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Economy for Kids[edit]
L’Économie pour les Enfants

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About the book[edit]


You have chosen to focus on the economy. Be aware that this discipline includes other subjects. In other words, this subject influences the scientific strategies of other subjects, badly or greatly. In a bad way with the monetary economy, whose only purpose is to make believe in the God of money, in a good way, with the real economy, also called physical economy. Physical economy consists to understand the notion of infinity, which is in life or in the circle. This real economy indicates that human society growes, that we can green deserts with Thorium, to recycle waste.

With the real economy we can go into space with nuclear fusion, ecological, to leave, when necessary, our source, the Earth. Nuclear power is that is inside an atom, that was believed to be uncuttable. Nuclear energy should be learned in school, just like music, philosophizing, understanding our limits, learning to learn, economics, quantum physics, which helps to understand nuclear, Einstein's childhood and his theory of relativity, which allows us to understand the universe.

If you search truth, helped by this book, that will help you, if you are sufficiently rebellious to become a genius, seeking your limits, leading you through the economy. Start now to write a poem, which is half-sentences coupled ending with the same syllable, with metaphors which are comparisons without comparator, to go to a truth, then your truth, finally to the scientific truth.

Understanding the human[edit]

What does value mean?[edit]

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Our parents often tell us "Find a job to make your life !" We can see in 2013 that it is becoming more and more difficult to find a job. Adam Smith, the guru of actual economy, explains that work is value. Yet when something is rare, it has more value, without even working to make that.

When Robinson Crusoe arrived on an desert island, he was sinful. He lived like an animal with the first fruits he found. Since he could only feed with fruits, they had got a high value.

With fire, he could survive and eat better. The food lasted longer. Then he created a bow and arrows, with a tent that could be easily destroyed by wild animals, when the fire stopped. This tent was very valuable. It allowed him, with the fire, to sleep.

Double bitted felling axe.jpg
The axe makes it possible to create fields

Alone, you had to spend a lot of time hunting. Animals has therefore gained more value than the fruits in his eyes. He was able to create, with research and theory, a hook. This allowed him to create a fishing rod. The animals was then put into concurrency with the fishes. Fishes required less work, but gained value because he had to catch it. When we do not fave to catch fishes, they have got lesser value.

Then he meets a native. While one allows the survival of both, the other creates an axe, then a house, then a net. The tent becomes useless and the house can be easily built for two persons. Linking’s power makes the buddies happy. Indeed the net can reduce the value of shells and fishes, because there are a lot.

Robinson can then learn writing to his friend. Their minds are not just looking for resources. The friend and Robinson raise their spirit. The profusion allows them to grow their creative reason. The energy allows to reduce working. The spirit and the creativity make them making and acting with more and more perfection.

The value is therefore resistance to obtaining a commodity, then a tool for autonomy. Linking individuals allows, with tools, to bring a lot of things. Last but not least, they work lesser with energy. Indeed a machine tool can bring even more things, and therefore less and less value to goods and commodities.

An industry makes better with dense energy, to replace the little energy we can provide into. An industry can produce thousands of goods of the same caliber with one machine. These products are perfect for simple and almost immediate use. It reduces the perception of value.

Making Iron

Only a country with industries got before the others will tend to optimize its industries. It will protect them by exporting its manufactured products, in order to obtain the best raw materials, to increase the quality of its industries. China protects its industries in 2013. That's what we did during the 30 glorious years. China has protected its industries and can therefore benefit from the best raw materials. For China, the spirit is very valuable.


• Principles of Social Science - Henry Charles Carey

My notes[edit]

What do you wish to have? Is it important?

What is a resource?[edit]

July 2018

A resource can provide what you need. The resource is something that we will seek, that we transform, to create goods. A reused waste can also be a resource. So everything can become a resource, especially unused material. A resource is something that humans transform, so a resource is not natural, but usable by humans.

Lyndon Larouche describes how humans can determine what sort of resources will enable humans to improve their standard of living. Identifing unused technologies, then defining the resources to go for, helps to define a relative population density potential. Thus we will use labor saving, allowed by linking and industries, to define a growing plan.

We will use energy’s resources to supply the industries that will be protected from outside countries, permitted by a public productive money. Indeed, if the currency is linked to the production, if it belongs to a state, the nation-state using this currency will support the industries. If the currency is private, however, then it will be a question of creating money for the one who owns the currency, not to grow a country.

Humans do not work to value money, but to participate in society to enrich themselves. Thus the economy of work realized by industries will allow us to grow more and more in the universe, for which the Earth is a part.


So you want to know everything about the economy ? - Lyndon Larouche - The potential for relative population density

My notes[edit]

Knowing that certain countries have thorium deposits, that rain abounds on the poles and at the equator, establish a plan to green the deserts.

What is wealth?[edit]

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Many would like to own Robinson Crusoe's knowledge. Indeed, he knows how to do a lot of things. Wealth is knowing how to use that you have. If we have something and we are useless, we are not rich. Rather, we are bogged down in our property.

So someone who has too much will have to live what he has. He may then acquire people using that he has got. He will then want to own these people, to own his property. He will create slavery.

If we have something, that we can both repair and use, this object has a lot of value for us. We feel really rich then. Thus, we will want to own many of these objects to show our wealth. We create collections.

File:Image2.pngManual work is a very rich

My notes[edit]

Which work can I do?

What is capital?[edit]

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Capital is that allows to create wealth. Indeed money, allowing to acquire quickly goods, favors the creation of wealth. So for the farmer, according to Henry Charles Carey, capital is money and Earth. For the industrialist, capital is money and materials to transform.

Thus the capital changes for each job. For services, the capital can be money and humans, which can be dangerous. Services can be politically oriented so that their capital is money and industries. Industries must be protected so that industries can really benefit from services.

Our capital is earth on 2014

The mankind capital is therefore the Earth. It is not money, which is made from paper. Unless there are some in banks. China wants to appropriate the capital Moon, to take the Helium 3, to merge, to get unlimited energy.

My notes[edit]

What do you want to improve?

The growth’s culture[edit]

Tuesday, April 16, 2013
Currently the culture of entertainment, promoted by the Beatles without them realizing it, is a culture where drugs inspire, in order to get more emotions. During the 30 glorious years, the culture was certainly popular, but above all progressive and oriented towards mankind’s love.
We remember best examples. Confucianism places this forward. The oligarchy is against this Confucianism, which promotes the social rise by honesty, allowing then the population to really enrich themselves by knowledge, in order to progress. Our economy evolves only through our ability to rise through knowledge, in order to grow.
The 30 glorious are an extension of Roosevelt's policy in France. It is said that Churchill lasted the Second World War, so that Roosevelt did not see the end of the Second World War. As soon as he died, the Allied forces were better efficient. The United States had, 25 years after Roosevelt, an evenness money, allowing the poor countries to get rich, growing gold reserve. The dollar had real productive value for anyone who had it.The glorious 30 had a fault. Because of the variable exchange rate, we speculated on the poor countries’ debts. This variable exchange rate meant that China was dependent on its exports on 2014. The variable exchange rate leads to slavery.However, the population was lead towards commitment. She had the love of humanity. We contributed to grow a better humanity, thanks to major works and social security in France. There was the joy of realizing the creative potential. The people were happy.
During the 1970s there were a lot of politics’ murders. The persons capable to improve society have been murdered. We know that De Gaulle, the France’s president, escaped from attacks. There is also the murder of Robert Boulin, a labor minister. In the United States, Kennedy and Martin Luther King were murdered, which led Americans to believe that roguery made it possible for them to find a place in society.
There is no longer this culture of metaphor, yet present, again, in the 1980s. These poetic comparisons express the beauty, when there is truth’s research. Money’s privatization has led to poor people’s education, where creativity has not been used. Yet creativity is that isolates us from the animal.
Entertainment’s culture entourages the sickly impulses, responsible for our faults, because overcrowded classes prevent the teacher from changing the student, whom becomes emotional with television. Emotion and fear create war. Rationality and poetry bring about peace, while there is a truth’s research, impulsed by progress.
We should all think like scientists, to act like politics. The greatest ideas were politically engaged. The inventors of these ideas knew that politics influenced them. Every civilized person acts after checking hypotheses.

Rembrandt explains that forgiveness is beauty

Mazarin has been erased from French history books. Yet he created peace by recognizing nation-states and co-growth. The peace of Westphalia by Mazarin has created a lasting peace. The oligarchy wanted to erase this memory afterwards, by promoting liberalism and Napoleon. France has become imperialist again because of Napoleon. Imperialism benefits only to a small people’s group.

The Greek culture of beauty makes it possible to understand beauty as a better future, allowing to grow human being. Now beauty is seen, at this moment, as something sensory. Beauty is however independent of our senses. For example, Beethoven created his best scores when he was deaf. Without separating the beauty of our senses, we are attempted by the culture of the shorter view. Beauty is the beauty of the spirit and its movement, the discoveries it gives us, to become better, searching for truth.



My notes[edit]

Write about these authors.

Understanding movement[edit]

Thursday January 5th

To understand movement, first we must be in truth‘s research, growing mind. Indeed, our mind can become heavier, creating more connection, through manual work and musical instruments.

First of all it is necessary to know that the child, when he learned to speak and to walk, used the scientific brainstorm. Indeed, he tested, made experiments, made assumptions, then, one day, he issued a higher hypothesis: "I walk", or "I speak". The child is therefore a born scientist. Yet the school does not develop the scientific spirit. But the scientific job is the job of the future.


Writing a poem, saying to himself "if ..." helps to find a truth. By dint of wanting to write other poems, we end up finding our truth. By understanding nature, therefore understanding science, we end up finding the truth. Each question will lead, an answer, which will push our mind to find another question. We will create many hypotheses. Only our mind will create a superior hypothesis, when it will link our knowledge, through meditation.

My notes[edit]

Define a theme. Write a poetry about.Link in your mind to make a higher hypothesis.

Arithmetic and geometry[edit]

Monday, November 5, 2012
Students realize that school education is limited. But this limitation dates from the 1960s. It is therefore necessary to redesign the school programs, to go to the useful and the daily.
Our school programs are refounded each year. Often they are simplified. Other times they add information. The added information is often impossible to apply in everyday life. Moreover, according to the book Growing and Educating the Mind, even if the best schools make the best use of the mix and the practice, it is necessary to admit that the teachers do not check if the pupil will be able to use a theory towards a convenient.
Also the lessons of the students are very esoteric and specialized, whereas it is possible to explain very complex theories with understanding the current life.

A theorem demonstratedby geometry

Mathematics lessons will every have the same approach: statement of the theory then demonstration of the theory. The student will participate most often with the exercises. Only ambitious or docile students will seem motivated by this forbidding order.

Before students were trying to use geometry to demonstrate algebra. You see in this article a demonstration of a remarkable identity, by geometry. Thus, with such a demonstration, it is possible that the entire class demonstrates, by itself, a remarkable identity. In 2012, a socialist deputy, who could take over geometry at the heart of school programs, spends his time communicating.

These complex directions have a purpose. Only students initiated by the interest of the school will be motivated, which is not necessarily learned in primary. There is indeed a lot of work to do understanding the foundations of the school and the main subjects.

Also, students in some neighborhoods are largely unmotivated by the fact that graduates can not find an attractive job, knowing that 80% of hires are coopted. It is indeed difficult for a neighborhood student, lower recognized, to be admitted for what he really knows to do.

These boring and poorly explained lessons are also meant to become emotional, so that we think with the short view, so that we do not know how to change society. Indeed the courses of accounting teach you, besides by professors who did not practice, that it is enough to have working capital for a company to go well. In fact, you have to know each business sector.

To go further, the curves and the zones representing linear equations or inequations induce that the world can be understood in two dimensions, or that certain problems can not be solved.


This cone represents the perfect demographic evolution, with energy in the middle.

This does not brainstorm the imagination. Now we know that there is the choice of understanding more easily the infinite and our economy, with logarithmic spirals, below. These spirals can easily make sense of demographic change over time, thanks to science.

An explanation of this logarithmic spiral is in the Larouche-Riemann method. You may find it in some economics books. As you can see, this spiral uses 3 dimensions. This allows to better understand some parameters of the economy, based on demography, with the cone, the creation of energy with the inner curve. The example above is the evolution of a world’s growth ideally in a society, democratic and republican.

My notes[edit]

Try to solve the doubling of the square, without using measurements.

Understanding society[edit]

Why our society is growing[edit]

Human society’s rise up is due to various factors. First of all Homo sapiens, since his birth, has been an increasingly creative and sensitive social individual. For example, we discovered our emotions when Descartes unlinked them. Mankind creativity has been revealed while using nature, revealing powers. Understanding nature has allowed homo sapiens’ rise up. When Africa was a desert, the first 1000 homos sapiens controlled the tides in the African beaches, then have been to Namibia. Then they have populated planet, by mastering fire and marriing.

When homo sapiens is front of seemingly insurmountable difficulty, Homo sapiens has this curious ability to gain immense sensitivity, which can either cause disorder or awaken a practical and cognitive creativity, that allows him to anticipate others and his environment.

Tidal control has created homo sapiens. The prophets known to the human race probably existed in a certain way. The writings have also prophesied these humans. Indeed, this sensitive creativity awakens the ability to think with others through dialogue. This dialogue, driven by a big problem solved, which could have wiped out other less prepared homos sapiens, reveals every day a truth with others. Thus these humans speak of faith in the other, because telling with people and the worst examples strengthen their ego, their creativity, therefore their faith. The same dynamic could also be found among the great mankind discoverers and scientists. For them, the glory will not really be that they are remembered. They will be people remembered for their words or writings, to grow society, in order to do as well as life’s creator.

There is also in the human the desire to go into the unknown, to discover it. Homo Sapiens is not afraid of differences. Asian has married other human species more easily. Chinese calligraphy began our philosophical journey. The Amerindian succeeded in diversifying human genes by discovering the most remote lands to Africa. Also Africans kept the greatest genetic heritage of humanity. He has this unparalleled faith in life, in society, in nature, in science, therefore, in spite of the challenges that have gone through. Homo sapiens has created an advanced society while living in a difficult climate and a rich nature, hardly modified. The Greeks continued the human philosophical’s rise up. Turning swamps into fields permitted them, after africans, to create new great growth, with a better living.

All animals are afraid against fire, except humans. Here is human economy’s begining. Fire Control kept the food longer with easier eating. It allowed more time to think, giving us the will to try more and more to modify nature. The axe allowed the sedentary and the first houses. Even so, our ancestors spent a lot of time surviving, working a lot to get a little. However, humans specialized 40,000 years ago, at the time of a good demographic.

The first villages were established through livestock farming and crop, with organized and specialized societies. After biomass’ energy, mankind then uses the energy and the benefit of the breeding, to increase people with less effort. It is up to a society that respects its citizens to respect animals. Human society can only exist through the benefit to others.

Then petroglyphs created the hieroglyph’s handwriting used at first by the nobles to grow themselves. The association between individuals and societies has grown. These various good technologies can be summarized as follows: labour saving through energy, through elements’ linking, then of humans and societies.

The societies that have the most self-power over the labour economy are also the most cultivated and the richest.

However, educated leaders are often not as sensitive as their parents, because they don’t solve big problems. This defect in all our societies then reveals our animal character. This defect is solved with creative and politicised people, often few, because to be creative requires to confront to others’ truth. If this population is harmed, a society or civilization is destroyed. If the creative population is increased or favored, great industrialists and then scientists take place. They will grow creative sensibility, in disregard of the lobbies or jealous powers. This is how human society is constantly growing, with the writings keeping that has been used.

Closest complementary persons or families are, better dialogue and linking will be fostered, better intelligible and material wealth there will be, better dialogue and linking will make it possible to produce complex and high-quality tools or goods. A society that has understood this issue will grow very quickly. Great names will be known in the sensitive and creative population. Thus a society, called empire, which will individualize will be lost because human understanding himself defining, bonding, telling, asking. Links between ideas allow to link elements.

There are always elements that ask to reveal their powers. There are still fields to be created, more than we can imagine. Mankind has this creativity that will allow his society to equal God, discovering universe organization.

Mes Notes[edit]

Discover new prehistoric museums.

Growth history[edit]

Human took risks to use fire, in order to protect himself from animals. Then, livestock farming and irrigation led to a new growth. People gave their life to acquire goods. They became slaves to acquire. Slaves' debts were then recorded, creating scriptural money.

Chinese, then Greeks, created the currency, Chinese' notes, then Greeks' coins. Chinese used a hidden tree for notes. Greeks used metals for that. Chinese currency was mainly valued because it was able to acquire with it silk in Europe. Russia was interested about other Chinese goods.

Chinese emperor applied his seal to banknotes, validating Chinese banknotes. Thus, Chinese finance was not created, also thanks to Confucianism. Chinese created the first steam engines. But then they were attacked by the Huns.

Nicolas De Cuse, who has grown Infinity notion, then the astronomer and technician Kepler had both revolutionized European science. Kepler had found some planets' paths. Then he spoke about harmony, harmony meaning mathematics. Kepler thought also that space was organized, so it needed a soul or souls. Mathematics harmony were used by John Sebastian Bach. He created the Well-Tempered keyboard. Later Leibniz and Pascal discovered him.

Under Louis XIV, Colbert wanted to restore cathedrals' movement, protecting France from British Empire. He decided to destroy the Fouquet traffic, to protect French manufactures from the English imports. This led to create French industries' future. But Colbert decided to export only luxury. Then the other factories became trusts in England to get rich. A trust is an delegated managed lead by a paid employee. This management dates back to Crusades, when the knight left to war, delegating his owns to an employee.

Also under Louis XIV, Denis Papin and Leibniz created coal's economy, later allowing the train and the steamer. Leibniz improved the infinity's concept of De Cuse, to speak about growth, through labour economics.

Lazare and Sadi Carnot created thermodynamics, under Napoleon, to later create pistons and the heat engine, much more ecological. The heat engine allowed great works. This science was hidden for 40 years, discovered and censored for a part by Kelvin.

In the United States, a public productive currency was created, constitutionally linked to a public National Bank. Hamilton indicated that this bank would turn debt into credit. That happened.

So, Napoleon created the France's Private Bank, so financial bank. He was used to make war. But Lazare Carnot had created Polytechnic, MINES and the most colbertist schools known as CNAM. Polytechnic created thinkers going against Napoleon. CNAM made it possible, among other things, to investigate French society, as a Colbert should have done.

On the nineteenth century, we discovered that energy was created by Labour. So we define work as energy. Leibniz's labour saving concept was thus allowed greatly with a more dense energy. Henry Charles Carey then defines physical economy's driving words, words defined in this book.

Henry Charles Carey was read in many countries. Carey allowed the worldwide train's growth. He was exchanging with Friedrich List, who allowed Bismarck's productive economy. Meidji ERA in Japan was also strongly influenced by Carey.

Franklin Roosevelt took advantage of Carey's last schools to clean up the banks through a Glass-Steagall Act, consisting to split deposits, that is, taxpayers' money, from speculation, that is, financial money. George Boris wrote articles about Roosevelt. Roosevelt did not read Keynes, but Carey and Hamilton.

We discovered nuclear power. This dense energy allowed a global growth. Franklin Roosevelt wanted to grow Africa, during the war. Marshall plan, which was a monetary plan, was financial and was used unto Europe.

Georges Boris taught Léon Blum, Pierre Mendès-France and Charles De Gaulle. Charles de Gaulle and the communists split banks into three parts, that is to say, separated the taxpayers ' deposits from the loans, therefore debts, from speculation too. French economists are frightened that loans do not allow Roosevelt's banking splitting.

My Notes[edit]

Write and search about Colbert and Denis Papin.

From cell to society[edit]

Friday, February 10, 2017

In the same way that the individual is composed of cells having a specialty, the society is composed of individuals having a job. Everyone goes in the direction of everything. Each individual is a cell of the body society. Each company is an organ of this society, acting for itself and others, separately and for the whole. The more specialized the bodies or jobs are, the more the body or society can achieve different goals.

Thus, it goes without saying that it is necessary to head a company. Otherwise we could not coordinate cells, humans. We could not answer to the short view. Just as we do not know why life is organized, we do not know why society is organized. Thus each individual acts for himself and the whole. If it does not, the other cells must hunt the cell or the individual. The cell will use immunocompetence. The human will use cops. It will then be for the cell or the human to feel the way to lead instead participating, so that the management gains control at all.

File:Image19.pngThe cells reproduce as the first animals reproduced

It is very difficult for a body to hunt cancer cells. Indeed, the cells behave individually. Society, then, can not receive help from outside, unless from God, to reorganize itself. This raises the question of whether God organizes our society when it goes wrong.


My notes[edit]

Why should society organize itself?

Physical economy story[edit]

Friday, July 19, 2013

The physical economy explains to you how goods are produced. It also indicates how it is possible to grow the population, by increasing the standard of living, thanks to human creativity. Human creativity acts on agrifood and industrial production.

In Ancient Greece there were many free citizens. The ancient Greeks used slaves for their industry because there were no motor machines. This seems obvious to you, but this principle of lesser action is called into question today. Indeed, in 2013, many complain about machine tools. The actual problem is that France does not grow industries anymore.

Slavery and wars have caused the implosion of Greek and Roman civilizations. This put a temporary end to Greek scientific discoveries.

The Greeks used geometry a lot in mathematics. They thus defined the principle of least action. This principle makes it easy to create geometric figures. This allowed them to grow their minds to understand how to build into space. Even today, geometry is essential to understand the infinitely small. But it is insufficiently taught since the 1960s.

In the fifteenth century, Nicolas de Cues defined the principle of maximum minimum, linked with the transformation of arc to circle. This demonstration comes from the principle of least action of the Greeks. Nicolas de Cues also demonstrates that it is impossible to create a circle with a polygon. He therefore puts forward the notion of infinity, present everywhere in the universe and in life.In the sixteenth century, Kepler geometrically determined the weight of the earth by understanding the elliptical ways of the planets of the solar system.


The cosmographer

Before Kepler, the ways of the planets were not understood. To understand the ways of planets, Kepler created the cosmographer. By creating the cosmographer, Kepler thus created the foundations of mathematical physics, dependent on geometry. Kepler could never have determined the mass of the earth without his cosmographer.

However, in 2013, geometry is buried in high school in France. It is said that it is to specialize students. Only many students become dependent on their own knowledge, and are unable to grow themselves like that science evolves. Still, finding new ideas makes the scientist. Kepler's geometry has, however, led to great discoveries.

Leonardo da Vinci created many machines in the fifteenth century. You can see all his creations in different pictures’ books. Leonardo da Vinci has created a lot of kinds of gears, to develop a steam engine. He used the principle of less action, allowing to gain in efficiency.The steam engine will be developed by Denis Papin in the seventeenth century, thanks to the discovery of stronger alloys. Denis Papin was the collaborator of Leibniz. Leibniz wanted to use the principle of least action to revolutionize mining. Leibniz's work ranges from philosophy to science and economics. Leibniz sublimed the principle of least action. This principle is present in the physical economy to solve the problems related to slavery. Indeed the machines of his century, even if they brought qualified jobs, required a lot of physical work.Leibniz supplied his work to the Russia of Peter I, whom sublimed Britain in the eighteenth century in mining. Christiaan Huyghens, another employee of Leibniz, will allow to create combustion engines, much later, however.


The Carnot machinelooks like a piston

In the nineteenth century the physicist Sadi Carnot understood that geometry allowed to encompass physical phenomena, in order to build machines.He created the first system to understand the use of heat, on which we still have discoveries to make. Sadi Carnot shows very clearly that there are moments of contraction and relaxation of air in his machine excited by heat.

This system makes it possible to understand thermodynamics, the science of heat. Thermodynamics led to create more combustion engines. On this subject thermodynamics consists to say that there are heat movements, even if Lord Kelvin wanted to show that there would be none, after a while. Lord Kelvin's work tried to make it seem like everything was becoming scarce. This is contradicted daily by scientific findings.

Here again, the geometry and the principle of least action will make it possible to create the combustion engine. The invention of the combustion engine will allow, with the oil, to give us the possibility for the human being to abolish legislatively the slavery. The engines today allow us to claim a creative human civilization. This is what Alexander Hamilton, Friedrich List and Henry Charles Carey developed with the state bank. This bank creates a public productive currency, a credit for major works, which belongs to the people with a useful protectionism.

The books of Friedrich List and Henry Charles Carey are a public domain work. In these books you have all the economic systems explained. In the book of Friedrich List, the part on Spain and the Methuen treaty learns a lot about the flaws of the monetary economy, where we see that Adam Smith, the guru of the current economy, is really an notorious idiot, who does not even know how a enterprise builder works.

The Larouche-Riemann method is a demonstration of Nicolas de Cues's work on the self-similar conical action. Leibniz began work in this theorization of the human economy with circular action. Riemann continued the work, allowing Lyndon Larouche to clarify the usefulness of such method, allowing also to see the crisis arriving, while proposing human growing. This circular action now makes it possible to understand the economic and human demographic evolution. It replaces the 2-dimensional graphs, which does make it impossible to understand how human economy grows.

Our creative reason has always distinguished us from the animal, as Friedrich Schiller explains. It is also possible to create a society where every citizen grows, a society of researchers. Useful protectionism, which protects industry and agriculture, provides access to this kind of society by protecting human creativity. When we have dripped to creativity, we want to grow.

The monetary economy, by squeezing production with the famous quality-price ratio, squeezes industries, breaks any possibility of protectionism like Roosevelt, then like Mendès France or like De Gaulle. These men allowed people to grow their creative reason. Roosevelt protectionism squeezes every form of usury, especially with a fair currency with real productive value. Roosevelt had this understandable desire to develop Africa. France unfortunately did not want to do that. When we grow the others we grow ourselves.

The physical economy explains that a human economy must be managed humanely, that is, by protecting and embracing human creativity. The physical economy is an economy encompassing the principle of least action, possible thanks to dense energies. This is called labor saving thanks to the density of energy flow. The machines will, indeed, allow the workmen to be quieter, still it is needed them to be favored.

The findings above have allowed a relative population density potential. That is, they have or would have allowed the population to grow by raising the standard of living. In other words, a population that uses an invention with a higher potential for demography is a lot if it makes the right policy choices.


My notes[edit]

Why can we grow?

Energy story[edit]

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Unlike those who believe that money is a wealth, unless it is only a means of having it, energy is the essential basis of our economy. Indeed we can remember the technological revolutions, as the taming of fire and animal, then the energy provided by the sun and water, then fossil energies, finally the evolution towards the science of isotopes, nuclear energy, which constitutes material.

Why energy ?

Every energies are natural, and that nature also contains the whole universe, which we are now trying to explore. Humans only handle nature through science and their creativity.

So we can be a lot on the planet only thanks to the energies allowing to:* Heat to prevent disease.

  • Overpower nature with industrial tools and science.
  • Give us time to think about changing our science and our industry.

So we can say that our economy is based on energy, not on money. In fact, the atoms, which are in materials, are inert energy.


At the beginning we needed big spaces to feed ourselves, because we lived of the hunting, then of the picking. Hunting without the energy provided by the fire did not permit to survive along enough, because the fire allowed us to heat the food to keep it longer. We quickly became sedentary with the gathering, but our first cities were tiny, because it was at that time a surface of 10 km2 per human to survive thanks to the fire.

The biomass energies, which we estimate at 4,000 in theoretical energy production, with the use of fire, allowed us to know a first paradigm. We have known the solar, which allows some way to know the efficiency with windmills and solar ovens.

Control of fauna and floraIrrigation and breeding allowed us to increase the gains per area. Then the writing, necessary for finance allowed to put in writing the reflections of our scientists and thinkers, some of whom, like Aristotle, defined that the real democracy, therefore participative, allows to optimize a society to serve the human. The Greeks have defined that a society based on the slavery of the people does not serve the human, therefore runs to its loss. Thus the slaves do not create enough work for the rest of the population, leading to famines and an implosion of society.

The energy of the sun

You should know that, according to scientists and the book defining the economy, Lyndon Larouche, the energy provided by the sun is 0.2 kW / m2. The windmill was thus a beautiful invention, because it allowed to control a part of the energy provided by the sun. This energy was directly transformed into work tools, which did not need to work full time. Thus bread has since been more easily assimilated. So, a wind turbine will not be able to provide a work as optimized as a past windmill. Indeed a wind turbine will turn the wind into electricity, itself again transformed into tool work or heat. There is energy loss doing that.

The photovoltaic energy is over-financed in 2011. It is worse than agrofuels. At least, with agrofuels, there are plants, while photovoltaic panels replace plants. Thus expensive solar greenhouses, set up by finance, prevent plants that are inside to push at best. In addition to the energy cost of a photovoltaic panel is considerable, while, remember, the energy provided by the sun is 0.2 kW / m2. Finally, like wind turbines it is better to use solar ovens, or hot water solar panels, yet inefficient, rather than passing through electricity.


At the time of the first industrial revolution, we found denser sources of energy than biomass, such as coal, worth 8,000, at the first industrial revolution. Then the oil, worth 11 000, then the liquefaction of the gas, worth 12 500. The coal, which nevertheless allowed less slavery, is very polluting and radioactive with the carbon 14. It is intended to replace the nuclear , according to pseudo-ecologists. Indeed, solar energies need coal for manufacturing, but also for times when the sun is not present enough.

The engine has, then, allowed better control of nature. We have been able to carry out great works to store water and then use it by inventing hydroelectricity. Every dams we built then brought nature unprecedented expansion. It should be noted that there is still major work to be done, including changing the way of large rivers, going directly to the sea, so redirecting them to deserts, currently used for some livestock, unfortunately.

Fission then fusion

In 1942 the fission of uranium, worth 1,000,000,000, was discovered. It was therefore intended to be used afterwards. This energy is not sufficiently dense and stable compared to the thorium-uranium fission, which could have been used from the beginning of the nuclear reactors.

Lyndon Larouche, the American scientist and economist who determined the actual crisis from the 1950s, says that nuclear is certainly expensive to create reactors, but that the energy coming from atoms, and no longer links to within the molecules, allows to release a considerable energy, allowing enough energy not only for the work of our tools, but also of our heating. Knowing that the science of isotopes and therefore of atoms gets more energy than the science of chemical bonds and molecules, we can therefore have a lot of energy by breaking or even fusing atoms.

Ecologists agree that fusion is ecological. Only what many do not say or do not know that the steps that lead to the merger will burn the waste of the previous generation. This is why that EPRs do not create a new generation of plants. These plants are uranium plants.


Fusion of deuterium with tritium gives helium

Nuclear fission should have been that of thorium, 4 times more present than uranium, allowing power plants that existed, producing 4 times less waste 100 to 10,000 times less durable for the most part. These Thorium plants were tested in the 1960s in Oak Ridge for 4 years. Molten salt reactors already existed and allowed less risk.

Thus the next generation plants can be stopped much more easily than currently. Thorium should have been a choice turning our countries towards peace. The only objective of the fission is to set up nuclear fusion, using hydrogen or even more easily helium-3 and deuterium, to burn the waste from nuclear fission.

Nuclear waste can in fact become stable again with the MYRRHA Belgian project. In other words, waste can return to a normal atoms. The thorium energy is the most stable known. Thorium reactors such as the mini-FUJI and an old German project can be stopped by producing less waste or even recycling waste. Nuclear energy is used in thirds. However the remaining 2 thirds would heat cities with minimal loss. We could also charge the hydrogen or fuel cell cars. Technology now allows this.

Thorium-uranium could reuse atomic bombs, to produce energy with plutonium. Better this time it would improve nature by greening the deserts, including the desalinization of seawater near the coast and pumping mass above the Sahara. Indeed water goes below the Sahara to go into the sea.

There is no way in any way to lower the production of energy, otherwise most clean with thorium and MYRRHA. Yet the world's population can still rise to 25 billion people. Yet depopulation has begun and demographic curves are declining. Finance is creating a genocide by returning to less dense energies, therefore less useful.

The danger of plutonium

By discovering new radioactive isotopes in the 1960s, researchers have been turned up towards the production of plutonium, the waste that allows nuclear weapons, which is now useless because most of the powerful countries have it. Our policies acting more like children do not understand the dangers of this power. Or they only know them after thinking about it, like Paul QUILÈS. Paul QUILÈS tells that nuclear disarmament implies active cooperation between countries, based on utopia. Larouche speaks about growth.

Energy conversion

We transform energies to other energies so we can use them. There is loss with every conversion. Nuclear power makes it possible to do what we already do, with additional possibilities. Thermal is central using energy. We can go from one energy to another with losses. For example, chemicals, mechanics and nuclear power make it possible to create electricity, not in equivalent quantities. The electric is used again towards other energies.

Energy making and growth are intimately linked. The longest energy sources of life are uranium with 300 years of duration, coal with 800 years of duration for the moment, and thorium-uranium with a life of 10,000 years if put it up right now. These energies can then be replaced by fusion. The fusion torch will recycle waste very easily.


  2. – economy book

My Notes[edit]

Research on thorium.

Describing Scientifically Jobs[edit]

Monday, March 10, 2014

On 2017, media and schools are trying to induce that money is a goal, while it is only a means to obtain some wealth. So they try to pervert jobs. There are obviously jobs that are more perverse than others. At the same time, finance tell us that everyone should be honest except the stranger.

Caitlin Sanchez.png
The job of farmer is noble

It is very difficult to describe scientifically the logic of our job. This tends to challenge us. I think my job as a computer scientist requires the purchase of computers. It's because there are so many computer scientists in France that we are engaged in the digital world of importing computers from Asia to destroy our industries. The computer scientist is therefore a lawyer. But it's not just him who does it. Here is an excerpt from the book "The Principles of Social Science" by Henry Charles Carey. The trafficker is, according to Henry Charles Carey, the one who buys cheap to sell expensive, according to the famous quality/price ratio. Here is the answer to this famous question: Why an empire ends up imploding?

"For those who live by the work of appropriation, the commerce growing is not wanted, its growth being everywhere accompanied by the fall of the brilliancy and magnificence of those whose wish to lead the movements of the Society with a view to their personal interest. The statesman profits from his isolation from his fellows, and so does the lawyer, the trafficker, the great owner of a poorly cultivated land, and all the other individuals. belonging to the classes, whose means of existence and distinction are due to their intervention, between those who produce the commodities and those who need them for their consumption. All these individuals collect a temporary profit, preventing growth’s movement in the society; and the greater their power to do so, the greater the proportionate share of the product of their work, and the weaker the share to be shared between the workers.

The broker does not want his constituents to be able to meet and arrange their business without his intervention. The opposite is so true that, the greater the distances is between them, the more easily he can get a fortune at his expense, buying for himself at a low price and to their detriment, when prices are low, selling for his account, more at the expense of his constituents, when prices are high. The slave owner lives by preventing the association among these individuals who belong to him, where it needs for them that they bring him the goods that they produce, and that they come to him for all that they need of use. The valet knows that the more obstacles there are between the producer and the market where he sells his products, the greater the demand for horses or cars, and the greater the proportion of food he will retain as compensation for its services. The shipowner rejoices when individuals are forced to separate from one another, as was the case in the last Crimean war; or when poverty forces them to abandon their homes to emigrate to distant lands, because this state of business brings demand for ships. He also rejoices when harvests are plentiful, and the quantity that needs to be transported, accumulates constantly, causing a rise in the price of freight. The real and permanent interests of all classes of individuals are one and the same; but their apparent and temporary interests are different; and that is why we see individuals and nations constantly engaged to the pursuit of the latter, to the exclusion of the former. Blinded by the idea of profit and the power of the moment, the great men of Greece and Rome took no account of this fact, that they constantly exhausted the forces of the society of which they were a part; and following in their footsteps blindly, those of Venice and Genoa, of France and Holland, of Spain and Portugal, followed a way exactly similar, always linked with the same results.

It has been the same, invariably, in relation to the trafficker, whose greatest desire has always been to maintain at its highest point, and even to increase the need for individuals to use transport and to limit even this need to use the instrument he possessed himself. The more completely this goal was reached, the more complete the centralization of power became, the more splendid were the places where exchanges were necessarily to take place, and greater the temporary prosperity of the trafficker was; but faster also was his decadence and more complete ruin. The Phoenicians and Carthaginians, the Venetians and Genoese, the Spaniards and the Portuguese, the citizens of the Hanseatic towns, and their rivals the Dutch, showed themselves ruthless at all times in their efforts to force the inhabitants of their colonies to come into their villages ports and to use their ships. At the same time as they sought to seize power as a means of gaining wealth, all this power was employed in order to maintain at its peak the burden imposed on other peoples, as a result of the need to effect change of place. This, moreover, gave them advantages for the purchase of the raw materials, by making them accumulate in their ports, and subjecting them, consequently, as today, to heavy loads and to considerable risks, and advantages equal for the rest of these materials, when they were manufactured and ready for consumption. Thus they enriched themselves momentarily, while they considerably impoverished all who depended on their assistance, precisely, as we see it today, in relation to the individuals and companies who trade with the unfortunate aborigines. from our western continent, with the Mexican population, with the Finns and Lapps of northern Europe, the natives of the islands of the Pacific Ocean and those of Africa.Exhausting the peoples with whom they trafficked, they found a perpetually increasing difficulty in the maintenance of the traffic, in consequence of the constant increase of famines and epidemics, such as we see so frequently in Ireland today and India. As the population dwindled, the power to maintain the roads and bridges leading to the market was diminished, either to sell the miserable produce of her land, or to purchase the commodities necessary for her consumption; Some of this business is now seen in action in Jamaica and Ireland, India and Mexico; in all these countries the variety in the products of the soil is constantly diminishing, at the same time as there is a corresponding tendency to decrease in their quantity. Nowhere it is this sort of business more striking than in Turkey; It is about this country that a modern traveler said : "In every canton, the majority of the agricultural classes cultivate the same articles of product and follow the same routine of cultivation. As a result, each individual has a surplus of items that his neighbor wants to sell. This is precisely the situation in Brazil and India, Virginia and Carolina. Under such circumstances, - the power to maintain trade being nil, - the poor farmer is subjected to the "tender compassion" of the trafficker, whose power over him increases, with the diminution of the possibility to maintain relations with one's fellow men; and from there comes that farmer is so enslaved. Such are the results which necessarily derive from this fact: the man has become an instrument used by the traffic; but that the latter does not succeed in profiting from such an injustice, is proved by the decadence and the definitive fall of the societies whose prosperity was due exclusively to this same traffic. "

My notes[edit]

Explain in your way the movement of trade and traffic.

What is Appropriation?[edit]

Friday, November 7, 2014

There is no doubt that someone who enables society to get better must be rewarded to grow that society, by the fact that, instead, he really gets the goods he uses. Ownership movement is creating or losting owners. Power and liberalism allow the rulers to make the owners believe that they will be able to keep their property, without these owners being really useful to society.

If you stay in a place that you rent, it is accepted that the one who pays the place becomes the owner of the place. This is not what is observed in 2018. Indeed many owners have got interest in borrowing, so that it is the tenant who pays the loan. The tenant is not only paying for the competition with the growing number of new tenants. But he is also paying the owner's debt.

The owners want more power. Money makes it possible having power over a country. Thus the owners accept the private money because it also means disengagement from the state. Owners are made to believe that poverty is a source of wealth for them. This is taught by liberalism and the money economy, hiding the monetary creation.

Becoming an owner in France means being bourgeois

This loss of the state allows the liberal whorehouse, allowing to increase the poverty. Liberalism is a law believing that the individual makes society. In fact, individuality is created by society.

The idiotic possessed then believe that it is beneficial to himself, because the inequalities increase. It is not in any way. Indeed, that is important is above all to dispose that we use, in order to be recognized. It's not about owning those who create wealth. In this case we are going towards society’s loss, because there is no interest to grow society, in this case. This is pure speculation that someone else can belong to you. It is the illusion of power, the cause of revolts.

After having growed country, everyone is satisfied with the short view he has got. Indeed many are owners, because the trade and growing country allowed politically to everyone to create a useful work, this against retribution of that has been created by people. Everyone could own with the fruit of his work. So there are a lot of owners.

However liberalism will meddle. After making the school unfit, saying that the country can no longer develop, because of the private currency, the population does not flourish, believing in this fear of living in a finite world. It is this fear that leads to entertainment, that is to think about something else. However, we are happy when we got answers to our questions.

Yet historically humanity has always growed, above all demographically. Many growth’s projects are waiting, especially in Africa. With the density of available energy and the canals, deserts can be turned green or swamps can be turned into farms.

There are no finite resources, on the one hand because we are only transforming most resources except energy, on the other hand because we do not even know the universe’s limits. Finally, humanity has not only found more and more resources in the world, but these new resources are also becoming richer. Indeed, that is richest is also difficult to get in nature. For example, swamps took a long time to become fields in France, thanks to axes unless. There are still many swamps elsewhere in the world.

All of these findings are against the liberal theory of rent, saying that it was those who came first who created wealth. Indeed commodities or products are worthless, if they can not be sold. Homeowners are worthless without the society that allows them to become like that.

All these findings are also against Malthusianism, currently called decay, saying that there are too many humans. On the other hand, the sons of owners will want to increase their owns, like spoiled children. Some, like Prince Philip of England, will want to turn into a virus to kill people, for his caste to get more.The people who believe in entertainment will believe in everything entertainment say to them, depending on what they hear around them. The polls will move towards liberalism, meaning "Enjoy because everything is fine: Markets and the stock market manage everything!". The possessed will be possessed by the desire to possess. They will also want to own others.We will then post its culmination, Malthusianism, which consists in making believe that the resources are finished. This will be due to the science’s disinterest, because the scientific reflection of Plato has not been used. Also, alarmist sci-fi movies will drive the decline.

So the population thinks we cannot grow, so there's no reason to live anymore. Then the sons of possessors will have more wealth than they will not use. These riches will be no more, since are rich the ones that know what to do with their owns.

Only the wealthy will be more and more dispossessed, first of their companies, then by their children. Indeed, if those who produce do not get rich, then society decreases.

The people will think about a trickery in this liberalism, even if some will flourish. Indeed, fulfillment will be censored. Will be recognized talented speakers, able to explain to you that everything is commendable if enough people accept it, according to the liberal brothel.

The truth's research leads to its fulfillment. It will be unemployment or a meeting that will cause the population to dare to question, if it seeks happiness. Some will not have abandoned the scientific thinking and the truth's research of their childhood, necessary to learn to walk and talk.

Those whose will not seek the truth, which brings happiness, those will be performers of the system, because they are unhappy themselves. The sophists, those speakers whose turn away the truth, will be rewarded. They do not know themselves, rewarded for their ignorance of liberalism, but especially for their knowledge of others.

Then the population will have little, and other countries will show that growth is beneficial, as long as this population knows it. Then the tenants will want to become owners again, so as not to be possessed. They will accept the morals of those that they did not understand before, because they will have got enough news from those who seek the truth, but especially because this struggle growing by the common good has been sufficiently known and remembered, even if censored.


  • The Principles of Social Science - Henry Charles Carey

My notes[edit]

Do my parents own their home? Is this normal?

What is Trade and Traffic?[edit]

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Trade and traffic are linked. Indeed, trade is the politics that will enrich the country. Commercial competition, which is competition with competitors, leads to lower prices. If we stayed to this idea, everything would be in the best of all worlds, but that's not the case.

There is also traffic, but there is also financial competition. Traffic is about raising prices when the competitor is not there. The traffic can be canceled by the commercial competition, also by bringing together the actors between them. In this respect, the web is not the best solution because it is used as an interface for transport. The web is worthless in the face of the train, which, if financed as much as the road, would be free and very fast. Indeed, you are learning an important economic concept, namely the economy of work. The entire human society operates saving labor. Using one engine is better than using many scattered engines.

Financial competition comes when little enterprises have become big business. These big companies have got a lot and buy markets. They want to individualize by the car, in order to get a local market, then others. Then they increase prices. Only politics can overcome big societies, cutting into several societies, according to the antitrust law of the National Council of Resistance.

The market challenges traders

According to Henry Charles Carey, the trader uses the traffic to get rich. It's human. This trader wants to save his work easily. This is called laziness. So it is necessary to know that this traffic impoverishes the others, because the currency is a communicating vase. The ease of the trader will force him to buy the cheapest products, allowing him to sell without forcing himself. It will not necessarily respect the local products, which will be best copied by this trader. This is not illegal. The politician, elected, must be moral over everything and must ensure that external products do not harm his nation, by taxing them.

The trader will not be pushed to fault if he traffics. He will know and will even unwittingly to the state for this traffic, which allows to enrich it, because this traffic will rather enrich the big companies, its competitors. The problem of the trader will be his vanity, because he will not necessarily look at the challenge that will have his followers, who will have to find how to produce cheaper, with the poor quality products he has to sold.

My notes[edit]

Compare the supermarket to the market.

What is Life?[edit]

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Life organizes material. At the beginning there were the plankton then the plants, then there were the fishes, then the fishes conquered the Earth with the amphibians, then the amphibians became reptiles, to be autonomous on earth, then in the air with the dinosaurs and birds. Finally, reptiles have become mammals, warm-blooded so to go in the cold. The human being is a mammal capable of improving nature by its spirit, which is the goal of the life.

Life is therefore a movement organized from atoms‘ energy. Atoms' energy will be more and more used. In fact, atoms are inert energy’s bubbles, able to organize themselves to create life, through water, which organizes earthly life. We do not know why life is organized in the universe, except to reach God, as Jesus said. If we talk about life, we can say that the universe, made up of its atoms, are creative. No living being, even twins, is the same as another. Life is the infinite choice to generate something new, which is better than before.

This snake does not like the cold

The human economy, in its essence, works in the same way as life. The human economy is creating more and more energy to do more and more things. So, with fire, which is biomass’ energy, we had eat the food longer. With the energy of the sun and water, we created the first wind and water mills, to create the automated work. With coal, we created the first trains, which allowed a global trading’s growth. With oil, we created major works, large dams. All these works can be done today with nuclear power plants. These safe plants and recycling nuclear waste exist. Nuclear power makes it possible to green deserts with thorium. Nuclear fusion will allow journeys to Mars and deep space. So mankind will come out of its hold, the Earth.

My notes[edit]

Why does life organize the material?

The Paradigm Shift[edit]

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Science permits to understand nature and life. This infinite research makes it possible to develop paradigm shifts. The nuclear paradigm shift has finally been initiated in the 21st century by China. When the paradigm shift is not yet under way, we are talking about the potential for relative population density, that is to say the possibility for the population to grow and multiply in a certain way. In fact, there is still potential for relative population density. In other words, the human has the capacity to grow and multiply indefinitely, on Earth, then in the universe.

Thorium allows energy for 10000 years

To change the paradigm, it is necessary that 5% of the population militates for this change. These people must understand that the creativity of the human allows unlimited energy to develop each others. It's about understanding the life like infinity. It is therefore essential to tell to others changing the paradigm. If not, we can talk about the USSR which imploded under Gorbachev.


My Notes[edit]

Who really wants growing ? This is a truth's research.

Organizing: The negentropy[edit]

Thursday, January 5, 2017

The chance for mankind to organize material, like the will of the life to organize material, is called negentropy. Entropy, that is to say the tendency to disorganization, occurs when the human does not sufficiently understand its possibilities and is disorganized, by the fact that it no longer needs to meditate, thanks to the paradigm shift, who brought profusion. Thus, instead of having a continuous growth, the human face a decrease, due to laziness or censorship. Indeed, those who have the power need scarcity to have a grip on the population. The profusion makes it possible to allow newcomers to assert themselves. Leaders do not want that.

The trend towards organization will then be used to research. It is the only prospective job. Indeed, finding something new is the only thing robots can not do. A robot does not grow up, but learns that is already known. The robot does not have a soul. It's a machine. Our soul makes us grow. So when we make a lot of assumptions, a higher assumption comes from all of our knowledge, whether true or not.

Eliminating the mistakes of those whose have found, as Larouche does, can become sufficiently rebellious and scientific to be able to find. Also, the negentropy is born from the entropy of Kelvin. Nicolas Leonard Sadi Carnot is the writer whose Kelvin bases himself. Sadi Carnot speaks wonderfully of thermodynamics. You can read the beginning of the book, to read it again, during your scientific studies.


Sadi Carnot


My Notes[edit]

Why does the universe create?

Disorganizing: The Empire[edit]

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Every child grows himself in a certain way. This is called multiple intellects. Reading books about what makes a child intelligent is not about separating, but diversifying. Thus the school, which separates, asks the pupil to organize, but the pupil must know it. In other words, separation without linking at school brings entropy, if the child does not rise by organizing himself. The school has got a big fault. It prepares to create entropy, disorganization, to satisfy those who have got the power.

File:Image12.pngThe Roman Empire was corrupted by the centralization of the currency

It's hard to tie faith to reason when you're in school. Faith is the will. The reason is to be in the truth. Nevertheless, understanding the meaning of the words used, with the Latin and the Greek, that guesses a lot. A word is a secret, if you know the secret of words, at least with Greek or Latin, we can guess in college and high school, when the liberal brothel settles more and more.

When there is a paradigm shift, a new organization is needed in countries organizing a new society. The entropic countries go to war because they want to profit only from what already exists, among others. Indeed, those who have the power use lobbies to prevent societies to grow up, to prevent the presence of newcomers. Thus a rich country that is disorganized, especially by the school, will become an empire, that is to say that it will use its power to take the resources of poor countries. At the end, the empire will implode or be replaced.

My notes[edit]

Do you want what your neighbor has? Can you do otherwise?

What is Ideology?[edit]

Thursday January 5th

Ideology is the way, for those who have the power, finance in 2016, to hide the truth to people by censorship. Censorship is certainly removing sentences, but it is also transmitting false ideas, with ideology. Once words or theories have been hidden, like the physical economy, the ideology closes the hole, which is to redirect the truth’s research to false goals.

An ideology is the monetary economy. This ideology creates indicators, to make believe that all is well in the best of the worlds. Another is transhumanism. Rarity dogmas are taught to scientists to create theories. The money economy makes believe to the God of money. For those who do not believe in the money’s God, transhumanism indicates that man can do better than God. That is wrong. We can equal, but not surpass God, because we do not know how bodies can be animated and can evolve.

We do not know why there is life instead from Jesus, who only tells us that the human, if he respects the God’s rules, will join God in his universe. It seems that God has got all the knowledge, moreover, in his universe. Indeed, how could he create life differently? God just does not want to be alone creating the universe. Indeed the universe is created more and more, according to statistics about stars of NASA.

We know after if an idea is good

My notes[edit]

What is the difference between idea and ideology?

What is Liberalism?[edit]

Friday, January 6th

Liberalism is an ideology and a doctrine. It is a set of ideas and habits of life. His goal is so hidden. The goal of liberalism is to make people believe that the individual makes society, whereas, in fact, our individuality comes from our parents, and therefore from society, so history. Liberalism leads to stupidity, even violence, because the individual is afraid of others. In fact, the individual no longer grows because he no longer trusts society. If we do not grow, we regress, because memory then forgets.

My notes[edit]

What can you learn from society?

Money and market economy[edit]

The money and market economy can be explained simply. A market vendor who sells his products alone will want to raise prices, because he is alone to sell them, thus making a profit according to the monetary economy. The trade defined by Plato will allow finance, those who possess the creation of money, to catch the merchant's capital with his isolation.

It would certainly be worse without money, since one would have to become a slave to obtain a good.

An industrialist would be less tempted to raise prices. In fact, if he knows history, he knows that he is not alone to get rich. Also, he is focused on to create of his products, so the money is used to create projects through policy. Thus, it is possible that the industrialist will be satisfied with happiness when he sells, if he is not in a money and market economy.

My Notes[edit]

Define how isolated your society and its individuals are, using dialogue.

Improve Society[edit]

Scientific Brainstorming and Dialogue[edit]


We are taught a lot to dissociate. But we can do many more things linking. Scientific brainstorming and philosophy make it possible to link ideas, which are hypotheses coming from experiences. It allows to sublime our creativity.Our mind, when someone asks him a question, remembers it. Then it seeks, itself, a solution, with dreams and meditation. Meditation allows, with music which allows you to think to act, having constructive dreams. The question posed then leads to hypotheses to verify. It is important to write your hypotheses in order to better ask them later. Through dialogue we will find answers that can lead to other hypotheses.

The philosophical dialogue will make it possible to verify hypotheses linking ideas. Dialogue, where one shows oneself through politics, then makes it possible to reach an agreement, thanks to science. One can value one science rather than another. But we must then demonstrate this science, as we understand it.

You tell me then that there are too many assumptions under your mind. No, we can find a higher hypothesis that includes a set of hypotheses previously found. This higher hypothesis can then create passion, that is to say a work dedicated to this superior hypothesis, galvanized by our truth’s research.

The Athens School with Plato

Higher hypotheses entrust our subjectivity. We can then understand a part of our subjectivity scientifically, in order to solve some of our faults. With the story of his family, we will understand what could happen to us. Then, His or her partner can warn us about this delicate future.

The higher hypothesis will then ask us to use an axiom of science, a verification in nature or in the universe. Indeed, the only way to be sure of your ideas is to use science, which allows you to erase random choices. If we refer to science to grow up projects, we can hardly be asked oneself, because science makes it possible to understand nature and the universe. Science allows you to choose wisely.

Meditation will allow us to use our unconscious, if our mind gargles with reason. So the mind can think scientifically during a dialogue.

His found axiom can then challenge other axioms. It is therefore necessary to use dialogue and experiences to find other avenues of research. One becomes then a true researcher, able to write a scientific step. We dialogue to find new experiences. One turns one's truth's research into a search for scientific truth. His hypotheses become articles, thanks to the readings about human limits.

Our truth’s research makes us understanding human limits. It is, then, interesting to create a culture, to improve one or more human limits. This makes it possible to become a rousing researcher, galvanized by filling a poorly explored part of the human.

My notes[edit]

Begin to link ideas, asking you to meditate, philosophize, dialogue with others.

Use linking of ideas for your projects. Grow yourself with an activity, to convince.

Try to answer the assumptions that are made through dialogue and meditation.

Doing Politics[edit]

Friday January 6th

Any truly scientist does politics. Making politics is to convince to realize projects, their owns or others.


De Gaulle, politicizing ended up finding best ideas

To convince you must know how to meditate and philosophize. This allows to create a higher hypothesis. It is the option to convince easier, through dialogue and the link of knowledge. This requires contradicting scientific authors, as did Einstein with Newton.

Indeed, some scientific authors follow a lineage of other authors. Empiricist scientific writers, that is, those who trust what they see, to achieve what their direction wants, can not find anything new. Indeed, scientific discoveries must go through the test, the hypothesis, the experience and the search for scientific truth. It is the search for his own truth, which becomes the truth, as one goes along.

If a scientist really does what he wants, he has to make politics. The logic is the same as for the paradigm shift. Einstein had made politics. This allowed him to achieve what he wanted. His nationality’s variations were only political trials, given to countries that did not support his ideas.


Read some of Einstein's books, the most accessible.

My notes[edit]

Write up your project. Try to convince others to do them. Make a balance sheet and grow up.

Becoming a Citizen[edit]

Friday, January 6, 2017

Engaging to the life of your neighborhood allows you to start making politics. Starting with a constructive activity, like model making, a puzzle, initiates to build.

So, in the street, we try to find out how buildings and roads are designed. Roads and buildings must comply with rules of access or flow. We are interested in architecture, in order to build any project.

Once ideas come to improve his environment, we engage us to the life of our neighborhood. We think daily about architecture and economy of his neighborhood.

My notes[edit]

Think and talk about your neighborhood.Develop your project. Try to convince others to do it. Make a balance sheet and grow up.

Being Right[edit]

Friday, January 7, 2017

The one who is right, in the moral sense of the word, is the one who has the vision on the longer view. To have a long view, it is about using and defending general interest.

The general interest is the collective interest, which even allows to create new rights for individuals. When we defend the general interest, we highlight these new rights, which must be guessed, by scientific growths, or even paradigm shifts.

The games‘ theory is to anticipate the contender to find better than him. It is necessary, with game theory, to spy on the contender. The scientific defense of the general interest and politics make it possible to dispense of games’ theory. One does, then, only inquire about the contender.

My notes[edit]

Do you think you're often right?

Creative Like the Universe[edit]

Saturday, May 11, 2013

If life exists, it is because the universe that we know can create life. Life is a creation of the universe, so we discover that there are more and more galaxies especially among the smaller ones. The universe is spreading and organizing itself, because large galaxies create instability in the universe. Large stars have a short life and easily create black holes.

If you meet scientists, some will tell you that the universe is going towards a death where there is no more energy, whereas, nevertheless, it is possible to generate energy with any atom, according to Einstein. If we look into the history of science, we realize that even Pasteur, scientist deeply believing in the human, did not believe sufficiently in the creative capacities of the universe. He had forgotten that he himself was a creation of the universe.

The French entropic standard is based on a quotation from Lavoisier: "Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed". This dogma, still learned at school, can be easily gainsaid: If nothing is created how can something exists? So we know that if there was no more energy at all, the atoms should not move. But it is very difficult to make static atoms by bringing them to 0° Kelvin. So we would be in a universe without energy, where energy should act.

The entropic way consists to say that the universe is chaos, organized by laws of transformation, which brought life luckily. Yet scientists tell you that the probability of creating life luckily does not stand up. It's as if human had made his discoveries like Newton, with an apple on his head. Yet he copied Kepler. Many scientists are mistaken in trusting their senses. Yet, with the abstraction capabilities of the mind, one can rise through experiences and assumptions.

To be a good scientist, you have to be political and involved. This makes it possible not to be focused by others. One then uses truth’s research, which demands to find answers, consciously or unconsciously. Many bad scientists are capturing finance budgets because it wants to show that resources are becoming scarce. Thus they hide the discovery of thorium, abundant energy, very stable and ecological, thanks to the Belgian MYRRHA project. Unless someones make the people believe that we will run out of energy. This results in making ourselves pessimistic to better slaves ourselves. Someone, who believes that man can not grow, is a potential finance’s follower, because he will not even rebel, believing in natural animal picking, also promoted by finance. For example, we see this eugenics in Le Monde newspaper in 2012.

Now, our creative reason should be transmitted through education. Indeed, it identifies us from the animal. It also allows us the work‘s economy, to raise us like scientists. Scientific brainstorming consists to verify hypotheses, through the truth’s research, to grow general interest, according to Confucius.

My notes[edit]

Why is the universe growing ?

What is Energy?[edit]

Thursday January 5th

Energy is work. We feel the energy with its heat. Energy is measured in Joules. The physical economy is also measured with work, with Joules. The work done by a human, or a robot, consumes energy. An atom is inert energy, not creating work outside a body, yet able to organize itself in our body, to help us work.

The first thorium reactor is from the 1950s

Energy is not fully understood. Indeed, NASA discovered that there were statistically more and more stars in the universe, including big ones, proving that the universe creates not only life, but also energy. However, Kelvin falsified the work of Nicolas Leonard Sadi Carnot, to believe that there would be less and less energy. Kelvin is always taught. Nicolas Leonard Sadi Carnot is known outside France.

Knowing that energy creates work, the more we will compress energy in one point, the more we can do different jobs. We could not create a train with wood, called biomass energy, but with coal, called carbon energy. We can not create complex mechanics with coal, but with gasoline, called petroleum energy. We can not go to hypersonic speed with gasoline, but with nuclear fission, called nuclear energy. denser is the energy, less it will emit waste. Thus, low-density nuclear fission creates much more waste than dense nuclear fission. Dense nuclear fission can also recycle waste from previous plants.

My notes[edit]

Write about the beginning of Nicolas Leonard Sadi Carnot's book.

What is Money?[edit]

Thursday January 5th

You will find many measures of the economy in money, in the money economy. You should know that the currency has no productive value in 2016, that is to say that it has only a fiduciary value, which is a belief value. It is about turning money into work, into Joules, to have a reliable basis of comparison between economies. So we realize that countries, that do not have their money, are richer than those who own the currency want to show it.

The Euro does not belong to the Europeans in 2016, but to finance, just as the countries of the franc do not own their CFA franc, belonging to the French Bank. France only has to create francs to pay the countries of the CFA Franc, just like the private banks have only to create private money, so that our states pay them interest, increasing price to more than 40% of the original work. Then the work becomes scarce. Then the money wins in fiduciary value.

We can be baited by papers

Money is a means to a goal. The currency makes it possible to obtain a good quickly, if the purchase is made possible by a state bank or a private bank. A very important part of the European currency is created by private banks. The notes are created by the European Central Bank. Only loans create money too. So indebtedness must repay more than what was created. It does not make sense. This is also why the ECB has given a lot of banknotes to give them their result, so that they flee into tax havens, to create wars, allowing them power and scarcity .

A bank must check if the conditions are met to be able to pay. In this case, it must provide the money requested. If these conditions are not met, the state and its justice must intervene, to settle the dispute, always in favor of the indebted, if his word is true. That's not what happened in 2016.

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Try to write about money creation.

Knowing to Develop a Nation[edit]

Friday, January 6th

To know how to develop a Nation, one must first check if the conditions are fulfilled to grow nation. Then we reduce the Nation to a gigantic industrial enterprise.

First of all, if there is a debt, we have to check the legitimacy of the debt. If the debt really belongs to countries, not to private banks, it is a matter of verifying whether the country has lent the money with the intention of helping repayment. Otherwise, the debt can be canceled.If the debt belongs to the banks, it is about putting the banks in order. We put in place the transparency of the banks. Deposits are separated from speculation. It's called a Glass-Steagall, set up under Roosevelt and under De Gaulle. So financial banks go bankrupt. We then nationalize the debt with lawsuits against the banks. So there is no more debt to many banks in his country.

Then we create a public productive money. So we create a national public bank, which creates public money, according to future industrial projects. This goes from industries, through the inevitable agriculture, to major works, to promote industries and agriculture.To check if there is a real economy of work in his Nation, we reduce this nation to a gigantic agricultural and industrial enterprise. Services must not grow faster than industries, otherwise it can weigh down industries. Services must help industries and agriculture. GDP does not contain services or traffic. The unit of measure is the Joule or the Watt, which is the working power, in other words Joules in unit of time.

Agriculture is a priority. Public money goes first to agriculture. Industries must help agriculture.

My notes[edit]

Try to develop your country with this chapter of the Larouche-Riemann method:*

Colbert XVIe

Growth Combination[edit]

Wednesday, February 15

When society develops itself, thanks to a public currency, we can grow society through pooling. Indeed, when society grows, the human is able to associate others, to create corporations that develop the country.

When the traffic is minor, when the currency belongs to the State, the human wants to participate even more to glory. After the Second World War, social security was set up by the people through pooling. Under Colbert, in democratic Greece, in the Roman republic, corporations were created and enriched these countries. Indeed a corporation allows, if the people decide within them, to pool the resources to use them, to specialize each human for the community. So the association is even more present in the country.

Only when the traffic settles, we search by the short view. So the agreement is no longer cordial. Thus the state must fight against the traffic and prevent any wear of money. It is the wear and tear of money that creates the traffic, because the wear benefits to the richest. So real estate is gaining value because the richests place their money.

Also the traffic sees on the short term. Indeed, it impeaches the association so that price differences grow. It's easy money. The state must therefore fight against any form of prices differences’ increase, by the association or an anti-trust law, which prevents everything from returning to the same person. So you need financial transparency to know who is doing what.

My notes[edit]

Find associations and corporations in your neighborhood.

France keeps the way of Colbertist poolingPhoto by David Monniaux CC by SA


Economy as Social Growing Science



Our Capital is the Earth. Chinese, Russians, Indians, Brazil and South Africa access to Capital Moon and Mars. We can possess Capital March only weakly.

We must make maximum space using for our survival and our future.


A resource is material used by humans through science, which consists to understand nature. The resource that allows us to use others is energy, knowing that we can do more and more things thanks to energy's density.

The value[edit]

The book "Robinson Crusoe" is transformed into a Common Good, looking for the meaning of the word Value.

We learn in this book that Value is due to resistance to getting something.

The sophists who want to create Value, with a monetary objective of course, are saying that it creates poverty.

To be rich[edit]

We define the chief of an enterprise positively as being the one who historically allows us to favor the Association in our Society.

To be rich is to be useful. But it's above all the ability to know how to use that you have.


Money is seen as the power of the money. This power consists in favoring the Association through Appropriation.

Brazil and the 30 glorious ones define the capacity to a country to become rich, having on money a Productive and Public Power, therefore lead by Citizens. This is Money Making, defining the Money as useful.


Commerce is understood by many as the ability to create wealth in order to be paid for that.

Trade grows by the Economy of Work and Association. The Glorious Industries of the glorious 30 organized their own Trade by Train.

The General Interest[edit]

The General Interest is a consistent set of Individual Interests. It even allows to create new Rights, while Philosophizing about the Common Good.

Machiavelli succeeded in explaining the General Interest, awakening Citizenship by the Common Good.


Traffic is the power to individualize trades. So it increases prices and intermediaries. It decreases on production, by the Quality / Price Report.Trafficking impoverishes the Earth and transforms the Human into a Human Resource.

The Human Society[edit]

The Human Society has historically linked more and more elements with each others, thanks to and for the Work’s Saving.

The beginning of the Human Economy was using biomass. Fire has kept food longer. Thorium permits to green the deserts.

History of Social Security[edit]

Social Security, permitted by the Labor Economy, comes down from the Public Profit of some French’s kings.

In the nineteenth, The Familistère de Guise created the first Corporate Social Insurance.

The handicapped of the two wars influenced frenchies to become citizens, to defend the Social Security law, determined by the National Resistance‘s Council.


Colbertism, under Louis XIV and a little after Louis XVI, was one of the French works that helped to promote Linking and creating wealth, after a financial household.

It is more important to create wealth than to find a job. The brilliant technician is the recent and historic French wealth.The French Revolution took place before 1789.

The paradox[edit]

It is easy to contradict monetary liberalism.

Liberalism settles because it individualizes the individual. To arrive at this end, this Doctrine makes believe that the individual does the Society.

But it is the Society that makes the Individual. Our Individuality was created by our education. We understand each other only by our Sociability, our Politics, then our Citizenship.

The Game Theory[edit]

We can believe that the Game Theory is interesting, because it allows to anticipate according to others.

With this Theory, one can not guess a competing company that sees in the long view, unless destroying it by the short view.


The scientific discovery drives every citizen to question himself in order to raise awareness. It is impossible, for a long time, to create a souled robot with only software electronics, whether advanced or not. On the other hand, robotization allows to automate society.

The researchers and theologians push us in 2015 to philosophize on Genius and Life Rights.


Word Definition
30 glorious years Years of prosperity in France, after having created public money by De Gaulle.
Food industry Food production with agriculture.
Agrofuel Fuel from agriculture.

Combination of different materials, to enhance the strength or other properties
Axiom Truth about nature.
Atom An atom is what makes it possible to compose chemical bodies. It was thought that the atom could not be cut. We realized after that the atom was composed of a nucleus with protons, with around clouds of electrons.
Commerce Decrease in price differences by commercial competition and major works.

Account management of a company.
Confucius Ancient Chinese philosopher.
Demography Quantitative studies on the population.
Ellipse Elongated circle.
Empire Power on a number of countries, including the master country.
Energy Ability to produce a job. Energy is measured in joules.
Slavery Use of unpaid workers. Slavery is due to the traffic.
Experience Test in real condition, to verify hypotheses.
Nuclear fission Consists to break atoms to get energy.
Working capital Monetary surplus to finance sustainable jobs.
Nuclear fusion Creating an atom from two to get a lot of energy.
Great Works Infrastructure works planned over a large number of years.
Hypothesis Unverified proposal or explanation.
Industry Factory producing series products in an automated way.
Infrastructure Routes of communication of goods or persons within a country.
Isotopes Atoms having the same core, but not the same outer surface.
Machine tool Machine to perform a production task in an automated way.
Job Activity to perform a job through techniques or science.
Quality of life Ease or difficulty to live.
Paradigm Representation of the world or the universe.
Paradox Proposal going against common sense.
Philosophy Make assumptions about its limits in order to verify them.
Physics Science that tries to understand or explain the phenomena of the universe.
Quantum physics Physics of the infinitely small.
Relativity Science Physics of the infinitely big.
Science Set of specialities and axioms to understand and improve nature.
Sophism Argument with a fallacious logic.
System Set determined with an internal activity.
Exchange rate Difference rate between two currencies. The exchange rate creates inequalities between currencies.
Technology Study of tools and techniques.
Theory Set of explanations and concepts to understand a system.
Traffic Increased price differences.
Watt Power unit. Joules by Time.