Mapping on Youtube/2013/October 2013

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October 2, 2013[edit | edit source]

Blog Posts[edit | edit source]

    • Batran99 makes a blog post saying that he is tired of all the recent fighting between the wiki and ArceusFan2013.
  • Congratulations, you've ruined the Wiki. Again.
    • MrOwnerandPwner makes a blog post saying that the Wiki is in a conflict and that he is getting tired of the recent conflicts, and that he wants to make another wiki.

October 3, 2013[edit | edit source]

    • In the comments, Disturbedfan1100 argues with ArceusFan2013 on him trying to get people to come to his wiki. ArceusFan2013 tries to say that his wiki is better because of all the recent conflict, however Disturbedfan1100 says that his wiki is for gaming, and not mapping