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English: Have you eaten rice?

Magar: chho Jya ki Ma Jya?

English: You are beautiful.

Magar: nako Seycha le.

English: Where are you ?

Magar: nako kulak ale?

English: Where had you been?

Magar: kulak nuwara raahachha nako?

English: I had gone town.

Magar: nga bazar nuwara raahachha.

English: How are you?

Magar: nako kuncha ale?

English: Who is that man?

Magar: hos bharni su ale?

English: Whose book is that?

Magar: Ise kitab su ale?

English: What is your name?

Magar: Nakung myarmin he ale?

[ The above material was copied from different public posts from facebook. ]