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Linux Kernel[edit]

Kernel Components[edit]

Compiling a kernel[edit]

Patching a kernel[edit]

Customizing a kernel[edit]

System Startup[edit]

Customizing system startup and boot processes[edit]

System recovery[edit]


Operating the Linux filesystem[edit]

Maintaining a Linux filesystem[edit]

Creating and configuring filesystem options[edit]


Configuring RAID[edit]

Adding new hardware[edit]

Software and kernel configuration[edit]

Configuring PCMCIA devices[edit]

File and Service Sharing[edit]

Configuring a samba server[edit]

Configuring an NFS server[edit]

System Maintenance[edit]

System logging[edit]

Packaging software[edit]

Backup operations[edit]

System Customization and Automation[edit]

Automating tasks using scripts[edit]


Creating recovery disks[edit]

Identifying boot stages[edit]

Troubleshooting LILO[edit]

General troubleshooting[edit]

Troubleshooting system resources[edit]

Troubleshooting environment configurations[edit]