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What are they?[edit | edit source]

Feed logo

Feeds was introduced in Internet Explorer 7. Feeds are included in sites such as Wikipedia itself and allow you to get regular updates in the form of a feed. Note that feeds can also be used by other applications such as Microsoft Outlook. You can get regular feed updates. Feeds could be seen directly in Internet Explorer 7 and 8. For those who run IE9 or later, it is not shown(but it's still enabled) by default.

Determining whether a website has a feed[edit | edit source]

To determine whether a website has a feed, first open the Command bar by right-clicking on the top area of Internet Explorer. If you use IE7 or IE8, this is not necessary.
The menus you see are basically the menus you used to see in IE7 and IE8 which are now replaced by the Home, Favourites and Settings(the gear icon) in IE9.

IE11 Command bar.png

This website is blank and has no feeds, hence the feed icon cannot be clicked.

Adding a feed[edit | edit source]

If there is a website which has a feed, the feed icon will light up to indicate that there is one or more feed available in that webpage.

Feed showing in IE11.png

(1) will be seen on a later stage. It is anyway not used by most websites.
When you click (2), you'll get this. The picture below should explain everything.Feed description in IE11.png

Web Slices[edit | edit source]

Web Slice(1) is a web feed technology introduced in Internet Explorer 8 that allows certain portions of a web page to be subscribed to. Since most browsers do not support this feature, this feature is not in much use.

Feeds pane[edit | edit source]

The steps for opening the Feeds pane is the same to that of opening the Favourite Pane, but in addition to that, click the Feeds tab.
This tab shows the feeds that you have subscribed to.