Living With Depression/Meditation and mindfulness

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A list of suggestions of how to deal with depression:

– See a psychiatrist for evaluation, do not take his word a 100 percent as some psychiatrists will not evaluate you accurately.

– Depending on your own evaluation if you can manage your depression with medication or alone, after seeing a psychiatrist define your mental state, clinical depression which is depression that is not usually determined psychologically and emotionally requires medication in order to balance neurotramittors in the brain. Anti Depressants are commonly used, 3 of the basic neurtrasmittors in the brain are Serotnin, Nordernaline and Dopamine. Neurotrasmittors are responsible for a healthy body, they affect mood, sleep, eating, attention and concentration. low levels cause depression, normal levels keep a stable mood for example, and high concentration of one or the following neurtramisttors causes psychosis which is a menifestation of hallucinations and paranoia.

– Psychologists may or may not be effective so seek help from any person you see as smart or very helpful and of course effective.

– If your problem is ackowledged by a psychiatrist and you are receiving medication, you may want to pass your time quickly until your therpary whether medication wise, social wise or psychological seems to bring your benefit. Sleep and a variety of music helps in that case, and if your patience is good then watching TV and playing video games might help. if you like to communicate then speaking to people can benefit you. Use your best tool which is your head to think what can ease your occupence, comfort and well being.