Immigrating to Canada/Foreword

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This text is intended as a reference manual to help those seeking a guide to help in the process of immigrating to Canada. The Government of Canada provides for a variety of avenues to enter Canada which vary from simple applications to very complex procedures. Figuring out the application on one's own, especially for those who's first language is not english, can very daunting. A good clear handbook for filing government applications can be invaluable for those who are planning to uproot their lives. It is a big choice for any person and there is always a shortage of good information. The guides provided by the government are always a useful starting point, however, they can often be confusing and there are plenty of gaps in their coverage.

With the introduction of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act in 2001, much of the immigration process has been revamped. Of particular note to those interested in applying to Canada is that the immigration officials are given significant discretion on evaluating many types of applications, so for filling out sponsorship forms, for example, there is an added responsibility to be clear, consistent, and comprehensive in the application. Again, the hope of this text is to provide detail into the added requirements that will make a strong application.

Much of the inspiration of this text is from my work with immigrants in helping them navigate the many government forms. Even after months working with them, the process can still become overwhelming. So a good reference book will always come in handy even for the most experienced. I hope to keep adding to this as I continue to learn more about the process.