
frun sin fu- mis-, mal-, ill-, poorly-, dys-
fruna sinful fu poorly, would like
frunag mortal sin fua vled bad bet
frunaya sinful fua bad
frunayan sinfulness fuaattunay theologically
frunika sinful fuad insult, criticism, offense
frunikan sinfulness fuadea insulting, critical
frunikay sinfully fuaden criticism, maligning
frunkaden confession, contrition fuader badmouth, criticize, insult, demean, malign, offend, bad-mouth
frunkadena confessional fuadresiyntunay hieroglyphologically
frunkader confess one sins fuadut critic, offender, bad-mouther
frunkadum confessional fuadyea critical, demeaning
frunkadut confessor fuaksen profiteering
frunkadyea contrite fuaksut profiteer
frunog peccadillo, venial sin fuan badness
frunteexen hearing confession fuas bad thing, something bad
frunteexer hear confession fuaxea deleterious, harmful
frunteexut confessor fuaxen ruination, spoiling
frunxen sinning fuaxer make bad, ruin, mess up, harm, spoil
frunxer commit a sin, sin fuaxnea behaving poorly, poorly-behaved
frunxeya sinful fuaxnen behaving poorly
frunxut sinner fuaxner behave badly, behave poorly
frus cruel act, act of cruelty, act of wickedness fuaxrawa mishandled
frut cruel person, wicked person, antagonist, ferocious person, beast, monster fuaxren mishandling
frutepyen furor, rage fuaxrer mishandle
frutepyena furious fuaxwa ruined, messed up, spoiled, harmed
frutepyenier get infuriated, get enraged fuay poorly
frutepyenser get infuriated, get enraged fub branch, tree branch, limb, tree limb
frutepyenuer infuriate, enrage fubak bad health, ill health, sickness
frutepyenuwa infuriated, enraged fubaka ill, sick, in poor health, unwell, in bad health
frutepyenxer infuriate, enrage fubakan illness, sickness, poor health
frutip furor, rage, outrage, wrath, ire fubakser get ill, get sick
frutipa furious, wrathful fubakxea sickening
frutipser become infuriated, become outraged, rage fubakxer make ill, make sick, sicken
frutipxea infuriating, maddening, outrageous. enraging fubakxwa sickened
frutipxen infuriating, angering fubeexwa poorly-maintained
frutipxer infuriate, outrage, enrage fubek mistreatment, abuse, molestation
frutipxwa infuriated, outraged, enraged fubeken mistreatment, mistreating, abusing, molesting, molestation
fryud outrage fubeker mistreat, abuse, bother, molest

fubekut - fuexea[edit | edit source]

fubekut abuser, molester fudizeuder snicker
fubekwa mistreated, abused, bothered, molested fudofin immorality
fubekwat victim of mistreatment, abused person fudofina immoral
fubes shoot, sprout fudolea sulking
fubesen shooting, sprouting fudolen sulking
fubeser shoot, sprout fudoler sulk
fubog stick, twig, switch fudovaldibwa poorly-policed
fubsa branched, ramified fudoxeyen bad etiquette, bad public behavior, misdemeanor, public misbehavior
fubsana ramiform, branch-shaped fudreuxer enunciate poorly, mispronounce, articulate poorly
fubsen branching, ramification, branching out fudreuxwa poorly-pronounced, mispronounced, articulated poorly
fubser branch out, ramify fudubwa poorly-administered
fubuen infliction fudun bad word, epithet, curse word, dirty word, cuss word, invective
fubuer inflict fudut badmouther, maligner, critic
fubuwa inflicted fuduzar saxophone alto
fubyelea ill-behaved fuduzarut alto saxophonist
fubyen bad manners, rudeness fuduznega off-pitch, off-tune, off-key, pitchy
fubyena degenerate, ill-mannered, impolite, rude, crude fudwa badmouthed, maligned, decried, reproved, rejected, frowned on, critiqued
fubyenat rude person fudyun epithet, bad name
fubyenay rudely fudyunuer call a bad name
fubyensen degeneration fuebdal argument, quarrel, dispute
fubyenser degenerate fuebdalen arguing, quarreling, disputing
fubyog stump, tree stump fuebdaler argue, quarrel, dispute
fubyuzmas hedge fuebdalut disputant
fubyuzmays hedge fuebden dispute, disputation, argument
fud critique, badmouthing, rejection fuebder dispute, argue
fudel denunciation, reproval, condemnation, disapproval fuebdut disputant
fudelea denunciatory, condemnatory fuebdyea disputatious, argumentative
fudelen denouncing, denunciation, reprobation, condemnation, disapproval fuebvabiwa ill-suited
fudeler denounce, reprove, condemn, disapprove of fuebyem bad situation
fudelwa denounced, denunciated, reproved, condemned, disapproved of fuebyemxen embarrassment, putting into a bad situation
fudelyag diatribe, tirade, invective fuebyemxer embarrass, put into a bad situation
fuden badmouthing, condemnation, rejection, reproval, reprehension, criticism, cursing, maligning, damnation fuebyemxwa embarrassed, forced into a bad position
fudepyan army rabble fuejbwa poorly-presented
fuder badmouth, condemn, decry, frown on, reject, reprove, reprehend, critique, malign fuek foul play
fudesen mispronunciation, poor enunciation fuekwa poorly-placed
fudizeub smirk fuema dystopian
fudizeubea smirking fueman dystopia
fudizeuben smirking fuembwa poorly-placed, poorly-positioned, poorly-located, poorly-situation, uncomfortable
fudizeuber smirk fuembwan discomfort
fudizeud snicker fuexea malfunctioning, functioning poorly, broken

fuexer - fukeyojay[edit | edit source]

fuexer function poorly, malfunction, break fuivbyen irony
fuf goblar pipe cutter fuivbyena ironic
fuf pipe, cylinder, duct fuivbyenay ironically '
fufab coconut palm, coconut tree fuivdawa mocked, jeered, made fun of, scoffed at
fufan malice, malevolence, evil fuivden mockery, jeering, making fun of, scoffing
fufanaya malicious, malevolent, vile fuivder mock, make fun of, jeer, scoff at
fufben pipe-laying, laying pipe fuivdin bad joke, prank
fufber lay pipe fuivdineken playing a prank
fufbut pipe-layer fuivdineker play a bad joke, play a prank
fufea malevolent, malicious fuivdinekut prankster
fufean malevolence, ill will fuivdinekwat butt of a prank
fufeay malevolently, maliciously fuivdinkut jokester, prankster
fufeb coconut fuivdyea derisive
fufel coconut juice fuivdyeay derisively, mockingly, scoffingly
fufen malevolence, ill-will, malice fuivek prank
fufer wish bad for, want bad things, wish bad things for, wish ill fuiveken dallying, trifling
fufnad pipeline fuiveker dally with, trifle with, play a prank
fufnid cylinder fuivekut prankster
fufnida cylindrical fuivekwat butt of a prank, laughingstock
fufon bad will, malevolence, ill will, malice, ill-will, evil fuivteub smirk, sneer
fufonaya malevolent, mean, malicious, vile fuivteubea smirking, sneering
fufoza chocolate brown fuivteuben smirking, sneering
fufsan cylinder fuivteuber smirk, sneer
fufsana cylindrical fuivteubser smirk
fufuben piping fuivteud mockery, ridicule, snide laugh, derision
fufuber pipe fuivteudea ridiculous, mocking, derisive
fufubwa piped fuivteuden derision, ridicule, mockery, mocking, ridiculing, snidely laughing, deriding
fufujun nozzle fuivteuder mock, ridicule, laugh snidely, deride, make fun of
fufut ill-wisher, villain, vile person, bad guy, malefactor, mean person fuivteudwa mocked, ridiculed, sneered, derided
fufyan piping fuivteudyafwa derisible, ridiculous
fufyuj mil tap water fuivteudyafwan derisibility, ridiculousness
fugoblea blunt, dull fuivteudyafway ridiculously
fugoblean bluntness, dullness fuivteudyea mocking, sneering, derisive
fugobleay bluntly, dully fuivteudyeay mockingly, sneeringly, derisively
fui good or bad fuka flawed
fuibwa ill-gotten fukan imperfection
fuifek foul play fukas flaw, bug
fuifekxwa poorly-played fukay imperfectly
fuij bad start, non-starter fukaya full of flaws, buggy
fuitepyena moody fukeyojay unfortunately

fukoya - funogsiynier[edit | edit source]

fukoya flawless fukyeujinut fatalist
fukoyan flawlessness fukyexaj misadventure
fukxen fouling up, screwing up, bugging fukyexaja ill-timed
fukxer foul up, screw up, bug fukyexajika full of misadventure, riddled with misadventures
fukxwa fouled up, screwed up, bugged fulsea deteriorating, going bad, degenerating
fukyas metastasis fulsen deterioration, degeneration
fukyasa metastasized fulser deteriorate, go bad, degenerate
fukyasen metastasis fulxwa degenerate
fukyaser metastasize fumapxwa poorly-ventilated
fukyea fatal fun flaw, defect
fukyean fatality funap mess
fukyeay fatally funapa messy, out of order, untidy
fukyein fatalism funapan untidiness, messiness
fukyeina fatalistic funapben mix-up, foul-up
fukyen misfortune, bad luck funapber mix up, foul up, mess up
fukyena unlucky, unfortunate funapbwa disordered, messy, poorly organized, mixed up, fouled up
fukyenay unluckily, unfortunately funapser become untidy, get messed up, get out of order
fukyenaya unlucky, unfortunate funapxen messing up
fukyenayan unluckiness funapxer mess up
fukyenua sinister funapxwa messed up
fukyenuay sinisterly funas bad money, dirty money
fukyeoj misfortune funaya flawed, defective
fukyeoja unfortunate, ill-timed funex lack of thrift, wastefulness, unthriftiness
fukyeojan ill-timedness funexa stingy, miserly
fukyeojaxen dooming, cursing funexan avarice, stinginess
fukyeojaxer doom, curse funexat miser
fukyeojaxwa doomed, cursed funexea unthrifty, thriftless, wasteful
fukyeojay unfortunately funika flawed, defective
fukyeojaya full of misfortune funikan defectiveness
fukyeojika full of misfortune funikay defectively
fukyes mishap, accident funixaken profiteering
fukyesa accidental, unhappy funixaker profiteer
fukyesay accidentally, unhappily funixakut profiteer
fukyeuj fate, doom funobar debugger
fukyeuja fatal, doomed funoben fixing, debugging, repairing, reparation
fukyeujben dooming funober fix, debug, repair
fukyeujber doom funobut repairman
fukyeujbwa doomed funobwa fixed, debugged, repaired
fukyeujer end up bad, spell doom funogsiynien getting bad marks, getting bad grades
fukyeujin fatalism, doomsday mentality funogsiynier get bad marks, get bad grades

funox - futan[edit | edit source]

funox waste fusa flawed, defective, faulty
funoxen wastage, squandering fusaibyanxwa poorly-structured
funoxer waste, squander fusan bad form, defectiveness, malformation, deformation
funoxun waste, waste matter, refuse, trash fusana malformed, misshapen, deformed
funoxut waster, squanderer fusanser become misshapen, become malformed
funoxwa wasted fusanxen deformation, malformation, mis-shaping
funoxwas wasted stuff, waste matter, refuse, trash fusanxer deform
funoxyea wasteful fusanxun malformation, deformation
funoya fault-free, faultless fusanxwa deformed, monstrous, malformed, poorly-formed, misshapen
funoyan faultlessness fusanxwat deformed person, monster
fununek bad deal fusaxwa shabby, poorly-made
funuxwa poorly-paid fusaxwan shabbiness
fuojfea despairing fuseux cacophony, noise
fuojfer hope for the worst, despair fuseuxa cacophonous, noisy
fuojfon despair, desperation fuseuxar noise-maker
fuojfonaya desperate fuseuxer make noise
fuojfonuen discouragement fuseuza off-tune, out of tune, untuned
fuojfonuer engender despair, discourage fuseuzaser get out of tune
fuojfonuwa discouraged fuseuzaxwa poorly-tuned
fuojfonuyea discouraging fusexgon slum, shabby district
fuom bad spot, bad situation, jam fusexwa shabby, poorly-constructed, dilapidated, shoddy
fuoma ill-situated, badly positioned fusexwan shabbiness, dilapidated state, shoddiness
fup subsidiary, branch fusika flawed, defective, faulty
fupea going poorly, going wrong, failing, faring poorly fuskexen muckraking
fupit bass fuskexer muckrake
fupsen branching, ramification fuskexut muckraker, dirt-digger
fupser branch off, ramify, split off, branch out fusoben correction
fupyafxwa ill-prepared fusober correct, clear of any defects
fupyot bonobo fusobwa corrected, cleared of defects
fur rot fusuka clear of any defects, immaculate, spotless, faultless
fura putrid fusun liability, something bad, flaw, handicap
furan putridity fusyen impoliteness, rudeness
furay putridly fusyena impolite, rude, crude
fursea rotting, putrefying fusyobwa ill-founded
furser rot, putrefy fut villain, bad guy, malefactor, wicked person
fursyea putrescent futa vile, wicked
fursyean putrescence futaja degenerate, low-born, common
furxen putrefaction, rotting futajat commoner, degenerate, low-brow
furxer putrefy futam house of ill repute
furxwa rotten, putrefied, rotted futan villainy, wickedness

futapa - futipxer[edit | edit source]

futapa unfit, out of shape, in bad shape, physically unfit futepyenier get angry, get mad
futapan unfitness futepyenser grow angry, get mad
futay wickedly futepyenuer anger, make mad
futayosea bad-feeling to the touch futepyenuwa angered, angry
futayosen feeling bad to the touch futepyenxer anger, make mad
futayoser feel bad to the touch futesden poor explanation
futeasa hard-to-see, obscure futesder explain poorly
futeasan obscurity futesdwa poorly explained
futeasaxer obscure futeud denunciation
futeasaxwa obscured futeuden decrying, denunciation, denouncing, denouncement, shouting down
futeasea ugly, bad-looking futeuder decry, denunciate, denounce, shout down
futeasean ugliness futeudwa decried, denunciated, denounced, shouted down
futeat bad vision, poor sight futeus bad taste
futeata poor-sighted futeusa bad-tasting, disgusting, unsavory, foul-tasting
futeater see poorly futeusan unsavoriness, foul taste
futeazenwa ill-focused futeusaya unsavory, nasty
futees cacophony futeusayan unsavoriness, nastiness
futeesea bad-sounding, cacophonous, ugly-sounding futeusea bad-tasting, unsavory, nasty
futeet bad hearing futeuser taste bad
futeeta hard of hearing futeusika unsavory, nasty
futeis bad smell, stink, foul smell, odor, stench futeusikan unsavoriness, nastiness
futeisa bad-smelling, stinky, malodorous, bad-tasting, disgusting futex bad thought, scorn, resentment
futeisaser become stinky futexaya resentful
futeisaxea stinking up futexayan resentfulness
futeisaxen stinking up futexder express resentment
futeisaxer stink up futexen scorning
futeisaxwa stunk up futexer resent, harbor ill feelings, scorn
futeisea stinky, bad-smelling, foul, odorous futexika resentful
futeiser smell bad, stink futexikan resentfulness
futeisobea deodorizing futexwa resented, scorned, ill-thought-of
futeisoben deodorization futexyea resentful, scornful
futeisober deodorize futeypxer dispirit
futeisobul deodorant futeypxwa dispirited
futeluwa poorly-fed futikebyebien indigestion
futeluz bad taste futip bad mood, foul temper
futeluza bad-tasting, disgusting, nasty futipa foul-tempered, ill-tempered, ill-disposed, in a bad mood
futeluzea bad-tasting, nasty futipan ill disposition, bad mood, foul temper
futeluzer taste bad futipat foul-tempered person, angry person
futepyen anger, bad mood, foul temper, bad attitude, bad disposition, lousy mood, bad temper futipser grow angry, become angry, become ill-tempered
futepyena angry, mad, in a bad mood, ill-disposed, foul-tempered, in a lousy mood futipxer anger, put in a foul mood

futipxwa - fuveonika[edit | edit source]

futipxwa angered, indisposed fuujoa likely to fail, doomed
futob villain, bad guy fuujpa failed
futofsyena poorly-dressed, unstylishly-dressed, unfashionable fuujper go badly, go wrong, fare poorly, fail
futoleus bad taste fuujuer doom
futoleusa bad-tasting, rank fuujuwa doomed
futoleusan rankness fuun vice
futoleuser taste bad fuunaya vice-ridden, vicious
futoleusuea disgusting fuunika vice-ridden, viciouis
futoleusuer disgust fuunikan viciously
futoleusuwa disgusted fuura corrupt, foul
futoluwa poorly-fed, poorly-nourished, poorly-nurtured fuuray corruptly, foully
futomxwa shoddy, ill-constructed fuurser become corrupt, become foul
futoofwa poorly-dressed fuurxer corrupt, foul, befoul
futos bad feeling, resentment, scorn, regret, dysphoria fuurxwa corrupted, fouled, befouled
futosden apology, expression of regret fuuxawa poorly-utilized
futosder express regret, apologize, express sorrow fuv nail, peg
futosea feeling bad, resentful, dysphoric fuvab goblar weed cutter
futoser feel bad, resent, feel sorry, scorn fuvab weed
futosier get a bad feeling about fuvabar hammer
futosuer engender resentment, make resentful fuvaben nailing, pegging
futoswa scorned, ill-thought-of fuvaber nail, peg
futuen ill-informing fuvabobar weeder
futuer ill-inform fuvaboben weeding
futujdin nightmare, bad dream fuvabober weed
futujdiner have a nightmare, have a bad dream fuvabwa nailed, pegged
futujdinyena nightmarish fuvad disapproval, rejection, condemnation
futujdinyenay nightmarishly fuvaden condemnation, reproval
futuwa ill-informed fuvader condemn, reprove, reprobate, disapprove, reject
futuxwa poorly-taught fuvadwa condemned, disapproved, rejected
futuyaxen mishandling fuvar hammer
futuyaxer mishandle fuvaren hammering
futuyaxwa mishandled fuvarer hammer
futuyxen bad rearing, bringing up badly fuvarwa hammered
futuyxer raise poorly, train poorly, bring up badly fuveon danger, risk, peril, threat
futuyxwa badly-raised, poorly-trained, poorly-raised, brought up badly fuveonaya dangerous, risky, perilous
futyenaruwa poorly-equipped fuveonayan dangerousness, riskiness, perilousness
fuuj bad end, bad result, misfortune, bad fate, bad ending, doom, failure fuveonden warning, admonition, forewarning, threatening
fuuja ill-fated, unfortunate, doomed fuveonder warn, admonish, caution, forewarn, threaten
fuujdut doomsayer fuveondwa warned, admonished, forewarned, threatened
fuujea unfortunate, on a turn for the worse fuveonika dangerous, risky, perilous

fuveonikan - fuyevdwa[edit | edit source]

fuveonikan dangerousness, riskiness, perilousness fuxetyenaxyea corruptive
fuveonman warning light fuxetyenaxyeay corruptively
fuveonsiun warning sign, danger sign fuxetyenay corruptly
fuveonuka danger-free, risk-free, non-threatening fuxeus cacophony, noise
fuves pin fuxeusa cacophonous, noisy
fuvetex suspicion fuxeusar noise-maker
fuvetexea suspicious fuxeuser make noise
fuvetexean suspiciousness fuxeyea ill-behaved, misbehaved, poorly-behaved, ill-behaving
fuvetexeay suspiciously fuxeyen bad behavior, misbehavior, poor behavior
fuvetexer suspect fuxeyena ill-behaved
fuvetexier have reason to suspect fuxeyer behave poorly, misbehave
fuvetexuer give reason to suspect fuxut malefactor, spoiler, ruin-maker
fuvetexwa suspected, suspicious fuxwa misdone, violated, infringed, poorly done
fuvetexwat suspect fuxwas mishap
fuvob jute, canvass fuxwat victim, offended person, wronged party
fuvof jute fuxwer turn out bad
fuvol garlic fuxyea ruinous
fuvolaya garlicky fuyak despair, desperation
fuvolyel aioli, garlic and oil fuyaka desperate
fuvov marijuana, pot fuyakay desperately
fuvozer stain, spoil the color fuyakea despairing
fuvozun stain, discoloration fuyaken desperation
fuvozwa discolored, stained fuyaker despair
fuvyafsanxwa poorly fitted, maladjusted fuyakuen discouragement
fuvyakyoxwa ill-defined fuyakuer instill despair, discourage, dishearten, make despair
fuvyanabxwa maladjusted fuyakuwa discouraged, disheartened
fuvyanabxwat misfit fuyb small branch, switch
fuvyedelwa poorly-communicated fuyben switching
fuwa desirable fuyber use a switch on, switch
fuwan desirability fuybwa switched
fux bad deed, violation, infringement, breach, misdeed, do poorly, offense fuyepet cur, mongrel
fuxaj accident, misfortune, bad incident, bad accident, mishap fuyesan adversity
fuxaja accidental fuyeva rash, reckless, foolhardy
fuxajay accidentally fuyevan rashness, recklessness, foolhardiness, temerity
fuxajer have a bad accident fuyevay rashly, recklessly, foolhardily
fuxen mischief, bad deed, violation, infringement, breach, misdeed, offending fuyevden criticism, adverse judgment, critique
fuxer carry out mischief, violate, infringe, break, misdo, offend fuyevder criticize, judge adversely, critique
fuxetyen malpractice, corruption fuyevdun critique
fuxetyena corrupt fuyevdut criticizer, critic
fuxetyenaxer corrupt fuyevdwa criticized, judged adverely, critiqued

fuyevdyea - fuza[edit | edit source]

fuyevdyea critical, adversely judgmental fuynober remove a defect
fuyeven misjudging, misjudgment fuynoya flawless
fuyever misjudge fuynoyan flawlessness
fuyevut foolhardy person, reckless person fuynsen degradation, degeneration, decadence
fuyevwa misjudged fuynser degrade, degenerate, decay
fuyf leavol macaroni, noodle fuynuka fault-free, faultless, flawless
fuyf tube, small cylinder, small pipe, straw fuynukan faultlessness, flawlessness
fuyfa tubular fuynukay flawlessly
fuyfes link fuynxen vitiation, tainting, contamination
fuyfgin drilar stylograph fuynxer vitiate, taint, contaminate
fuyfyan tubing fuynxwa vitiated, tainted, contaminated
fuyibtrewa infamous fuyra ferocious
fuyibtrewan infamy fuyran ferocity
fuyibtreway infamously fuyray ferociously
fuyix misuse, abuse fuysa degenerate
fuyixen misusing, abusing fuysat degenerate person, misfit
fuyixer misuse, abuse, use badly fuysen degeneration
fuyixut abuser, misuser fuyser degenerate
fuyixwa abused, misused fuyux disservice
fuyixyea abusive fuyuxer disserve, serve poorly
fuyixyean abusiveness fuyuxwa disserved, served poorly
fuyixyeay abusively fuyv pin, tack, peg
fuylsea wasting away fuyvaber pin, tack, peg, attach
fuylser waste away fuyvabwa pinned, tacked, pegged, attached
fuylxer waste, ruin fuyvabwas pinup, attachment
fuylxwa wasted, ruined fuyvoben unpinning, tack removal, detachment
fuylxyea wasteful, ruinous fuyvober unpin, detach
fuyn defect, fault, flaw, sin, peccadillo, vice fuyvobwa unpinned, detached
fuyna depraved, flawed, defective fuyvyeb pin cushion
fuynan depravity fuyxen debasement
fuynat villain fuyxer debase
fuynatan villainy fuyxwa debased
fuynaya defective, faulty, flawed, vicious, dissolute, depraved, vice-ridden fuyz disrespect
fuynayan defectiveness, faultiness, flawed state, viciousness, dissoluteness, depravity fuyza disrespectful
fuyndea blasphemous fuyzan disrespectfulness
fuynden blasphemy, faulting, blaming fuyzen disrespecting
fuynder fault, blame fuyzer disrespect
fuynduwa blameworthy fuyzwa disrespected
fuynika defective, faulty, flawed fuz shame, disgrace
fuynikan defectiveness, faultiness fuza shameful, disgraceful, ignoble

fuzat - fyadena[edit | edit source]

fuzat disgraceful person, villain fyaaser become holy
fuzaxea demeaning, degrading, debasing fyaaxen sanctification, consecration, blessing
fuzaxen demeaning, degrading, debasing, debasement, degradation fyaaxer sanctify, consecrate, bless, hallow
fuzaxer demean, degrade, debase fyaaxwa sanctified, consecrated, blessed, hallowed
fuzaxwa demeaned, degraded, debased fyabuen offering, sacrifice, dedication, devotion
fuzaya dishonorable, shameful, disgraceful fyabuena sacrificial, devotional
fuzayan shamefulness fyabuer offer, sacrifice, dedicate, devote, offer up
fuzda dishonest fyabul consecration
fuzdan deceit, fraud, treachery, treason fyabulen consecration
fuzdat cheat, fraud, liar, traitor fyabulwa consecrated
fuzden cheating, betraying, betrayal, treachery fyabun offer, offering, sacrifice, oblation, offertory
fuzder cheat, betray fyabuna sacrificial
fuzdut cheater, traitor fyabuwas sacrifice, offering
fuzien being ashamed fyabuwat sacrificial victim, victim
fuzier be ashamed fyabuwatxen victimization
fuzoya shameless fyabuwatxer vicitimize
fuzoyan shamelessness fyabuwatxwa vicitimized
fuzta ignoble, dishonorable fyabyen moral
fuztan ignobility, dishonor fyabyena moral
fuztat scam artist fyabyenan morality
fuzteax disrespect fyabyenden moralization
fuzteaxen disrespecting fyabyender moralize
fuzteaxer disrespect, look down at fyabyendut moralizer
fuzteaxwa disrespected fyad blessing
fuzuen shaming, disgracing, dishonoring, disrespecting, humiliation fyadal sermon
fuzuer shame, disgrace, dishonor, disrespect, bring dishonor to, humiliate fyadalen preaching, sermonizing
fuzuwa shamed, disgraced, dishonored, humiliated fyadaler preach, sermonize
fwa wanted, desired fyadalsem pulpit
fwas will, what is wanted fyadalun sermon
fya- hiero-, sancti-, holy- fyadalut preacher, sermonizer, sermon-giver
Fyaa Mem Holy Land fyadalyan gospel, collection of holy tales, testament
Fyaa Top Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost fyadalyea preachy
fyaa holy, sacred, hallowed, sacrosanct, pious fyadalyean preachiness
fyaan holiness, sacredness, sanctity, sanctitude fyadalzyaben evangelism, spreading the gospel
fyaantin monasticism fyadalzyabena evangelical
fyaantina monastic, cloistered fyadalzyaber spread the gospel, evangelize, preach
fyaantinab monastic hierarchy, abbey fyadalzyabut evangelist, preacher
fyaantinam monastery, cloister, abbey fyadeb hierarch, high priest
fyaantinat monk fyaden benediction, blessing
fyaantineb abbot fyadena salutary

fyader - fyaitan[edit | edit source]

fyader bless, sanctify, hallow, hail, salute fyadrenyana scriptural
fyadeuzun hymn, canticle, psalm, anthem fyadresiyn hieroglyph
fyadeuzundyes hymnal fyadresiyna hieroglyphic
fyadil oybmasoyf prayer rug fyadresiyntun hieroglyphology
fyadil zyunes prayer bead fyadresiyntuna hieroglyphological
fyadil zyunesniif rosary fyadresiyntut hieroglyphologist
fyadil prayer, sacred petition fyadresiynyan hieroglyphics
fyadilam chapel, house of prayer fyadun blessing, benediction
fyadildyes prayer book fyadunder say a benediction
fyadilena precatory fyaduzar tuba
fyadiler pray fyaduzarut tuba player
fyadilim chapel, prayer room, oratory fyaduzun oratorio
fyadiljob prayer session fyadwa blessed, sanctified, hallowed
fyadilnyif zyunog rosary bead Fyadwu Tot Blessed be God!
fyadilnyif rosary Fyadwu! bless you!, be blessed!
fyadilsim pew fyadyes bible
fyadilun prayer Fyadyes Holy Book, Bible
fyadilyag litany fyadyesa biblical
fyadim baptismal font, sacred font fyadyesflidut Bible-thumper
fyadimben baptism fyafar metal fastener, clasp, buckle
fyadimber baptize fyafwan desirability
fyadimbwa baptized fyaifram house of worship, church
fyadimbwat person who has been baptized fyaifrawa worshiped, adored, venerated
fyadin parable, gospel tale, gospel fyaifren worship, adoration, veneration, idolatry
fyadina testimonial, evangelical fyaifrer worship, adore, venerate
fyadintesden hierophancy, interpreting the gospels fyaifrim chapel
fyadintesdena hierophantic fyaifrum prayer station
fyadintesdut hierophant, interpreter of the gospels fyaifrun idol
fyadinzyaben evangelizing fyaifrunxen idolization
fyadinzyaber spread the gospel, evangelize fyaifrunxer idolize
fyadinzyabut evangelist fyaifrunxwa idolized
fyadob hierarchy fyaifrut worshiper, adorer, venerator
fyadot religious order, religious community fyaifruwa adorable, venerable
fyadotut friar, brother fyailyeben baptism
fyadotutan brotherhood fyailyeber baptize
fyadotutm friary fyailyebwa baptized
fyadotuyt nun, sister fyailyebyem baptismal font
fyadotuytam convent, nunnery fyait saint
fyadotuytan nunhood fyaita saint's
fyadrenad verse of scripture fyaitan beatitude, sainthood

fyaitana - fyasunifrawa[edit | edit source]

fyaitana beatitudinal fyamiloybwa baptized
fyaitser become a saint fyamiloybyem baptismal font
fyaitxen beatification fyamiloypen getting baptized
fyaitxer beatify fyamiloyper get baptized
fyaitxwa beatified fyan beatitude
fyajaden prophesying fyaob pulp
fyajader prophesy fyaojden prophesy
fyajadun prophesy fyaojder prophesy
fyajadut prophet fyaojdut bi fuuj, prophet
fyajadwa prophetic, prophesied fyaojdwa prophetic, prophesied
fyajadway prophetically fyaojdyea prophetic
fyajomyurxut hierodule fyaplox diym baptismal font
fyajub holiday, holy day, feast day, festival fyaplox baptism
fyajuba festive fyaploxer baptize
fyajuben festivity, celebration, feasting fyapop crusade, mission
fyajuber celebrate, feast fyapoput crusader, missionary
fyajubxen celebration fyapyot gibbon
fyajubxer celebrate fyasem yuxut altar boy, altar server
fyajubxwa celebrated fyasem altar
fyakos mystery, sacred retreat fyasim throne
fyakosa mystic fyasimben installing on the throne
fyakosdut hierophant fyasimber put on the throne, install on the throne
fyakoser hide like a hermit, go on a retreat fyasimoben dethroning
fyakosin mysticism fyasimober dethrone
fyakosina mystical fyasimobwa dethroned
fyakosinat mystic fyasimpen assumption of the throne
fyakosut hermit fyasimper occupy the throne
fyakosuta hermit-related fyasin icon, idol
fyakosutam hermitage, retreat fyasindren iconography
fyakosutan hermit status fyasindrena iconographic
fyakosutyena hermitic, hermit-like fyasinifren idolatry, idolization
fyam sacred ground, hallowed ground, holy site, holy place, hieron, temple, sanctum, sanctuary fyasinifrer idolize
fyamanzyus nimbus, halo, holy ring fyasinifrun idol
fyameluk sepulcher fyasinxen iconification
fyameluka sepulchral fyasinxer iconify
fyamelukber sepulcher fyasinxwa iconified
fyamil zyagosegbar holy water sprinkler fyasiyn hierogram, emblem, sacred symbol, holy pictograph
fyamil holy water, baptismal water fyasiyna emblematic
fyamiloyben baptism fyasun idol
fyamiloybena dimog baptismal font fyasunifrawa idolized

fyasunifren - fyaxelen[edit | edit source]

fyasunifren idolization, idolatry, idol worship fyaublawat missionary
fyasunifrer idolize fyaublun mission
fyasunxen idolization fyaut imam, priest, man of the cloth, rabbi, church elder, parson, vicar, cleric
fyasunxer idolize fyauta priestly, clerical, hieratic
fyasunxut idolater fyautam rectory
fyasunxwa idolized fyautan imamhood, priesthood, parsonage, vicarage
fyat saint, holy being, sacred being, holy person fyautim sacristy
fyatan sainthood fyautyan priesthood, clergy
fyatead holy witnessing, gospel, testament fyautyena priest-like
fyateada evangelical fyavaden sanctioning, sanction
fyateaden evangelism fyavader sanction
fyateader give holy testimony, spread the gospel, preach fyavadwa sanctioned
fyateadut holy witness, evangelist, preacher, spreader of the gospel fyavatex faith
fyateadyan gospels, scriptures, hadith fyavatexea faithful
fyateaz miracle, thaumaturgy fyavatexok loss of faith
fyateaza miraculous, thaumaturgical fyavatexoker lose faith
fyateazay miraculously fyavatexoya faithless
fyateazen thaumaturgy fyavatexoyan faithlessness
fyateazena thaumaturgical fyavatexut believer, person of faith
fyateazer perform a miracle fyavatexutyan the faithful
fyateazun miracle fyavatexyen faith, religious belief, religious persuasion
fyateazuna miraculous fyavia divine, ungodly beautiful, ravishing, radiant, resplendent
fyateazunxer work a miracle fyavyad oath, solemn promise, statement of loyalty
fyateazunxut miracle-worker fyavyaden swearing
fyateazut miracle-worker, thaumaturge, shaman fyavyader swear, swear loyalty, swear the truth
fyatez hieromancy fyavyadwa sworn, loyal
fyateza hieromantic fyavyadwan loyalty
fyatezan hieromantics fyavyan gospel truth, sacred truth
fyatezer perform hieromancy fyax sacrament, sacred deed, holy act, sacrifice, holy rite, good deed, sacred ritual
fyatezmuv wand fyaxam church, mosque, temple, house of God, place of worship
fyatezut hieromancer fyaxama ecclesiastical
fyatifren hierolatry fyaxamag cathedral, basilica
fyatim sanctuary fyaxamog chapel, small church
fyatob saint, holy person fyaxamper go to church, attend services, attend mass
fyatoban sainthood fyaxamput church-goer
fyatobyena saintly fyaxamputyan congregation
fyatoyb female saint fyaxel sacrament, holy rite, rite, ritual, sacred celebration, mass, cult, holy ritual, liturgy
fyatwob male saint fyaxela liturgical, ritual, sacramental, cultc
fyatyena saintly fyaxelem ceremonial ground, worship site
fyatyenan godliness, divinity fyaxelen celebration, saying mass, worshiping

fyaxeler - fyeb[edit | edit source]

fyaxeler celebrate, practice, perform a holy rite, say mass, worship, perform the liturgy fyaxut holy practitioner
fyaxelut celebrant, priest, performer of a holy rite, rabbi fyaxyel unction, holy oil
fyaxem holy ground, sacred ground, holy site, sacred site fyaxyelen anointing, unction
fyaxer do a good deed, practice holiness, perform a sacred function fyaxyeler anoint
fyaxilyeb chalice, grail fyaxyelwa anointed
fyaxin religion fyaxyen cult, rite, ritual
fyaxina religious fyaxyena cultic, ritualistic, cultish
fyaxinab clergy, church, church hierarchy fyayxin sect
fyaxinaba clerical, ecclesiastical fyayxina sectarian
fyaxinan religiosity, sectarianism fyaz grace, charm, karma
fyaxinat religious person, faithful, sectarian fyazaya gracious, full of grace, charming
fyaxinea practicing fyazayan graciousness
fyaxineb clergyman, church elder, cleric, priest, religious leader fyazden hailing, salutation, greeting
fyaxineba clerical fyazder hail, salute, greet
fyaxinebam rectory fyazien ingratiation
fyaxineber administer the church, lead the church fyazier ingratiate
fyaxinebin clericalism fyazika gracious, full of grace, charming
fyaxinebina clericalist fyazikan graciousness
fyaxinebinut clericalist fyazikay graciously, charmingly
fyaxinebyan clergy, religious leaders, church leadership fyaziwa ingratiated
fyaxiner practice religion fyaziyea ingratiatory
fyaxines cult, sect fyazoben disgracing, defamation
fyaxinesa cultic, sectarian fyazobena defamatory
fyaxineseb cult leader, sect leader fyazober disgrace, defame
fyaxinesin sectarianism fyazobwa disgraced, defamed
fyaxinesina sectarian fyazok disgrace
fyaxinesinut sectarian, sectarianist fyazoya graceless, disgraceful
fyaxinkyaser convert, change religion fyazoyay gracelessly, disgracefully
fyaxinkyasut convert fyaztos gratitude, thanks
fyaxinkyaxen conversion fyaztosika grateful
fyaxinkyaxer convert fyaztosikan gratefulness, gratitude
fyaxinkyaxwa converted fyazuer bestow grace upon, grace, charm, imbue with charm, enchant, enthrall
fyaxinob church hierarchy, church, ecclesiastical chain of command, clergy, religious hierarchy fyazuka graceless, void of charm, charmless
fyaxinut worshiper, practitioner of religion fyazukan gracelessness, charmlessness
fyaxinyena pious, religious fyazukay gracelessly, charmlessly
fyaxinyenan piety, religiosity fyazuwa enchanted, charmed, graced, gratified
fyaxtin religious doctrine, doctrine fyazuyea charming, enthralling, gratifying, enchanting
fyaxun sacred object, relic, sacrament fyazyuv staff
fyaxunam sacristy fyeb bi yavil can of beer
fyaxunbelut sacristan, sexton, church caretaker fyeb can, tin can, metal container, kettle

fyebag - fyipader[edit | edit source]

fyebag tank, cistern, tub, kettle fyifeb gyalevabil fig pudding, figgy pudding
fyebagpur tanker, tanker truck fyifeb fig
fyebayg tub, canister fyin value, worth, sake, merit, esteem
fyeduzar bagpipes fyina worthy, valid
fyeduzarut bagpiper fyinag great value, esteem, high marks
fyefmagelar grill fyinaga highly-esteemed, of great value, highly-rated
fyefmagelwa charbroiled, grilled fyinan worthiness, validity
fyel vyalansiyn wax seal fyinaya valuable, worthy, precious, meritorious, esteemed
fyel wax fyinayan worthiness
fyela waxen fyinden evaluation, assessment, appreciation, estimation
fyelben waxing fyinder evaluate, assess, estimate, esteem, appreciate
fyelber wax fyindut evaluator, assessor, estimator
fyelbwa waxed fyindwa esteemed, valued, assessed
fyelyig varnish, glaze fyiniea deserving, meritorious, worthy
fyelyigben varnishing, glazing fyinien meriting, deserving, being worth
fyelyigber varnish, glaze fyinier merit, deserve, be worth
fyelyigbut varnisher, glazer fyinika meritorious, worthy, valuable, worthwhile
fyelyigbwa varnished, glazed fyinikan worthiness
fyepyot lemur fyinikay worthily
fyia useful, worthy, valuable, helpful, valid fyiniwa deserved, merited
fyian usefulness, benefit, worth, validity fyiniyea meritorious, deserving
fyias useful thing, benefit, advantage, asset, help, aid, worthy item, valid thing fyinog low value, low marks, poor rating
fyid counsel, advice, pointer fyinoga worth little, poorly rated, of low value
fyidal advice, counsel fyinok demerit, loss of value
fyidalier take advise, take counsel, consult with fyinokier get a demerit, be penalized, be punished
fyidaluer advise, counsel, give pointers to fyinokuer issue a demerit, penalize, punish
fyidaluut adviser, counselor fyinoya of no merit, useful, without merit, worthless, invalid
fyidea advisory fyinoyan absence of merit, worthlessness
fyiden counseling, advising fyinter value, consider useful, appreciate
fyidena advisory fyinteya appreciative
fyider counsel, advice fyinteyan appreciativeness
fyidut counselor, adviser fyintwa appreciated, thanks
fyidutyan council Fyintwe! Thanks!, Thank-you!, It is appreciated!
fyiduwa advisable fyinuen valuing, adding merit
fyiduwan advisability fyinuer value, add merit
fyiduzar didgeridoo fyinuka pointless, worthless, without merit, invalid
fyiduzarut didgeridoo player fyinukan worthlessness
fyidwa counseled, advised fyinuwa valued
fyidyafwa advisable fyipaden chattering
fyidyafwan advisability fyipader chatter

fyipat - fyofab[edit | edit source]

fyipat jay, jay bird fyoay profanely, impiously, wickedly
fyis benefit, instrument, aid, tool, service, asset, worth, merit fyob ebmip root canal
fyisea useful, serviceable, beneficial, helpful, instrumental, worthy, meritorious fyob root
fyisen being of use, serving, benefiting, helping, aiding, being instrumental fyoba radical, rooted
fyiser be of use, serve, benefit, help, aid, be instrumental fyobes radicule
fyisut servant, server, helper, aid, agent fyobin radicalism
fyisutan agency, service fyobina radical
fyisyan tool chest, array of services, instrumentation fyobinat radical
fyit aide, helper, assistant, side-kick, agent fyobinxen radicalization
fyitan agency, service fyobinxer radicalize
fyix utility, favor fyobinxwa radicalized
fyixen utilization fyoboben deracination, uprooting, eradication
fyixer make useful, make use of, utilize fyobober deracinate, uproot, eradicate
fyixwa used fyobobwa deracinated, uprooted, eradicated
fyiyz award fyoboya rootless
fyiyzier win an award, get an award fyoboyan rootlessness
fyiyziyeyfa award-worthy fyobser be rooted, take root
fyiyziyeyfan award-worthiness fyobuka root-free
fyiyzuen award presentation, awarding fyobxen rooting, implanting, entrenchment
fyiyzuer award fyobxer root, implant, entrench
fyiyzun award fyobxwa rooted, entrenched, implanted, fixed
fyiyzuut award-presenter fyod curse
fyiyzuwa awarded fyoden damnation, cursing, condemnation, blasphemy, profanity
fyiyzuwat awardee fyoder curse, blaspheme, damn, condemn
fyiz reward fyodilen conjuring, devil-talk
fyizien being rewarded, getting a reward fyodiler conjure, pray to the devil
fyizier be rewarded, get a reward fyodilut conjurer, devil-talker
fyiziut trophy winner, award recipient fyodun curse word, profanity, cuss word, swear word
fyiziyeyfa worthy of being rewarded fyodunea profane
fyiziyeyfan reward-worthiness fyodunen cursing, cussing, profanity
fyizuea rewarding fyoduner curse, cuss, use profanity
fyizuen rewarding fyoduzar bassoon
fyizuer reward fyoduzarut bassoonist
fyizun award, trophy fyodwa cursed, damned, condemned, basphemed
fyizuut award-presenter fyodwat condemned person, damned soul
fyizuwa rewarded fyodwatyan damned souls
fyoa profane, unholy, impious, evil, vile, wicked Fyodwu Damn you!, Be damned
fyoan profanity, unholiness, impiety, evil, villainy, wickedness fyodyea blasphemous, damning, condemnatory
fyoaxen desecration fyodyun epithet, nasty name, foul name, insulting name
fyoaxer desecrate fyofab pomegranate tree

fyofeb - fyua[edit | edit source]

fyofeb pomegranate fyotxwa demonized, villainized
fyon evil fyotyena demonic, devilish, villainous, fiendish
fyopyot chimpanzee fyotyenay villainously, fiendishly
fyosin profane image, dirty picture, porno fyox evil
fyosina pornographic fyoxa evil, vile, foul
fyosinut pornographer fyoxan evilness, sinfulness, wickedness, evil
fyosinyan pornography, porn fyoxat evil person, wicked person, bad guy, villain
fyosun taboo fyoxek foul play
fyosuna taboo fyoxen evil-doing, transgression
fyot demon, villain, vile person, evil person, bad guy, wicked person, fiend fyoxer dovyab break a law, violate a law
fyota villainous, vile, fiendish, wicked fyoxer ojvad break a promise
fyotan villainy fyoxer transgress, do harm, violate break
fyotat demon, evil spirit fyoxun sin, sinful act, transgression
fyotata demonic fyoxunag mortal sin
fyotatan demonhood fyoxunaya sinful
fyotatxea demonizing fyoxunayan sinfulness
fyotatxen demonization fyoxunen sinning
fyotatxer demonize fyoxuner sin, commit a sin, sin against
fyotatxwa demonized fyoxunika sinful
fyotatyena demonic, demoniacal, demoniac, devilish, diabolic, diabolical fyoxunikan sinfulness
fyotez witchcraft, sorcery, black magic, black arts, occult fyoxunikay sinfully
fyoteza of witchcraft fyoxunkaden confession, contrition
fyotezbekul poison, witch's brew fyoxunkader confess
fyotezen sorcery, practicing witchcraft fyoxunkadum confessional
fyotezer perform witchcraft, practice witchcraft, do black magic, engage in the occult fyoxunkadyea contrite
fyotezil witch's brew fyoxunog peccadillo, venial sin
fyotezuer cast a spell on, bewitch fyoxunteexer hear confession
fyotezun spell, bad spell fyoxunteexut confessor
fyotezut witch, black artist, sorcerer, occultist fyoxunut sinner
fyotezuwa bewitched fyoxunyea sinful
fyotezuyea bewitching fyoxut transgressor, violator, breaker
fyotezuyt witch, sorceress fyoxwa violated, transgressed, broken
fyotob demon, boogeyman fyoxwat victim, target of evil
fyotoba demonic fyoyab stump, tree stump
fyotobxen demonization fyoz disgrace, ignominy, ingloriousness
fyotobxer demonize fyozaya disgraceful, ignominious, inglorious, venal
fyotobxwa demonized fyozuen disgracing
fyotuyaf gauntlet fyozuer disgrace, bring disgrace to
fyotxen villainization ' fyozuwa disgraced
fyotxen demonization fyua harmful, noxious, damaging, hurtful, injurious

fyuan - fyuxer[edit | edit source]

fyuan harmfulness, noxiousness, deleteriousness, hurtfulness fyunoya unharmful, innocuous
fyud insult, libel fyunoyan innocuousness
fyudea insulting, libelous fyunsyaf vulnerability
fyuder insult, libel fyunsyafa vulnerable
fyudwa insulted, libeled fyunuka harmless
fyuf metal bar, bar fyunukan harmlessness
fyufyem metal cage fyunxer waste, ruin, damage, harm, hurt, spoil
fyukyea dangerous, perilous, risky fyunxwa wasted, ruined, damaged, harmed, hurt, spoiled
fyukyean dangerousness, riskiness fyunxwas ruins, damage, spoils
fyukyen danger, peril, risk fyunxyaf danger, risk, hazard
fyukyexer endanger, imperil, put at risk fyunxyafwa dangerous, risky, hazardous
fyukyexwa endangered, imperiled fyunxyafwaxen endangerment, putting at risk
fyul poison, potion, toxin fyunxyafwaxer endanger, put at risk
fyula poisonous, toxin-related fyunxyafwaxwa endangered
fyulaya poisonous, toxin-filled fyus belsyeb trash pail, waste can
fyulien taking poison fyus fyeb trash can, waste can
fyulier take poison, get intoxicated fyus nyef trash bag
fyuluen intoxication, poisoning fyus yignyef waste basket
fyuluer poison, intoxicate fyus waste, garbage, trash, refuse
fyuluwa poisoned, intoxicated fyuseux noise
fyuluyea poisonous, intoxicating fyuseuxa noisy
fyumul belpur garbage truck fyuseuxan noisiness
fyumul belsyeb garbage pail fyuseuxar noise-maker
fyumul syebag garbage bin, trash bin fyuseuxer make noise
fyumul waste, waste material, garbage, trash, refuse, spoilage, rot, spoils fyusgoblar pruning shears
fyumulem dump, waste dump, dumping ground fyusgoblawa pruned
fyumulsa putrefied, rotted, spoiled, rotten fyusgoblen pruning
fyumulsen wasting away, putrefaction, rotting, spoiling fyusgobler prune
fyumulser waste away, putrefy, rot, spoil fyusul waste matter
fyumulxen wasting, spoiling, spoilage, putrefaction fyusulsom toilet, potty
fyumulxer waste, spoil, rot, putrefy fyutexea worried
fyumulxwa wasted, spoiled, rotted, rotten, putrefied fyutexen worrying
fyumulxyea wasteful fyutexer worry
fyun harm, damage, hurt, injury fyutexuea worrisome
fyunaya noxious, harmful fyutexuer worry, make someone worried
fyunayan noxiousness, harmfulness fyutexut worry-wort
fyunika noxious, harmful fyux harm, damage, injury, trauma
fyunikan noxiousness, harmfulness fyuxea harmful, damaging, hurtful, injurious
fyunog nuisance, minor harm, trauma, major damage, severe injury fyuxen harming, damaging, hurting, injuring, doing harm, doing damage
fyunogier sustain major damage, undergo severe injury fyuxer harm, damage, hurt, injure, do harm, do damage

fyuxeus - gabsiynben[edit | edit source]

fyuxeus noise, racket fyuzimdat cellmate, jail mate
fyuxeusa noisy fyuziut penitent
fyuxeusan noisiness fyuziyea penitent
fyuxeusar noise-maker fyuziyeyfa worthy of being punished, liable to punishment
fyuxeuser make noise fyuzuen meting out punishment
fyuya obnoxious, bothersome, troubling, annoying fyuzuer punish, penalize, mete out punishment
fyuyxea bothersome, troublesome, obnoxious, troubling, annoying fyuzuwat prisoner
fyuyxen bothering, molesting, troubling, annoying fyuzuwatyan prisoner population
fyuyxer bother, molest, trouble, annoy fyuzuyafwa punishable
fyuyxwa bothered, troubled, worried, annoyed ga ay ga more and more
fyuyz penalty, fine, penance ga fi vyel rather than
fyuyzien paying a fine ga fi better, rather, worse
fyuyzier pay a fine ga fu ay ga fu worse and worse
fyuyzuen fining, penalizing, penalization ga fu worse
fyuyzuer fine, penalize ga fua worse
fyuyzuwa fined, penalized ga jod again
fyuyzyeyfa finable, penalizable, fine-worthy ga jodi vyel et more often than you, more times than you
fyuz punishment, penitence ga jodi more often
fyuza penal ga jwo later
fyuzam prison, penal institution, jail, penitentiary ga jwoa later
fyuzamben imprisonment ga vyel more than
fyuzamber imprison, jail ga xagay vyel more often than
fyuzambwa imprisoned ga xagay more often
fyuzambwat prisoner, jailbird ga yab further up, higher up, on up
fyuzambwatyan prison population ga yob further down, lower down, on down
fyuzameb prison warden ga more, -er, plus
fyuzamjob jail time gab van in addition to the fact that
fyuzamoyeper get out of prison, get out of jail gab plus, surplus, add-on, supplement, addition, in addition to, and, affix
fyuzamoyeprer break out of prison gaba additional, supplemental
fyuzamper go to prison, go to jail gabar adding machine, abacus
fyuzamtem prison ward gabdyun nickname, agnomen, appellative
fyuzamtemeb head of a prison ward gaben addition, affixation
fyuzamtum prison cell, jail cell gaber add, supplement, augment, affix, append
fyuzamyeber put in prison, lock up gabi gobi pluses and minuses
fyuzamyiplen escaping prison gabnoyx extra fee, surcharge
fyuzamyipler escape prison gabnux tax
fyuzamyiplun prison escape gabnuxen taxation
fyuzamyiput escapee, prison escapee gabnuxwa taxed
fyuzien doing punishment, doing time, paying a penalty, doing penance gabsiyn cross, plus sign
fyuzier do punishment, do time, pay a penalty, do penance gabsiynben crucifixion

gabsiynber - gaifwa[edit | edit source]

gabsiynber crucify gafisauna ideal
gabsiynbwa crucified gafisea getting better, improving
gabsiyndrer cross out, draw an x gafisen improvement, doing better
gabsiynmep intersection, crossroad gafiser do better, improve, get better
gabun additive, garnish, supplement, addition, add-on, affix gafixen improvement, betterment, doing better
gabuna supplemental, additional gafixer improve, do better
gabuner garnish gafixyafwa improvable
gabunwa garnished gafu gafu worse and worse
gabwa naz dotnix value added tax, VAT gafu worse
gabwa added, augmented gafua worse
gabwas addendum gafuasea worsening, getting worse, deteriorating
gabyux mimpar cockboat, tender gafuasen worsening, getting worse, deterioration
gabyuxea auxiliary gafuaser worsen, become worse, deteriorate
gabzyup spiral, coil gafuaxen making worse, worsening
gabzyupa spiral, helical gafuaxer make worse, worsen
gabzyupea spiraling, coiling, curling gafuaxwa worsened
gabzyuper spiral, coil, curl, twist, wind gafuay worse
gabzyupsan helix, coil-shape gafuwa preferable
gabzyupsana helical, coil-shaped gafuxea going worse
gader go on to say, continue gafuxen doing worse
gadras addendum gafuxer do worse
gaduzar organ gafwa preferred
gaduzarut organist gafwas preference, something preferred
gaf preference gafyinder assess upwardly, appreciate
gafa preferential gafyiner be worth more
gafen preference gafyinien appreciation, going up in value
gafena preferential gafyinier appreciate, go up in value
gafer prefer, rather, be more desirous of gafyinsen appreciation, going up in value
gafi gafi better and better gafyinser appreciate, go up in value
gafi better, rather gafyinuen appreciation, plus-valuation
gafia better gafyinuer make go up in value
gafias better thing, something better gafyinxen appreciation, raising the value of
gafiasea getting better, improving gafyinxer appreciate, raise the value up
gafiasen getting better, improvement gafyinxwa appreciated, raised in value
gafiaser get better, improve gagon majority
gafiawa fixed, improved, bettered gagona major
gafiaxen fixing, improvement, betterment gaifen preference
gafiaxer fix, improve, better gaifer prefer, favor
gafiaxut fixer gaifuwa preferable
gafiay better gaifwa preferred, favorite

gaifwas - gasinod[edit | edit source]

gaifwas favorite thing, preference gapoteubip tusk, elephant tusk
gaj still, more, further, anymore, yet gapotud baby elephant
gajaga elder gapotyena elephantine
gajagat elder, the older one gapoyt cow elephant
gajob longer, yet, more time, still, further, more gar e squared, to the power of two
gajod ay gajod time and time again, over and over gar i cubed, to the power of three, raised to the power of three
gajod again, another time gar exponent, to the power of, raised to the power of
gajodi vyel more often than, more times than gara exponential
gajwa sooner, rather garale-sagyaun terabyte
gal multiple, times, multiplied by garalyo-sagyaun petabyte
gala multiple garalyu-sagyaun exabyte
galan multiplicity garen exponentiation
galen multiplication garer exponentiate
galer multiply gari-sagyaun kilobyte
galwa multiplied garsag exponent
gan sum, whole garsen increase
gana whole, entire, integral garser increase
ganan wholeness, entirety, integrity garwa exponentiated, raised to the power of
ganay wholly, entirely garxen increase, accrual
ganazen appreciation garxer increase, accrue
ganazer appreciate, go up in value garxwa increased, accrued
ganjob yex full-time work garya-sagyaun megabyte
ganoxuer charge more gas more of it, another thing
ganyuxea fertile gasansea developing, evolving
ganyuxean fertility gasansen development, evolution
ganyuxen fertilization gasansena evolutionary
ganyuxer fertilize gasanser develop, evolve
ganyuxwa fertilized gasanxen development
gao vyasa more or less correct gasanxer develop
gao more or less gasanxwa developed
gaob plus or minus gasauna replicate
gapaden bleeping gasaunxen replication
gapader bleep gasaunxer replicate
gapat ostrich gasaunxwa replicated
gapiot hippopotamus gasea increasing, growing
gapit mimpar whaleboat gasen increase, growth
gapit minnow gaser increase, grow
gapoden trumpeting gasi more, more things, some more, more of them
gapoder trumpet gasin cross
gapot elephant gasinod intersection, crossing

gasinsana - gedren[edit | edit source]

gasinsana cruciform, cross-shaped ge ... vyel as ... as
gasinxen making a cross ge fi vyel as well as
gasinxer make a cross ge jodi vyel as often as
gat someone else, another person ge jodi the same number of times
gati more people, more, more of them ge xagay vyel as often as
gaun complement ge xagay as often
gauna complementary ge xin bi as a result of
gavob sunflower ge xin as a result
gavol pumpkin ge yib vyel as far as
gavyel sunflower ge equal, as, like, the letter g
gawfis optimum gea equal, same, even
gawfuay worst, the worst gean equality
gawifwa most preferred, liked the best geanin egalitarianism
gax increment, increase, augment geanina egalitarian
gaxa incremental geaninat egalitarian
gaxag more often geaxen equalization, evening out
gaxay incrementally, increasingly geaxer equalize, even out
gaxea increasing, augmentative geaxwa equalized, evened out
gaxen increase, augmentation geay equally
gaxer increase, augment, to increase gebaxen balancing
gaxwa increased, augmented gebaxer equalize, balance
gay ga still more, yet more gebaxwa equalized, balanced
gay go still less gebe equals
gay hij still now gebek equity, equal treatment, fair treatment
gay him still here gebekea equitable, fair
gay huj still then gebeker treat equally
gay hum still there gebekun equity
gay also, moreover, plus gebekwa treated fairly
gayaben heightening, raising geben equation
gayaber heighten, raise geber equal, equate
gayabwa heightened, raised gebwa equated
gayoben lowering, reduction gebyen hu in the same way that, just as, as
gayober lower, reduce gebyen in the same way, equally, just as, just the way, as
gayobwa lowered, reduced ged siyn quote, quotation mark, quote mark
gayux reinforcement ged quote, quotation
gayuxen reinforcing, reinforcement geden quoting
gayuxer reinforce geder quote
gayuxut reinforcement, reserve trooper gedrar copier
gayuxutyan reserves gedras copy
gayuxwa reinforced gedren copy

gedrer - gelseuxwa[edit | edit source]

gedrer copy geldrar copier
geduzar melodica geldras copying
geduzarut melodica player geldrawa copied
gedwa quoted geldredun homograph
gedyunat namesake geldreduna homographic
geeksag loxer tiebreaker geldrendoyiv tuun copyright notice
geeksag tie geldrendoyiv copyright
geeksaga tied, even, tied up geldrer copy
geeksager tie geldrun copy
geeksagwa tied gelduna literal
gefyaxinut co-religionist, fellow practitioner geldunay literally, verbatim, word-for-word
gefyinea equal in value geldwa echoed
gefyiner be worth the same gelfinea matching
gegon equal share, equity, fair share, parity gelfinen matching
gegona proportionate gelfiner match
gegonan proportionality gelfinwa matched
gegonbuen sharing equally, equal distribution geljaga homochronous
gegonbuer share equally, distribute equally gelsansea conforming
gegonbuwa shared equally, equally-distributed, proportionate gelsansen conformity, conformance
geizona going in the same direction, parallel gelsanser adapt, conform
gejaga same-aged gelsanxen adaption, conforming
gejoaba contemporaneous gelsanxer adapt, make conform
gekuna equilateral gelsanxuwa adaptable
gekunay equilaterally gelsanxwa adapted, made to conform
gel- homo-, like-, simul- gelsanxyafwa adaptable
gel aon as a whole gelsanxyafwan adaptability
gel asaun as an example gelsanxyoftwa impossible to adapt
gel awat as one, in unison gelsaun copy, duplicate
gel jos bi as a consequence of gelsauna homogeneous
gel xin bi as a result of gelsaunan homogeneity
gel yaynav en bloc gelsaunas copy
gel yuxun bi as a means of gelsaunxen coping, duplication
gel yuxun ub as a means toward gelsaunxer copy, replicate
gel as, like gelsaunxwa copied, replicated
gela same, identical, like gelseux rhyme
gelan identity, sameness gelseuxdun homonym
gelanxen identification gelseuxduna homonymous
gelanxer identify gelseuxea rhyming
gelanxwa identified gelseuxer rhyme
gelden echoing gelseuxwa rhymed

gelta - gevofil[edit | edit source]

gelta identical gelxut copycat, imitator, copy-cat
geltan identify, identity gelxwa copied, done the same, imitated, done the same way
geltandraf identification badge genaba equal in rank
gelteas resemblance genaga equal in size
gelteasea similar in appearance genaza equivalent
gelteaser look alike, resemble genazan equivalence
gelteesa sound-alike, homophonous genazer be equivalent
gelteeser sound alike, echo geneda even, level, smooth
gelteesun homophone genedan evenness, levelness, smoothness
geltesdun synonym genedxen evening out, leveling, smoothing
geltesduna synonymous genedxer even out, level out, smooth out, smooth over
geltesdunan synonymy genedxwa evened out, leveled, smoothed over
geltex agreement genog hu just as much as, just as
geltexden agreement, concurrence, voicing agreement genoga equal in degree
geltexder express agreement, concur, agree, voice agreement genogay equally
geltexdwa concurred, agreed gepat peacock
geltexea in agreement gepit perch
geltexer agree, think alike gepot rhinoceros
geltexyena like-minded, of a similar opinion Germanya Germany, Teutonic
geltexyenan like-mindedness Germanyad German
geltexyener think alike, be of a similar opinion Germanyam Germany
geltooda of like race, of the same race, ethnically similar Germanyama Germany
geltos empathy Germanyat German
geltosden expressing empathy ges vyel as much as
geltosder express empathy ges as much
geltosea empathetic gesea equaling
geltoseay empathetically geser equal
geltoser empathize gesi as many, as many things
geltosut empathizer getajnega of the same generation, co-generational
geltser identify, identify with getajnegat co-generational
geltxen identification geteypa even-tempered
geltxer identify geteypan equanimity, even temper
geltxwa identified geti as many people, as many
geltyafwa identifiable gevil bourbon
geltyafwan identifiability gevob ab ha veb corn on the cob
geltyafway identifiably gevob avol cornbread
geltyofwa unidentifiable gevob mekil cornmeal
gelvoza homochromatic gevob corn, maize
gelxea imitative gevofil yeb lifel whiskey sour
gelxen doing the same, copying, imitation gevofil whiskey

gevol - gimelsyob[edit | edit source]

gevol melon giar sharp instrument
gevyel corn oil giay sharply, pointedly, keenly, acutely
gexag vyel as often as gibar dagger, poker, jabber, sword, sharp weapon
gexag as often gibaren stabbing
gexen equation, equaling, evening out gibarer stab
gexer equate, equal, even out, get even for gibarut stabber
gexwa equated, equaled, evened out gibarwa stabbed
gey bay his even with this, nevertheless, yet giben poking, sticking jabbing, stinging, injection, inoculation
gey bay hus even with that, nevertheless, yet giber poke, stick, jab, sting, inject, inoculate, stab, punch
gey bay van nevertheless, still, yet gibwa poked, stuck, jabbed, pricked, stung, injected, inoculated
gey bay even with gidalea sharp-tongued, sarcastic
gey ga even more gidalean sarcasm
gey gas even more gidaleay sarcastically, with a sharp tongue
gey go even less gifuf tef cone hat, dunce cap
gey gos even less gifuf cone
gey hij even now gifufa conical
gey huj even then gifufnid cone
gey ja even before gifufnida conical
gey jo even after gifufnidsana cone-shaped
gey ven even if gifuv tack
gey even gifuvben tacking
geyeklen coping gifuvber tack
geyekler cope with gifuvbwa tacked
geyiba equidistant gigoblar dagger, stabbing knife
geyiban equidistance gigoblawa stabbed
geyibana equidistant gigoblen stabbing
geyibanay equidistantly gigobler stab, cut sharp
geyla similar, like, such, alike gigoblun stab, stab wound
geylan similarity, likeness gigoblut stabber
geylay similarly gikunada sharp-edged
geylbyen in a similar fashion, likewise, also, similarly, as gim extremity, end, tip
geyldyan simile gimel abnod mountaintop, mountain summit
geylser become similar, grow alike, assimilate gimel mountain
geylxen assimilation gimelaya mountainous
geylxer make similar, copy, liken, assimilate gimelika mountainous
geylxwa copied, likened, assimilated gimelkim mountain slope
gia kyid siyn acute stress mark, acute accent gimelkum mountainside
gia uj pointed end, tip gimelnab mountain chain
gia sharp, pointed, acute, keen gimelog hillock, knob
giabaun prick, string, injection, inoculation gimelsyob foot of the mountain, mountain base

gimelyarpen - gla jo hus[edit | edit source]

gimelyarpen mountain climbing givobuf tobacco pipe
gimelyarput mountain climber givobut tobacco planter
gimeyl mount, hill givobyexen tobacco farming
gin point, tip, butt, end, sharp end, peak givobyexer farm tobacco
gingoblawa notched givobyexut tobacco farmer
gingoblen notching givofayeb tobacco leaf
gingobler notch, cut at an angle givofuf moviut pipe smoker
gingoblun notch givofuf smoking pipe, pipe, tobacco pipe
gingol notch givol watermelon
ginod jwob rush hour, peak hour givozyuv goblar cigar cutter
ginod sharp point, apex, summit, peak, tip, vertex, acme givozyuv mov cigar smoke
ginoda peak, acmic givozyuv moviut cigar smoker
gipat peafowl givozyuv cigar
gisa extreme givozyuves bexar cigarette holder
gisan extremity givozyuves mov cigarette smoke
giseux piercing sound givozyuves moviut cigarette smoker
giseuxea ear-piercing givozyuves mugnyem cigarette case
giseuxen making a piercing sound givozyuves cigarette
giseuxer make a piercing sound gixar sharpener, grinder
giteaba keen-eyed, sharp-eyed, focused, eagle-eyed, hawk-eyed gixen sharpening, grinding
gitepa keen, sharp-witted, astute, mentally sharp gixer sharpen, grind
gitepan mental sharpness, acuity, keenness, sharp-wittedness, astuteness gixeusar whistle
gitepat keen person, sharp wit gixeusen whistle-blowing, whistling, tooting
gitepay keenly, astutely, sharp-wittedly gixeuser blow a whistle, whistle, toot
giteudea squealing, screeching, shrieking gixeutut whistle-blower, whistler
giteuden squealing, screeching, shrieking gixwa sharpened, ground
giteuder squeal, screech, shriek giyonar skewer
givob mov tobacco smoke giyonaren skewering
givob tobacco giyonarer skewer
givobel chewing tobacco giyonarwa skewered
givobelen chewing tobacco gizyuv pick, skewer, spit, sharp stick, shaft, arrow, shish
givobeler chew tobacco gizyuven skewering
givobelut tobacco chewer gizyuver skewer
givobem tobacco plantation gizyuvwa skewered
givoben planting tobacco gla- poly-, multi-, many-
givober plant tobacco gla ajay long ago
givobiblen harvesting tobacco gla gasi many more things
givobibler harvest tobacco gla gati many more people
givobiblut tobacco harvester gla jo his a long time from now, a long time hereafter, a long time hence
givobnam tobacconist, tobacco store gla jo hus a long time from then, a long time thereafter, a long time thence

gla jodi hyajub - glakexwa[edit | edit source]

gla jodi hyajub many times a day gladyofway unquantifiably
gla jodi many times, often, on many occasions glaebdalwa much-discussed
gla jwa very soon, very early glaebzyimaya multilayered
Gla naxtawa! Much appreciated!, Thanks a lot! glaegdwa much-repeated
Gla naztwe! Much appreciated!, Thank-you very much! glafea covetous
Gla Naztwe! Much appreciated!, Thank-you! glafen coveting
gla oyeb a long way out glafer want a lot, desire greatly, covet
gla vley very probably, very likely glafila high octane, strong
gla yab a long way up, way up, long way up, far up glafwa much-desired
gla yeb a long way in glafyinder value highly
Gla yefxwa! Much obliged!, Thank-you!, Thanks a lot! glafyindwa highly-valued, highly-esteemed
gla yob a long way down, way down, long way down, far down glafyinea worth a lot
gla yubay very nearly, almost glafyiner be worth a lot
gla zay a long way ahead glagon plurality
gla zey a long way across glagona plural, multipartite
gla zoy a long way back glagonin pluralism
gla zye a long way through glagonina pluralistic
gla very, much, a lot, many glagoninut pluralist
glabasen gesticulation glagonxen pluralization
glabaser gesticulate glagonxer pluralize
glabaxen gesticulation glagonxwa pluralized
glabaxer gesticulate glaifrawa much-revered, much-adored
gladalut chatterbox glaizona multi-directional
gladalyea loquacious glaizonay multi-directionally
gladalyean loquaciousness glajob a lot of time, much time, long time
gladara multilingual, polyglot glajoba dat long-time friend
gladarat polyglot glajoba long-time
glader tell often glajoda frequent
gladooba multinational glajodan frequency
gladoobay multinationally glajoday frequently
gladoobin multi-nationalism glajodi hyajub many times a day
gladoobina multi-nationalist glajodi many times, often, on many occasions, frequently
gladoobinut multi-nationalist glajodpa frequented
gladreva many-paged, thick glajodpen frequenting
gladuna multi-word glajodper frequent
gladungona polysyllabic glajodput frequenter
gladwa oft-said, oft-told glajonap series
gladwas refrain, oft-told thing glajonapa serial
gladyea well-read glajwoxwa much-delayed
gladyeut avid reader glakexwa much-sought-after

glakuna - glanxwa[edit | edit source]

glakuna multi-sided, multilateral glanazwa treasured
glakunay multilaterally glandar quantifier
glakuyna multifaceted glanden counting, quantification
glakyaxwa much-changed glander count, quantify, tell how much
glal mass, bunch, cluster, pile, lump, mob, clump, batch glandut counter, quantifier
glala massive glanduwa quantifiable
glalab stack, pile, heap glandwa quantified
glalabser stack, pile, accumulate, cluster, bunch up, lump together glandyafwa quantifiable
glalabxer stack, pile up, cluster, bunch together, lump together, amass glandyafway quantifiably
glalaya lumpy glaneda multi-planar
glalayan lumpiness glanedesa multifaceted
glalevafila high octane, strong, highly alcoholic glanega multi-level
glalfawa much-desired glanes a bit, quantum
glalgoblar grater, dicer glaniga roomy, spacious
glalgoblawa grated, diced glanigan roominess, spaciousness
glalgoblen grating, dicing glanixea high-income
glalgobler grate, dice, cut into a pile glanixer get paid a lot
glalika lumpy glanog very, to a great degree
glalikan lumpiness glanoga profound
glamagelwa well-done, well-cooked glanogay profoundly
glamosa multi-floor, hi-rise, multi-story glanooga multi-staged
glamoysa multi-layer, multilayered, multi-layered glanoxen spending a lot
glamoysben multi-layering glanoxer spend a lot
glamoysbwa multilayered glanoxuea charging a lot, very expensive
glan quantity, sum glanoxuen charging a lot
glana quantitative glanoxuer charge a lot
glanaeda multi-laned glanoxut big spender, big-spender
glanasa rich, moneyed glanoxuut big charger
glanasan richness glanoyga steep
glanasasea getting rich glanoygay steeply
glanasaser get rich glanoygser get steeper
glanasat rich person glanoygxen steepening
glanasaxen enrichment glanoygxer steepen
glanasaxer make rich, enrich glanoygxwa steepened
glanasaxwa enriched glansea amounting to
glanax expense, high cost glanser amount to, come to
glanaxa expensive, pricey, high-cost glanuxwa well-paid, high salaried
glanaxan expensiveness, high cost glanxen quantification, sum, summing
glanay quantitatively glanxer quantify, sum up
glanazer treasure glanxwa quantified, summed up

glanxyafwa - glatrewa[edit | edit source]

glanxyafwa quantifiable, summable glateetwa often-heard, much-heard
glanxyafwan quantifiability, summability glatelefer crave, be famished, starve
glanxyafway quantifiably glater know a lot
glanxyofwa unquantifiable, un summable glates great meaning, importance, import
glanyaza wealthy glatesa important, major, significant, solemn
glanzyafwan quantifiability glatesan importance, significance
glas much, a lot glatesaxen making a big deal, solemnification
glasana polymorphous, multiform, varied, diverse glatesaxer make a big deal out of, solemnify
glasanan variety, diversity glatesaxwa made important, solemnified
glasanay polymorphously, diversely glatesay significantly, solemnly, pointedly
glasansea diversifying glatesaya important, very meaningful, very significant
glasanser diversity glatesayan importance, meaningfulness
glasanxen diversification glatesea important, very meaningful, crucial, significant
glasanxer diversify glatesean importance, meaningfulness, great significance
glasanxwa diversified glatesier take on great meaning, become important
glasauna diverse, of many types, various, heterogeneous glatesika important, meaningful, significant
glasaunan diversity, variety, heterogeneity glatesikan importance, meaningfulness, significance
glasaunay diversely, variously, heterogeneously glatesuer imbue with great meaning, attribute importance to
glasaunser diversify, vary glatesuka unimportant, devoid of meaning, insignificant, meaningless, pointless
glasaunxen diversification, varying, variation glatesukan unimportance, meaninglessness, insignificance, pointlessness
glasaunxer diversify, vary glateza multicultural
glasaunxwa diversified, varied glatezin multiculturalism
glasayeba multi-layered glatezina multiculturalistic
glaseuza polytonic, poly-tonic glatezinut multiculturalist
glasi many things glati many people, many
glasumtim dormitory glatidat person with many siblings
glasuna plural, manifold glatiler guzzle
glasunan plurality glatilien quaffing
glasunaxen pluralization glatilier quaff
glasunaxer pluralize glatima multiplex
glasunxen pluralization glatoda melukbam mausoleum
glasunxer pluralize glatolgabwa much-seasoned
glasunxwa pluralized glatoluyea nutritious
glatada polygamous glatomyan complex, multiplex
glatadan polygamy glatooda racially mixed, of mixed ethnicity, multiracial
glatadin polygamy glatoosa multi-gendered
glatadina polygamist glatotin polytheism
glatadinut polygamist glatotina polytheistic
glatajtyena multi-skilled glatotinut polytheist
glatea knowledgeable glatrewa famous, well-known, renowned

glatrewan - glonasa[edit | edit source]

glatrewan fame, celebrity, renown gletiler drink moderately
glatrewat celebrity gletilut drink moderately
glatujut sleepyhead glexag fairly often, quite often, rather often, somewhat often
glatuzyafa multi-talented glo jo his soon, soon hereafter
glatwa famous glo jo hus soon, soon thereafter
glatwan fame glo jodi seldom, on few occasions, rarely
glatyan throng, horde, swarm, multitude, mass, crush, drove, pack glo ojay very soon
glatyodxwa populous glo oyeb a short way out
glatywa famous, renown, illustrious, well-known, famed, celebrated glo xagay not so often, seldom
glatywan celebrity, fame, renown glo yab a short way up
glatywat celebrity, famous person glo yeb a short way in
glatywaxen celebration glo yob a short way down
glatywaxer celebrate glo zay a short way ahead
glatywaxwa celebrated glo zey a short way across
glaufwa much-hated, odious glo zoy a short way back
glaufwan odiousness glo zye a short way through
glaujakut high-achiever, much-accomplished individual glo few, little, not much, not very
glavoza many-hued, polychromatic, multicolored, many-colored, iridescent gloamona low calory, low-cal
glavozan iridescence, polychromaticity glodalyea laconic
glavyaotosika hyperconscientious glodalyean laconicity
glavyaotosikan hyperconscientiousness gloduna succinct, brief, cursory, summary
glavyaotosikay hyperconscientiously glodunan succinctness, brevity, cursoriness
glaxag frequently, often, very often, with great frequency glodunay succinctly, briefly, cursorily, summarily
glaxaga frequent glodyedea unread, illiterate
glaxagay frequently, often glofila lite, low-alcohol
glaxalaya very accomplished, very gifted glofyinder rate poorly
glay so, so much, so many glofyinea worth little
glayanivput big party-goer glofyiner be worth little
glayixwa much-used glogan shortage
glays so much gloj short while
glaysi so many things glojo soon, in a short while, not long after
glayufwa much-feared glojob little time, short while
glayuxnasuut big tipper glojoda infrequent, rare
glaywa so many glojodas rarity, rare thing
glazyina multi-level glojoday rarely, seldom
glazyisa multi-layered glojodi seldom, on few occasions
gle jodi on some occasions, now and then, quite a few times, quite often, rather often glolevafila lite, low-alcohol
gle yab quite far up, quite a ways up glomagelwa rare
gle yob quite far down, quite a ways down glon portion, bit
gle quite a few, quite a lot, quite, rather glonasa poor

glonasan - goblawa[edit | edit source]

glonasan poverty, pauperism glotesean triviality
glonasaser become poor gloti few people, few, not many
glonasat poor person, pauper glotuxwa little-taught
glonasaxen impoverishment glotyodxwa sparsely populated
glonasaxer impoverish, pauperize gloxag seldom
glonasaxwa impoverished, pauperized gloxaga rare
glonaxa inexpensive, cheap, low-cost gloxagay seldom
gloniga cramped gloxem cubbyhole, crawl space
glonigxen cramping gloxen reduction, dwindling, exhaustion
glonigxer cramp gloxer reduce, cause to dwindle, exhaust, scale down