Manga Study Guide: Barefoot Gen/Author's purpose and philosophy

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Manga Study Guide: Barefoot Gen
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Background: Author’s Purpose and Philosophy

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Nakazawa Keiji the writer of ‘Barefoot Gen’, wrote the book in such a way as children, young adults and even adults enjoyable and attracts attention about the war. He had also written this story based by himself and what he have experienced.

First he has written this book based on the story of his life and telling the readers what similar events have happened to him. For example his family died because they became trapped under the debris of their house but his mother still lives with his baby sister which have died 4 months later. In the comic Nakazawa put down all of his experiences and feelings. Genn`s family died the same way with but lives with his mother and baby sister.

Secondly he wrote this book in manga because of 2 main reasons. Firstly, the reason is that he have already been writing manga for a long period of time and Jump Shounenn Manga was popular so he thought he could use that to make the book more famous for young people that are interested in mangas and make them know how the war can affect your whole life even the country. So he would let them know so when they grow up they won't think that the war is the solution to everything and will spend their lives so easily in war.