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About the Camera node[edit]

Camera node

The camera node is the starting node of any 3D effect. The camera represents the view you are using to see the scene. Use it to choose the point in space you want to view the 3D world from. A scene can have several cameras.

Located in the right hand side of the node, is the camera output button. Pressing it will open a output window displaying the camera view of the scene.

Output window



You may wish to choose the projection.

Use the orthographic projection to ...


How does a empty 3D scene looks like? If a 3D world is empty the complete camera view is filled by the background. The background of a scene is filled with one color, the background color.

Camera background tab

The background color can be selectied by adjusting the sliders or using the Color dialog. Clicking on the color rectangle opens the color dialog.


The position tab let you choose a position and orientation for the camera.

Camera position tab

To change the position and orientation of any object in the 3D space you need to know the axis orientation. The center of the camera view is 0.0 on the X and Y axis. To the left of center would be a negative x number. To the right would be a positive x number. Moving towards the top of the screen would be a positive y number, moving to the bottom of the screen would be a negative y number. Moving deeper into the screen is a negative z number, moving towards the viewer would be a positive z number.

Dragging the mouse over a output window showing a camera node controls the camera rotation values.