LPI Linux Certification/Automate System Administration Tasks By Scheduling Jobs

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Weight: 4

Candidates should be able to use cron or anacron to run jobs at regular intervals and to use at to run jobs at a specific time.

  • Key knowledge area(s):
    • Manage cron and at jobs.
    • Configure user access to cron and at services.

  • The following is a partial list of the used files, terms and utilities:
    • /etc/cron.{d,daily,hourly,monthly,weekly}
    • /etc/at.deny
    • /etc/at.allow
    • /etc/crontab
    • /etc/cron.allow
    • /etc/cron.deny
    • /var/spool/cron/*
    • crontab
    • at
    • atq
    • atrm