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Human Resource Management

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Section One: Definitions[edit]

Introduction: Human Resource Management Role in Organizations[edit]

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the art and science of managing an organization's people to achieve specific business objectives, such as high engagement, low turnover, solid satisfaction and other important goals. It does so through the use of people, process and technology geared towards the internal organs of the organization rather than its external strategies, goals and objectives.

There are many different approaches and perspectives in Human Resource Management Theory and it is a subject that is continually evolving. Human Resource Management draws upon many diverse subjects such as psychology (also industrial psychology), business management, process management, information technology, statistical analysis, sociology, anthropology, and other subjects. One perspective put forward by the Human Alliance argues that current HR methodologies are not sufficient to meet the expectations of current Human Resource Management development theories and that much will need to change as the industry grows and matures.


Recruitment is defined as the search for and discovery of potential applicants for actual or anticipated vacancies.


Selection is the procedure of selecting potential candidates to an organization from a pool of candidates who have offered their service to the organization.This is a negative process because it eliminates candidates from the pool to choose the best potentials.

Performance Management[edit]

Performance Evaluation is considered by many Fortune 1000 companies to be a key to achieving performance excellence. There are many different models of Performance Appraisal Systems (PAS), however most PAS try to link the companies mission, core values and visions to the individual employees performance. There are many different evaluation systems, some of the major ones are 360 Degrees and balanced score card.

Employee Relations[edit]

To prepare for the allowance for transportation , uniform , employee representation and other benefit for their satisfy.

Labor Relations[edit]