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Interlingua profanity exists by the nature of the language, though Alexander Gode probably did not have it in mind when he extracted Interlingua from common words and grammar rules in Romance and Romance-influenced languages. Because Interlingua is derived from existing languages, its profane and obscene words reflect the culture and common vocabulary of the people who speak these languages. Among speakers of Interlingua itself, this profanity is rare, though it does occur, and a considerably large number of the words below can be found in dictionaries, such as the Dictionario francese-interlingua by Piet Cleij.

Listing the words below does not constitute an endorsement of their use. However, the words are especially helpful in translations of literary works, so they are worth learning for people with such aspirations. Keep in mind that this is also not an exhaustive list.

  • cacar: to poo, poop, take a dump, etc.
    cacata: poo.
    facer caca: to poo. Children's language but may also be used sarcastically.
    cacar se: to shit oneself.
    cacatorio: vulgar version of "toilet". Referring to a person, also “very ugly” or “very dirty”.
  • colion: vulgar version of "testicle"; ball. In the plural, also "bravery".
    haber le coliones: have the balls; have balls.
  • cornute adj, cornuto sm, cornuta sf: cuckold. Also, used in a similarly offensive way as "asshole". Literally "horned."
    portar cornos: to be a cuckold. Literally "to carry horns."
  • cretino: cretin, idiot, moron, etc.
  • cucu: cuckold; by extension dumb, stupid, easily fooled. Literally "cuckoo" as in the bird or the clock.
  • cunno: cunt.
  • diabolo: devil. As an interjection, also "damn!". Used to make something negative or vulgar in general.
    al diabolo con illo/ille/illa!: to hell with it/him/her!
    que diabolo, amico/homine?': what the hell, man?
    que diabolo pensava tu?: what the hell were you thinking?
  • futuer: to fuck; to fuck up.
    va te facer futuer!: fuck off!, go fuck yourself!
    futuer se de alique: not to give a fuck about something, not to care.
    futuite, futute: fucking, fucked, shitty.
    tu ha futuite toto, amico: you fucked it all up, mate.
  • maledicte: bloody, damned, cursed.
  • merda: shit. Referring to someone, also "fucker", "piece of shit".
    merda!: shit!
    al merda con isto!: fuck it!
    merdose: shitty. Referring to someone, also a shitty, ugly, or bad person.
    de merda: shitty. Also, not to be or feel well.
    pecia de merda: piece of shit.
    io me senti de merda: I feel unwell, ill; also with the variation io me senti un merda pro alco que io ha facite, "I feel like an asshole for something I did". Literally "shitty".
    mandar alique al merda: to screw something up, mess up, ruin.
    vader al merda: to end up badly, to become ruined, corrupt.
    que merda pensava tu?: what the fuck were you thinking?
  • pipi: colloquial version of urina. As the word pee, it is not strictly vulgar, but only used in informal or familiar situations.
    facer pipi: to pee.
    pissa: piss, vulgar version of pee.
    pissar: to piss, vulgar version of to pee.
    pissar sur: to disrespect, to hate, to spit on something. Literally "to piss on something or someone".
    io pissa sur ille: I hate him and I feel no respect for him. Literally "I piss on him".
    pissar se: to piss oneself. Also, to be scared.
    illes se ha pissate durante un septimana postea: they kept on being scared for a week, after what happened. Literally "they pissed themselves for a week after".
  • puta: whore, slut, bitch.
    puto: male prostitute.
    de puta, puta de: shitty, fuck!, fucking, damn. Used to make something negative or vulgar in general.
    filio de puta: equivalent to "son of a bitch," though it actually means "son of a whore."
    filia de puta: the feminine form of filio de puta, with no exact English equivalent, but meaning "daughter of a whore."
    iste puta de cosa: this fucking thing
  • virga: cock, dick. Literally "rod".

The following words are not necessarily profane but are sexually explicit and thus included here separately from the basic dictionary:

  • active adj: top (normally referring to anal sex).
    illa/ille qui lo da: s/he who gives [the penis].
  • passive adj: bottom (normally referring to anal sex).
    illa/ille qui lo prende: s/he who takes [the penis].
  • culo: butt, ass, arse.
    incular: anally penetrate, bugger, sodomize.
  • dildo: dildo.
  • dotate: hung boy, man with a big penis or busty girl, woman with big breasts. Literally: gifted.
  • excitar: to turn on.
  • fellation: the action of practicing oral sex on a male, fellatio.
    fellator m, fellatrice f: s/he who practices fellatio.
  • fricar se: to rub up against each other. Figuratively also, "petting", preliminaries.
  • irrumation: face fucking; irrumation
  • lacte: colloquial version of sperm. It can also be compared to vulgar "cum".
  • lascive: hot.
  • libidinose: turned on, horny, aroused.
  • lubric: hot, sexy.
  • salace: hot, dirty.
  • sexy: sexy.
  • tettas: colloquial version of sinos, breasts, teats. It can also be taken as vulgar or excessively informal.