Mega Man Battle Network/Guide for Cheaters

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This is a guide for people who like to cheat at Battle Network games, either through exploits at game programming or through the use of a cheat device.

Cheat devices[edit | edit source]

Cheat devices are tools that alter the values stored in memory. Because memory is altered, it allows for scenarios where it cannot be done through normal gameplay (such as having all the GigaChips on one version of the game, as those cannot be traded). However, it may also crash the system and delete your game save. With that in mind, it is advised that the codes are to be used with caution.

Standard conventions[edit | edit source]

For cheat device codes, simple memory writes are written down as address:value pairs. These can be converted for use with virtually any cheat device, although the method to do so is outside the scope of this guide. For more complicated codes pseudo-code will be used. If a code is specific to one kind of cheat device, then the code will be shown in its native form.

Table of Contents[edit | edit source]